Commentary – Chapter 3

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We have arrived on Chapter 3: Suggestion, telepathy, and the Grouping of Beliefs a subject I mentioned many times before, asking you if you read this chapter because it puts MORE THINGS INTO FOCUS and supplies us with answers that we are always looking for but can’t find because we had the wrong focus boss the ego looking for us, instead of our True Conscious Mind, something you have learned more about since my collaboration with Seth’s teachings.
“Ideas have an electromagnetic reality. Beliefs are STRONG IDEAS ABOUT THE NATURE OF REALITY. Ideas GENERATE emotion. Like attracts like, so similar ides GROUP ABOUT EACH OTHER, and you accept those that FIT in with your PARTICULAR ‘SYSTEM OF IDEAS.”(i.e. like frequencies attract like frequencies; the law of attraction, by now I am sure that you haven’t gotten the drift on this subject}

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“The ego attempts to MAINTAIN A clear point of focus, of stability, so that it can direct the light of the conscious mind with some precision and concentrate its focus in areas of actuality that seem permanent. As mention (in Chapter one), the ego, while a portion of the whole self, CAN BE DEFINED AS A PSYCHOLOGICAL ‘STRUCTURE, composed of characteristics belonging to the personality as a whole, organized together to form a SURFACE IDENTITY” (as mentioned before many times as long as we are living in a physical body occupying space in a physical world we need an ego otherwise “we can’t stay here” but do we need a NEGATIVE EGO (FALSE BELIEF EGO? of course not; and whether or not we get a negative or positive ego depends on our conscious mind whether IT KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A LIE AND A TRUTH; difference between a true or false belief and that’s the bottom line: and how would the person who finally experiences the results know whether or not both the ego, and the conscious mind chose, would be “the results are in the eating, with no ifs and without any buts.  If the result is negative, uncertainty, doubts, sadness, joylessness, ITS THERE UNQUESTIONABLE, right in front of you not behind so you can’t see it; it’s obvious, so obvious that anyone could see it.  it’s called proof positive and lying about the results WONT WORK ANY LONGER, since the “cat is out of the bag.  So, if you or any skeptic keeps saying this is abstract, there is no way that I could know which skeptics always say, they are only fooling themselves; its call self-denial.

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“Now generally speaking, through the period of a lifetime, this allows for the easy emergence of many tendencies and abilities. These are but a few samples of the ways in which your own quite conscious ides may be INVISIBLE to you while being available all the time, and limiting your experience”(this is great, this is what you want something that will uncover the hidden “crap” this is right one!}

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“Now we have been speaking of the conscious mind, for it IS the director of your activities physically. I told you that it was important to realize the ego’s position as the most “exterior” portion of the INNER SELF, not alienated but looking outward to physical reality. Using this analogy, portions of the self on the other side of the conscious mind constantly receive telepathic data. Remember, there NO DIVISIONS so the terms used are simply to make the discussion easier” ( what my channel thinks what Seth is saying especially when he place the ego which is as he said the “exterior” portion of the inner self which implies that the inner self contains BOTH faculties the concrete (material) and the abstract (non material) Seth says that the ego represents the concrete (outer aspect) and he ends his sentence by stating categorically there IS NO DIVISIONs, divisions “division are terms used simply to make the discussion easier”; in other words there is CONSTANT COMMUNICATION BETWEEN ALL, AT ALL TIMES.  So, what throws the “monkey wrench” into this interactive oneness?  NEGATIVITY!!!  “you can’t mix the pure with the impure, it’s as simple as that!”

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“The ego tries to organize all material coming into the conscious mind, for its purposes-the egos are those that have come to the surface at any given time in the self’s overall encounter with physical reality. As I said, the ego CANNOT KEEP INFORMATION, out of the conscious mind, BUT IT CAN REFUSE TO FOCUS DIRECTLY UPON IT” {now we are getting more “inside information” how the ego cooperates or interferes the conscious minds work, which it does for its benefit of course, otherwise why would it refuse to focus when it supposed to?

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“Now: the telepathic information, using our analogy comes through DEEPER PORTIONS OF THE SELF.  These PARTS HAVE SUCH AN amazing capacity to receive that some organization is necessary to sift the data.  Some is simply not important to you. It concerns people of whom you have no knowledge.”{ it looks like we are now getting into BIG TIME STUFF I am waiting with baiting breath to find out more! especially when Seth says that “it concerns people of whom you have no other knowledge, now that’s interesting!}

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“YOU ARE A SENDER AND A RECEIVER (now that is very interesting, I know what my telephone receiver looks like, and I know when I call someone I am a sender but what in “high heaven” has it to do with this?}”Because ideas have an “electromagnetic reality (which I believe somewhere in the earlier chapters it was discussed check back if need be so that you will ‘FULLY UNDERSTAND WHAT SETH IS ALLUDING TO”} beliefs, because of their INTENSITY, radiate strongly(definition of radiate what does it mean to radiate, I presume it means the ability to travel like rays do and the electromagnetic spectrum has perhaps thousands of frequency rays(radiating out throughout our Universe};.”due to the organizing structure of your own psychological nature, similar beliefs CONGREGATE, and you will readily ACCEPT THOSE WITH WHICH YOU ALREADY AGREE” ( well that says it all, without equivocation, just like our cell phone dial the number you want, by dialing you are putting into effect the electromagnetic reality that Seth is saying, and MAGICALLY, thru this action the effect your looking for, gets the call and says hello; it’s called magic in action and who or what can we thank for this magic?  I’ll let you answer that question.}

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“Limiting ideas therefore PREDISPOSE you to accept others of a similar nature (which means other limiting ideas, one bonehead to another bonehead} “exuberant ideas of freedom, spontaneity and joy AUTOMATICALLY COLLECT OTHERS OF THEIR KIND ALSO. There is a constant interplay between yourself and others in exchange of ideas, both telepathically and on a conscious level.”(basically Seth is saying “like attracts like; the law of attraction again, and again and it always works since it’s an inviolable law and man can’t change it because it preceded as a law before the creation of man.}

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“This interchange follows, again, your conscious beliefs.  It is fashionable to some circles to believe that you react physically to telepathically received messages despite your conscious beliefs or ideas. This is NOT THE CASE. YOU REACT only to those TELEPATHIC messages that FIT IN WITH Y OUR CONSCIOUS IDEAS about yourself and your reality (emphatically).” {nothing that I can add to that statement except to say that there are perhaps l00 of ideas out there, theories of course, that have their own ideas concerning the subject Seth is discussing right now.

