Commentary – Chapter 7 – The Living Flesh

Pg 138 Chapter 7 THE LIVING FLESH
“Give us a moment. Often individuals go overboard, forgetting that ideas have their own vitality. Such people make divisions where basically there are none. They consider ideas as completely mental properties, separate from their concept of the body. They think ideas reside in their heads. Who, for example, imagines that an idea is alive in his elbow, or knee or toe? (Apparently, Seth is leading up to something? Let’s see!}

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“Generally people believe that ideas have little to do with the living flesh. The flesh seems physical and ideas do not. Those given to love of the intellect often make an unnecessary separation between the world of concepts and that of the flesh.” (Let’s follow Seth and see where he is heading!}

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“While it is true that the body is the living materialization of idea, it is also true that these ideas form an active, responsive alive body. The body is NOT just a tool to be used. It is NOT JUST a vehicle for the spirit. It IS THE SPIRIT IN FLESH. You impose your ideas upon it and largely affect its health and wellbeing through your conscious beliefs. But the body is composed of LIVING RESPONDING ATOMS AND MOLECULES. These have their own consciousnesses alive in matter, their drive to exist and be within the framework of their own nature. They compose the cells, and these combine to form the organs. The organs possess the combined consciousnesses of each of the cells within them, and in THEIR way the organs sense their own identity.” (This paragraph is utterly fantastic because we really don’t KNOW OUR BODY even though “we are living in it” isn’t that amazing?  Now that we know something about how it is “put together” what can we do about it?  We have to understand what cells having their own consciousness means? We have to know “how ideas and our body work together”; there is so much we have to know and thank goodness Seth, a spirit without a body unbelievingly knowing more about a body than we do; is here to tell us. Again what’s more amazing than that?}

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“They have a purpose–that function they provide within the organism as a whole. This cooperation of consciousness continues so that you have a body consciousness that is vital that strives to maintain its own equilibrium and health.” (Obviously there is a homeostasis (inner intelligence) in our bodies.}

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“The stuff of the body should not be considered as some metaphysical RESULT, then, but as a living gestalt of responsive flesh. The body is composed of other living entities in other words. Though you organize this living material it has its own right to fulfillment and existence. You are not a soul encased in inert clay.” (good information}

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“The “house of clay” does not immediately deteriorate when you leave it. It disintegrates at its own rate. It is no longer organized by your own domain. The life of its atoms and molecules and cells is translated into other living natural forms. Your perception is merely that which YOU are aware of. Even the atoms and molecules have their own fine vision and appreciate their environment in their own way. The same power that moves your mind forms your body.”(Seth apparently believes that we as human being must know more about our body’s interaction with our psyche to achieve our goal of synthesis in our Being.  Using our conscious mind correctly knowing this information is vital!)

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“There is no difference between the energy that shapes your ideas and the energy that grows a flower, or that heals your finger if you burn it. The soul does NOT EXIST, apart from nature” (very good information}

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The flesh is as spiritual as the soul, and the soul is as natural as the flesh. In YOUR terms the body is the living soul. Now the soul can live, and does, in many forms-some physical and some not, but while you are material, the body is the living soul. The body constantly heals itself, which means that the soul in the flesh heals itself. The body is OFTEN closer to the soul than the mind is because it AUTOMATICALLY GROWS as a flower does, trusting its nature.”{Very few people would consider the flesh (our body being physical), is as spiritual as the soul, and the soul as natural as the flesh (body); also, that “the body constantly heals itself.”  This information is vital because we can use our belief system embracing Seth’s teachings to keep us well, and why not?)

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“Physical existence is valuable for many reasons, one being that the flesh is so responsive to thought and yet so resilient. There are built-in guidelines so that the body consciousness itself, while mirroring your negative images at times, will also automatically struggle against them.” (since our body consciousness is linked to the soul and Nature as mentioned in the previous paragraph, then it makes sense that it would try its best to negate negative influences on it.  It is also interesting to know that the reason why Muscle testing called Kinesiology using the body’s muscle to determine whether a thing is true or false works; Seth’s previous statement explains why the body never lies.  Our bodies are indelibly linked to our soul and Nature as Seth mentions, while our minds are not! Interesting isn’t it, especially where as humans we give so much credibility to our minds? its called self deception, denial, and other fancy terms.)

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“You must remember that you dwell always in a natural framework–which means that your thoughts themselves are as natural, say, as the locks of your hair. In what may seem to you to be an odd analogy. I will compare your thoughts with viruses, for they are alive, always present, responsive, and possess their own kind of mobility. Physically speaking at least, thoughts are chemically propelled, and they travel through the universal body as viruses travel through your temporal form.”

