our intellect has “no idea” that “the intuition exists at all”!  hard to believe but true nevertheless>

 why is this so?
that is an excellent question!.  you would imagine otherwise since we human beings “should be “favored” with this faculty attribute”!
unfortunately we are “not” for the simple reason, to have this scarce faculty one must “earn it”  –  thus the “reason” for gradations in consciousness from 150 up to around 600 which only “avatars are capable of attaining!
its a rigorous “climb” in consciousness taking many hundreds of lifetimes, and perhaps thousands of lifetimes!
again its unfortunate that this “scarce commodity” is “kept hidden from the people”  – relegated to an “area”  which instead of being “lauded” is constantly “depreciated” —-   as “hairy scary stuff  –  warning people not to get involved with the metaphysics that the “intuition” cohabituates with since  “it” transcends the “laws” of our egocentric materialistic world.
Hermes laws are a good example of these principles/laws, and for those of our readers interested, can find these laws right on our list of articles, etc.
we have two brilliant people Hermes, and LaoTzu availalbe for our readers for their examination.
keep in mind that the purpose of all of our work,writings is to “simply that which is “not simple”, thus need repeated and repeated methods of
articulation, constant “upgraded contexual information” meant to “break thru the intellectual haze meant to confuse rather than suffuse, – meant to enlighten rather than “disenlighten” using intellectual “garbage” as a cover-up for “sheer ignorance”
of course those that “dont know”, just dont know regardless of the impresssion and the qualification after their names  –
its still the “blind leading the blind” perpetuating the “false beliefs” that “continue” to plague the world with its egocentric “proof ”  –   proof limited by their inability to go beyond their own “nose”
short-sightedness is a “common problem” for those with “limited understanding”  \\
remedy?  the only remedy for this “dis-ease” is of course our intuition, that by-passes limited “understanding”  –  is capable of entering a new\
dimension “in thinking”  – allowing participants to “savor what truth is all about”!
an exquisite experience to say the least!.  I have feasted with it for years, practically all of my life  – but then  –   it did not come easy, I had to overcome a lot of bad Karma “in the process”
had to “resolve” this karma before I could enter the “promised land”
that happened when two antagonists from past lives, disappeared from my life  –  giving me my freedom.
of course my intellect kept this “freedom from me”  –   since it was incapble of “breaking thru the false believes that I supported in regard to the two prominent people in my life   –
once those false beliefs were OVERTHROWN, and DISCONTINUED FOR EVER   – I was as free as a bird  – bought myself a motor home, got rid of all of my attachments as Buddha said to do, and felt free for
THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE  – MY BY POLARIZM WENT THE WAY OF THE NON EXISTING THREATS OF MY LIFE!  ended up in the sh-t house where it belonged all of my life!
this blog of course is informative and at the same time biographical since I cant seperate myself with what I write about since they are the same, one without the other cannot exist!
those that do seperate themselves  –  have “little understanding of the mechanizm that is “controlling their lives”
they write in the 3rd person, not in the 1st person because “they dont know the difference.!
“to make a difference, one must “know” the difference”
they are sheer puppetry, but dont know it!  – monkey see; monkey do!
they “fit the bill” for mockery  –  instead of making changes; they uphold false belief systems, and dont know it!
insight, intuition does not exist in their lives; what exists is as said:  puppetry; pure unadulterated puppets, clones  –  who dont know that their address is not what they think it is;  –   their address is:\
                                    I M P R I S O N  M E N T
they are imprisoned by their “false beliefs” and dont know it of course!
I of course “know what imprisonment is, since I was imprisoned for fifty years of my life  –   being controlled by my so called “betters” ;  in this particlar case,  my birth mother, a pure tyrant if their is such a person, and a wife without a “soul”  –   of course, my tyrant mother also lacked a soul  –   her cleverness “covered “all of the basis bigtime”
why do I continue bringing up “this story”  ???????????????????  that is what people say, enough is enough.  of course I agree however, as I and we continue on this “path of illumination” having good examples of the enemy, always “comes to the fore”   – and     why not?
if its appropo, then use it as “an appropo, when it is no longer an appropo then discard it, so faar its an “appropo  –
THAT IS WHY MY NON HUMAN SOURCE ALSO KEEPS REPEATING THE SAME THEME UNDER DIFFERENT SCENARIOS  , ITS CALLED BEING CONTEXUAL  – which means of course that when the “context” of an “idea” changes  –   the necessary “understanding of the change of context” must “again” be “made understandable”
context is the key to understanding; and not the other way around where we think/believe that understanding can stand on its “own two feet”, that is a LIE , big time lie since understanding cannot “fill any bill , its the CONTEXT, that fills the bill.
another false belief that must be “overthrown’ from out lives!
according to “my source”  it insists that our “intellect” wants to understand things “in neat packages” i.e. if there is an “up”; there must be a down”, there “must be a balance etc”
that of course makes good sense however, when considering the “fact” that we have a faculty “able” to go beyond the “intellect”; which of course deals “exclusively”  with our “inner self” in contrast to our intellect that must “stick to its “limited ability”  –   we come to this estrangement  –   the outer self pitted against the inner self  – one deals exclusively with the ego physical dimension; the other with the non ego world, the spiritual dimension.
one again represents our intellect; the other our intuition.
they have obviosly “nothing in common”  –   thus repel each other!
according to our inner self, according of course to “our source” our inner self does not see things “as evil” rather just simple “ignorance”, and alos says that, “space” is “not involved” wherein the higher dimensions enter in into the equation. Time/space only exists where the intellect is involved, the physical dimension; again, the higher spiritual dimensions, has no need for time/space since everything happens simultaneously, with spontaneity, and serendipity influences.
neither “worlds have anything as said, in common” other than the “fact” that special people are capable of “transcending the time/space world thru their “experienced intuitive faculty”
I happen to be one of those people through what I call “my channel”
if I have a problem that needs soliving I present it to “my channel” and it can respond “immediately” which is does most of the time!
I have to be “open to receive”  –   like the phone lines must be working properly to receive an expected phone call/
as a reminder of the essence of this letter; it is highly important to “really know” that strong beliefs which of course act as opposing views, act as a detriment rather than otherwise because it “prevents, the person from understanding  facts that emenate from our inner world meant to unify rather than seperate dealing “exclusively with the ONENESS of the inter-connectivity of our socalled opposing views.
in other words our entrenched beliefs instead of helping us bring peace into our lives, do quite the opposite  –  embraces duality to the hilt, i.e. right, wrong, good/bad  love/hat  etc.
we identify by using opposites   –   instead of seeing the world in a form of “degrees” –  rather than in terms of opposites!
that is the world of ego “in action” of course!  seperate, divide and conquer!
nothing can beat that of course!  Napolean did that successfully, within the tactics of warfare!
politicians do it all of the time  – they appeal to the people that only the world in a black/white situation  –  the world of duality rules supreme!
unfortunately the above people “never ever experienced harmy and oneness in their lives    –    their false beliefs make sure of that!

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