Next page 47; we are climbing step by step and making sure we don’t miss any on the way.  “”Let me add that the conscious mind is itself SPONTANEOUS. (Now that is a fantastic statement, utterly fantastic statement why? because the way the ego has usurped its (conscious minds} power, belittling most people would say that what Seth said “spontaneous” was ill placed} ” It enjoys playing with its own contents, so I am not her moment. I am telling you about COUNTERING MEASURES that you can take in areas in which you are not pleased with your experience.

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“You will react, therefore, to ALL the information that you receive according to your CONSCIOUS BELIEFS concerning the nature of reality. “The deeper portions of your self DO NOT HAVE to take the ego’s ideas of time into consideration, so these portions of the self also deal with data that would ordinarily ESCAPE THE EGO’S PERCEPTION, PERHAPS UNTIL A CERTAIN POINT, of ego time was reached.” (now we are hitting “real pay dirt; that’s when the principle of the magic three comes into focus “the deeper portions of yourself meaning the higher self, soul, superconscious which the ego frequencies ARE NOT IN RESONANCE WITH}

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“The ego which must MANIPULATE MOST DIRECTLY WITH THE EVERYDAY world, takes time, clock time, quite seriously”(yes it is definitely linear , intellectually based without a doubt)” Even the ego however realized to some extent that clock time is a convention, but IT DOES NOT LIKE such conventions broken”(it certainly doesn’t, anyone living a linear, conventional life is HIGHLY SUPPORTED BY THEIR EGO, there is no doubt about that.  You might say that conventionality and ego are soulmates}

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“It will often neglect any clairvoyant or precognitive material that comes into the conscious mind from the DEEPER PORTIONS OF THE SELF” {that’s for sure, it didn’t prevent your epiphany however, did it? It failed but the ego took its revenge later so in a sense it won one battle anyway, hopefully it’s the last}” On occasion, when the ego recognizes that such data can be highly practical, it then becomes more liberal in its recognition of it-but ONLY WHEN such information FITS in with ITS concepts of what is possible and not possible.”( there it is black and white, the POWER OF THE EGO UNVEILED, if it likes what you’re saying doing etc. it says OK, if not ‘DROP DEAD” OR “GO TO HELL” and IT GETS AWAY WITH IT!}

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“Now the ego’s concepts are YOUR concepts, since it is a PAR OF YOU!  if you dwell on ideas of danger or potential disaster, if you think of the world mainly in terms of your physical survival and consider all those circumstances that may work against it, then you may find yourself suddenly aware of PRECOGNITIVE DREAMS that foretell incidents of accidents, earthquakes, robberies or murders” {I agree since I have experienced situations like this{

next para: Your own idea of perilous nature of existence  becomes so strong that  the ego allows this data to emerge, even though it is “OUT OF TIME” because your fearful beliefs convince it that you must be on guard. The incidents do not even have to involve you. From all the unconscious telepathic and clairvoyant data available, however, you will be aware of this particular grouping, and it will only serve to reinforce your idea that existence is above all perilous” (this is all inner work going on)

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Page 52 2nd paragraph:

“if the information becomes available in the dream state you may then say, “I am frightened of dreams (please review the last e mail I sent you so that you know the connection between Seth’s last paragraph and this one.} ” So, you try to inhibit memory of your dreams. Instead you should EXAMINE YOUR CONSCIOUS BELIEFS, for they are so strong that they are CAUSIG YOU not only to focus upon calamity in the physical world, but to use your inner abilities to the same end” (So, we see again how focusing and the power of our conscious mind works in this case with a false belief system.} {how in hell would the ordinary person using ordinary mind intellect get this information, not a chance, not even a slight chance, NEVER, which means to me that we are AT THE MERCY OF OUR CONSCIOUS MIND, and the ego which works hand/glove with it as the previous emails indicate WOW!  How can our ordinary intellectual mind compete when it has “no idea” not only how, but the whys and wherefores; if it tries its only blowing HOT AIR coming out of both our mouths and our anus at the SAME TIME, it’s called BULLSHIT, but it’s not the BULL, its US, you and me and everyone living on this planet, again WOW what power, it’s so powerful it should BOGGLE everyone’s imagination!!!!  Give this some SERIOUS THOUGHT, just don’t READ IT”  Ponder on it; let it SINK IN, let it OPEN YOU UP, which means opening up to truth, let it as the epiphany did, make the inner and outer changes you need in your life, and LET IT BEGIN WITH YOU;   YOU    YOU, not the Tony Robbins, or the others out there that may not having any notion of understanding  THAT SETH IS TEACHINGS, but not knowing are in the SAME BOAT AS YOUR IN, Believe it or not?  And when may channel repeats believe it or not, it is not chiding you, it is not playing word games with it, it says without equivocation. ITS UP TO YOU AND NO ONE ELSE.  You must make the choice and what is that choice?  The choice is whether you select the RIGHT BELIEF or the WRONG BELIEF, whether you believe Seth and my Channel or you believe your protector, guide, informer, experience {that counters what we are saying} YOUR EGO or US} ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT.  If you say yes, I believe both your channel and Seth and say it with CERTAINTY and DETERMINATION then my channel will STOP SAYING “believe it or not”!!! And thankfully that day is fast approaching

