Commentary – Chapter 2 – Reality and Personal Beliefs

From what you have said previously you lack the virtue PATIENCE.  Well, whether you know it or not, patience is our highest virtue, and if asked why my channel says that without IT, nothing can be accomplished in this world and other worlds.  And what does patience mean?  This is a dictionary definition: 1) tolerant and even tempered, perseverance 2) capacity for calmly enduring pain trying situations. My definition goes beyond the beta definition above.

My definition for patience is “listening to the SELF WITHIN” abiding by ITS soul instructions, with dignity and respect. and not succumbing to the “glamour of the outer world which is here today, gone tomorrow” like our newspaper headlines.  Without patience, a person is “drifting in the wilderness not knowing who they are and where they are going.”  Was Rome built in a day; can your book be written in a “passing moment”? Without patience in whatever you do, wish, hope, you’re not only kidding yourself, and others, your kidding, your real SELF, the SELF that lives by patience even though the “false self” demeans patience and strangely enough “gets away with it” BECAUSE it convinces its foil (unsuspecting victim) that IT IS THE WAY!  Its a pure CON JOB, and if done right, usually succeeds.

The bottom of Page 19 starts with thie statement”YOu form the fabric of your experience through your OWN BELIEFS AND EXPECTATIONS.  These personal ideas about yourself and the nature of reality WILL AFFECT YOUR THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS (wow, what a powerful statement) You take your beliefs ABOUT REALITY AS TRUTH, and often DO NOT QUESTION THEM. They SEEM SELF-explanatory (now thats a real con job, when a person says I understand when they dont!) I find that out every time I am in a conversation with someone sharing ideas and usually when they say they understand what I mean, I then say to them, if you do, then tell me what I mean and usually if not most of the time, they give me the WRONG explanation) I asked my channel why this happens so often, and the reply was: They are trying to understand deeper stuff (alpha/theta) stuff with a logical beta mind and thAT CANNOT BE DONE.  Its like going to Rome and telling people that they know whats in Paris, when all they know is “whats in Rome”. Getting back to the same paragraph. It ends with this statement> “They appear in your mind as STATEMENTS OF FACT, far too obvious for examination”.
This is why someone in Beta, logical mindset, can read all of Seth and not know what Seth is saying, not one bit; like as mentioned above, being in Rome, and telling others what Paris is all about.  Yes, they read, yes, they think they know what they are reading, but according to Seth, they dont because once they say they Know, or think they Know, they think that “it is so obvious that it doesnt need FURTHER EXAMINATION.  Well, the fact, that they think they know when actually they dont, IS A FALSE BELIEF SYSTEM AND IN THE ‘BIG LEAGUES’ REAL BIGTIME.

And as you have kept saying to me “how can I know my belief systems, Seth doesnt tell me how well, the 2nd paragraph gives you a clue of whys:  here it is: “therefore they (belief systems) they are accepted WITHOUT QUESTION TOO OFTEN. They are NOT RECOGNIZED AS BELIEFS ABOUT REALITY, but are instead considered characteristics of reality itself.  (according to your letters this is one of your main problems intellectually speaking) Frequently such ideas appear indisputable, so a part of you that it does not OCCUR TO YOU TO SPECULATE ABOUT ITS VALIDITY.  They become INVISIBLE ASSUMPTIONS, but they nevertheless color and form your personal experience.

4th para: It is far simpler to recognize your own beliefs regarding religion, politics or similar subjects, than it is to PINPOINT YOUR DEEPEST BELIEFS ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE, particularly in relationship with your OWN LIFE. (and no one would contest this statement)

Just like you said I dont know what my beliefs are, well Seth it already telling you in only page 20 not page 220!  “next para” Many individuals are completely blind to their own beliefs and themselves and the nature of reality. Your own conscious thoughts will give you excellent clues. OFten you will find yourself refusing to accept certain thoughts that come to your mind BECAUSE THEY CONFLICT WITH OTHER USUALLY ACCEPTED IDEAS. (isnt that true, your conflicted as you say, well at that time, according to Seth, apparently, what you believe is NOT SO-wouldnt you say; – you have made fact out of fancy which shouldnt be a surprise to anyone; and Seth refers to them as “false belief systems”.  Now are you willing to give up some of Facts (belief systems) that you have held for decades?  Its up to you, no one else isnt it?

Next para: Your conscious mind is ALWAYS TRYING TO GIVE YOU a clear picture, but YOU OFTEN ALLOW PRECONCEIVED IDEAS TO BLOCK OUT THIS INTELLIGENCE. (can you relate to this?}  You did mention Blocks in one of your emails didnt you?  I want you to read the rest of this page and we will stop right now.

I also want your synopsis of this page, because if your ego INSISTS in controlling your thoughts which it has the power to do unquestionably; I and the real YOU, not the fake You, must be alerted to this and the only way is for you to “tell me what Seth has been saying throughout this e mail”  do you agree to squelch your ego, and allow your real SELF to emerge?
Just a thought, as you continue receiving lessons, the blocks that you referred to previously will slowly but SURELY BE LIFTED, and the light of knowing will replace these blocks without your previously entrenched ego interfering.  With the assistance of your intention to get out of prison (ego domination).  This is the message that I am now getting from my CHANNEL.

In my book I am on pg 22, your page numbers according to what you tell me are not the same, however, you  know by now how to keep track of where I am, that I am sure of.

This beginning paragraph the last on my page, PROVES CONCRETELY, that what we call FAITH EXISTS:  Here it is:

“The atoms and molecules of the tongue do NOT KNOW the syntax of the language they speak. When you begin a sentence, you DO NOT HAVE THE SLIGHTEST CONSCIOUS IDEA, often of how you will finish, yet you take itON FAITH that the words will make sense, AND YOUR MEANING WILL FLOW OUT EFFORTLESSLY.”  wOW!\\

MY definition of that paragraph is this:  Once people know, realize, understand, utilize the principle of Faith, which naturally transcends our ordinary linear, logical, practictable mind; and believe in what the last paragraph said without equivication, without looking for holes in Seths statements, then and only then are they able to CONNECT TO THE PART OF THEMSELVES that deals with TRUTH, otherwise they are simply staying in the DENIAL MODE which over 95% of the world “holds as sacred”, and again I ask “what benefit do they get by being Unaware” and this question is also poised to you also?  The answer lies within you, because the you within you, living by the beliefs that hold you in bondage, HAS THE ANSWERS, all you must do is TO ASK, AND WAIT nothing more and nothing less; just as you did perhaps unawaringly when you went into alpha/theta and received the message you received thru an epiphany.  And tell me outright whats wrong with that?  If your ego answers dont bother to tell me, if your true self answers let me know.

Next paragraph.  And this paragraph counters your constant plea.  “Give me concrete 123 methods of “achieving my goals etc”.  “all of this happens because the inner portions of your being operate SPONTANEOULSY, JOYFULLY, FREELY, all of this occurs because your inner self BELIEVES IN YOU. (my comments)  Your ego resistance to change is reflected in this statement and has beguiled you COMPLETELY by insisting that what Seth is teaching CANNOT BE PUT INTO PRACTICE, lies, lies, lies ad nauseum!!
What Seth is saying “right up front, not playing games with words, but saying it “the way IT IS,  and to further  make “you see the Light”; he says it “as it is”) often even while you do NOT BELIEVE IN IT”  ( which your ego certainly does not)  I want you to get a true definition of spontaneously because on the material, so called objective, constructive world we live in that reflects the logic, and understanding behind the logic that “logical people insist is needed, not the so called abstract, Seth makes a fantastic statement when he says  the our inner portions of beingness which everyone knows  “should not be “listened to because it too abstract,; he says that the inner portions operate SPONTANEOUSLY,  the definition of this word means without any logic, reason, AT ALL, without any interference from our objective mind; without any interference of our ego; IT KNOWS WHAT TO DO AT ALL TIMES WITHOUT any part of us INTERFERING IN THE PROCESS OF KNOWING.  What that means to me is that our so called objective logical reasonable mind’s purpose should be secondary not primary.  And for some reason you keep asking for secondary methods of escaping from the prison your false belief systems put you into!  Does that make sense?

You can finish reading the rest of this paragraph.

The next para: “each person experiences a UNIQUE REALITY, different from any other individual’s (Tony Robbins and others using their “objective systems wont agree with this paragraphs statements since his system like others “put everyone in the “same pot” and then come up with theories”; its purpose supposedly is to “individualize methodize” the pros/cons of different traits, aspirations, etc. and then select “what sins, and what loses”; thats fine if a person “doesnt want to know who they really are, and dont want to know the hows and why of their existence, and dont want to know the true inner working of their beingness.  Its more superficial than true substance, becausse after all the plus and minuses are calculated and the winner pronounced, the person IS STILL IN DENIAL.  Denial of what?  WHO THEY REALLY ARE.  Oh yes, they will discover bits and pieces of their ego personality; that they will do, but will they unify the three basic powerful influences in their lives, their consc/subconscious/superconscious faculties, of course not, and why not?  Because either Robbins doesnt know about that or these faculties dont fit into his system.  In a long run it doesnt matter, since he is ONLY IN BUSINESS. bottom line.

Returning to this para: “This reality springs outward from the INNER LANDSCAPE OF THOUGHTS, feelings, expectations and beliefs. (Now here is something CONCRETE, NOT ABSTRACT, something that you and I can literally understand, we do have thoughts constantly streaming thru us and if we pay attention we can catch them now and then, thousands of them whether we are aware of it or not, we do have feelings, wow do we have feeling dont we, and we do have expectations and finally all this stuff adds up to beliefs which we THINK WE CAN PROVE ARE TRUE BECAUSE THEY HAPPENED.  However, who caused them to happen, was it other people, other events, just plain others, God Forbid not me, oh no I had nothing to do with it etc.  WHAT A HOAX WHAT A DENIAL, our “wonderful ego has convinced us of all this” when IN TRUTH, we attracted all the good and bad stuff that we experienced, believe it or not.  I dont expect anyones ego to believe this, not one bit and the word used by psychiatrists for years now is DENIAL, DENIAL, DENIAl; the cry of humanity is and has been now for years I WAS IN DENIAL, I WAS IN DENIAL.  To continue ” If you BELIEVE THAT THE INNER SELF WORKS against you rather than for you, then you hamper its functioning, or rather, you FORCE IT TO BEHAVE in a certain way because OF YOUR BELIEFS.

You asked me over and over “what is the function of the conscious mind?  Here it is coming from Seth “The conscious mind is MEANT TO MAKE CLEAR JUDGEMENTS (he emphasized the word clear) about yiour position in PHYSICAL REALITY (not the spiritual reallity because its function is only on the material physical plane).  “often false beliefs will prevent IT FROM MAKING THESE, for the EGOTISTICALLY HELD IDEAS WILL CLOUD ITS CLEAR VISION.  (Obviously, you missed this paragraph in your reading because you have asked me about both the conscious and ego how they INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER.  Well here it is in “black and white” RIGHT UP FRONT.  (So, if your conscious mind is beguiled by false beliefs it will attract egotistically held egos since they are resonant with each other being on the same frequency band and the result is calamity, despair, depression, unhappiness, and lack of joy in a person’s life!  Why?  Because since you and I now believe in a oneness, a unity in this world and your previous letters emphasized this fact, you or I by listening to the wrong voices, consciously or unconsciously DIVORCED THEMSELVES FROM THIS ONENESS, and when a person like a newborn child loses their mother, what left for them?  Its an exact analogy of seperating ourselves from our TRUE SOURCE, and relegating our False source, the ego to the state where it does its job, without interfering in the INNER LIFE, of the individual.
DOES ALL OF THE ABOVE MAKE SENSE TO YOU, if not let me know why?

