What is a Thought?

What is a thought?  what is a cell, and what is electro-magnetizm?

Its apparent noone knows what a “thought is” and how a thought interacts with “a cell” and what both thought/cell interacts with out world of “electro -magnetizm.
Until “we” the people” have some understanding of these three major Universal forces in our lives, we are going to continue “spinning our wheels” as they say – going nowhere!
Of course we cant overlook the “atom” which constitutes  the “cell” – we cant overlook that “our thoughts “trigger” our atoms/cells ” and this “trigger” deals “exclusively with the universal forces of “electro-magnetism.
The all work with each other as if its only “one action” not three.  So lets investigate what’s going on –  I refer to it as the three SSSS’SSS, spontaneity, seredipity and synchronicity!
One without the other “cannot work”  –
The KEY to the process of course is the cell/atom – its as if ‘IT has the right frequency, the “master key” that makes all of this possible.
Proof?  that happened to me over forty years ago when I did Silva Mind work wherein I was able within a few seconds LINK with whatever I desired to link up with as said in seconds, thru this process that I am now witing about!.
During the early seventies the black panther movement was very active in our country, Angela Davis was prominet at the time along with the Black Panther Movement.
I was told to “go to m level which is of course, is my fourth dimensional MIND, – I almost got the name of the person;, I received the initials of GJ california,  I said the anme was George, and the surname was Josephson, George “was” the right firt name the second name was Jackson, the difference between JOe and Jack, amazing isnt it.
I described what this person looked like TO A “TO”, the face I saw was the same face I say a day or two later in my local Globe Newspper, I have the clipping in my library.
How can this be done?  IT CANT BE DONE ON THE DIMENSION, THE TIME SPACE DIMENSION THAT WE LIVE IN TODAY  –  I was NOT in the third dimension when I “went to my level, I was in the 4th dimension, not the third dimension”
After seeing this person I saw a black spot on his temple, the next minute a slumped on my chair, and when asked what happened, said I was shot dead.
Now we return to the main thesis of this article which of course is  – the cell, the atom, the thoughtsinteracting with both plus the influence of the electro-magnetic world thru the processes I call the three SSSSS;s, “serenditptiy and synchronicity and spontaneity
the principles of the time space third dimensional world DOES NOT APPLY HERE, none whatsoever.  Thus our scientists “imput” are useless, the fact remains, time/space has nothing “in common” with the upper worlds nothing at all!
Thoughts in my opinion transcend the time/space world; I am not talking about thoughts we call “chitchat” those are “not thoughts”; what they are belong to the astral emotional world, most likely “undigested feelings etc”
Real thoughts have no emotional congruences with them  – they are “pure” they come from the higher dimensions- brought down to the world we live in which I call the third dimensional world.

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