next para: “telepathic communication IS CONSTANT. This IS usually at an UNCONSCIOUS LEVEL merely because your conscious mind is in a STATE OF BECOMING.  It cannot hold all the information you possess. As an example, if your conscious ideas are relatively positive you will react to telepathically received information of a SIMILAR NATURE, even if you do so on an UNCONSCIOUS LEVEL.” (WOW!} this is an utterly fantastic paragraph!  why?  Because it demonstrates the of how telepathic positive and negative energies work “if your conscious ideas are relatively POSITIVE you will react to telepathically received information of a similar nature meaning POSITIVE, and likewise for NEGATIVITY ALSO, which is again the LAW OF ATTRACTION (how can egos compete with that? how can logic complete with that? and continuing on the same paragraph he says ” “even if you do so on an UNCONSCIOUS LEVEL” what does that mean?  It means that you DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, meaning, you do not have to put ANY PERSONAL EFFORT INTO IT, it does ITS THING without YOUR EGO INTERFERENCE.  YOU THEN DONT NEED THE type of customer friendly 1 2 3 system that your ego is willing to accept and still hold its power of you, IT HELPS YOU GET THE KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING AND DISCERNING, without you LIFTING A FINGER, now what beats that?  Can you “ordinary logical mind fathom this?  I doubt it, no ordinary mind which is naturally ego based can fathom this!  BUT IT AS TRUE} wasn’t that a great paragraph?.DONT BE SURPRISED BY YOUR EGOS DISSENT!!! I certainly wouldn’t!

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“As I mentioned earlier in the 616 session, you are also SENDING YOUR THOUGHTS outward.  Others will react to those according to their own ideas of reality. A family can constantly REINFORCE ITS JOY (louder) GAIETY, AND SPONTANEITY BY concentrating on ideas of vitality, STRENGHT AND CREATIVITY; or let half of its energy slip away (deeper} by REINFORCING RESENTMENTS, anger and thoughts of DOUBT and failure” ( according to your complaints this paragraph “is right up your alley isn’t it” (tell me since reading all my channels comments besides Seth’s teachings what emotions and thoughts besides ours are streaming through your consciousness, because all of these thoughts and emotions are FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS and they all must be written down, NONE LOST.  You keep insisting “how do I know what my false belief systems are” well they are right inside and in front of you, behind you, outside of you all clamoring to get your attention and saying DONT GET ANY CLOSER, DONT INVESTIGATE, DONT ROCK OUR BOAT, keep ignorant of HOW WE WORK AND CONTROL YOU etc.  Well, the ball is now in YOUR COURT, YOU have to WAKE UP and smell the roses, you must write all these fantastic feeling thoughts, basically rebuttals, egos are the greatest rebutters in the world, they make crooked lawyers look like a bunch of amateurs and your ego is no slouch I GUARANTEE YOU THAT, it comes up with beauts and at times very convincing even though as phony as a three-dollar bill. This is another fantastic paragraph that your EGO MADE SURE you would totally overlook, right?}

next paragraph:  By the way the angrier you get as you read these messages both now and before the quicker you “see the light” because confrontation is happening and without confrontation NOTHING HAPPENS> and what is the dynamics of this confrontation:  It is the right of Power between the False Belief Systems and the True belief systems. I don’t want you to forget this, because if your ego can SWITCH you after you received THAT BLESSING (epiphany) than you MUST ALWAYS BE ON GUARD!!!!  remember “you NEVER THROW THE BABY OUT WITHTHE BATH WATER! never! never! never! the ego DOES IT ALL THE TIME! AND GETS AWAY WITH IT> The price of liberty is vigilance, and vigilance for you is NEVER TRUST YOUR EGO! use it for the “simple things “ordinary mind things” which keeps the ego IN ITS PLACE and doesn’t give the garbage collector the power of telling the CEO what and how to do!  Even though the garbage collector has a l80 IQ but a O for spiritual morality; many genius was certified crazy! Morality is what it’s all about IN THE LONG RUN, AND it’s about time people know and realize it and I am not talking about dogma, not one big, any dogma according to Seth is stultifying, dead, useless and CERTAINLY DANGEROUS.  Morality, true morality, does not deal with dogma.

Numerologically speaking and I have giving you some information on this; when morality is added up and reduced to one digit it amazing comes to the magic number we talked about. No. 5 which deals with FREEDOM AND CHANGE, and represents mankind. Isn’t that also amazing!  A good question now could be asked “why would anyone not want to change WHEN THEY KNOW THE TRUTH, and I believe that channel answered this, but somehow now, it wants to add to it ITS UNDERSTANDING, why after people say, “that true, they keep doing the opposite and furthermore defending the opposite which is that false belief systems viciously, knowing down deep that they are wrong”.

People we all know are conflicted; that one reason. and they are conflicted because and you have said your living in one world that says this is true, and in another world that say this is untrue, and as a result CONFLICT, which is right/ and which is wrong.  Well Seth is doing is UTMOST coming from a HIGHER DIMENSIONAL PORTAL, that deals ONLY WITH TRUTH, whereas here on earth we are at the LOWEST OF LOWEST dimensional portal where TRUTH IS HIDDEN and must be excavated, because of the low, low, low beta frequency mind physics that over 95%of our population is CONNECTED TO; and those who have gone beyond Einstein and other genius Tesla, Edison etc. these “special people” were put on this “undeveloped earth plain to institute the changes promulgated by the Higher dimensional portals where Seth originates from. And now that we are in the Chapter dealing with telepathy, we now KNOW WHY SETH had the capability to being a channel for Jane Roberts.  Would the “ordinary mind” be capable of understanding all this, that’s questionable, but what we are doing and WE HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL UP TO NOW, we meaning my channel YOU DID MAKE A CONNECTIION, (epiphany, I knew it, I am not sure you did, but if you didn’t you are at this point, more aware} so getting back to the original question why don’t people make the change once they know the difference?