Finishing up this fantastic page, a page loaded with not only good ideas (abstract) but ideas that ONCE UNDERSTOOD IN ITS ENTIRITY, can change your life!!!!\\

“You must FIRST RECOGNIZE THE EXISTENCE OF SUCH BARRIERS, YOU must see them OR YOU WILL NOT EVEN REALIZE THAT YOU ARE NOT FREE!  SIMPLY because you will not see beyond the fences. They will represent the boundaries of your experiences.  ( in of your last letters you mentioned “barriers} well this paragraph puts emphasis on barriers, and apparently when you read this page, it didnt “click with you” otherwise you would have addressed this “problem” with me, which you didnt until later.

Now we are coming to the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF SETHS BOOK, a place that you said that you did not see or read about which apparently your ego denial aspect worked just fine.
“There is one belief, however, that DESTROYS ARTIFICIAL BARRIERS to perception. An expanding belief that automatically pierces FALSE AND INHIBITING IDEAS.  Now seperately:

The SELF IS NOT LIMITED.  That statement is a statement of fact. It exist regardless of your belief or disbelief in it.  Following this concept is another. THERE ARTE NO BOUNDARIES OR SEPERATIONS OF THE SELF.
THOSE THAT YOU EXPERIENCE ARE THE RESULT OF false beliefs. Following this is the idea that I have already mentioned.  YOU MAKE YIOUR OWN REALITY.

Your ego at this point of discussion would immediately counter the above conviction statements by saying “all of the above is Only Abstractions there is nothing concrete substantive about them!”  What a lie, what a deceit, what an outrageous statement to make, however the ego gets away with it constantly because it the ego has the power to convince their unsuspecting victims. Since everything objective needs a subjective basis for its exitence, thats a blatant lie, as blatant as any lies can be.  But nevertheless, the ego gets away with it otherwise where else would FALSE BELIEFS COME FROM?

Now here is something that interesting Seth continues ” To understand yourself and what you are, you can learn to experience YOURSELF DIRECTLY apart from your beliefs about yourself. What I would like each reader to do is to sit quietly, close your eyes. Try to sense within yourself THE DEEP FEELING TONES THAT i MENTIONED EARLIER, in chapter 1, review the chapter if you want and need more information about this process. This is not difficult to do.

You have experienced “going deep” otherwise would not have experienced the epiphany and even with the chemical LSD which triggered the neurons in your brain to access this level, so you’re not totally unfamiliar with it.  I know that your ego would never allow you to do so, because as you found out, your ego was your avowed enemy. I want you to then read this whole para. and the next paragraph. And do the exercise, practice it.  You are/were looking for PRACTICAL applications of Seths teachings well, here is one and its important since its only the beginning of the book, that you to gain your freedom, must follow otherwise, “you’re just reading the book, like your reading any book, read it and then forget it, it never existed, after all “its only another book” what the big deal.  This attitude, this false belief system, will NEVER GIVE YOU THE FREEDOM YOU NEED, DESIRE, EXPECT AND REALIZE.  I hope that your aware of this?  This exercise in time of course, without you ego interfering as it will naturally try its best to do, as you found out, being in its GRIPS FOR A WHOLE MONTH, will IN TIME free you from all false concepts etc. thats its intention/purpose.

I am now stopping at pg. 25.

All brick buildings are built BRICK BY BRICK, there is no ONE FULL SWEEP, that can do it.  Similarly, a life like yours or others that has been influenced by all kinds of false belief systems, unknowingly of course, but nevertheless influenced and damaged, TAKES TIME; TAKES CHANGE; TAKE ENDURANCE, TAKES COURAGE, TAKES OPTIMISM, TAKES FAITH, TRUST, AND most of all TO FIND THE REAL YOu, takes the entire you, not the you that has been controlling and guiding your life wrongly perhaps for most of your life.

I know how important it is to discover more about not only your personal belief systems but the power/principle of belief systems so I am devoting as much time to
Seths teachings in regarding THE UNDERSTANDING AND UTILIZATION of them!

Its unfortunate but for some “strange reason/reasons” I personally have read a lot of material (such as Seths) read them and still did not understand them, until I read them again and again and again and everytime I read them “again” I understood a little more bit by bit; and that is true for what we are both of us, are doing right now, whether we know it or knot!  If people were “totally conscious ” this would not be so, but we are, and I am sad to say so.  After all truth is truth regardless of how much we attempt to hide it (denial)!

I am going back to page 25 in my book and I am now on the Second para. ” Seth is talking about practising a persons “feeling tone” which he tells you how in the previous page and he now continues: No particular time limit is recommended. This should be an ENSJOYABLE EXPERIENCE.  Accept whatever happens as UNIQUELY YOUR OWN.  (when he says uniquely he means that there is NO special result; whatever you experience is OK meaning thats there is no special criteria of what you should be experiencing, just know that whatever your doing now is the right thing and everything is as it should be, there is NO JUDGEMENT, NO RIGHT WAY WRONG WAY, whatever is at the moment JUST IS, and that is the way IT SHOULD BE!

Fantastic statement follows:  THE EXERCVISE WILL PUT YOU IN TOUCH WITH YOURSELF.  IT WILL RETURN YOU TO YOURSELF (not your ego otherwise it would be fraudulent) whenever you are nervous or upset takje a few moments to sense this FEELING-tone WITHIN YOU, AND YOU WILL FIND yourself CENTERED (remember how Silva Mind conducted their Case Work and the first thing before he received the name of the person we were to get in touch with psychically was first to be CENTERED,  otherwise NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. remember? to continue ” entered in your OWN BEING,(true self) SECURE. (what a wonderful bit of advice!) and VERY PRACTICAL.
Next paragraph; my channel just advised me that your ego as you are reading this letter is getting very testie, upset, disturbed, in fact angry; and if this is so, THATS WHAT WE WANT.  WE WANT YOU TO BE AWARE OF THE SHENANIGANS OF YOUR EGO, and why not?  To defeat an enemy one must first know all about that enemy to do so, dont you agree?

“When you have tried this exercise several times, then feel these deep rhythms go out from you IN ALL DIRECTIONS (using your imaginary faculty of course} if your imaginary faculty refuses to cooperate, just know that you are doing it and just by knowing that you know, IT WILL DO IT, because the faculty of knowing transcends all of our other faculties including our imaginary faculty.  To continue “Electromagnetically (which encompasses everything in our Universe, they (your feeling tones} RADIAT E OUT THROUGH YOUR PHYSICAL being; and in ways that I hope to explain later, they FORM THE ENVIRONMENT THAT YOU KNOW, even as they form your physical image. (now what is Seth trying to tell us with that statement?  Is he saying that the world we see outside, the world we ostensably live in is ONLY REAL BECAUSE WE MAKE IT REAL, otherwise it WOULDNT EXIST?  Thats my interpretation of what he just said, naturally I am always using MY HIGHER MIND to interpret Seths messagess; using my beta “ordinary mind” would never GET IT!  And as I advised you before you bought the book that YOU MUST BE IN ALPHA WHEN YOU READ SETH’S stuff otherwise YOU WONT GET IT!

Next para: He says that “Our environment IS AN EXTENSION OF OUR SELF. (which means to me as I said above, “that knowingly or unknowingly, either being of positive or negative mind, we CREATE OUR OWN REALITY.  If positive, a positive reality, if negative a negative reality neverheless we can’t blame anyone, or anything only OURSELVES (our thinking, our attitude, our expectations, our beliefs etc) and THATS THE WAY IT WORKS, regardless of what our egos want us to believe, belief it or not? ” he says further ” Your environment is an extension of your self.  It is the BODY OF YOUR EXPERIENFE, COALESCED in physical form.  The inner self forms the objects that you know (the abstract, spiritual world called the inner self forms the objects, hard to believe but nevertheless true since the thought precedes the act, and not the other way around as our egos want us to believe, because without the idea (thought) how or why would any object objectify since it needs a reason for its existence, its just plain “common sense” that anyone regardless of his/her educational status would know intuitively. To continue ” as surely and automatically as it forms your finger or your eye”.  Thats a powerful insightful paragraph of information that needs to be comprehended while being in the alpha/theta state; the beta state cannot comprehend this or any of the messages since it does not have the faculty for a higher understanding frequency.

Next para:  “Your environment is the physical picture of your thoughts (as mentioned above) emotions and beliefs MADE VISIBLE. SINCE your thoughts, emotions and beliefs MOVE THROUGH SPACE AND TIME, you therefore affect physical conditions SEPARATE FROM YOU. (what is Seth saying here?} He is saying “besides the fact that our inner self(higher self-intuition) makes it possible for the external material world to be a living material entity; it also influences being of an electromagnetic energy ITSELF, not just a PERSONAL energy but a UNIVERSAL ENERGY affecting the electromagnetic frequencies that circulate throughout our Universe, Our thoughts, emotions, beliefs ARE POWERFUL ENOUGH TO AFFECT the function of these electromagnetic Cosmic energies that surround our planet, planets, Universe, believe it or not?  By the way this has been proven many times by our scientist even the socalled “objective scientists”. So, it sees that we are more powerful than we think. How was it and still is, that we could do Silva Mind Telepathic Case Work, if we did not have the mechanizm to do so, and what Seth says above, is THAT WE DO.  And Silva proved it way back in the early 70’s and both you I and your mother was blessed to experience it as so!  Wow!  The sad part of all this is that “we were doings then, such as case work, and DID NOT REALIZE THE POWER, GLORY AND SIGNIFICANCE of what we were doing and accomplishing.  Now we do, dont we?
Isnt understanding wonderful.  A person can be disturbed, unhappy, discontent, etc. because he/she doesnt understand, but once the LIGHT OF UNDERSTANDING REVEALS ITSELF AND THE PERSON ALLOWS THIS REVELATION SUCH AS YOUR EPIPHANY TO ENTER THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS WITHOUT HINDRANCE, the life of that person MUST CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.  In your case, as you can remember, your ego reemerged and squashed th epiphany you received and my channel now tells me why it did so with a vengeance.  The message you sent me called the ego has been with all for who knows how long, you called it, and named it for what it is; a lieing, cheating, despicable entity that has injured your sense of self to a point of despair.  Thank
God your Real Self emerged after a month, to regain the power that your false self (ego) stole.

If at this moment in time, your mind is saying “Dad I have heard all this Cr-p before why do you keep repeating it”?  When these thoughts enter your mind ask who is introducing those thoughts, is it your ego, or your higher self?  If you don’t want to know, and don’t want to ask, then which is obvious, and you will know definitely WHO YOUR LISTENING TO and there won’t be any doubt and at this time you MUST MAKE A DECISION which way to go.  The way of Truth, or the way of Lies.  So, listen to the voice inside your head which will turn on your emotions etc. because THE choice is with you AND NOT WITH ME, or Tony Robbins or any other method of socalled self-discovery etc.  You must eventually decide which way to go; the way of joy, happiness, contentment, peace, or the way you have been living up to this point.  There is no magic wand, no magic 123 method, nothing that will magically do it for you.  You can’t buy understanding, you can’t by discernment, you cant by wisdom; they are NOT FOR SALE.  You have to earn them; you and everyone else who wants to live in peace with themselves.  There is NO SHORTCUT AND ANYONE THAT SAYS THERE IS IS A LIAR FIRST CLASS.  Why?  Because understanding and wisdom again cannot be bought, and must be earned otherwise our world would not be in the chaotic state that it is at this moment in time, and times before.  Its just pure common sense!