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page 141 2nd paragraph:
“Thoughts interact with the body and become part of it as viruses do. Some viruses have great therapeutic value. The physical body will often let down its own barriers to these, knowing they will counteract certain others that are NOT beneficial at the time.” (excellent information)

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“So called harmful viruses are ever-present within the body. You are very rarely vulnerable to any but a small percentage though you carry within you traces of the deadliest of them all the time. Viruses themselves undergo transformations completely unsuspected by medical men. If one virus disappears and another is found, it is never suspected that the FIRST MAY HAVE CHANGED, into the second; and yet through certain alterations of quite natural character such is the case.” (Seth’s statement about the mutation of viruses back in the 60’s is a proven fact today and just shows that what Seth is teaching if the REAL MCCOY, with no ifs, and with no buts, we are certainly lucky to have the opportunity and privilege of reading HIS BOOK, the only energy that hates, fears, Seth is you know what and you know who by now  OUR LYING CHEATING EGOS, that’s who!}

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“So viruses can be beneficial or deadly according to the condition, state, and needs of the body at any given time. It IS KNOWN that one disease can often cure another, sometimes, left alone, so individual will go from a serious disease through a series of less sever ones that are seemingly unrelated to the original problem.” (now this is why the medical system is totally confounded, because after years of research virus “mutate” and they have to start all over again oi vey, gevalt what do we do now? Also since they no nothing about viruses, in a true sense, they don’t know the “positive aspects of them” or the whys and how’s of their existence.  Seth seems to know, since he resides on a higher mountain top than we do and SEES MORE, UNDERSTANDS MORE, PERCEIVES MORE, AND REALIZES MORE than us, just mortal men and women, so who do we listen to?  We certainly don’t listen to our egos, we should know better than that! we certainly don’t listen to other egos, that for sure! so who do we listen to?  Now if people have blocks which means, somehow or other, THEY BLANK OUT, and even though they think they are hearing something, reading something, thereby knowing something, THEY ARE NOT, because they have blocks; and what is a block?  A block is the collaboration between the ego and the conscious mind to BLANK OUT.  Just as politicians “blank out” part of their speeches when they decide to publish, so that their public would NOT KNOW THE TRUTH, well, we human being are also “masters” of this nefarious egocentric art, well versed in it to the extent that even the memory is blanked out.  Amazing isn’t it?  Well, awakening to the truth is not easy for anyone that is anyone still holding on to the whims and wishes of their ego (their idea of reality and truth} which is naturally as wily if not better than any politician, that’s for sure!}

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“Now in the context of usual Western learning, and with the introduction of modern drugs, you are in somewhat of a quandary. The body knows how to handle “natural” drugs coming directly from the earth–whether ground or boiled, minced or steamed. A large variety of “manufactured” drugs offer an unfamiliarity to the body’s innate structure, which can lead to strong defense mechanisms. These are often aimed directly against the DRUG instead of the disease itself. Such a situation means that you must then use another drug to counteract the one just given. Even Seth back in the late 60’s new the danger poised by the “drug industry” to the health of people, and now today is a hundred times worse than it was at that time in history; its Pandemic; not only people taking street drugs, but prescription drugs poisoning their body, and killing the innate system of their entire being all for the sake of MONEY.  Take the money out of the equation and what remains. THE HONEST NATURAL PRODUCTS THAT GOD ALLMIGHTY CREATED FOR HIS CREATIONS, BOTH ANIMAL, VEGETABLE AND THE ENTIRE ENVIRONMENT, and what did money do to change it?  So, if for some reason, money did not longer exist, and say wasn’t needed for survival, how would that benefit mankind?  Now here is something you can chew on for future books, wouldn’t you say; If you don’t do it, my channel wouldn’t hesitate to do it, or perhaps we should join forces. It doesn’t have to be non fiction; fiction is fine, it tells a good story, but a good story that can do GOOD IN THE WORLD.  Any good story is good, but how much GOOD DOES A GOOD STORY actually do? How can a good story, MAKE THAT DIFFERENCE THAT MY CHANNEL KEEPS HARPING ON CONSTANTLY.  And just like Seth, why does my channel care about people, who don’t care either for themselves or for others, there is another topic for a good story.  My channel can keep up with these ideas until doomsday, did you know that? My channel can also come up with great imagery that fills in all the little “incidents” that eventually lead up to the “point of explosion or expulsion or exhaustion” all of these descriptive words can be DYNAMITE, if clothed in the “right words” right?}

continued “No one dies who has not made the decision to do so and NO DISEASE IS ACCEPTED BLINDLY. Put simply, your thoughts can be regarded as invisible viruses, carriers, sparks setting off reactions not only within the body but the entire physical system as you know it.” (now where else would you get this information? and why did Seth tell us that? Why are thoughts so powerful? Imagine thoughts can be regarded as invisible viruses (wow what would a medical doctor say if he heard this statement, and would he react?) “Thoughts regarded as carriers, sparks setting off reactions not only in our bodies but in the entire physical world” Now that is quite a statement and as we continue chapter to chapter, Seth shows and tells us why, are you curious, if not, why not?}