They only know the difference intellectually, not KNOWINGLY; they know it only with their beta “ordinary mind” which is not KNOWING AT ALL, it more like “I heard about it”, I read about it” but if asked to elucidate further, they can’t, so it’s a “surface knowing” which the true meat (understanding, comprehension, and deep meaning} that is needed to REALLY KNOW> It goes back to the 5 knowing. “”Arnold, don’t you know, THAT YOU KNOW that YOU KNOW, that you know you know, you know; THERE ARE 5 processes of knowing before a person KNOWS HE/SHE KNOWS.  SO, just reading something and regurgitating it doesn’t mean a person knows it; it means that the person was “introduced to it and the next time he/she reads it they will GET MORE OUT OF IT, and the next more, the next more, and last time resulting in the fifth know, they will be in the knowing-ness state which five (5) denotes C H A N G E ,  change from what to what, change from the beta ordinary mind, to the alpha/theta EXTRAORDINARY MIND, a mind that the ordinary mind has ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION TO IT. as mentioned the difference between day and night.  And that is where the SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND IS ACTIVATED.  And if the ego does not interfere which it will do its utmost until it realizes that the person means it when tells it to go to where it belongs in Hell with other false beliefs, and why not?  Criminals go to prison, why not false belief systems?  Now I know and you know why my channel gave you all this new information which benefits you personally right now, but will in the future according to what my channel is telling me now, that millions and million) thru our sight which will be highly successful will benefit and the records of our conversation kept intact will testify to this when and if doubt emerges. What my channels (I have two spiritual channels, I don’t know anything about them, but muscles testing mentions that now, I have two, previously I had three, but apparently, I developed something that now in my life, don’t need anymore the assistance of one of them.

I am told right this minute, that the reason I don’t know what a and who my channels are is because they CHANGE; and that’s interesting since everything I have been saying for the past 30 minutes, deals with Change, and my channels change as I change. My channel tells me further that Fear and you talked about it and told me you took a seminar on Fear; and I don’t think they talked about fear the way my channel understands the word fear.  There are many fears in this work; the fear of the OUTER WORLD, the world we call reality, materialistic, the fear of the inner world and Seth just spoke about that; the fear of the different dimensions: i.e. UFOS; in general, permeates every living creature on this planet one way of the other.  But the fear that WINS ALL THE PRIZES, IS THE FEAR OF DEATH, fear of change, and change means a death, death of what is, what has been but still is, fear of the past, future and even the present.  IT ALL ADDS UP OF FEAR OF CHANGE; AND CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT IN OUR UNIVERSE which means there is an oxymoron connection going on and the only remedy for it is TRUTH, because FEAR FEEDS ON IGNORANCE, NOTHING BUT; Ignorance means unknowingness, nothing but, once a person is out of COMA (ignorance) awake but still in a coma because they think they know when they don’t know which puts them in a hiatus state; the result being chaos in their lives, and the change that they experience are all ups and downs because of their coma state, and this includes the so-called people who are supposed to know when they don’t!  SO, FEAR IS FEAR OF CHANGE.

Since the only change in our Universe which includes our little planet earth, then WE AS HUMAN BEING MUST ATTUNE OURSELVES to the rhythm, and frequencies that WORK HARMONIOUSLY WITH the constancy of our universal energies, how many people know that? if not too many that’s called IGNORANCE.  Now what Seth is “attempting to do” is to “get us out of our ignorance (coma) WAKE US UP AND show us what to do AND, gives us the knowledge, and wisdom of the whys, whys, why and eventually those like you and others who have decided to LISTEN TO TRUTH, will in time of course change the whys to WISE, and what’s wrong with that?  When my channel keeps repeating what wrong with that?  It addresses this question not to your soul higher self but to your egocentric self that always SETS UP BLOCKS, even though you’re not aware of that, but in time you will be decidedly, that I can positively assure you, in fact, it won’t be done quietly, done in such a way IT WILL GET YOUR UTMOST ATTENTION, FIRST EMOTIONALLY, then logically.  When a person suffers an ailment due to toxins; toxins are poison, false belief systems are negativity, negativity is toxic, negativity is poisonous internally, externally and in every conceivable way possible, so toxins of all sorts must be released all ways which gives you the great opportunity since toxins by any other name is called false belief systems, to ROOT THEM OUT! DESTROY THEM! ELIMINATE THEM! so that they will NEVER AGAIN pollute your body and mind; they cannot pollute your soul since your soul does not come from THIS DIMENSIONAL PORTAL; ITS INVIOLABLE. nothing can destroy it otherwise you would not be here this minute, you can never after death reincarnate.

That’s it for now:  I had no idea that I wouldn’t be doing much of Seth’s work this morning, but it seems that my channel had its own agenda and since my channel is the boss now and ever, IT CALLS ALL THE SHOTS.  People in ego HATE MY CHANNEL WITH A VENGEANCE and again that fantastic word fear. The numerological number for fear 3 three is if used in a positive sense, and realize numbers can be used for either positive or negative purposes the same number just like everything else on our planet since everything on our planet has a dual yes/no right/wrong system; that’s how it works.  Well fear represents the opposite of luck, joy, happiness which the positive aspects of three (3) which the word fear radiates on.  In other words, adding up all the numbers it adds up to 21 add the 2 and 1 together you get 3. So, 3 is luck, joy success.  But fear is negative so what’s the negative of 3 FEAR you got it!  The accuracy of numerology which ego hate along with the educational systems supported with and by egos, is AMAZING, and it even predicts the future. I told you over a year ago or more, that you would be going through, there we go again, AMAZING CHANGES, I got that information from both astrology and numerology, your intellect along with all other intellects have a hard time accepting this information since it wants and desire REAL PROOF, when the real amazing thing is that they DONT HAVE THE WAYS AND MEANS OF proving anything that comes from a HIGHER DIMENSIONAL PORTAL.  So, they do the next best thing “they throw the baby out with the bath water” saying if it doesn’t work for us; it just doesn’t exist!  Talk about arrogance wow!