Fifth para same page. “consider the spectacular framework of your body just from the physical standpoint. You perceive it as solid, as you perceive all other physical matter; yet the more matter is explored the more obvious it becomes that within it energy takes on specific shape (in the form of organs, cells, molecules, atoms, electrons) each less physical than the last, each combining in mysterious “gestalt” to form matter.  {what is Seth alluding to?  Isn’t he saying that the physical world would not exist if it wasnt for the non-physical world?)  Isnt saying that people who dont know this ”are taken in by false belief systems in believing that this material physical world is where IT IS ALL AT, when in truth it isnt? and are they (material scientists, psychological beta minded logic minded, practical minded mentallity focused in the materialworld practitioners, blinded by there own limited belief system, foisting their beliefs on unsuspecting naive, innocent human beings, causing unhappiness, chaos in their lives.  As I have said many times “its the blind, leading the blind”.

On the next page, my page is 26, Seth talks about how we humans interact with our environment part/parcel, and if you read it carefully it will find that as humans, we and our environment is ONE!  In the 5th paragraph he makes a fantastic statement:” physical storms, then are caused by human interaction with the elements.”I am telling you that you form your own reality once gain, and this includes the physical weather–which is the result, en masse, of your individual reactions.  In the next paragraph, he says that he will elaborate much more specifically on this point later in the book. “you are in physical existence to LEARN AND UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR ENERGY, translated into FEELINGS, THOUGHTS, AND EMOTIONSs, causes ALL EXPERIENCES.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

Next para:  “once you understand this you have only to learn to examine the nature of your beliefs, for these will automatically cause you to feel and think IN CERTAIN FASHIONS. YOUR EMOTIONS FOLLOW YOUR BELIEF (that is a powerful statement because most people if not all emote, whether they are positve or negative, they still emote, and most if not all, dont know why they emote except for the fact that they do, again, either positive or negative.  They usually react with what we refer to as “buttons” sensitive stuff, stuff that in a negative sense, causes them either outer reactive anger, or inner reactive anger which in one of Seths paragraphs causes physical dis-eases of all kinds.  This is a well documented fact and Seth originating outside our sphere, planet or Universewise, KNOWS THIS; AMAZING BUT TRUE!}  Seth ends this paragraph with these words ” It is not the other way around.  {in other words change your beliefs and you change your emotional responses) believe it or not!

We are surely but slowly coming into what you have been asking me and looking for for months:  How to first Understand what beliefs are without “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” which means to me means, “if I dont understand something, I totally either ignore it = dispute i= or “just throw it out” say its totally nonsense by refusing to accept its existence.  This is perhaps the greatest ego power that exists since the Ego is the faculty that chooses what a person puts his/her attention on.  Boy What Power!

The last para on the page. “I would like you to recognize your own beliefs in several areas. You MUST REALIZE THAT ANY IDEA YOU ACCEPT AS TRUTH IS A BELIEF THAT YOU HOLD.  yOU MUST, THEN, TAKJE THE next step and say. “IT IS NOT NECESSARILY TRUE, (I stressed to method in my previous letters} even though I believe it” You will, I hope, learn to DISREGARD ALL BELIEFS That imply BASIC LIMITATIONS.  (are you willing to do this, if so, you are on your way} ( In past letters you kept asking me how you can find out what beliefs of yours are false, well this is one way to find out} If you still dont understand what Seth is telling you let me know!  Thats why I keep telling you, to tell me how and what you understand what we, you, me and Seth are saying to you, the part of you that wants to be Free, the other part apparently doesnt!

Next page, a page you must have skipped by because it lists false beliefs; later on Seth tells you how beliefs support each other etc.

He ssay that he is gooing to list some limiting false beliefs. If youo find yourself agreeing with any of them, then recognize this as an area in which YOU MUST PERSONALLY WORK.  Wow!  its amazing that you overlooked this page!  But apparently, you did because you told me so.

These are CONCRETE SUGGESTIONS, NOT abstract, remember that because you kept asking for concrete suggestions for months now>

1.  Life is a valley of sorrows (from our conversations you believe this wholeheartedly  and apparently its a lie FIRST CLASS LIE.

2. The body is inferior. As a vehicle of the soul it is automatically degraded, tinged.
. You may feel that the flesh is inherently bad or evil, that its appetites are wrong. Christians may find the body deplorable thinking that the soul descended into it “descent” automatically meaning the change from the higher or better condition to one that is worse. (I don’t know what your belief is on this, however, if there is any charge, then you know you have to address this belief. He continues on this para.

3.  I am helpless before circumstance that I cannot control.  ( I am sure that you have  a major charge with this one} {this is a common belief)

4. I am helpless because my personality and character wee formed in infancy, and I am at the mercy of my past.  (There is a charge here also; its a common belief}

5. I am helpless because I am at the mercy of events from past lives in other incarnations, over which I now have no control. I must be punished, or I am punishing myself for unkindnesses done to other in past lives. I must accept the negative aspects of my life because of my karma. (you may not get a charge out of this, since we havent discussed any of these aspects)

6. pEOPLE ARE BASICALLY BAD, AND OUT TO GET ME (there is a charge here I am sure)

7. I have the truth and no one else has. Or, my group has the truth andno other group has (I dont know if you will get a charge but find out) This is something me and my channel must address.  I will have someone muscle test me on this.

8. I will grow frailer, sicker, and lose my powers as I grow old (we did not discuss this, but you must ask yourself all of these questions (while in alpha, theta, and not in beta(our lying faculty).

9. My existence is dependent upon my experience inflesh. When my body dies my consciousness dies with it (Again, you have to ask yourself.  When you learn and use muscle testing all of the answers will be answered correctly.

Seth goes on and says Now: that was a rather gneral list of false beliefs. Now here is a more specific list of more intimate geliefs, any of which yhou may have personally about yourself:\\1. I am sickly, and always have been

2. There is something wrong with moneyh. People who have it are greedy, less spiritual than those who are poor. They are unhappier, and snobs.\\3. I am not creative. I have no imagination (this one I know you said you had no imagination}

4. I can neverdo what I want to do.

5. People dislike me

6. I am fat

7. I always have bad luck.

Here is the key for a lot of people; Next paragraph:
Those are all beliefs held by many people. Those who have them WILL MEET THEM IN EXPERIENCE (believe it or not) Physical data will always seem to reinforce the belief, therefore, but the beliefs formed the reality. We are going to attempt to knock down such limiting concepts. (Again, as Seth said before Yes, physical data meaning real experience what on this plane we call “reality”, REINFORCES THE BELIEF, THATS THE WAY IT WORKS! The last sentence in this paragraph. We are going to attempt to knock down such limiting concepts.

Next para: First of all, you must realize that no one can CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS FOR YOU (noone not even tony robbins) nor can they be forced upon you FROM WITHOUT.  You can indeed CHANGE THEM FOR YOURSELF (after all did you not experience an epiphany at the sacrifice of your ego?} however, with knowledge and application.

Next para: Look abouit you. Your entire physical environment is the MATERIALIZATION OF YOUR BELIEFS.  Your sense of joy, sorrow, health or illness, all of these are also caused BY YOUR BELIEFS. iF YOU BELIEVE THAT A GIVEN SITUATION SHOULD MAKE YOU UNHAPPY, then it will, and the unhappiness will then REINFORCE THE CONDITION.  wow! (Its very hard for a logical, beta mind person to understand this fact, in fact, it would probably next to impossible since everything they do “has to make sense to them and from what I know about practical people, this would not make any sense to them, so they do the next thing “throw the baby out with the bath water” go into denial which is perhaps the easiest way.}

bottom of pg. 29. “your conscious beliefs DIrECT THE FUNCTIONING OF YOUR BODY. It is not the other way around.  Your inner self adopts THE PHYSICALLY CONSCIOUS, PHYSICALLY focused mind as a method of allowing it to  MANIPULATE IN THE WORLD THAT YOU KNOW” (more understanding between how the conscious mind function is and how the inner self adopts(accepts) this information.]  “The conscious mind is particularly equipped  to direct outward activity, to handle wakin g experience and oversee physical work” ( by now you have been saturated with “enough information” concerning the workings of our conscious mind. True?

next page 30 2nd paragraph. “Its beliefs (its meaning the belief of the conscious mind) about the nature of reality are then GIVEN TO INNER PORTIONS OF THE SELF. (now you see the interconnections and how they work}.  They rely mainly upon the CONSCIOUS MIND;S INTERPRETATION OF TEMPORAL REALITY. (wow that right to the core, it couldnt be more specific}( if negativity reigns than the results are negative (false belief systems). ” the conscious mind SETS THE GOALS  and the inner self bring them about, using all its facilities and inexhaustible energy. ( what this tells me is that goals lacking the depth of understanding of the inner mind; {superficial goals} end up as superficial goals (garbage in garbage out).

Next paragraph ” The great value of the conscious mind lies precisely in its agility to MAKE DECISIONS AND SET DIRECTIONS. Its role is dual however. (you asked for more information concerning the role of the conscious mind) It is meant to assess conditions both ionside and outside, to handle data that comes from the physical world and from THE INNER PORTIONS OF THE SELF.  It is not a closed system then.(unfortunately most people use it as only a focusing device.  As the person develops in consciousness they will use their conscious self “the right way” but neophytes being neophytes are not developed enough to do so until later}
(You are now getting real grounded on the hows and why of your conscious mind}

Next paragraph. Many people are afraid of their own thoughts. They DO NOT EXAMINE THEM. They accept the beliefs of others. Such actions DISTORT DATA  from both within and without. (sad but true,most people want to be followers, dont want to work on themselves, are willing to just go along with the crowd; its called the mass mind mentality; I am sure your aware of this.}

Next paragraph “therre is NO BATTLE BETWEEN THE INTUITIVE SELF AND THE CONSCIOUS MIND.  tHERE ONLY seems  to be when the individual REFUSES TO FACE all the information that is available in his conscious mind (it usually called denial}. “sometimes it seems easier toavoid the frequent readjustments in behavior that self examination requires. (thats for sure} In such cases an individual collects many secondhand beliefs. SOME CONTRADICT EACH OTHER (something your very familiar with ) the signals given to the body and to the inner self are not smoothly flowing or clear-cut, but a MUDDLE JUMBLE of counter-directions. (wow right up your alley isnt it?}

Read the next paragraph for more clarity.  Isnt it great doing what we are doing, getting right down to the core, not jumping around getting bits and pieces and missing out on the real stuff!

Here it is! Something that explains your epiphany. “At the same time, the inner self WILL TRANSMIT TO THE CONSCIOUS MIND insights and intuitions meant to clear its sight (this happened to you without doubt}  But if you believe that the inner self is dangerous and not to be trusted, if you are afraid of dreams or any intrusive psychic material, then YOU DENY THIS HELP and turn aside from it. (apparently this did not happen directly in your case, BUT, you did switch, go negative for a month right after your epiphany didnt you, so maybe you did deny otherwise why did you switch?}

Next page (this next paragraph is amazing  it says )” if you believe, moreover, that you MUST ACCEPT YOUR DIFFICULTIES, then this belief ALONE can deter yiou from solving them. (think this over because a lot of people, put themselves in a box, throw the key away, and become prisoners of their own false beliefs)  wow!

