again we turn to our “non human source”

it gives our Soul the opportunity  to expand consciusness!
in the “process” we bring forth “ideas” new perceptions, new value systems,
we discard self imposed restrictions and above all else grow in spiritual consciousness, by realizing our limiting dogmas, and conceptions of what reality is all about!
of course this blog attempts to aid you the reader in this process!
those that r ealize this, try not to miss any new publication;we now have over 800 publications  –
and repeating the same themes are meant to “expand the contexual understanding that “must accompany the growth of consciousness.
it is “not” the accumulation of knowledge as understood by our egocentric educational worlld
the words “discernment, wisdom, have no connecton whatsoever with the accumulation of “knowledge”
its a spiritual endeavor, not the other way around!
spiritual not religosity  – one frees the “spirit, the other “encloses the spirit”  –  one frees; the other enslaves   –
this has nothing in common with the Hebrew experiment back thousands of years ago where Moses on Mt Sinai for forty days/nights communed with Jehovah, the God of Earth, and returned with five books that Jehovah authored, called the Five Books of Moses.
religions that followed – as predicted by the Torah, was the work/effort of the Satanic forces that Jehovah created a a counter-balance that our time/space/physical dimension must operate with utilizing the electro/magnetic “spectrum” for polarity reasons!
polarity means duality; duality means “either positive or negative” there cannot be “anything created onthis physical dimension that can work without this polarity positive/negative
believe it or not!
resolutions?  not a chance in the world, the “only” option is compromise which splits the “truth right down the middle”
compromise splits the “truth” as said right down the middle< extracting the “true essence” of the “problem”
there can never be any solution or solutions in this physical time/space dimension since its limited by “the polarity system, (the electro-magnetic) compromised  impediments!
only the fourth dimension where the term singularity exist ( no polarity; no electro-magnetic compromises  –  can there be resolutions considered to be what we call “proof”!
the result?  only 2% of the worlds population have “any understanding” of the knowledge dispensed by our mutual non human  source!
my job as the interpretor is to make it “easy to understand”  –  hopefully I am doing that!
to say the least , its no easy task!
letters received when I first started, I had to stop people from writing me because of the danger to my blog; danger from crackpots of course!
but those that did write before I shut that down; – approved of what they read because ” ithey were able to “understand” the message; it was “not beyond” their understanding!
that is what seperates my blog from others who in the past/present deal with maaterial of the “same nature”; their methodology of transcription is too obtuse for the ordinary person’s ability ot understand.
they use “words” that are meant to “hide rather than its opposite –
as shown in some of the letters from a special contributor, to my blog.
He is certainly a “great writer” suitable however for those with the “same mind-set; same educational background   – certainly “not suitable” for the ordinary “guy or gal on the street” who do not under any occasion are “able” to to “cognize/understand”  words meant for the priviledge few able to attend “college” etc.
this “special language” is meant to seperate the chalf , the UNeducated, the chalf, from the educated ( the wheat.
a good example is Charles Dickens who did not get a classical education, and despite that, became a great writer of fiction, using his “innate faculties”\
his books depicted what I am now talking about, the social structure, that seperated the UNeducated from the EDucated!
the inequality  –  that has never changed  –  its now the difference between the Ivy League colleges, and the state colleges!
who gets the job?  the Ivy League graduates of course.
its like the time that during the depression in the thirties, and early forties, under the Roosevelt administration  – a young person could work one week a month for our government and get $28 for that week.
I applied to the custom house, an agency of the government and applying with me was a black person.  While we were both waiting to be interviewed the black boy said to me.
THEY WILL SELECT YOU, rather than me for the job, and he was right on the money!
he knew how strong anti-semitizm was during those days!
even the young black fella, knew that how come?
hatred cannot be denied!  who said that?
I said that of course since I experienced hatred; those that did not experience “hatred” would not, could not say that!
growing up as a Jewish kid, I had to run “like hell” not to get beat up by non Jews, who were told that I killed “their God!
that remark was made to me by an Irish  kid who lived in my Irish neighborhood  –
when I heard that I said to him  “how can anyone kill God; its an impossibility!
stupidity – ignorance  – arrogance  –  rules the roost  –  the solution?
I doubt if their is a solution for stupidity,k ignorance, arrogance, other than “humility” and this word has no place in our EGOCENTRIC world, regardless of all the “platitutes” that somehow sneak “into the picture”
“clones, puppets, – meant to be puppets, clones by their aristocratic “betters”  –  the serfs  of yesteryear   –  were the “slaves of their aristrocatic betters; that nomenclature change of course; they are no longer called “serfs” they are now called “workers”
and they now can “own their own farms, etc. of course having a “mortgage” with their local bank, that after a period of time when economic conditions fall apart, and the farmer’s crop dies  –
he loses what he thoiught he owned, his farm!
that has changed and instead of losing his farm, he now loses his home since he cant pay  the true owner, the bank, his monthly payment!
SERFS?  YES THEY ARE STILL SERFS whether they like to admit it or not!
nothing has changed, just the names of the transactions.
like the “reverse mortgage” another scam of course!  They tell the people that they “still own their home” once they sign the papers, they no longer own their own home  – its a lie of  course, they have signed the ownership over to the bank which guarantees them monthly payments.\
ITS A SCAM BY THE BANKS OF COURSE –  they are only giving you the equity that you have in your home; you are paying yourself, depreciating the wealth of your home in the process  – and guess what the bank “takes its cut in the process”
our government “on its own is a racket” when legislatures can be bought and sold to the highest bidders.
THEY ARE CALLED LOBBIESTS!  many defeated politicians become lobbiest.  Senator Dole became one, and why not? its there for the taking, isnt it?
who comes first, the people, or yourself?
UINDENIABLY SO, despite the goody goddies in this world!
who said so?  the bible did thousands of years ago  –

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