Pg 52 last paragraph
” Either way the ideas of reality are REINFORCED, both CONSCIOUSLY AND UNCONSCIOUSLY, not only WITHIN THE FAMILY, but among all those with whom the family comes in contact. You get what you CONCENTRATE UPON. THERE IS no other main rule!!!!!!!(above doesn’t need any interpretation)

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“It may be easy for you to see beliefs that are invisible to others in themselves” (how true!!)” Reading this book, you may be able to point at friends or acquaintances and see clearly that THEIR IDEAS are INVISIBLE BELIEFS which limit their experience – and yet be BLIND TO YOUR OWN invisible beliefs which you take so readily as TRUTH or characteristics of reality” ( how true again and that’s where that saying “deaf, dumb, and blind comes from literally speaking} and the question always remains why are we “bring to our own false belief systems, but not so to others?} by now that should be easily answered but if our egos STILL CONTROL OUR THINKING MECHANISM we can’t answer that question. The answer is always the same; garbage in garbage out; if we allow false belief systems to enter out conscious mind; and with the ego-tis-tic beta frequency supporting it; WE HAVE NO CHOICE IN THE MATTER; it’s as simple as that; there is no need for oxymoron rhetoric lawyer, logic type explanations which are lies anyway called arguments; cleverly disguised as facts!!!!}

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“Your sense data, again, will most definitely reinforce your ideas”(Seth is talking about our five physical senses, not our five inner senses which our intuition use in contrast to what our outer/exterior physical world uses to DETERMINE FACTS/TRUTH.  The difference is as vast as a puddle and an ocean; the puddle being OUR PHYSICAL REALITY/ the ocean our SPIRITUAL REALITY. We know which dominates hands down by now that’s for sure; now we must convince our conscious mind and its ally the ego; that is our conscious mind that believes in the physical senses, not the spiritual senses; that’s what this whole book is all about and unfortunately people who read it and read the entirety and don’t know this, DIDNT GET IT!} Hopefully you did, if not your getting it now comprehensively!
cont’d “You will also react clairvoyantly and telepathically to inner information at an UNCONSCIOUS LEVEL that is, once more “collected” under the organization of your quite conscious concepts concerning existence in general, and your own in particular. So, you are LOCKED into physical situations that are CORROBORATED BY THE GREAT EVIDENCE OF SENSE DATA–and OF COURSE IT IS CONVINCING because it REFLECTS SO BEAUTIFULLY, so creatively and so actively, your own ideas and beliefs, whether they are POSITIVE or NEGATIVE” (let’s truly examine what Seth just said and do a thorough job at it.  Seth is saying right up front “you are creating your reality by accepting especially if you lack discernment as to what is true and what is false, and your emotions ARE NOT BALANCED in the equation (the mix) than your conscious mind and in this unbalanced that your NEGATIVE CONSCIOUS MIND, with the assistance of the beta oriented physical world ego, GOES RIGHT TO WORK, and what do they do?  They MAKE DAMN SURE THAT “the negative state that you/others were in “at the time you were IN IT, would damn sure MATERIALIZE ON OUR PHYSICAL DIMENSION, covering every aspect that needs to be expressed i.e. thru accidents, thru all kinds of incidents, and experiences, whatever “does the job” to CONVINCE YOU and anyone involved with “this scenario, GETS THE PROOF POSITIVE which in our physical world is called reality. Now that some doing, don’t you agree? It takes a spirit that out of our dimension, not influenced like all of us down here “dumbed and numbed” to know this.  All it takes of is to #l thank him (Seth) thank Jane Roberts and thank our soul (inner self) for listening and doing what these wonderful energies tell us; that’s all, and do it with humility, which everyone knows, or should know, egos DO NOT HAVE since if they did, they would disappear instantly!  believe it or not!} Fire and water does not mix very well Fire (ego) humility (water) “one drop of water extinguishes fire, that’s all it takes!

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” In greater terms positive and negative have little meaning, for the physical experience is MEANT AS A LEARNING ONE.  But if you are unhappy then the word NEGATIVE HAS A MEANING.” (it’s like a vehicle (car) you can use it for positive purposes (ambulances etc) or run people over, or rob banks etc}

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“I expect that by now my readers have at least begun to EXAMINE THEIR BELIEFS, AND PERHAPS OBTAINED A GLIMPSE OF SOME invisible ones, that had been ACCEPTED BEFORE, as DEFINITE aspects of reality” (this paragraph is self explanatory)

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” Now if you are honest with your lists, you will finally come to what I call CORE BELIEFS, STRONG IDEAS about your own existence. Many other subsidiary beliefs, that earlier SEEMED SEPERATE from each other, should NOW APPEAR QUITE CLEARLY as being offshoots of CORE beliefs. They seem LOGICAL ONLY in their relationship to a CORE IDEA. ONCE THE CORE BELIEF IS understood to be a FALSE ONE, the others will fall away” (I am surprised that you overlooked this paragraph because you always asked me  when I mentioned this idea to you that many false beliefs will “automatically disintegrate on their own  in time of course once you “do your work” and this work as outlined above is finding out what the CORE of your false belief systems are, and we are slow BUT SURELY getting more and more information from Seth how this is done, and as Seth just said once the Core is broken its friends(offshoots like branches in a tree collapses) the ego loses its power, and WHAT REMAINS? TRUTH!!!! }

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“It is the CORE BELIEF, which is STRONG ENOUGH  to so FOCUS your PERCEPTION FROM THE physical world ONLY THOSE EVENTS that CORRELATE WITH IT” “it is also the strength of the core belief that DRAWS UP  from the vast bank of INNER KNOWLEDGE, ONLY THOSE EVENTS that seem to FIT within its organization” ( now we see “concretely how our inner mind together with our core beliefs WORK CONCRETELY, this is NOT ABSTRACT, not one iota of abstraction it’s as real both physically, and non physically, since it embracers both the inner realities called the causal world, and the outer realities the Effectual world.  This is not like a false belief system; this is not HOKUS POKUS, which are false belief systems DEPEND ON.  We are now getting the truth from the “horse’s mouth”; not self styled experts from our physical dimension.}