Read the next para, because Seth puts everything together in this paragraph.

Next paragraph “the realization that you form your own reality should be a LIBERATING ONE. (Seth says  should be liberating, but does everyone living a negative state “want to be truly liberated” that the question}? ” You are responsible for your successes and your joys. You can change those areas of your life with which you are less than pleas

Read the next 2 paragraphs.

I am glad that you said that you were open and willing to work with me “going through Seths book thoroughly” because even though its hard work, tedious etc. in the LONG RUN, THE PAYOFF IS TREMENDOUS, ISNT IT?  I promise you that I will fulfill my promise; I am committed as you are;  “we are going the whole way”

Your back to school (the right school) (a school that “opens your heart/mind/soul} and again, what’s wrong with that?  I know how “any ego” would answer that!

Pg. 32  1st para.
“Your own conscious beliefs are the “most important” suggestions that you  receive” ( I am sure that your wondering why Seth CONTINUALLY, keep stressing this fact “doesnt he know that as a reader you “already know what he is talking about, not just stressing the “power of the conscious mind” but putting importance (stressing) other aspects of a persons psyche; do you think you know why he keeps doing it, because ordinarily the reader would say, “hey, enough is enough”. HE IS STRESSING THE IMPORTANCE OF THE CONSCIOUS MINDBECAUSE HE KNOWS THE FORGETFULNESS OF PEOPLES BLOCKS, NEUROSIS, AND THE EGOS POWER AS AN ASSIST!!! “so if you are getting saturated, and frustrated, know why he is doing it; he certainly ISNT STUPID thats for certain!!) continued:  “All other ideas are rejected or accepted according to whether or not you believe they are true, in line with the steady conscious chattering that goes on within your mind most of the day–suggestions given to you by yourself. (now what is Seth saying here?} (my interpretation of what is saying in this paragraph is:what the first line that I did not as yet type in this page and goes like this” Much has been written about ther nature and importance of suggestion. One of the current ideas in vogue holds that you are constantly at the mercy of suggestion” (my comments cont’d: so the BOTTOM LINE IS: “since we are talking to our SELVES, and they are many, many I’s believe it or not since people are NOT FULLY INTEGRATED and as a result confused, conflicted, etc. constantly again “talking ourselves and in the processs either agreeing or disagreeling with this/that/right/wrong all of the “nonsense that our world has to offer us”, all this talking wrapped up in one word (self suggestions) the final arbitor of what the results of all this talk (suggestion) is our conscious mind.  Wow what a power!!!!!!  If our conscious mind chooses correctly, then the results are satisfactory; if it chooses incorrectly than they are unsatisfactory and the result is mental, emotional, physical problems galore;  with the vultures (professionals) eating your carcass along with pumping into you loads of prescriptive drugs.  NOW WHO WANTS THAT? This paragraph  with only 8 lines of copy on the surface looks like nothing but see what my channel extracted from it?  When I see, I dont want you to see with ego eyes, I want you to see with your soul eyes; there is as much a difference between them, as there is between heaven and hell!!!!!!  its just to bad that people dont know the difference.  Again “to make a difference, One must Know the difference” and here is only one example among perhaps hundreds; so we see the “ordinary guy with an “ordinary mind” has a lot of extra-ordinary mind work to do, TO UNDERSTAND, and after understanding, gain the wisdom of that understanding called discernment. And again, why not?

Next para:  “You will accept a suggestion given by another “only if it fits with your own ideas about the nature of reality in general, and your concepts about yourself in particular” (do you agree with this statement?}  { if this statement is true then HOW IN GODS HEAVEN would anyone Change?  Change means not accepting what you already believe and a willingness to “give up cherished ideas of 1) who you are, what you believe, how you think, act, behave, and basically as people would say “this is the way I am, take me or leave me” and then they also say “this is the way it is”;  all statements of belief! so, again, how would a person BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND WHAT CHANGE IS AND HOW CHANGE STARTS AND BEGINS, when they are already FIXED SO FINE THAT THEY CANT MOVE EVEN ONE INCH, they proclaim to the world, “I am ready, but are they?” I personally dont see that because:  they want to change without change, the want all the goodies without giving up their “cherished notions called beliefs” and they are NOT WILLing  to give up these cherished belief systems, whether they know it or not, because:  “somehow or other these beliefs act as a SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR THEM and it doesnt matter if those support systems are either positive or negative since the EGO’S ability linked to our 3rd dimensional reality can ALWAYS PROVE ITS CASE, these support systems are genuinally supported with FACTS, facts, and who can counter that?  And what are these facts?  Simply said they are referred to as “actual experiences” i.e. “this one said that; that one said this; this happened and that happened not in an abstract senses, but in actuality”; its called in our jargon PROOF but is it proof?  Now that we know after studying up to now all of Seths teachings, is it proof?  Of course not, its totally fraudulent, and its feeding off the IGNORANCE of the individual and who is the culprit, you guessed it the EGO.  After we work with Seth, we will study the teachings of another great channel, one I mentioned before and the work was called:  THE COURSE ON MIRACLES,  Are you game when the right time comes?  Are you ready to literally dump the fraud that has been perpetrated on naive,innocent, unsuspecting human beings for years and being on the cusp of the Aquarian Age, is in the process of being EXPOSED.  And my site will be the “leading site” in this endeavor so says my channel.  My life, believe it or not, my incarnation in this lifetime, believe it or not, was meant for this vital period in history and I got a glimpse of it when I was a child. Again, believe it or not.  I hope that by my channel repeating over and over, believe it or not, doesnt rile you and if it does I will tell you why my channel keeps repeating this phrase.  My channel repeats phrases for the same reason that Seth keeps repeating and enhancing (growing) his concepts etc. When my channel keeps  saying believe it or not, he/she whatever gender my channel represents. forces the reader to again question the information, not just accept it carte blanche, and again believe it or not, it works if the person reading this information, starts WONDERING, starts thinking differently, and wakes up literally speaking.  There is a motive behind my channels actions always!  I do not expect egos to appreciate these motive at all, however, if the ego complains and it is evident, then the channel has done its job correctly because now the person “knows the difference between the ego’s reaction and the channel repeat of the words, “believe it or not” used as jump starts brilliantly.

3rd paragraph: “if yyou usse your conscious mind properly, then, you examine those beliefs that come to you. You do not accept them willy-nilly. If you use your CONSCIOUS MIND PROPERLY, you are also aware of INTUITIVE IDEAS THAT COME TO YOU FROM WITHIN. (wow! this is fantastic information, information that you have asked me about for the last3 to 4 months do you remember} obviously while reading you completely overlooked this paragraph, thats obvious to me! Here you have both things that you have been looking for and they were right in front of your eyes, but didnt see them or perhaps cognize their importance for you at the time. So, if you use your conscious mind correctly; your conscious mind works synegistically with your intuition, now how can you beat that? Wow again!! So, apparently in the past you have not used your conscious mind correctly and did not examine beliefs as they came to you and the result is a joyless life, unfulfilled life, sadness, grief, etc. Can you understand the importance of this paragraph?  If not, let me know why, because if you cant understand what Seth is saying here, you certainly have a MAJOR BLOCK NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT!  And that would be one of the reasons that after reading this paragraph, it meant nothing to you at the time.}cont’d: You are only half conscious when you DO NOT EXAMINE the information that comes to you from WITHOUT, and when you ignore the data that comes to you from within” comment: ( this particular information “puts it all together into one neat package, so neat that even a blind man “can see”. The only thing that “wont see, and make sure that you cant see” would be again as I have been saying for a long time, your ego whichas mentioned before has tremendous power of both persuation (i.e. your month long depression) and “the ability to switch subjects (focus) such as politicians do when they are cornered, and  confuse, diffuse, the importance of what your doing, get it?  This should be obvious but sadly being as Seth says “only half conscious” egos generally “get away with it”. The advertisers call it “short awareness time”; people in my channels opinion “do not know “how to think” they usually react, rather than act, but dont know it since everyone else does the same thing.  Real thinking is as rare as “precious gems” and uinfortunately cant be found “on the surface or as you want “consumer friendly”; its too precious, too rare, it must be ‘MINED with MIND”, AND NOT WITH UNDIGESTED KNOWLEDGE, AND EXPERIENCE by PEOPLE WHO ARE HALF CONSCIOUS.  I know that egos would destroy me in a minute if they had a chance because I personally threaten their existence, and hopefully will in a positive way when my organ of dissemenation becomes a reality.

Next paragraph: “Many false beliefs therefore are indiscriminately accepted because you have not examined them. Yoou have given the inner self a FAULTY PICTURE OF REALITY”  (wow! if that isnt hitting the nail RIGHT ON ITS HEAD, I dont know what would, its calling a “spade a spade” there is no wiggle room out of that; all the tea in China wont make any difference, we now KNOW CONCRETELY WITHOUT EQUIVICATION, why people “make mistakes, do wrong things, think wrongly, act wrongly, are in a sense “screwed up big time” and nothing not even guys like Tony Robbins and other gurus, unless they address this the way Seth does, are just spinning as they say, pulling everyones leg in making them believe that THEY HAVE THE ANSWERS WHEN THEY ARE NOT.  They dont know it but are still in the “kindergarden stage and havent learned how to read yet” and are just as “lost” as the people they are supposedly helping.  I am not knocking what they teach, I am knocking the fact that before a 2 can arrive, there must be a 1 and if they dont know that, then they are “the blind leading the blind” a phrase that I didnt personally make up but its been around for thousands of years and has not gone away for the simply reason is that people as Seth says are “half conscious”!!
Cont’d:  “Since it is the function of the conscious mind to assess physical experience,it (the inner self) HASN”T BEEN ABLE TO DO ITS JOB PROPERLY! ( there it is black and white, no ifs and no buts, we found the “real villian, not a substitute but the real villian, we found the reason why people have a hard time with the word INTUITION.  You had to go into a deep state (alpha/theta) to experience the intutiution (epiphany)  and it is now obvious why you didnt have another epiphany since, its very obvious from this statement.  You immediately “forgot” the experience, lost its significance during that one month that your ego RECLAIMED ITS POWER OVER YOU, as powerfully as it could, blasting all of the intuitive inflluences around you, in order not only to demean but to obliterate its influence over you, luckily it didnt get away with it, did it?  But it could have, couldnt it?: THIS IS SOMETHING YOU LITERALLY EXPERIENCED; SOMETHING THAT REALLY REAL, there should be “no blockages in regard to this experience, should there”.  As mentioned before blockages, are termed Denials in the psychological world and as you are well aware Denials are so common that it is an acceptable way of life in our society; if a person is not into denial they MUST SEE A DOCTOR OR SORTS SINCE THEY ARE NOT NORMAL.  Wow, the world that we are living in is literally upside down and “thats the way we like it” believe it or not?  cont’d:

Next paragraph:  (emphatically)
“when the inner self is alerted, it will IMMEDITELY try to remedy the situation by an influx of selfcorrective measure. On occasion, when the situation gets out of hand, it will bypass those restrictive areas of the conscious mind,and solve the problem by shooting forth energy in otheer layers of activities.  ( now what is Seth saying? (He is saying that whether a person wants to believe it or not, there are and there are many names for it,i.e guides, angels, it doesnt matter its only semantics, but nevertheless these energies exist beyond our time/space barriers, and also whether or not the person believes they do, it doesnt matter, THEY COME TO THE RESCUE.  There are many stories of people in deep trouble of all sorts, that magically are rescued many different way by these “mysterious  energies called by Sth “San influx of selfcorrective measures.  It has happened to me many times, more than I can even count.  It can happen for others also, but since most people are not right brain, but left brain oriented either dont know it, dont recognize it, or just being half conscious dont realize it. And being left brain would probably even deny the experience after they have had the “epiphany”, would you know anyone like that? Now how that that work:

Next paragraph “It will manage to work around the “blind spots” in the “reasoning mind” for example. Often it will sift ouit from the barrage of CONFLICTING BELIEFS, THE PARTICULAR SET THAT IS THE MOST LIFE-GIVING, AND SEND THESES FORTH IN WHAT THEN APPEARS AS A BURST OF REVELATION>  Such revelations result in New Pattersn that CHANGE BEHAVIOR.”  ( Again, here it is “black and white” right down to the point, not playing games any longer”. We know now why you had your epiphany for if you didnt, and we had no “logical, reasonable, undisputable proof for your beta, logical reasonable mind and your left brain hemisphere understanding of reality} all these words WOULD BE EMPTY, Meaningless, Non consumer friendly, non applicable in this “real world” the real world that left brain people BELIEVE IN, not the abstract undefined
unseen unknown unproven socalled spiritual world.  The adage “if I can see it, feel it, taste it, touch it, smell it, IT DOESNT EXIST. IS THE CLARION CALL AND MOTTO of our half conscious egooriented world and only something Proveable such as your epiphany despised by your ego, could CONTEST WITH IT AND IT HAS, Thank goodness!  Your going into depression right after your epiphany my channel tells me had a purpose; the PURPOSE OF TRUTH, proving that my channel was right in warning you beforehand  that that would happen since my channel knows how egos work.

Read the next paragraph:  By now you should be getting the picture that Seth is drawing for you; and you should listen carefully to “the criticism of your false self ego which is always looking for “holes” to puncture in my comments and with Seth comments; so you have to “listen with both ears, and see with both eyes, and I am not talking about our physical ears or eyes, since they cannot see anything beyond their noses being locked into the beta fast frequency world; its called limitation. You could not expect a 4 cylinder vehicle to complete in power with an 8 cylinder vehicle would you; well our “ordinary mind whether any egos would accept it or not, is only a 4 cylinder vehicle and can only do “very little in comparison to our Soul Power” A sad fact that the worlds population is unaware of , at the present, but NOT IN THE FUTURE, THATS FOR SURE  otherwise I would have left this earth plane years ago according to my channel>  I have a “real purpose here” not just selling furniture thats for sure!  I”ll let others still believing in the physical senses, sell furniture, not me!

The 2nd para page 33
“yOU MUST BE AWARE OF THE CONTENTS OF YOUR OWN REASONING MIND.  Find the ambiguities (you call it the contradictions) Regardless of the nature of your beliefs they are indeed made flesh (materializze) and material. “The miracle of your being cannot escape itself. Your thoughts blossom into events (we call it Reality)” if you think the world is evil, you will meet with events that seem evil (this is called resonance, same frequencies attract each other; also called the Law of Attraction; the new movie called The Secret deals with the law of attraction, get it see it, its great!} “There are no accidents in cosmic terms or in terms of the world as you know it” (That is very hard to believe isnt it? I doubt if out of hundred people asked no more than perhaps1  or 2 would accept this statement{ but nevertheless its true and why is it true that the question? Its true because our BELIEFS WHATEVER THEY ARE ARE THE ENGINE, THE FUEL, THE POWER, THE SOURCE, OF EVERYTHING WE ATTRACT, INFILTRATING our PHYSICAL DIMENSION.  So it is beholden on us to KNOW what they are, isnt it?  “Your beliefs grow as surely in time and space as flowers do. When you realize this you can even feel their growing ( and crowing).

Next para:
“The conscious mind is basically curious, open. It is also equipped to examine its OWN CONTENTS.  Because of the psychological theories of the last century, many Wetern people believed that the primary purpose of the conscious mind was to inhibit “unconscious” material” ( Freud promulgated this theory) What is Seth saying here: (He is saying that we have been “brainwashed by the professional and they were/are wrong with their theories} and as a result the world Neurosis entered into our dictionary.  The old saying “a little knowledge is dangerous” is appropos here.  The professionals literally “screwed up” the three functions of man:  The conscious/ subconscious and the superconscious; they, the professionals replace their theories with the truth of Beingness, something they new nothing about, being neophytes in regard to the Principles of  Spirituality, in fact, any aspect of the world or principles of Spirituality was fround on with a vengeance, UP TO THIS VERY DAY, Believe it or not.  Over 90% of Academia is Atheistically inclined.  I know why and the answer is so simple a 5 yr older would have no trouble knowing it:  Once the principle, idea, and exposure such as this Seth book (spirituality used not in a religious sense otherwise what we are doing, saying is nothing but oxymoron nonsense) their (academia power is gonzo,literally out the window, non existence, and they wont allow that to happen, nohow.  It will happen in time of course, and I and my site willbe instrumental in making this so.}

next para:  By the way you are a fast reader and if you are “tuned in locked in to what Seth is saying (tuned in locked in means that your in the alpha/theta state, because if you are not DONT READ ANY OF HIS MATERIAL OR MINE, because it will only be your ego reading it, and that adds up to a hundred zeros, not one but over l00 zeros, Nitch!  I am sure by now, your aware of this “magical state of mind called alpha/theta, and certainly aware of that uinmagical state beta where over 95% of our worlds population think that “facts” are truth and as you know “facts” are not truth, if you dont  know by now, let me know!

“4th para pg. 33
“Instead as mentioned (in this session), it is also meant to received and interpret important data (thats the conscious mind of course) that comes to it from the INNER SELF (Now we know where the true data comes from the inner self, just like our computer, the processor where data is stored program wise, is analogous with our inner self, for without the processor and software computer cant exist. Well, the computer model is modeled after us human beings, believe it or not!} cont” Left alone, it does this very well,. It receives and interprets impressions (thats the inner self of course{ ” What has happened, however is that man has taught it to accept (only) DATA COMING FROM THE outside world, AND TO SET UP barriers, AGAINST inner knowledge.  (Now you know why my channel has been railing about the “authorities, academia, etc and calling them what they are, nothing but imposter, liars, cheats, powerlusters etc) Seth says it also} You unfortunately got caught in THEIR NET, ALONG WITH MILLIONs and millions of other naive, unsuspecting, believers; its seems that suckers are born every day and they got suckered its as simple as that.  My channel tells me that those promoting False beliefs do not know that “they are promoting false beliefs” they also were suckered in again “the blind leading the blind” so we can literally fault them since there are not too many “aware people on this planet”; we have many billionaires, but not too many aware people what a dichotomy?  This is the calamity and frustration of Mankind. Thank God, Seths teaching still remain to release those that are ready, release them from the bondage of the false teachings of the false prophets, Freud and others, that even though meaning well, cause more harm than good in the world.  We need more “spirits” like Seth, and less “great academians” and I and my channel hope to make this difference known big time, and why not?

Next para:
“Such a situation denies the indvidual his full strength, and cuts him off–consciously, now–frrom the important sources of his being.” ( a BIG TIME FRAUD”} ” These conditions inhibit creative expression in particular and deny the conscious self the continually emerging  insights and intuitions otherwise unavailable. (You kept asking me why and how can I get to know my false beliefs; how can I get started, what should I know, and what should I do, remember, you were looking for ways/means. well before a person acts and everyone should know this, they must KNOW BEFOREHAND WHAT THEY WANT, WHY THEY WANT IT, AND THE WAYS AND MEANS OF OBTAINING IT, AND ALSO KNOW THE REASONS WHY IN THE FIRST PLACE THEY HAVE THE PROBLEM. Dont you agree?  Just to jump him hilter/skilter without knowing the pitfalls, problems is not what a true left brain person, and if you consider yourself a practical left brain person, I think your a combination since you are creative, but for the practical part of you; doing things the right way should give you the right rewards true? Well what Seth is now saying is this: { If you did buy into the “system” and you know you did, then you have to discontinue believing the system; its as simple as that!  Now how would you “understand” what the system BELIEVES?  Every system has a belief system behind it, are you aware of this fact?  They are referred to as princiiples etc. Read any philosophy, read any subject, you might as well say anything and look for its/their belief systems.  You are well read, read even a fiction book, and being a fiction writer, your actors act on belief systems, are you aware of that?  No one can be a good actor if they dont “get] into the part” and what does that mean?”  It means context.  And what does context mean:  Nuances, and what does nuances mean: Nuances can be totally undefined by words; its more defined by action, and going further going beyond nuances where there is no visible action you then enter the subjective world called beliefs.  This is my channels understanding which is very deep indeed; my channel since I am working with Seth, is literally linking with Seth in the higher dimensions in order to interpret correctly Seths work and I am certainly impressed, since I personally have never done anything like this in my life.  Even my typing is better, along with my writing skills and the words come streaming out of my inner consciousness landing on the page right now.  It is a wonderful experience to behold especially since I dont have an ego to not only counter what I am doing, but consciously interfering with the transmition of my channel.  My channel just said: “Egos hate my guts, but dont let that deter you”.  I wont.

Next para:
“Thought and feeling then seem separate.  Creativity and intellect do not show themselves as brothers that they are, but often as strangers  The conscious mind loses its fine edges. It cuts out from it experience the vast body of INNER KNOWLEDGE available to it. Divisions, illusionary ones, appear in the self.” So what is Seth saying? { He is saying that Academia (wrong teachings Freud others) have brainwashed student, writers whatever to a point that it split the human being apart, seperated thought from feeling instead of showing how they work together as friends, not enemies; made a division between what we call creativity and the intellect when they also should harmonize, along with also seperating what we experience on this physical level from WHO WE REALLY ARE AND HOW IN TRUTH EXPERIENCE EMENATES FROM and the result is calamitous extending into every aspect of a persons life. Wow!) We are then “victimized to such an extend, that in order to get some order into our lives, we are forced to set up divisions (Tony Robbins system) and go into imaginary illusionary states to keep some semblence of balance even though it truly isnt.  People do take drugs, practically every family has people who need drugs to sleep, to quiet their nerves, whatever; if they “were true to themselves, a phrase hardly used or understood nowadays, they would not need sleeping pills, nervous pills, any kind of pill. All they would need is themSELVES}   We experienced it in our family.  I personally did not take drugs, even though I had emotional problems, and    its because my channel at the time, I always channeled, did not believe in them. Its OK to ask me if you wish. “why didnt my channel help me in my emotional problems?”  It helped me by helping me get my freedom from the bondage I was In. My emotional problems dissappeared once I was out of bondage; I did have residue that I worked on when I traveled in Calif for 3 yrs going through different systems that helped me extricate all the poison, mentally, emotionally, physically, that was stored in my physical body. I experienced many many emotionally releases for years.  These releases went way beyond our family, my parents influence, they went back into my past lives since we do carryover much if not all of the “unfinished business of many many lifetimes” until they are resolved to the satisfaction of our souls, believe it or not?  My release from bondage was  instituted by my soul, not my personality at the time. My personality had no clue of what was happening in my inner soul(mind)at the time.  My channel was conducting my business; it talked to me constantly about making changes in my life, but I kept refusing to act until IT DID WHAT IT WANTED TO DO WITH THE ACCEPTANCE OF MY SOUL.  And you can ask, why are you telling me this now or you have said this before whatever?  I am saying it now so that you should know that your SOUL IS ALSO ACTING UP, AND WHATEVER RESISTANCE YOU HAVE EGOWISE, as mentioned before is the resistance to change, similar to mine, no different.  The one thing people fear more than death, is the NEED TO CHANGE, and you certainly are experiencing this right now.  Why is it possible that you read 185 pages of Seth and kept insisting to me that there was nothing in the book, nothing significant other than certain passages, that can help you and even though you got an epiphany returned to a lessor energy portal (tony robbins) to help you “solve your problems”.  My channel knows that; my channel knows a lot of things that I dont have the least idea of, but it Knows, that it Knows, That it knows, it knows.It knows!  And if that is the case, then most of the things in my life, and even others since my channel is telepathic, things can be a foregoing conclusion. I am sure if anyone read these letter, and when I say anyone I am particularizing people in the beta frequency they would say Wow! who the hell does this guy think he is?  What an Ego!  WOW!  I would certainly be surprised if they didnt act this way.