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“Your thoughts are as natural as the cells within your body and as real. They interact with one another as viruses do. While you are in this reality there is no division between the mental, the spiritual and the physical.” (like what my channel has been saying now for months. The unification of the conscious, subconscious and the superconscious and as thoughts stream through our consciousness these three faculties are in operation, but that doesn’t mean that all the thoughts will materialize, No Sir! Only the thoughts that the ego selects and then directs the conscious mind, to send it down into the deeper levels called the subconscious mind and if the thought is a false belief then the superconscious mind is NOT ACCESSED, because the higher self, intuitive superconscious mind DOES NOT DEAL WITH FALSE BELIEFS SINCE THERE IS NO DUALITY (right/wrong, good/bad, yes/no} in the realm of the superconscious mind. So, the ego/conscious mind collaboration conspiracy, boosted by all the false knowledge that abounds on our planet promulgated by beta minded egocentric beings, then finds an OUTLET, and does what Bush did when it went into Iraq put his egocentric mind into operation/manifestation.  The result CHAOS, and should the result be chaos, of course, garbage in/garbage out, its as simple as that!  You plant poison, you receive poison, that the law of attraction; the law of the universe.  When a person lies, knowingly or unknowingly he/she is CUTTING THEIR THROATS, and don’t know it, and the result, DOUBT, DESPAIR, UNHAPPINESS.  So, if the shoe fits, then you know it’s yours.  So, what does a person who discovers that its not out there, but in here that’s causing their grief, what do they do?  Do they continue doing as they have been doing all their life, or do they say, “enough is enough”. I have lied to myself enough; and what does it mean when a person says that they have lied to themselves especially when they KNOW THAT TRUE SELVES (SOUL) never lies, since souls live in a realm of oneness where there are no lies, like we have here on this earth planet of duality, then who has been doing the lying of the individual.  There is only one answer to that and its the EGO OF THE INDIVIDUAL, AND THAT IS THE JOB OF THE EGO, THE JOB OF LYING, deceiving, etc. and everyone WITH NO EXCEPTION LIES JON THIS PLANET.  Movies, fiction books, are REPLETE with characters that lie, cheat, steal, and do all kinds of “crazy things” and the expression is THATS THE WAY IT IS?  It is where?  right here on the physical plane of existence.  So what do we do now that we KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. We do what your doing going into the alpha/theta state, getting familiar and friendly with it, and IT WITH YOU, get it to know you, and you in turn know, trust it, depend on it, and eventually BECOME IT. that takes time for only one reason, and that reason has been expressed by my channel many times, the reason is unfamiliarity with the new higher dimension, and the familiarity of the old beta egocentric dimension; its as simple as that; old habits don’t die very easily.  So naturally, your ego kept telling me, “cut out all of the “spiritual talks” and tell Richard “how to do it in a simple practical way.” Since my channel doesn’t operate from the beta lower level of consciousness, which all egos do, it paid absolutely no attention to your egos demand and since you had awakened yourSELF TO THE HIGHER DIMENSION (epiphany) appealed to that instead of “bowing down to your ego.” Why is my channel telling you all this, because your will say enough is enough, I wish that your father would know that you know, why repeat and repeat and repeat WHY? Your soul loves to hear all of “this good stuff” and your ego doesn’t, so my channel is doing it for your soul and certainly NOT FOR YOUR EGO, that’s why?}

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“Now: as stated, thoughts are as natural as any portion of the body. They are as much a part of nature as feelings are, but if you set up an ARBITRARY, division–considering thoughts mental as distinguished from the physical-THEN your body may give a truer reflection of your being than your thought do.” (I am sure that this is new information for you, because I am sure very few people know of this “fact” since thoughts apparently stem from our brain area or mental area. I a thousand people were asked where or had a choice they would my channel says, say that thoughts emerge from the mind(brain)area.  This is referred to as reason or common logic, however Seth says otherwise and why is he saying it, there must be a good reason and that reason revolves around the word “arbitrary and the word division which instead of uniting divides, splits, sets up the duality that Seth and my channel has been saying for months. The dimension that you, I and everyone should aim for is the higher dimensions; the lower dimension doesn’t need “any work at all” we are literally stuck in it up to our necks, the world is swimming in filth lies, deceit, swindle, you name it plus all the negatives available in our dictionary language it certainly doesn’t need an prodding.” What we need to find a WAY OUT OF IT, without “dying to do it” without going off the deep end, just being in it, BUT NOT CONTROLLED BY IT (OUR EGOS PRIMARILY.)

