according to my non-human source in regard to “coming back for another try in a physical incarnation.

it can happen “right away” or take hundreds of years!
obssesive desire for a physical body, has many return immediately.
some with a “great purpose also incarnate immediately!
those with “unfinished business” particularly inolved with spiritual matters, desire as mentioned to return immediatley.
I remember years ago when my psychic faculties were amazing; I gave a “quick reading” to a father who lost his daughter in an car accident, who had another daughter pregnant at the time.
my “channel” told her that the newborn will be the daughter that he lost!  I will never forget that prediction; and he believed it!
here is a “factor” to be considered in regard to future “incanations”
at this “point in time” people in general “identify themselves with their present egos, so when the question arises in regard to “death and future incarnations, or future lives, its our ego that we are identifying with –  since that was the modus operanti we used while “alive”
however, as we continue to reincarnate, in time the “truth arises”; the truth of who we really are, the “inner core” of our being, which of course is our Soul, the sum total of all of our reincarnational personalities.
so to sum it all up in a neat package simply said:
our personalities are but “divisions” of who we thing we are while living in a physical embodiment!
and according to my “source” there is “no competiotion amongst these various personalities!
in truth there “cannot really be any divisions/seperations” sine who we really are, certainly not egos since once the body dies, the manufacctured phony our ego dies with it!
we cant take our billions with us,; we cant take our pumped up egos wit us also!  sorry Gates; sorry Buffet! sorry Trump, and his buddies!
sorry Obama, – along with no money, power cant also be taken with us  – our conflict with Iran and other terrorists religious groups  –
“experience deaths that defy description since they all land in HELL!
along with the Roman emperors, and all of the others who thought that they had special dispensation!
that includes all of the Roman Popes of course since their oath ws to uphold their church which according to my non human source, the last vestigate of a pagan religion  -Constatine was a pagan emperor  – pagans that threw Christians to the lions because thier belief went counter to their pagan gods!
history recounts all this of course despite the protestations of the prest heirs of Constatine  –  who never believed in Jesus, but knew how to be a clever politician  –  either you convert or you die, take your pick?
Spain, Portugal run by kings, queens did that with the people that helped them “govern their countries” the Jews who never after the destruction of their Temple and their country never
belonged to any country; they were used by countries to govern their specific country until the kings/queens of the countries with their crzy clerics  –  either converted them, killed them, and simply throiugh them away bodily speaking!
these facts exist in the major libraries in the world!
again “SERFS”  were owned by all of he kings/queens of every country on this planet, there was no personal ownership of anything, nothing!
they did what they were told to do being serfs  – there was no ownership of property unless the person had status; serfs do not status, never got status  –  the power always rested in the hands of the “few” and their friends.
and that exist right up to this very moment  –  in every country in the world  – all that is needed is a “change of uniform”  –  which the royalty makes damn sure it “wears” when the occasion arises.
which “denotes” class distinction   –  army, navy air force, dignitaries of all sorts
they do it to seperate the chalf (the common folk, from the wheat, the rich,powerful  –
the corporate triangle is the best “indicator” of how and why power is distributed in every country on this planet!
despite what we say  – despite what we do  –  not until the Aquarian New Age comes into view, will this “suppression” end!
people are “serfs”; that is the bottom line  – “our corporations own us lock,stock,barrel  – our banking system ; our stock market, our educational systems who supply “fodder,human workers”  –  all in one neat package  –  along with our “bought” political system”   – makes damn sure, that there is “no changes down the line!
who knows this?  everyone knows this, even the “kid in the block!
that’s the way the cookie crumbles; of course you have heard that statement!
either “play ball” or you are “out of the game”
we make the rules, you just “follow them”
I was fortunate, I made my own rules, lived by them, and prospered!
I worked “for myself”  –  depended wholly on myself  –  did innovations that “put me in the drivers seat”  – and at the right time, quit that process too  – since I got tired supporting a whole structure “living off my work! i.e. the utility companies, the insurance companies, all of the city,state government taxes  –  the heating companies  –  and all of the hidden taxes thrown in as a “bundle”
I TOLD THEM ALL TO GO TO HELL, EVERY LEACH, EVERY LOUSE, EVERY crooked politician from the city,state and government!
sorry folks, I am not working for you any longer; find yourselves other suckers! also got rid of the biggest leach,  my exwife of course!
she was no on her own  –  plow your own gardent!
so that lifetime ended over forty years ago; when I was at the age of exactly fifty yrs old  – bought myself a motor home, and took off, FREE AS A BIRD, with no attachments.  Both sons were in college which I paid for of course!  – they also were on “their own”
one made it! the other did not make it!