Next page 34 1st para.
” Left alone, the self acts SPONTANEOUSLY as a unit (now thats what we are looking for! spontaneously is the word and it is similar to synchronicity and Serendity, once we start REALIZING HOW these three things work in sync, we literally expel all the crap that enters our mind, emotions, thoughts, we also expel all

the chit/chatter in our heads, the yeses, the nos, the ifs, the buts, the make a list of the good things you want in your life, and the bad things that happen, and all the other divisions and bits and pieces like a jig saw puzzle, because doing it this way its nothing but a REAL PUZZLE, puzzled by all the little detail crap, trying to figure out and and up with. Now how many yeses do I have, how many nos do I have. Is all this necessary?  Yes for beta minded, egocentric, for left brain people they need it because their belief systems support all of the “crap” since they know nothing of what Seth talks about unless they have raised “their consciousness” into the alpha/theta level of KNOWINGNESS. otherwise they can read the entire Seth book and end up with absolutely NOTHING AND THAT THE WAY IT SHOULD END BECAUSE the beta mind comes from LIMITATION} (take out your dictionary and look up the definitions for spontaneous, synchronicity and serenditity and you will see and after reading the definitions know what I am talking about, which I imagine is a fair way of assessing the truth of Seth and my statements isnt it? Returning to the paragraph ” Listening to voices both within and without, the conscious mind is able to form beliefs that are in . Then examination of beliefs takes its place along with other activities -naturally, easily, without effort. (lets consider what Seth just said: You might say that the conscious mind is acting as if it was a Judge, judging what true, and whats false, and naturally if judged wrong, the wrong results result, its as simple as that!  So now we can see why things happen for good or for bad, and later on and Seth mentioned it in early chapters that the electromagnetic energies that surround our planet/planets also have an influence on our conscious mind, and the results that follow.  But as we progress, we will show how they inter-act with each other.  You must now KNOW THAT WHAT WE, seth and I are doing is using the system of PROGRESSION. and what does progression mean?  We know what progress is, that is self evident, but when we add the other four letters how does it change the meaning?  One thing we know, we know the meaning of helter/skelter; no rhyme/ no reason, well that certainly has no connection to progress does it since its the opposite of the word? When we put the remaining ion on we put the active aspects to progress.  Seth knows damn well, that by just reading his book or any book and putting socalled infomation usually its called knowledge, but I dispute this understanding of the word information. we THINK BY JUST READING THE BOOK WE ARE MAKING PROGRESS, that is perhaps the BIGGEST LIE IN THE WORLD, IT certainly is a major false belief. because is NO SO.!  As mentioned before thats why Seth repeats a theme in different forms constantly because being wise he knows that people who read DONT KNOW, BUT THINK THEY KNOW.  Another reason that you should get books on muscle testing; there is NO REASON why anyone should NOT KNOW THE TRUTH, isnt it?  Again, its only our ego exerting its power of selection that can stop a person from proving whether a belief etc. is true or false, NOTHING ELSE!  And my motto is “the hell with all egos”.


Also what you find as vitally important in your understanding and eventually YOUR LIFE such as new ideas, ahas, wow, this is fantastic, you might classify them as mini epiphanies should be written down for me.  I am taking what I am doing, and it is a major undertaking for it not only will RELEASE YOU FROM BONDAGE , AND I MEAN THE REAL YOU, NOT YOUR EGO YOU, but perhaps millions of other throughout the word looking for their TRUE SELF.  Do I personally believe this along with my channel, yes l00% otherwise I wouldnt be doing it and your the major experiment for without you it wouldnt be done!  I hope this thought impacts you to the core!

Many people might call me a dreamer, but strangely enough everything in my life that other people would classify as dreams materialized successfully and I am still not finished with my work which apparently your visibily connected with now and also in the future. Lucky for your a wonderful son, and I am blessed to have you as my son and intend to do all I can, as you know, to have you enjoy the rest of your life, in peace, harmony and everything that this world can offer you, because you certainly deserve it!  My channel is also committed in this respect, I want you to know that! Its committed l00% in first releasing you from bondage of all sorts, inner, outer and otherwise, and give you the benefits and pleasures that apparently you have missed in your life UP TO NOW.  Right now your on the path of SELF DISCOVERY.  You have heard this dictum I am sure.  KNOW THYSELF, ONCE A PERSON KNOWS WHO THEY REALLY ARE, NOT THE MANUFACTURED that is what we are doing working with  right now.

Pg. 34 2nd paragraph
” remember, even false beliefs will seem to be justified in terms of physical data, since your experience in the outside world i the materialization of those beliefs.(thats why people INSIST that what they believe is real, is true, because as mentioned above either false, true beliefs materialize since that what they are supposed to! so why not GET RID OF FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS} cont’d “So you must work with the raw material of your ideas, even while your sense dta may tell you that a given belief is obviously a truth” ( watch out for that word obvious; thats why false beliefs “get away with it”}”To change your experience or any portionof it, then, you must change your ideas( as again mentioned before} Change, Change, Change is the answer, there is no other way according to my channel and Seth) “Since youhave been forming your own reality all along, the results will follow naturally. (if you can understand FULLY what Seth is saying you wont have any trouble in geting rid of wrong ideas (false belief systems) and change will flow naturally.

Next para: (pause) “You must be convinces that yoou CAN ALTER YOUR BELIEFS (if not your only “fooling yourself and keep playing the same game without real change which you want}. “You must be willing to try.  Think of a limiting idea as a muddy color and your life as mulltidimensional painting that is MARRED.  You change the ide as an artist WOULD HIS PALETTE”  (Get it?}

Next para:  “The artist does not identify with the colors he uses  He knows he chooses them, and applies them with a brush. So you paint your reality with your ideas in the same manner. You are NOT YOUR IDEAS, NOR EVEN YOUR THOUGHTS” ( what is Seth saying with those statements?  Why do you think he said that we should not identify with how we interrelate with the “outside world” and still work with it but not “get sucked into it”. just as the artist doesnt “fall into” the canvas painting he is painting; we do not identify; we also retain our integrity, our idea of self. and then he continues to say that we are not even our ideas that flow through or even our thoughts, wow! how many people would be aware of that? I am sure not to many, if any? these are real eye opening statements dont you agree?( So if that is the case “who are we”?} :  He continues” YOU ARE THE SELF THAT EXPERIENCES THEM.” (now we are coming into the “meat of the problem” finally trying to understand who we are and get a handle on that famous saying ‘KNOW THYSELF”}{ and as I keep saying continually why not? why not know who I am, and whats wrong in knowing who I am, and I am represents, I personally see nothing wrong with it do you?  If you do let me know!} cont’d, “if a painter finds his hands stained with pigment at the end of a day, he can wash the stain off easily, knowing its nature. If you think that limiting thoughts ARE A PORTION OF YOU, PERMANENTLY attached therefore, you will NOT THINK OF WASHING THEM OFF”  (now that makes a lot of sense to me and thats what Seth meant “that the painter should not identify himself with his painting and we should not identify ourselves with what we are doing also, because by doing so, we NEVER LET GO OF THE EXPERIENCE, we allow it to attach itself to us “until the cows come home; the experience owns us, we dont own the experience; it because unresolved conflicts, neurosis etc. but we have a way out and its not difficult; we must know that its only an experience, like the painter knows “its only paint that can be washed off”; likewise the experience is understood the same way. I know that if an emotional charge is attached to the experience it still can hang on, but that factor will in time be dealt with by Seth later} {Please note that everytime I have quotes, I am quoting Seth, and brackets are fences for my comments} :”If you think that the LIMITING THOUGHTS are a portion of you, permanently attached therefore, you will NOT THINK OF WASHING THEM OFF. YOU WOULD BEHAVE INSTEAD LIKE A MAD ARTIST WHO SAYS, “mY PAINTS ARE A PART OF ME. tHEY HAVE STAINED MY FINGERS, AND THERE IS NOTHING i CAN DO ABOUT IT”  wow! (that is saying it like it is, right down into the core! If we believe and think this way and I am sure that most if not all of humanity believes and thinks this way, how in hell are they going to ESCAPE THEIR PRISON, when they are both the prisoners and the guard at the same time and DONT KNOW IT!  WHAT a scam that is; it puts the top con artists out of business! Also how can the best minds, most logical , reasonable, intellectual minded people compete with that? There’ is no contest, non whatsoever!  Let me know if you have any trouble getting it?

You must realize by now, and I am not directing this particular message to your ego, that “every paragraph in the Nature of Personal Reality has dynamite in it” there is not one word that doesnt belong where it is and that is amazing since this book and every other book that Seth wrote thru the medium Jane Roberts was EDITED, NOT ONE WORD.  Being a writer you know what that means ! And on top of that this Spirit called Seth, never went to any school, college, and doesnt even exist in our time/space world; now thats another wow, isnt it!  How would our intellect explain this phenomena?

Last paragraph in the page: ” There is no contradiction, (something that your beset by from your previous letters) between spontaneously being aware of your thoughts, and EXAMINING THEM. YOU DO not have to be blind TO BE SPONTANEOUS. You are not being spontaneous when you indiscriminately accept as your own for a fact, every bit of data that comes to you. (now what is Seth saying? He is surmising, I believe that since everyone is taught from kindergarden to the highest PHd level, taught basically information called knowledge, and this information/knowledge is taught basically What we call facts, and facts are not really facts since even for instance a city for example Boston or even New York, can over a period of years etc. change its name, and history proves that change is the only Constant in our Universe. then what Seth is telling us  is that our educational system unknowingly of course has brainwashed people to such an extent that they BELIEVE data that may have been relevant at one time in history, but like everything else, dissappear as things that change have to, in time of course. So, we become robots eventually, living in the past mindwise, while our bodies are trying desperately living inthe present.  Its a balancing act and wedont know it and the result HAS TO BE CONTRADICTIONS, and what is contradicting what? and why is what contradicting what?  “garbage in garbage out” but in this case, we are holding on to the old garbage and the result is a heavy odored stink called contradictions} ( When a person is living his/her life spontaneously there is NO ROOM for contradictions because;  he/she leaves no residue and is flowing and in harmony with the natural forces in our Universe; not beset by anxiety, fears, etc. but in total acceptance of oneself, content with oneself and with the belief systems that support ONESELF, at all times.and why not?