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“In the body’s spontaneous functioning you see the easy mobility of the soul, the “going with that which I am,” which is an indication of the soul’s inner freedom and yet innate sense of direction. All portions of the body’s reality are versions in flesh of the soul’s reality, even as all segments of the exterior universe MIRROR AN INTERNAL ONE.” (Notice where Seth is saying “the soul’s inner freedom” which again means that even though we are given a certain amount of free will, which if we were not, we could NOT have accepted the “idea of an ego (the arbiter, the decider, the significator of our earthly realm) we could have said hey! I don’t want an ego, I don’t need an ego, I don’t trust egos, who need them, but we accepted an ego since our soul said, go ahead I am allowing you since you are NOW ON THE PHYSICAL PLANE do your thing, but be careful? You might get in trouble? You can make wrong decisions? You can be very disappointed, become a hardened troubled negative person, you can absolutely overlook the real purpose of this earthly incarnation and succumb to all of the “glamour at there, the money, the goodies, the approbations.” I am giving you this opportunity to either do the right thing or the wrong thing and to make this happen you need an EGO, so here is your personal ego which is well trained to “put you through the paces” OK? yes OK! but remember their are consequences OK?  OK! Remember you can always come back to me because I will always be there for you which is something that EGO who by nature are duplicitous, never are!

And Richard, you are now coming back to your Soul, I hope that your aware of that? if not let me know!

Page 142 last paragraph:
“In your terms, probabilities are extensions and variations on the growth principle that is obvious in your daily reality (no comments)

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“Such growth is a natural manifestation flourishing within your particular area of actuality, observable to your senses. Again, other entirely natural manifestations of that principle exist. Some can only be glimpsed in distorted form because of other “natural” conditions that you cannot perceive. Probabilities involve you with a rich psychological growth and development, present but not observable in your “home ground.” Any kind of existence happens within the context of nature, and nature includes the soul. Your definition of nature has simply been too limiting.” (That’s for true, limiting is the right word.}

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“It is natural to live after death, and natural to return the body to earth and (then to) form another. It is natural for your thoughts to be a quick, responsive and alive as viruses. It is natural for you to have probable selves as well as reincarnational existences.” (interesting stuff that as the chapters keep opening up to us, we are looking forward to opening up to it}

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“When you consider ideas as mental and apart from nature, then you feel SEPARATED FROM NATURE ITSELF. When you imagine a life after death as unnatural or supernatural then you feel divorced, cut off and bewildered. You must try to understand that there are different kinds of nature within NATURE–and as capital for the last one. Your physical life-your human nature-is, in your terms, dependent upon a time when you were NOT. YOU MUST REALIZE THAT not being in that connotation is quite as natural as physical being. Your existence before and after death is as much a normal phenomenon as your present life.” (Seth is getting ready to introduce us to interesting information in his future chapters, that’s obvious}

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“These are not images as you think of them but highly coded information, electromagnetically imprinted, that would not appear as images to the physical eye. In any case, they cannot be perceived except by the body. But this procedure is so far superior to anything that you know that the body, therefore, actually takes precognitive pictures of its future condition-as if the body situation at the time were projected into the future.” {This is fantastic information, utterly fantastic information, and Seth says that the body is more aware of its connection to the world of Nature, then the person inside the body, the body is literally Psychic, and that’s why kinesiology, muscle testing, the system I told you to buy books on, works! We need Seth to tell us why, and the information is RIGHT IN THE PARAGRAPH IN FRONT OF US, amazing, amazingly true, Wow what do we do as human beings, we eat crap, we drink crap, we exhort crap, we literally kill our body chasing the all mighty dollar, and I almost was a victim of that as proof by OVERWORKING my body for years, and I am lucky to still be around, and admit it right on paper to the world when the time comes.  Yes, I abused my body, bigtime! but for the past 30 yrs I turned abuse into respect, and love of my body!}

next paragraph:
“This predictive picture is then set against two models. First it is checked against the body’s ideal standard of health in its individual case=its own greatest fulfillment. Then it is checked against the image of the body sent to it by the conscious self. Correlations are made instantaneously. In an organizational framework that would certainly be envied by the most advanced technological concern, communications spring back and forth with great rapidity. The body makes whatever changes are necessary to bring the two images in line with the present corporeal condition.” (According to Seth our body is certainly an AMAZING CREATION, AND DEFINITELY WORKS IN THE SUBTERRANEAN level, called the inner mind, the sub-conscious mind, and is capable of doing what Seth just outlined above; we on the other hand, living above the subconscious level, know absolutely nothing about the inner workings that obvious, and to anyone that’s at least breathing!}