By the way the last paragraph started on pg.54

Next paragraph:
“Now let me give you a brief example of a CORE BELIEF (I am so appreciated of Seth because “he doesn’t miss a trick” little by little, even though the reader’s patience or rather impatience “gets in the way because they “want the answers “the meat, not the potatoes; don’t want to know the how’s and whys but “what to do right now, without details, without true understanding which without no discernment/wisdom is possible, and without discernment/wisdom they are “wasting their time and Seth’s effort for humanity”, Seth KNOWS THIS, and his forbearance is admirable, and his method of “putting it together, like what you do as you work with writing your book, MUCH BE APPRECIATED BY THE READER, and if not there must be a reason why since” one hand washes the other” “there is no such thing as a one way street even though false belief systems think so! Another saying, “man is own worst enemy”: if this is the case, and I presume that most if not everyone would agree with this belief system, why then once a person realizes the reason why, why do they CONTINUE LISTENING TO THIS ENEMY?  My channels reply is because THEY THINK and perhaps love and uphold all the false teaching, beliefs of this enemy which by now we know who and what they are.
next paragraph:
” From all the available physical data of newspapers, television letters and private communication, he or she will concentrate only upon those issues that “prove” that point. Suspicion of other beliefs will reach into the most intimate areas of his or her life, and finally no evidence will SEEM to be available to disprove it.” (more proof of how FALSE BELIEF systems PROVE THEIR POINT by being able to MATERIALIZE THIS PROOF.  wow!

next paragraph:
This is a sample of an invisible core belief at its worst. A person holding it will NOT TRUST A MATE, FAMILY, FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES, COUNTRY OR THE WORLD IN GENERAL.”

next para:
“Another more personal core belief: “My life is worthless. What I do is meaningless”. Now a person who holds such an idea will ordinarily NOT RECOGNIZE IT as an INVISIBLE BELIEF. INSTEAD HE OR SHE MAY EMOTIONALLY FEEL THAT LIFE HAS NO MEANING, THAT INDIVIDUAL ACATION IS MEANINGLESS, THAT DEATH IS ANNIHILALTION, AND CONNECTED TO THIS WILL BE A CONGLOMERATION OF SUBSIDIARY BELIEFS THAT DEEPLY AFFECT THE FAMILY INVOLVED, AND ALL THOSE WITH WHOM SUCH A PERSON COMES IN TONTACT” (everyone on this planet has core beliefs that in time materialize themselves; there are no exceptions.  Those who have true core beliefs are happy, joyful, healthy, fulfilled etc. those who have negative are l00% the opposite.  People are not victims; they can change their core beliefs, all it takes is WILL-ing-ness and not UNWILL-in-ness; and no one can help them; ITS ALL UP TO THEM< from top to bottom.

next paragraph

“In writing down your list of personal beliefs, therefore, leave NOTHING OUT. Examine the list as thought it belonged to SOMEONE ELSE. I did not want to imply that you make a list of specifically negative ideas, however.  It is of supreme importance that you recognize the existence of joyful beliefs, and take into consideration those elements of your own experience with which you have had success” (my channel did that recently when it applauded you on your achievement, did it not? By examining your list as if it belonged to someone else Seth, wanted you as you are doing it, so that you did not get emotionally involved with the beliefs at that time, since negative emotions would interfere as it always does with the process}

Bottom of page 54
“I want you to capture the feeling of accomplishment, and to translate it, to areas in which you have had difficulty. But you must remember that the ides exist FIRST AND THE experience PHYSICALLY FOLLOWS”(I mentioned this many times before Seth told you in the first sentence ” to capture the feeling of accomplishment” because by doing so your setting up a RESONANCE (frequency; the law of attraction) in whatever thing you’re planning to succeed in; it’s certainly GREAT ADVICE. Also, as mentioned before THOUGH ALWAYS PRECEDES ACTION; thoughts ARE things manifested}

We are on pg 55 next paragraph

“You make your own reality. I cannot say this too often. There will be periods where all your beliefs are AT AN EVEN PAR, so to speak. THEY WILL AGREE ” (that’s what we are working towards; persistence always pays; without persistence (dedication) nothing positive happens}

next paragraph:
“The ideas may be quite limited. They may be false. They may be based upon premises that are NOT true. Their vitality and strength however will be QUITE REAL, and SEEM to bring excellent results. (we are now coming into “interesting material”

next paragraph:
“”Wealth is everything.” Now this idea is FAR from a truth. The person who accepts it completely, though, will be wealthy and in excellent health, and everything will FIT in quite well with his beliefs. Yet the idea is still a belief ABOUT reality, and so there will be INVISIBLE gulfs in his experience of which he is IGNORANT.” (From hearing this statement, a skeptic gleefully would say ‘” wait a minute how come a “false belief” materialized successful, I thought that false beliefs should not materialized successfully”? Seth is saying that although he/she thinks, feels that they are successful, there are invisible gulfs in their experience that being invisible proves otherwise}

next paragraph:

“On the outside the situation will look MOST ADVANTAGEOUS, and while the person seems quite content, BENEATH there will be the GNAWING knowledge of INCOMPLETION. On the surface there will be balance” {there obviously is a dichotomy between the inner and outer energies of their being-ness; my answer is that “they are still dealing with the word FALSE, and the inner side of their psyche (soul) refuses to accept lies, falsehoods , now and forever since falsehoods have NO PLACE (no frequency) for lies in ITS DIMENSION.

next paragraph:
“So as your beliefs CHANGE there will be alterations in your experience and behavior, and points of stress, creative stress, while you are learning. Our rich man just mentioned may suddenly realize that his belief is LIMITING, in that he concentrated upon it EXCLUSIVELY so that money and health became his SOLE AIMS. THE SHATTERED BELIEF MAY LEAVE HIM open to illness, which would seem to him like a negative experience. Yet through the illness he may be LED TO AREAS OF perception he had earlier denied, and he may be enriched in that manner. (I can certainly attest to this since my business success dominated my life; my health almost totally destroyed; my life magically saved thru the interference of my soul}

next paragraph
“the shifting of belief may then open him to question his other beliefs, and he realized that in the area  of wealth, for example, he did very well BECAUSE of his beliefs; but in those others, perhaps deeper experiences opened by his illness, he learns that human experience includes DIMENSIONS OF REALITY that had earlier been closed to him and that these are also easily within his reach, and without the illness that originally brought them forth. A new conglomeration of beliefs might emerge. In the meantime there was stress, but it was creative” (what Seth is saying is that “one thing leads to another” also once change is instituted its starts a chain reaction which encompasses “creative stress”.

