we must “again realize” that we dont “know our true identity!

consider for one moment  –  other than our parents at birth; who “also” dont know “who” they are; all we can say is that we are “another ego”
and it comes a time of course where “death is at our doorstep” whether we like it or not, forcing us once the ego disappears – to “go back home!
so – this is “the time for reckoning”  –   the ego long gone and unable to “guide our life any more”  “good riddance to “false beliefs”
now to come to “some insight” which informs us what and who is our “true essence of beingness is all about”
the “inner core” of our “being is now in charge of our life, not our false prophet, our ego”!  Our Soul now appears on the “horizon”, the true “inner core” of who we are, the sum total of all of our reincarnational pesonalities ( the multitude of lives of course)
hard to believe, but no competition exists between reincarnational cycles since all “personalities differ” in each  lifetime!
we develop different abilities in different lifetimes.  In my particular case, and I consider myself to be a perfect example  –
I was never taught or trained in any specialty  – even my typewriter skills, I hit one hundred words a minute on the old mechanical typewritiers; taught myself how to type!
all of my other skills were “innate”  –   nothing taught!  I taught myself how to become a good jazz piano player  –
the manager of the Hotel Lenox in Boston,, Ma. heard me playing on the hotels piano during a break in a  review of the Silva Mind training, and asked me “where I was performing in Boston.
that statement knocked me for a loop as hey say, since I only played for my pleasure.  I did study for one year, how chords work in regard to jazz piano playing  –  once I “knew the chords” using what they call the “fake book” which only showed “one note at a time for all music pieces”
with the chord indicator on top of the note denoting “what the sound should “sound like”  – I was on my way!
unlike the system that the classical piano players use  –  they have to play it “as shown”  –  with the socalled “fake system indicating the chord< how the “piece should be played, arranged is up to the piano playing himself.
at one time, I taught myself how to play a song, ten different ways, styles, improvisations!
my creative piano playing dwarfs any classical player since its definitely more creative than the prearranged classical piece!
back six or seven yrs ago, I started composing my own “classical music”  Not composing in the usual way note to note written down, but the same way that I developed, arranged my jazz pieces.
my fingers touched the keys and off we went! as said, no note by note, the whole works, –  as if I practiced the “piece’ ahead of time!
no practice was needed, none whatsoever –  how come?
it all past life stuff of course  –   this present lifetime of mine without a doubt including my “beefs” my unhappiness with two people in my life, my biirth mother and he woman I chose to be my wife  –
both in my opinion carry-overs of previous lifetimes  –
along of course with my innate abilities  –  commandeered who and what I would be in this particular lifetime, which apparently still has some years left with it!
my blog is another “indicator” of past life skills”
according to my non human source, when a lifetime cycle is finished, and this is for everyone of course,  and what this defined cycle is at this moment uncertain since everyone is “on their own path”
we should have knowledge of all of our past lives.
at tht particular time, all of our experiences, abilities are “exposed”
seen, reviewed etc.
at this time we have privy to the understanding of the “multidimensional reality of existence, practically speaking.
at this particular time everything is known, nothing is “occult” hidden from our true selves/soul.
keep in mind that our reincarnational lives/existences, our probble realities are also functioning simultaneously
we are no longed Dumned, Numned,  –   our ego is  long gone!  “dead as a doornail as they say  –
the dictator in our lives, has abdicated its throne –  went to its home – in hell of course, where it belongs!
for those who have “unfinished business” that have a need to reincanate, “reincarnate”
those that wish to incorporate the multidimensional world in their teaching which I of course  I am doing this very instance  –
do so!  my blog’s over 800 essays dealing exclusively with the multi-dimensional world, other than my personal opinions thrown in at the same time, to indicate how certain “egos (my mother/wife)  interfere
hinder the “inner purpose” of certain individuals such as myself.
I cannot talk about others since if I did I would be using second hand material which is not an honest approach.
the “fact” that my “source is a non human” gives credibility to the knowledge that “it imparts”
obviously my willingness to “talk about the “dirty linen” in my closet; is meant to show the craftiness, scheming, evilness, connected with our socalled “real world supported by the false beliefs” that uphold its faulty structure/ego.!
keep in mind what we call “root assumptions can be and are “false belief systems”  –
only on the ego world that we live in can “false belief systems, triumph, and “run the show”
on the fourth dimension where opposites do not exist; where duality cannot exist, where only “singularities, (lack of the elctro-mgnetic spectrum)
the only dimension in our Universe that can/does deal with TRUTH!
truth cannot under any condition including “compromise”  EXIST!
its an impossibility; the reason why INTUITION, is and should be the major force in people’s lives  –
without intuition, truth as mentioned cannot exist  –  so if 98% of the worlds’s people do not have “access to their intuition, for any reason” they are “privy” to the source of Truth”
and as said compromise?  how can anyone compromise truth? its an impossibility to “compromise truth”~
only stoopnagels continue to compromise truth and “supposedly get away with it, its called “lying to oneself” “being in denial” and other expessions of course!
read Dr. Wayne Dyers book “excuses begone”; he does a real job in identifying ” people’s lying “habits”
so to recap:  we believe in false root assumptions promulgated by the egocentric forces on our planet.  These assumptions of course are both philosophical and scientific in nature!
“the earth is flat” is perhaps the greatest scientific fable”  –
why is it that the truth of the metaphysical world is unknown  in our socalled “real world of science”
is it possible that our scientists have a very “low consciousness score”?
its not only possible or probable ;  its a fact!
they base reality on their ego facts; in contrast the metaphysical world which has “no ego” basis its socalled “facts” on the opposite of the ego world; the world where my non human source emenates from!
unfortunately 98% of the worlds population go with our scientists and we still want a “world that is liveable?
that is an impossibility; that is a world of fantasyland!
and dont forget;  –   probable systems  intrude into our lives  –  during the death period!

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