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“There is a built-in equilibrium to some extent. The body is so responsive to conscious thought that it has its own INNATE SYSTEM of self-reservation and its own guiding image of fulfillment” (that’s good to know. That makes us more appreciative of our “wise” body.}

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“Say that at the age of four you were severely injured. An accident took place at 3:20 in the afternoon. It was snowing. Your mother was roasting a turkey. Imagine that you burned as severely. Though all the tissue in that had has often been completely replaced by the time you are twenty-seven. For example, the identity within each of those present cells REMEMBERS THAT INJURY” {The power of the deep subconscious to retain memory intact, not only of experiences in this present lifetime, but all previous lifetimes. I personally have experienced many of my own past lives, and have been trained to put others into past life experiences.}

page 147
“There were countless other events that happened to you on different afternoons at the same hour, both before and after that one. The cells within your hand contain within themselves memories your conscious mind would be dazzled to behold. Yet remember that the cells in your twenty-seven-year-old hand are in no physical way the same cells that experienced any of those events. In some underground of sensation, however, the buried evidences of stimuli and reaction experienced during and reaction experienced during those numberless “past” afternoons still exist. Some of those memories will certainly he played back, to affect what you think of as your current experience at twenty-seven. Your conscious thoughts and habits regulate which of them will intermix into the maelstrom of the present.” {We are more than we think we are, we are certainly limited in our understanding of who we are and how we are connected to the world without using the world wide web.}

We are on page 147
2nd paragraph:
“you consciously give the signals for reaction.  It is NOT the other way around. Past events DO not intrude in this manner unless they are BECONED BY THE conscious EXPECTATIONS and THOUGHTS that exist within your mind.”(The old records even though the cells die, and new cells arise, the imprints records always remain from lifetime-to-lifetime because they are ETERNAL; they are “soul-stuff” not physical stuff, and soul-stuff can NEVER BE DESTROYED, never!; that’s why a good astrologer looking at a natal chart, tuning into what the chart is depicting since the chart is a record a summation, compilation of all the physical incarnations of an individual, believe it or not? And the ancients knew it from the start of civilization, since they were given that knowledge, which we refer to as “secret”; the dvd “the secret” is as OLD AS THE HILLS, it’s simply only one of the laws, only one, as there are seven Hermetic Laws all told. When you visit with me I will show you a chart that I used when I give my lecturers that has those 7 laws explained. Your “old man” in regard to metaphysics has been around the bend many times and with the assistance of my channel, can be quite “impressive.” I gave a lecture to a local dowsing chapter back about l0 yrs ago, and they sent me a wonderful letter mentioning what I just related to you. This is not braggadocio, braggadocio is a product of the egocentric system called the 3rd dimensional physical level.

continued “Those unconscious memories will be activated according to your current beliefs. You will be replenished and renewed as your thoughts motivate joyful body sensations and physical events, or you will be depressed as you bring into your awareness unpleasant past body happenings.” (Since nothing is lost, absolutely, positively, nothing is lost, records of everything, like how we store records in our hard drive, except there is no comparison, naturally, we can dredge up the “crap” and relive it as if it is “brand new stuff” or joyfully access the “good stuff.” It’s our choice which in a sense is somewhat called “free will”; IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHAT OUR EGO, OUR CONSCIOUS MIND, decides to do, believe it or not?  TOGETHER THEY ARE THE BOSS u   n   t   i    l   the person accesses the ALPHA/THETA DIMENSIONAL HIGHER MIND SUPERCONSCIOUS INTUTIVE FORCES, then those two guys JIGS ARE ALL UP, gonzo, why?  Because, believe it or not, since Truth resides ONLY IN THE HIGHER DIMENSION and not in our LOWER DIMENSION, THEN TRUTH REIGNS SUPREMELY. That’s why! SIMPLY SAID, without the rhetoric of good/bad, right/wrong, and all the crap that this type of mind manipulation, ego manipulation uses to confuse and control their victim.  Believe it or not?  And which mind does the believing? Remember! TRUTH NEVER NEEDS EXPLANATION SINCE TRUTH JUST IS!  How would an ordinary ego mind figure that one out?  Since it is limited IT CANT! nohow!  It takes a higher mind to understand truth and you found that out when you accessed the higher mind which resulted into an “epiphany”. That is an experience that MONEY CANNOT BUY.  Even Bill Gates with his billions, CANNOT BUY THAT EXPERIENCE, believe it or not?}