I had no control in the matter other than put the money up for their education; the rest was up to them, and them alone!
one turned to drugs; the other did not, saw what they did to his brother, got scared, kept away from drugs –  lucky for him of course!
yes, my blog is meant to serve two purposes  – my auitobiography and my undersstanding, and compliance with the writings of a non human entity that has written sixteen books on subjects that makes a monkey out of our so called “elites/erudites/scholars” who depend on their socalled educated opinions to “guide their lvies”
a perfect crap-shoot  of course   –   opinions are “a dime a dozen” mean absolutely nothing, nothing at all !  even a five yr older has his/her opinion, which most likely is more accurate than its parents!
this blog is free to anyone that “wants to be free”  –  most dont know that they are in their “own jail sell and the guard guarden them are their false beliefs instituted by their parents who suffers from the same maladies, their peers, their professors, the books they read, the people they  “hand out with”
in other words, the truth of the matter is that THEY HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED, completely brain-washed and dont know it!
talk about being “used”  –  talk about being a sacrificial lamb, a real stoop?
only less than 2% of the worlds people have any connection whatsoever with their “real self”; their inner selves i.e. their UNconscious and SUBconscious selves!
why? this blog tells you why  –  the authorities want to keep you  in “their power, not in “your power”
they control you like your “ignorant parents, particularly controlled you” the way they were controlled of course, right down the line
my essays backed up by a non opinion source, wants to FREE YOU from this word CONTROL  –
I married a young woman that I fell in love with who was a very quiet person and I like that quality in her.
that is until with my help of course she “went right up the ladder in received her dream, the PHd status in Microbiology, and I was of course very proud of that, in fact I tyiped her Masters thesis for her, and supported her in all ways for nine years.
the result?  this woman change 360 degrees, she was no longer “quiet< she became quite the opposite, a fiery fierce person bossing everyone including myself around, –  she became tyranical!
end result, she got taken over by “satanic forces” that do exist in this world, spouting filty words that I never heard in my life  –
that was enough for me  – its over  –   she was the culmination of a soul taken over by “astral spirits” that do roam the middle world where dead bodies, reside when the persons physical body dies.
she gave me my freedom”  –   she was now “on her own  –
this marriage experiment was a failure and a success at the same time
instead of being a true human being which my exwife was not!, she became quite the opposite; she became an “animal” withoiut any feelings of love/affection in her heart  –  power took over her life, not gratefulness, love, appreciation
is that possible that a socalled human being could reach this “low level state of consciousness”?
I and a mediator when we tried to get together again, witnessed this wierd behavior pattern  –  the filtiest words that I ever heard in my life, “came out of his mouth”  –  why?
the answer to this question is simply  –   humans   can be “taken over” by forces in our Universe, proof of course was my exwife, with me and a moderator who witnessed this behavior , by inimical “demons” residing somewhere up there somewhere!
exorcizm proves without a doubt that these “demons” can easiliy infiltrate the consciousness of people like my exwife and others of course!
so what makes a person human?  that is an excellent question –  not much?
being truly “human is indeed speculative”  –  are greediy people human”
are power hungry people human?
the answer again goes back to the truth which is:
only 2% of the worlds people are “truly human” the other 98% JUST LOOK HUMANS, and I will repeat that again.
only  look  human    –    the qualities that consititute that make a person truly human  _ DOES NOT AND CANNOT exist on this planet, unless these people, represent the 2%  –
take it or leave it!  of course your ego resents all of this , more proof of the fact of what I am saying.
is the ego human?   of course not!
the motto of an ego?  what’s mine is mine; and whats yours is mine!
who would call that human?  noone of course
PS. I feel indeed fortunate to have a blog where I am “free” to express what I believe – and back up what I say with a non human source as proof!  I dont believe that there is another person on this planet, that can make the same statement.  Of course egos will differ with my comment  since it indicts them noticeably!

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