Next para: “previous limiting ides, accepted,figuratively form a restraining bed, gathering other such material so that your mind becomes filled with debris (I made a mention of that in the last paragraph}. “When you are spontaneous, you accept the free nature of your mind ( I said that also above, my channel is picking up a lot of Seths stuff before I read the next paragraph, thats obvious} ” and it SPONTANEOUSLY MAKES DECISIONS (wow! you have been asking for this for a long time; you have been asking how the “positive things that you desire to come into your, emerges, well here it is, black and white and “its consumer friendly as an added feature, the whole works) ( You now have a mechanizm that WORKS FOR YOU SPONTANEOUSLY, now how can “you beat that”? my channel apparently unsuccessful tried to tell you this many times but failed in its efforts, now Seth is GIVING YOU THE RIGHT DOPE, with no ifs, or buts, but the REAL STUFF} continued “as to the validity or nonvalidity of data it receives. Whien you REFUSE TO ALLOW IT this function it becomes cluttered (apparently this happened to you undoubtedly so ) my channel tells me why and here is its reason why you did not allow the spontaneity necessary for your inner mind to communicat to you.  The answer is CONTROL.When you or anyone want spontaneity, wants serendity, wants synergy in their lives, they must give up control and what does my channel mean by control.  It means exactly what you in the past kept asking me to give you.  PRECISE 1 2 3 methods, customer friendly, procedural methods such as Tony Robbins and other systems use, to GET RID OF YOUR PROBLEMS.  They can help you in making decisions but cant guarantee you the results and if they do they are liars first class, and the reason they cant, is because how they are approaching the understanding that for instance Seth deals with, doesnt exist in their methodology since their methodology is very limited, the opposite of what Seth is teaching, limited to the limits of the Beta frequency mind, and by now your “very familiar with that term” and is ALL EGO BASED, NOT SOUL BASED.  By now you know that my work is soul based which if you read over this paragraph will realize the power of.

Next para: “No apple tree tries to grow violets. Quite automatically it KNOWS what it is, and the framework of its own identity and existence (humankind apparently doesnt otherwise this book would not be necessary, and I am only using common sense to understand what Seth says} “You have a conscious mind, but this is only the “topmost” portion of your mind. Much more of “it” is available to you.  Much more of your knowledge can be conscious, therefore, but a FALSE BELIEF, A LIMITING ONE, is as ambiguous to your nature as any apple tree’s idea that it was a violet plant” ( so what is Seth saying?  he is saying that if and when a person REALIZES THAT THEY HAVE BEEN DUPED by believing their physical senses and the experiences that their false belief system originated because the abstract belief system (non physical) as Seth as described in previous paragraphs made both the physical senses to react along with a host of other outer experiences which we then called REALITY. and   these   physical sensations being supported by our ego controled our life.  And the sayiing “thats how the cookie crumbles” comes from that, believe it or not!  The Indian culture calls it Maya, look up the word; it means illusion, not real, and that how they explain the phony baloney world we live in; Seth is not the only speaker for truth thats for certain!} Nature, trees, oceans etc. cant be fooled like us, yes,we contaminate them but if left alone after a time, they come back to essence, because they know who they are, we dont.  Perhaps some of us do, the magician professionals who try their best to convince us of their “expertise” for a stipend of course!

Next paragraph: “It could not produce violets, nor could it be a good apple tree while it tried to. The mistaken belief is one that does not fit the basic conditions of your inner being” (since very few people would know what your talking about if you spoke about their “inner being” that sentence makes sense because not knowing your “essence” “inner being” means for humans that they are in ignorance of themselves and their relationship with the natural forces that we are part of.  The tree knows that, the animals know that, why dont we know that? Our inner selves knows that, but if our egos are the”boss” how is it possible that we, also part of the natural forces, are we going to know that, not a chance, not one bit, we are destined to “play the game of “well if I only knew”, or “how should I know nonone told me” or synchronicity, serendipity, spontaneously what right do these words have to be put in our dictionaries or even “believed in because they are a bunch of hokum” we want the meat and the potatoes, not all that other fluff”  Who says this?  I can name endless numbers of practical, prominent, prestigious etc. people etc. that not only uphold these beliefs but do their best to denigrate what Seth is teaching, and getting away with it!  They cant lose since people are dumbed first class; that is 95% of them.  back tothe para:  ” So if you believe that you are at the mercy of physical events, you entertain a FALSE BELIEF.  If you feel that  hour present experience was set in circumstances beyond your control, you entertain a false belief. (these are good advices; you have been asking me “how can I find out what my false belief systems are and here it is right in front of you} The question now remains are you willing and ready to follow Seths method of “discovering your nemesis or are you so comfortable with them, since they have been hanging around you for years, that you might be lackadasible, a bit of indifferent, and come up with excuses why you did not put the time/effort in discovering yourself, and just let Tony Robbins system do it for you.  I know that whatever I did accomplish in my life, I had to work for it; I got nothing unless I put l00 percent behind with my belief systems being the anchor. No one is going to do it for you, if thats true for your job and other responsibilties that you have taken on, its likewise for this.  And this could be considered more than just a responsibility THIS IS YOUR LIFE.  if you can understand those three words correctly; understand them with your three major faculties, your conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind, then nothing in this world, will stop you from being a FREE MAN IN EVERY RESPECT IN YOUR LIFE.  This is my channels message to you; all you have to do is to BELIEVE IT, believe it or not! nothing else is needed, not even one red cent; the best BARGAIN IN THE WORLD AND ALL IT TAKES is saying I AM READY TO COMMIT.

Again you must believe it with ALL YOUR HEART, MIND AND SOUL which represents the 3 major faculties mentioned above. Its called the magic 3 and as mentioned before nothing in anyones life happens unless it happens in three(3) believe it or not! I have the scientific proof of the 3 principle.  There is nothing that my channel or Seth says that cant be proven!

Next paragraph: This paragraph may floor you, here it is:
“You had a hand in the development of our childhood environment. You CHOSE THE CIRCUMSTANCES. This does not mean that you are at the mercy of thosse circumstances. It means that you set challenges to be overcome (wow! this stuff is utterly fantastic; our soul came in with an agenda, believe it or not! we like to blame someone, its a human trait, but according this we came in to “overcome or using another word instead, accept challenges that needed changing. Astrology refers to these challengers as squares, oppositions etc. and apparently Seths teaching corroborate astrologies contentions) cont’d ” set goals to be reached, set up frameworks of experience through which you could develop, understand and fulfill certain abilities. wow! ( if these statements are understood correctly then everything in a persons life which they are unhappy, discontent with MUST CHANGE,  in order that their soul mission as mentioned above is realized.  Do you get this  if not let me know because it is VITAL INFORMATION THAT NEEDS TO BE DIGESTED PROPERLY!!  Again, what Seth is saying, he is saying “everything happening to you, me and others can be accidental yes, but not assuredly accidental. If a person is not developed spiritually and is in TOTAL IGNORANCE, yes whatever happens in their lives could be chaotic since they are chaotic in conducting their life, however, and he will present more material further down intothe book where he elucidates in a more comphensive manner what he is saying in this paragraph.  But as we are reading up to this point, this new information MUST CHANGE PEOPLES BELIEF SYSTEM; THEY CANNOT BE TOTALLY UNCONSCIOUS.  He said people are half conscious.} ( as we go from paragraph to paragraph he is doing what bricklayers do, building a building, brick by brick, are you getting aware of this? or are you getting a bit frustrated by his constant method of building brick by brick because our usual logic, ego mind, has very little patience for this type of CONSTRUCTION.  It as you said wants something “easy  1 2 3 steps and its done so if you start feeling this way reading Seths and my channels comments you have whether you know it or aware of it a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to discover the beliefs you say you want to discover, believe it or not!  YOu may get a bit fed up with my comments also and my comments(channelled) are as valid as Seths and they both lead you in finding out what your false beliefs,false ideas, false notions, false feeling(emotions) false knowledge sources are all you have to be is CONSCIOUS, aware and willing to listen to the INNER SELF OF YOU, and again why not?

Why not, is the key apparently thats what my channel is telling me now.  You are having trouble with the why nots; everytime I type in these words and you read them you get irritated.  Now there is another false belief system; ask yourself why telling you to ask yourself why not, irritates you?  And you should approach everything with a why not, any other irritating statements that presses your buttons because behind that irritation is a false belief system.  I am giving you a key trying desperately to eliminated your logical, intellectualo, sequential thinking mechanism because in the work we are doing they are inimical to the results we want.  They in themselves represent a branch of your false belief systems, believe it or not!

You received truth your epiphany NOT WITH YOUR INTELLECT, SINCE THE INTELLECT unless it is connected with the Subconscious and Superconscious selves is your enemy.  Seth says it and my channel says it.  Have you realized this yet?

Last paragraph in the page: ” the creative power to form your own experiencesis within you NOW, as it has been since the time of your birth and before(my take on this sentence is especially when it says before, means previous lives, so we as human being according to Seth; our soul IS A CONTINUATION, from lifetime to lifetime which means to me that all the Power we give to our ego personality, not only being transient, meaning has a limited life term, means nothing IN THE LONG RUN since once its death along with our physical body, its dead forever and never to return unless our soul determines that it needs not the old personality but the remains, its experiences, traits etc. REINCARNATION being what it is, is the powerhouse then, not our personality egocentric faculty, but naturally hardly anyone knows this fact nowadays.  In the coming Aquarian age which you will be around to witness, hopefully I may be somewhat; what my channel and Seth is recording right now, in print, will be COMMON KNOWLEDGE.  If and when I do get on the internet, my site will be a MAJOR FACTOR, in the dispensation of all these TRUTHS.  This is what my channel keeps telling me.  And I reply  OK your the boss, I have been taking orders from you for years and even at my advanced age of 84 wont stop! Thank you very much. } Cont’d.  ” You may have chosen a particular theme for this existence, a certain framework of conditions, but within these you (next page )have the freedom to experiment, create, and alter conditions and events” (and THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT, CORRECT?)  Right on target, with no ifs, or but

We will stop here top of pg 36.

While you were reading Seths book and you said you read l85 pgs could you even imagine that my channel COULD EXTRACT SO MUCH WISDOM OUT OF IT?

Page 36 2nd para.

Richard, as we continue, Seth is “building brick by brick giving you more “understanding” for without more understanding everything that he has imparted can just float away; dissapear into thin air, BECAUSE, that is the “weakness that human beings have, they resist change” and change is what Seth is putting into effect, “brick by brick” get it?  Who wants to change?  Yes, people want change WITHOUT CHANGE, of course, but are they willilng to work for it?  ???????????????????????????????????in your particular case hopefully the question marks dont apply?  So, if you hear your ego say, why does Seth continue to “tell me things that I already know?” then right at that particular time, KNOW THAT your ego negativity is working l00%, and that you have discovered another false belief system!  The truth of it all, as that the “knowing that your ego is talking about ISNT KNOWING AT ALL, NOT ONE BIT, NOT ONE IOTA of the “truth of knowingness” its a blatant lie first class (false belief system big time!}
And if you angry with my comments, which you will say “enough I know, I have heard you saying this before”; its again your ego false self saying this.  After awhile in time of course, your ability to discern the truth will emerge, all you need is patience, forebearance, and the true willingness to “get rid of your demons which are your egocentric false SELVES, which we have more than one, perhaps dozens or more connected to different things we “believe in as truth”) this you will as long as your “working we me and Seth” will discover in time.  IF PEOPLE WANT FREEDOM, NEED FREEDOM, ENJOY FREEDOM, they must work for it; it wont happen on its own thats for sure!  “The price of liberty is vigilance ” (and in this case vigilance means “being aware of the thoughts, feelings, and actions” that permeate your life and being.}  Nothing for nothing everyone must “work for it” “you dont get it on the cheap”.