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“At times of course both can be highly beneficial. A conscious realization of danger, for example, will call up all information dealing with similar situations, so that the body can deal with it at once from the vast bank of its living memory. But constant unpleasant thoughts put the body into a state of turmoil that is “unrealistic,” and, in turn, force it to reactivate such old patterns.” (Correct, because many people in their lives have traumatic experiences that they literally “relive” and need hypnosis or other systems that can access the deeper recesses of their consciousness to change the programming per se and this works successfully unless that experience was linked with a “core belief” which also must be addressed: one without the other wont work because of that word CORE. THE CORE MEANS WHAT IT SAYS CORE. The nucleus of a cell is called the core; we must understand the power, might, significance of this word in relation to what Seth is teaching, for unless we do, we are NOT addressing our problem CORRECTLY, we only “playing games” and its called SUPERFICALITY i.e. Tony Robbins systems, yes they work as “adjusters”; they work as “suppliants” they work fine at certain levels, but IF THE CORE PROBLEM IS NOT ADDRESSED FROM THE CORE CENTER, they are never really “cured”; they are surviving the best that they can, with what they can but if we deal directly with the CORE, AND THE CORE DEALS PRIMARILY WITH THE FALSE BELIEFS, then we are dealing DIRECTLY WITH THE TRUTH, and not the peripheries, not the branches, twigs, leafs of the tree, but the TRUNK FOUNDATION OF THE TREE.  Now doesn’t that make sense? and why not?]

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“The living flesh is quite aware of certain facts that escape you on a conscious level. It knows it dies and is reborn constantly, and yet retains itself. I use the terms “dies” and “is reborn” because you make sense of them, but the body does not. The body, while being ALWAYS ITSELF, COMES AND GOES.  It does NOT feel less or diminished when a cell dies, for it is also in the process of forming a new one.” (Isnt it fantastic the way Seth understand our body, when he doesn’t have one at all? Our body obviously is more than we think it is since it can do stuff that is certainly “magical”.  We, as human beings, cannot!  Why is that?  Why is it the body knows so much about itself, and we the inhabitants of our body, KNOWS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT!  the question is why don’t we have a “closer connection to our fantastic body”?  My channel comes up with its “constant refrain” our ego collaborating with your conscious mind, with the influence of our beta brained elitist who have achieved that status of “experts” have TOTALLY TAKEN OVER. The word that fits that description is called “brainwashing”, and my channel job along with Seth, and perhaps yours’ if your “soul desires it”; decidedly not your ego for sure, may be in a position in the future to be an exponent along with myself and the site that will be set up to promote the TRUTH OF WHAT IS! Time will tell, that’s for sure! Right now, our emphasis is on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth in consciousness.}

We are now on Page 148   moving along, slow but SURE IN THE OUTCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
paragraph one
“For a moment, think of your body as one large cell in the moment of its being. You, the larger self, have many bodies, each turning into the other as one dies and is reborn; yet you maintain your identity and your memory even as the smallest cell in your present body does.” (Isn’t that wonderful, could we mortals living on this physical 3-dimensional plane, still groping to find peace, tranquility, love, joyfulness, happiness etc. instead of turmoil, doubt, killings, wars, scams, di-eased minds, DO WHAT OUR bodies can do? Of course not, and how do we “thank are bodies, in appreciation”? We do what everyone does on this planet, practically everyone I am sure. We corrupt our bodies with smoking, drinking, putting poisonous substances in our body, polluting the air that our bodies breathe, by telling lies, cheating, stealing, and all the other negatives that a “negative polluted body can dream up”; that’s how we “thank our bodies”.  We go to medical doctors who prescribe chemical drugs with side effects that can be worse than the condition before the in gestation of the drug, that how.  What’s going on in this world, if it was so good, would Seth have bothered to come to Jane Roberts, of course not, at least there is ONE COMPASSIONATE NON-PHYSICAL ENTITY, that can’t, couldn’t be corrupted, thank God for that!  That was around the middle 60’s and our condition here on earth, for everyone and now especially for our environment which is “going to hell in a barrel” is worse. Why hasn’t Seth made a difference? I found that out years ago: a 3rd dimensional mind cannot understand a 4th dimensional teachings unless there is an interference from another source like my channel as a commenter on Seth’s teachings. And that is being done right now; and with the advent of our site, which will be a reality, in time of course, the alignment of both forces will “flood the world wide web network and THIS WILL MAKE THAT DIFFERENCE. Why? TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE ONE MUST KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. And we now know what that difference is, don’t we? And you Richard are the “reason; the motive force and the motor force; for “making this difference” believe it or not?}

