Special people specialize in “healing of all sorts” i.e. Edgar Cayce the greatest psychic in the world when in deep hypnosis, was capable of fantastic healings, all recorded of course!

these are not assumptions; they are as real as the Sun risse, and sets every day!
of course, the “satanist that unfortunately rule our  physical egocentric dimension.  – knowing the gullibility of the 98% out there, using this “lack of discernment, fill the heads of these “low consciousness individuals” and program them otherwise!
the bible again says it:  people “come in deaf,dumb and blidn”
my “channel” has a record in regard to fantastic “healings”
proof positive of course!
according to my non human source,  healing are done through the “manipulation of the reincarnational “patterns”, within the mold of many diversifications.
these healing have a psychic and spiritual component of course!
healers like Edgar Cayce while in his deep hypnotic state, dealt primarily with “spiritual maladies” covering a vast number of personalities.
for many of these “speciak people” they “incorporate” teachings, creating, and healing in one mode of “operation”
others have their own particular methods.
it is to be fully understood that in this dimension there are “no limitations” like we have in our egocentric dimension.
there are “no limitations” in the higher states of consciousness, as we have in our time/space/physical dimension  – non whatsoever!
the worlds have nothing in common    –   one uses “power for control’; the other uses love!
the reason my best friend Bernie Davidson who was buried,, the next day came to me in a dream with a big smile on his face, telling me that he loves where he is right now, knows that his body is dead; that he is still alive, well regardless of that “fact”   –
told me to to tell his wife, that he loves where he is now at and not to grieve over him.
WOW!  how would the atheists handle this problem, also the agnotists, and of the course the secularitzs?
they believe wholeheartedly that when the body dies, “its all over”
talk about a false belief  wow!
its only the beginning since what’s to be overshadows the whole previous lifetime, shrinking it into a size of a pebble on the beach!
what fools we wrought?  I dont know who said that, but I am sure that its as true as “true can be”
our belief systems are W WROUGHT AND WAPPED at the same time!
keep this in mind, according to my non human source, human beings freed from their self imposed prison called “falsse beliefs” have the “ability” to realize their intuitions to receive the necessaary “intuiitios in their life”
if a person says, “my intuition is not operable; what they are saying is:
I “believe” that my intuitions are not operable  –
its not their intuitions that are not working; its their belief that their intuitions are “not working”  the got it backwards!
like walking backwards, no different.

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