next paragraph:
“Now here is another example “Your conscious thoughts regulate your health. The persistent idea of illness will make you ill. While you believe that you become ill because of viruses, infections or accidents, then you must go to doctors who operate within that system of belief. And because you believe in their cures, hopefully you will be relieved of your difficulty” (if thoughts are things; if the idea manifests the deed, then why shouldn’t that also affect our health, it does as Seth says}

next paragraph:
“Because you do not understand that your thoughts create illness you will continue to undergo it, however, and new symptoms will appear. You will again return to the doctor. When you are in the process of changing beliefs–when you are beginning to realize that your thoughts and feelings cause illness-then for a while you may not know what to do.”(I agree wholeheartedly}

next paragraph:
“In the larger context you realize that the doctor can at best give you temporary relief, yet you may not be completely convinced as yet of your own ability to change your thoughts, or you may be so cowed by their effectiveness that you are frightened. So, there is a period of stress in between beliefs, so to speak, while you dispense with one set and are learning to use another.”(I refer to it as a transition time) (perhaps this is what happened to you after you got your epiphany}

next paragraph:
“but here you become involved with one of the most meaningful aspects of the nature of personal reality, as you test your thoughts against what SEEMS to be.  There may be a time before you learn how to change your thoughts effectively, but you are engaged in a basic meaningful endeavor.” (I agree with these comments}

next paragraph
” The truth is then that you for your reality DIRECTLY. You react consciously and unconsciously to your beliefs. You collect from the physical universe, and the interior one, data that seems to correlate with your beliefs.” (the theme for the book}

“Believe, then, that you are a being UNLIMITED BY NATURE, born into flesh to materialize as best you can the great JOY AND spontaneity of your nature.” |truth truly personified

Pg. 57 there are 2 paragraphs on this page.
“core beliefs are those about which you build your life. You are consciously aware of these, though often you do not focus your ATTENTION upon them. They become invisible, therefore, unless you become aware of the contents OF YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND” (just want to remind you that there is a difference between the conscious mind and the ego, I will repeat again what I and said has been saying many times before. “we need a conscious mind, IT IS PURPOSEFUL, however, if the conscious mind ALLOWS THE EGO to dictate what is right and what is wrong, then and only then should you, I and everyone STOP “giving in to the wiles, distortions, lies, deceit etc. of the ego blandishments called glamour in the metaphysical teachings.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with using your conscious mind correctly, certainly NOT INCORRECTLY!!! and again what’s incorrect?  NEGATIVITY, TOXINS, POISONS ETC.

next paragraph:
” To become acquainted with your own ideas and beliefs you MUST WALK AMONG THEM, symbolically speaking, without BLINDERS. You must look through the structures that you have yourself created, the organized ideas upon which you have grouped your experience.” (it’s called denial engendered by fear of all sorts}

bottom paragraph:
“To see clearly into your own mind you must first UNSTRUCTURE YOUR THOUGHTS, follow them without JUDGING THEM, without comparing them to the framework of your beliefs”

next paragraph:

” Structured beliefs collect and hold your experience, packaging it, so to speak, and so when you look at a given experience that seems like another, you put it into the same structured package, often WITHOUT EXAMINATION. Such beliefs can hold SURPRISES; when you lift the cover of one you may find that it has served to HIDE valuable information that DID NOT BELONG THERE.  an artificial grouping of ideas, like paper flowers, can be collected about a standard core belief”
{Again, we have been asking me for “concrete, practical ways of “finding your false belief systems” well, this certainly is one, don’t you agree, and if not tell me why} {What is wrong in asking your “inner self” questions, I have been doing it for years!  How else would I get the information I need; unless I asked myself?  Why would I ask anyone for information about myself, how would they know?  Unless they are psychic of course! When you ask your “inner self”; you are asking the “right source”; your outer self, ego, wouldn’t know, couldn’t know, and is not interested in knowing, that’s for sure! I spoke to you some time back and asked you if you got into the belief systems part of the book, and even though you read 185 and this page is only 58; it apparent that whatever you read did NOT register with you! Hopefully with my help it will!

next paragraph:
“The core belief, because of its INTENSITY and because of your habits, will often tend to attract to itself others of a like nature. They will hang on. If you are NOT accustomed to examining your own mind, then you can allow separate growths of the kind to form about a belief until you cannot distinguish one from the other”. (that apparently happened to you) ” This can develop to such an extent that all of your experience is seen only in relationship to this idea=growth. Data that seems unrelated to the core belief is then NOT ASSIMILATED BUT THROWN INTO THE corners of your mind, UNUSED, and you are denied (being in denial) the value of the information” (as mentioned in my comments in the previous paragraph}.

next paragraph:
” Separate portions of your mind can contain such chambers of INACTIVE MATERIAL. This information will not be a part of the organized structure of your usual thoughts; though the data IS CONSCIOUSLY available you can be relatively BLIND TO IT” (as explained above)

next paragraph
“Usually when you consider your conscious mind you do so for a reason, to find some information. But if you have schooled yourself to BELIEVE THAT SUCH DATA IS NOT consciously available, then it will NOT OCCUR to you to find it in your conscious mind” (this happens all the time to everyone. The old saying “people talk themselves into it” or “I looked right at it, but didn’t see it, who hasn’t done this?” “If furthermore your conscious data is strongly organized about a core belief, then this will automatically make you BLIND TO EXPERIENCE that is not CONNECTED WITH IT” (the bottom line again is that we create our own reality, anyway we look at it, with no ifs and with no buts.  It’s all a “set up” we write the script, we play all the parts, it should be a comedy instead of tragedy (negativity} but since we are blind, DONT KNOW IT!  n o w    w  e     d  o.  “When the “cats out of the bag, the jig is up” and Seth is pulling the cat out of the bag and Denial is out of STYLE; and good riddance.