next paragraph:
“This is merely an analogy but it will explain your body’s concept of itself; for as a whole it knows it “dies,” as now its portions do, but is also aware of its “future” transformation. Within this framework, it protects and maintains its own stability and survival.” (Seth will be explaining more about this as he progresses paragraph to paragraph. It like building a brick building;;;; brick;;;;;;; by ;;;;;;;brick>isn’t it?}

next paragraph:
“At one level of your being there is a common ground where body consciousness merges with that higher consciousness from which your own identity springs. This is the ground of your being where soul and flesh meet, both in time and out of it.”(So it seems, we must “respect” our body because “it is more” than we can even imagine it to be, it is just a marvelous creation, by a CREATOR, whatever it may be, and as you read Seth’s other books, he talks about the Creator in a very comprehensive, well outlined manner. Seth is an amazing CREATURE, so amazing that he/she defies any description, and definitely transcends any thing that the greatest minds on this planet, now or before, can MATCH. In time as we both progress and the time exists, we will, if desired, pursue this fantastic spirit’s work for not only our benefit, but for humanities benefit. And why not?}

next paragraph:
“Now: because you are conscious of being, you form your physical reality through conscious thought.” {Seth is naturally leading up to something}

next paragraph:
“I am quite aware that I am repeating myself again and again when I make that statement, but you NEED TO BE REMINDED THAT YOU, are NOT AT THE MERCY OF UNCONSCIOUS EVENTS. You have the body’s innate WISDOM behind you and it will ALWAYS try to correct your errors.” (Good advice, wise advice, prudent advice.  I like especially the fact that Seth said, “our bodies have the innate wisdom and it is wise enough to know how to correct itself when need be” so when you keep asking HOW    HOW    HOW    HOW, KNOW that the body KNOWS HOW AT ALL TIME. All anyone must know, is that the body KNOWS HOW, and it KNOWS HOW, better than our MEAGRE, egocentric beta “ordinary mind set” so now you know how the body knows what to do and is more able to teach us, than we TEACH IT.  It KNOWS THAT IT NNOWS THAT IT KNOWS, IT KNOWS.  We human beings DO NOT KNOW THAT THEY KNOW, THAT THEY KNOW, they know, they know.  IT DOES BIG TIME; ITS CAPABLE OF HEALING ITSELF, its capable of “GIVING YOU AN EPIPHANY”, it capable of allowing a spiritual channel to enter Jane Roberts’ consciousness and mine also, knowing that this “spirit” is not only truthful, but devoted to helping mankind uplift itself so it can survive.  Now what on this planet can compete with this fantastic energy? Nothing! The brilliance, and compassion of this wonderful, magnificent, stupendous, enlightening Being FROM OUT THERE SOMEWHERE is beyond compare. We are indeed fortunate to have Seth as our Teacher!}

next paragraph:
“These suggestions will appear in numberless ways-some quite physical to your way of thinking, and some through other means. The body may of itself begin to crave certain foods, for example, or fresh air or exercise. These are simple instances, and later we will be more specific.” {I am anxiously waiting to read on and on and on, and why not? Isn’t it for my benefit? And what good for my benefit is good for the whole of me, isn’t that so?}

next paragraph:
“You may have dreams urging you to move in such and such a direction, or pointing out areas in which corrections should be made. Often such dreams bring about behavior changes whether or not you remember them in the morning.” (So this information again goes back to your constant request “how””how”, well obviously there is not “ego” necessary that’s for sure! In other words, no particular thing you have to do, other than training yourself to go into the 4th dimension alpha/theta which as mentioned many times puts you in touch with your “higher mind” intuitive faculties, that is a MUST, otherwise your decisions, behavior, emotional responses, your general thinking mechanism will respond through your ego mechanism which being of a lower level encourages negative responses, emotionally, and mentally.  This we don’t want, and this we don’t need. and I don’t think anyone needs this CRAP, don’t you agree?  So what Seth is saying here is that your body, mind, emotional, spiritual all living in HARMONY TOGETHER, KNOWS WHAT TO DO, which should answer your question HOW. Am I being clear here, please let me know if you understand this paragraph, since knowing this paragraph is absolutely VITAL, otherwise your HOWS WILL CONTINUE ON AND ON. Indicating that ‘YOUR NOT GETTING IT” !!}

