Nervous System Interplay

Thinking (thoughts) needs a nervous system that is capable of transcending the time/space barrier  – going into alpha makes that happen since the nervous system and the frequency system is one and the same.

If the person is in BETA, he/she is incapable of going beyond the time/space barrier; their nervous system is too DULL, to operate at the higher levels of consciousness.
Thus thoughts/thinking makes it imperative that the person’s nervous system is ATTUNED to the higher levels of Alpha/Theta.
Also the belief system of the person was “NOT be neative – otherwise its all a “sham”.  Uri Geller was on the Tonight show with Johnny Carson, and refused to do his “tricks” because there was “too much negativity connected with his performance.  Of course Carson poo pooved his statment since Carson knew nothing of how the metaphysical system works.
Uri made a mistake going on Carson’s show.
So the bottom line appeas to be dealing “exclusively” with frequencies which are of course connected to the “nervous system” of our body  – psychic people are called “sensitives”  –  their sensitivity is perhaps two to three times stronger than socalled “normal people”
Intuitives are called “sensitives”  –  they are able to deal wih the chakras etc.
So when the thoiughts, emotions, beliefs nervous system work in sync, harmony – the body is capable of transcending the egoworld that we live in, and enter the higher worlds.  We do it when we sleep of course!
The word electro-magnetically deals exclusively with the word CODE, as I mentioned everything is programmed/coded before hand.  Much of this advanced information is gleaned by astrology.  In my case my chart indicates my ability in regard to doing “intuitive work” being a Pisces with the right planets aspects.
For  me its “inspirationally inclined”.  My thought process do not work very well in contrast to my inspirational imputs.  One is manufactured; the other not manufactured, inspired.

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