last para. on the page
“A core belief is invisible only when you THINK OF IT AS A FACT OF LIFE, AND NOT AS A BELIEF ABOUT LIFE, ONLY WHEN YOU IDENTIFY with it so completely THAT YOU AUTOMATICALLY focus your perceptions along that specific line.” (I mentioned this to you when I said that false beliefs are not considered beliefs but Facts, FONNY FACTS {FF}. Self deception reigns supreme}

We will stop now and enter pg 59.  By the way, you would never find or get “this education NOWHERE ON THIS EARTH PLANET, and the reason why is very, very easy to understand.  THE FORCES OF POWER IN THIS WORLD, would do everything in their power to suppress it since they PROFIT BY PEOPLES IGNORANCE!!

top of page 59 first paragraph
“for example, here is a seemingly very innocent core belief: “I am a responsible parents/

next paragraph:
“Now on the surface there is nothing wrong with that belief. If you hold on to it and do not examine it, however, you may find that the word “responsible” is quite LOADED, and collects other ideas that are equally UNEXAMINED by you. What is your idea of being responsible? According to your answer you can discover whether the core belief works to your advantage or not” (now again “what does Seth mean by unexamined?  He means that “we don’t ask if that core belief is true!  we take it FOR GRANTED its true when it may not be? “that’s a piss pat way of accepting thinking we know something when we do NOT, and to add insult to injury we BELIEVE THIS INFORMATION and when the results are not what’s expected, we wonder why and perhaps blame many things except US” wow! talk about self sabotage!!! and ignorance!! I got all the information out of a few lines of copy!!Hopefully your “finding time to read my e mails because if you do they will CHANGE YOUR LIFE, believe it or not!!!!} That’s for the better, of course. Who wants the other way, you have had your belly full of the other way going now for over 20 yrs! As they say, “enough is enough”.  Now is the time; now is the opportunity, you must grasp it with every ounce of courage, and energy you have because if you do, YOUR ON YOUR WAY TO FREEDOM.  And I am not going to end this paragraph with believe it or not, but with these powerful words:  FOR CERTAIN !!!!!!  POSITIVELY – WITHOUT DOUBT!
next paragraph:
“If responsible means, “I must be a parent twenty-four hours a day to the EXCLUSION of everything else,” then you may be in difficulty, for that core belief might prevent you from using other abilities that exist quite apart from your parenthood” (self explanatory; if not I will add my comments which are: anytime anyone sets up a core belief which is IMPOSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE, they are sabotaging the core belief because “they are playing games”.  Common sense dictates that if you want to achieve something in your life, do it “sensibly” not outrageously; failure results naturally, and this “nonsense core belief” worked successfully by FAILING.  The result is “throwing the baby out with the bath water”.  Common sense MUST ALWAYS RULE!!  I pity people you lack common sense because being “common” in this respect, respects the integrity of the soul, and certainly not the ego!! To walk a mile, you must start with small steps, one at a time, now that’s an example of common sense

Next paragraph
“You may begin to perceive all physical data through the eyes of that core belief alone. You will not look out upon physical reality with the WONDER OF A CHILD any more, or with the UNSTRUCTURED curiosity of an individual, but always through parental eyes. Thus, you will close yourself off from much of PHYSICAL experience.” {Now this is a mouthful} {what is Seth saying here?  He is saying that the parent is BLINDED by what he/she believes their core belief regarding parenting is TELLING THEM TO DO, and not the actual reality of what is happening (unstructured and wonderment which relates the reality of the child}; it’s not the child’s reality that they should be linking with, that’s NOT WHAT THEY ARE DOING, they want the child’s wonderment reality to MATCH THEIR CORE BELIEF.  Wow!!  how many parents know this?  hardly any, if any; that I am sure as night follows days but Seth does, amazing, isn’t it? How would parents egos react to Seth’s teachings?  with fury, that’s sure!!}

next paragraph:
“Now telepathically (just to refresh your understanding of this word since it is not a COMMON WORD, practically never used, if ever used by anyone on this planet, it means that a person, regardless of where they are, even on the moon, can be reached without any electronic device or any physical device on this planet, JUST BE USING OUR MINDS, AND NOTHING ELSE. (Silva mind method IS TELEPATHY’; YOUR EPIPHANY WAS TELEPATHY, since the message you received “bypassed your physical senses” did it not, you heard it INTERNALLY, not externally.  It worked as it should!] cont” you will also attract unconscious data that fits into this rigid pattern, according to the strength and stubbornness of this idea and whether you are willing to deal with it. You may narrow your life still further, all information of any kind finally becoming relatively invisible to you unless it touches upon your parental reality.” (Seth is saying, “laying it right on the line” that ” your core belief being unconscious of core, WILL ATTRACT the data that fits into its rigid pattern etc. in other words it works like “links” in our internet computer system; it absolutely no different, after all, DOESNT IT HAVE TO SUPPORT YOUR CORE BELIEF, after all do we not need all the “proof possible” to support our case, (belief) like any good court lawyer? And don’t these links supply that to us?

next paragraph: Now: the core belief just given is of one kind.\”You hold some basic assumptions that are also core beliefs. To you they seem to be DEFINITIONS. They are so apart of you that you TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED.  Your idea of time is one!

next paragraph:
“You may enjoy manipulating thoughts of time in your mind.  You may find yourself thinking that time is basically different from your experience of it, but fundamentally you believe that you exist in the hours and the years, that the weeks come at you one at a time, that you are caught in the onrush of the season” (let’s wait for the next paragraphs to get the gist of what Seth is saying}

page 65-
” Imagination one of the motivating agencies that helps transform your beliefs into physical experience. It is vital therefore that you understand the interrelationship between ideas and imagination. To dislodge unsuitable beliefs and establish new ones, you must learn to use your imagination to MOVE CONCEPTS IN AND OUT of your mind. The proper use of imagination can then propel ideas in the directions you desire” (isn’t this wonderful, now Seth is telling and teaching you how to use your imagination, something that you want to develop for your writing skills, along with your personal development.  Again, we are so fortunate to have Seth.

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