continued “You may request dreams in which proper direction is given, and you will receive them. If you ask on the one hand, however, and do NOT BELIEVE IN THE THERAPEUTIC NATURE OF DREAMS ON THE OTHER, YOU WILL short-CIRCUIT, any such activity. In such a case you are NOT BEING HONEST with the contents of your conscious mind. Instead you are saying, “I will have a dream to help me, and yet I DO NOT BELIEVE I CAN HAVE SUCH A DREAM.” (You must understand one thing, and if you understand this “correctly” you will know what you ae doing and you can be honest with yourself, if you understand what my channel’s information is all about.  I have gone through this stuff loads and loads of times, and I will do it again, as Seth does to “reinforce this message”; if egos were NOT so powerful, influential, reinforcement would not at the least be necessary, but they are fantastically entrenched in people psyches. Now listen, learn, and ingest what I am about to say when our conscious mind selects a “belief” it then SENDS THIS BELIEF DOWN INTO the subconscious levels.  As soon as the subconscious, inner mind, gets the message, it does not in any way whatsoever decide what’s right or wrong about that message, it accepts it AS IT IS WORD FOR WORD, and fulfills it letter by letter, like a computer program, it cannot be changed. And THE RESULT IS AS PREDICTED. That message was ful-filled l00%, not 99% but l00%.  Now when a person said, “I tried to do as you say, but it didn’t work out for me”, what they are saying is that the belief system behind that message HAD A DOUBT TO IT, IT WASNT ACCEPTED l00%. Now whose fault is it? Is it the subconscious mind’s fault or the conscious egocentric mind’s fault?  It was the conscious egocentric mind’s fault, IT PROVIDED THE DOUBT, not the inner mind, since the inner might does not deal with doubt or any other thing; it ‘JUST FOLLOWS ORDER TO THE LETTER. So, now that we know who the blame, what do we do about it?  We must examine our beliefs, discovering its core, and the resultant branches, find out if they are false, and most if not all negative beliefs are false, WIPE THEM OUT, CALL THEM BY THE NAMES THAT THEY DESERVE, write them down on a piece of paper, light a match to that paper, and flush it down the toilet. Why the toilet, well, that where all false beliefs, lies, deceit, etc. belong, where else? Remember as you wipe out false belief systems, your ego goes where they go, the same place, isnt that nice?)

paragraph 2:
“In all cases when you are concerned about your health, there is a choice of directions for you to follow. The living flesh is yours. It IS THE MATERIALIZATION OF YOUR SOUL, and through the body the soul WILL PROVIDE YOU with those ANSWERS YOU REQUIRE.” (Again, to answer your question HOW? this sentence states without equivocation, without lots of intelligent rhetoric, logic, reason etc. but will the simple words and I will repeat them as Seth states them, and through the body the “soul will provide you with the answers you require” and your previous retort would be again using the same adjective “how” by what the last two paragraphs and my channel comments explained. In simple words I will repeat. The soul has ways and means that our beta “ordinary” mind knows “very little of” and these ways and means are usual referred to as “mystical, intuitive, precognitive, etc”.  You have heard these words before, you have experienced the results of these words especially when you did Silva Mind cases with me as a young man, you have had that epiphany experience, and perhaps you have had other intuitive experiences or intuitive feelings you either paid attention, or did not.  Most people have intuitive thoughts, feelings etc. and pay absolutely no attention to them, until after the fact when they realize that they “should have listened” but didn’t. And the question remains “why didn’t they?” The answer is very simple because at the time of their “gut feeling, intuition” there didn’t seem to be any “logical reason why they should have listened”.  That’s why my channel tells me.  IT DIDNT MAKE ANY SENSE TO THEM AT THE TIME, but they realized their “folly” unhappily later, but since they are still listening to their egocentric beta frequency channel, they continue to make the same mistake. They call these mistakes WRONG DECISIONS; WRONG DECISIONS, instead of calling them by their real name.  NOT LISTENING TO THE TRUTH THAT RESIDES INSIDE THEM, rather than OUTSIDE THEM, believe it or not?}

continue. “In the next chapter we will begin to discuss those methods that can be used to refresh and HEAL THE BODY, and that will help you arouse from within the physical form those memories and experiences most to your advantage. For best results, you must remember that ideas are as ALIVE as the cells within your hand.” (Looking forward to reading the next chapter – who doesn’t want to know how to heal their body; those who don’t are idiots, that for sure?}

next paragraph:
“end of chapter. That was a transitional chapter. We will take a brief break.(thank you Seth}


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