Seth cont’d:  The inner self is embarked upon an exciting endeavor, in which it loearns how to TRANSLATE ITS REALITY INTO PHYSICAL TERMS. The conscious mind is brilliantly attuned to physical reality (that we know by now emphatically and demonstrably) then, and often SO DAZZZLED BY WHAT IT PERCEIVES  that it is TEMPTED TO THINK PHYSICAL PHENOMENA IS CAUSE, rather than a RESULT ( I have been saying this for months now our society doesnt know the difference between cause and result (effect) and the fact that they dont, causes HAVOC in their lives and in the world in general; its called IGNORANCE)  dEEPER PORTIONS OF THE SELF ALWAYS SERVE TO REMIND IT THT THIS IS NOT THE CASE (Seth is naturally talking about the the Superconscious, Soul, higher mind, intuitive faculties of man, not the egocentricity of man, thats for SURE and being asleep, must be awaken constantly to be reminded of this FACT) wHEN THE CONSCIOUS MIND ACCEPTS TOO MANY FALSE BELIEFS, PARTICULARLY IF IT SEE THAT INNER SELF AS A danger, THEN IT CLOSES OUT THESE CONSTANT REMINDERS (you have conclusive proof of this, after your epiphany the ego made damn sure that that epiphany DID NOT MAKE AN IMPACT ON YOU, it was so successful that you went into a negative depressive state for a month} what better proof of this statement is there?} (this should SHOW YOU THE POWER OF YOUR EGO, its awesome as all egos are!)(You ask me in a previous e mail, why did I go into negativity, well here it is in black and white conclusive evidence, but will yout entrenched false belief systems ALLOW YOU TO UNDERSTAND IT? that part is UP TO YOU AND NO ONE ELSE, YOU MUST MAKE THAT DECISION, ” should I listen to my inner self which knows/understands truth, or should I listen to my lying, deceiving, untruthful ego”?} “the ball is now in your court, as they say”!  which road are you going to take?  I know that you have always said that you definitely “want change” but “how much”?  How many CHERISHED, ADMIRED, LOVED, FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS ARE YOU WILLING TO GIVE UP? that answer lies within you and you alone, not me, Seth, tony robbins; noone can answer that EXCEPT YOU! yesterday I gave you ideas of how to “detect” your belief systems, did you have any difficulty understanding what I inferred? cont’d Seth:”when the conscious mind accepts too many false beliefs, particularly if it sees that inner self AS A DANGER then it CLOSES OUT THESE CONSTANT REMINDERS.( Again, quoting from Seth “if it sees that inner self as a danger to ITS EXISTENCE, what does it do?  it closes out these constant reminders(truth) and it has many ways besides the word “denial” to do it; depression, anger, doubt, arguements, LOGIC, INTELLECT, anything to disprove the validity of the superconscious, intuitive, soul, higher mind, influence over the individual.}  “when this situation arises the conscious mind feels itself assailed by a reality that seems greater than itself, over which it has no control. (IN WHICH IT HAS NO CONTROL WOW) actual proof that the conscious mind ego need control which is another word for power) “the deep feeling of security in which it should be anchored is LOST. (well isnt that too bad!, I would shed no tears for our “poor conscious mind” who is like a child who has lost his favorite toy; so the “cat is out of the bag” “the jig is up”; the phoney baloney egocentric conscious mind which its dictatorial method of “control of the individual” loses its power to truth, isnt that just too bad?”  it keep saying “what right has “truth, the higher mind of the individual to take over my power?  whats truth got to do with it? truth be damned! Glory to false beliefs, Heil Hitler!  ” I am not mintzing words when I deal with the truth and noone should either! This is a fantastic paragraph, dont you agree, the you I am talking about naturally is NOT YOUR EGO THATS FOR CERTAIN!.

Nxt paragraph:  “false self beliefs MUST BE WEEDED OUT so that the conscious mind CAN BECOME AWARE OF ITS SOURCE (now we are coming to the nitti gritti business of “knowing how to use the CONSCIOUS MIND CORRECTLY, WITHOUT RESORTING TO FALSE BELIEFS which it naturally and willingly accepts as truth WITHOUT THE ACCEPTANCE OF THE INDIVIDUAL(naive);pretty despicable wouldnt you say? taking advantage of ignorance, and naivtivity, its a bit of a scoundrel, and IT GETS AWAY WITH IT WOW! “cont’d become aware of its source ONCE AGAIN, and open to the INNER CHANNELS OF SPLENDOR AND POWER availabe to it.” (the conscious mind LOST ITS WAY OBVIOUSLY embraced egocentricity, the dualizm, intellectualizm which motivates our society, world today and strange but true, needed a non human entity from a different world dimensionally speaking to AWAKEN US TO THE TRUTH, that is something to behold, its just unfortunate that sleeping people are not awakened enough to REALIZE THIS.  In our jargon its called I G N O R A N C E  and it infects both rich/poor; educated/uneducated; ignorance is as rampart as any pandemic threatening our planet.  And I intend, in my own way, with the assistance of the HIGHER FORCES TO AWAKEN, through the portal of the greatest method of communication that ever existed on this planet, the internet, back in l974 when experts said that the nothing of consequences will happen with the hogpog internet, my channel told them, the opposite, that it would be the greatest boon to mankind; and who is right? before and I presume it is also right in the future, why should I second guess, an energy that I channel from other dimensions when it KNOWS MORE THAN MY MEAGRE SELF.  I am not “that stupid, yet”.

Next para:  “The ego is an offshoot of the conscious mind (now we will find out from Seth the purpose of an ego) so to speak. The conscious mind is like a gigantic camera with the ego DIRECTING THE VIEW AND THE FOCUS (that all? that all that it does, I cant believe it! we have glorified our egos to high heaven.  When asking people if they had a choice between a great ego, and one that is not so great, I am sure the majority if not all, would pick the GREAT EGO, AFTER ALL OUR SOCIETY GLORIFIES EGO, does it not?} cont’s “left alone, various portions of the identify rises and form the ego, degroup and reform, all the while maintaining a marvelous spontaneity and yet a sense of oneness. ( this sentence is a little ambigious to me and according to Seth in italics he says to see both sessions in Chapter one) so to get the substance of it, I must go back. Hopefully the next paragraph will give me more clarity.  {what I presume he is saying since we need a conscious mind, and in a sense need an ego since egos and the material world we live in, are one and the same, and we do identify “relate to”  with this material world, which implies that there will be changes that he calls, degroup and reform, in other words, if the conscious mind “doesnt intrude and take over the thoughts, actions of an individual and sticks to what it is supposed to do, then their is as he says spontaneity and a sense of oneness.  thats how I read it.”  You might say its like the helper telling the superintendent how to run his business and GETTING AWAY WITH IT!  however, if the helper cooperates with the boss, and does his job right then the factory is humming (spontaneity) with oneness/ result of this harmony. and why not?

Next para:  “the ego is your idea of your physical image in relation to the world(another description of an egos purpose, thats why people “love a great ego and people with great egos are admired}  Your self-image is NOT unconscious, then. (apparently according to Seth, egos equal self image i.e. good ego, good self image, this doesnt have to be true as you know, since it is a false belief system}contd: “You are quite aware of it, thought often you reject certain thoughts about it in avor of others. False beliefs can result in a rigid ego that insists upon using the conscious mind in one direction only, further distorting the perceptions.

next para: “Often you quite consciously decide to bury a thought or an idea tht might cause you to alter your behavior, because it does not seem to fit in with LIMITING IDEAS, that you already hold.  Listen to your own train of thought as you go about your days (now here is something that you have been asking me about; you wanted “practical methods” not abstract theories.  You know that everyone you, me and everyone else has constant thoughts streaming thru their consciousness adinfinitum well, listen to them, write them down, because IF YOU DO, YOU WILL DISCOVER AND YOU ARE ASKING FOR THIS YOUR FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS, SUPPORTING, what said said in the first sentence “limiting ideas”. Now you have something CONCRETE, nothing theoretical, abstract, but actual thoughts STREAMING THRU YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS CONSTANTLY , Belief it or not!  If you dont believe it then you know damn well that you are BLOCKS BIG TIME! cont’d: What suggestions and ideas are you giving yourself:
Realize that these will BE MATERIALIZED IN YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!  Dont you agree that this is a fantastic statement?  Its so fantastic that its surely unbelievable; its saying that the thoughts streaming thru us, most of them undigested, most of them perhaps false belief systems, most of them “way out of line with any semblance of truth whatsoever, without OUR UNDERSTANDING without our actual participation, without us knowing ANYTHING IN FACT. is controlling our life,  Wow!  Talk about being unconscious, talk about being literally “taken over by forces we know NOTHING ABOUT” its a bit absurd buy nevertheless true!  What do we do about it?  Well thats one of the reasons that we are going over the whole book, paragraph by paragraph because you read 185 pages but apparently “got very little out of it”!  The question remains why?  I am not going to answer to now.  But as we progress, the answers will come spontaneously; all it takes from you is personal conviction, dedication, and willingness to change, NOTHING ELSE IS REQUIRED.  Naturally you must find the time, and when your literal life and future, and happiness is at stake, IS THE TIME YOU FIND WORTH IT, if not, then dont bother!

next para: “Many quite limiting ideas will pass without scrutiny under the guise of goodness.  You may feel quite virtuous, for edxample, in hating evil, or what seems to you to be evil; but if you find yourself concentrating upon either hatred or evil you are CREATING IT ( wow! what a statement, if this is the case, we, the people in it are creating whats happening right now around the world since the world events as we know are loaded with what Seth just said. The DVD “the Secret” says the same thing and as mentioned before its the Law of Attraction, we attract what we put our energies into; its also called Radionics, the instrument I use to detect stuff, its also called Resonant Frequencies; its also directly and indirectly connected to the three principles the Cons/ subconscious/superconscious since they work on the principles of frequencies.  Everything on this planet and on all the other planets in our Universe, work on the principle of frequencies.  Our radio, TV, cable, your telephone numbers are nothing but frequencies, XRay equipment everything electronic, what am I alluding to? Simply said, since our thoughts coming in and going out, in their own way believe it or not, being frequencies on their own, and measureable; my radionic device proves it; radionics is not hokus pokus, for being IN THE KNOW, it is for those who dont know. so again, once a frequency sent out, meaning a thought coming out of a persons head/mind; this thought i.e. Silva Mind method, attaches itself to the same thought frequency, thats called the Law of Attraction.  Think positive you will attract positivity; think negative you will attract negativity.  ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT, NOTHING THAT A 2ND GRADER COULDNT UNDERSTAND, it could be diffiicult for PHd of course since they have been brainwashed thru intellectual logical reasoning.  By the way this is not just my personal views but views of distinguished, illustrious, recognized people on this planet, I just concur because of my personal experiences and what my channel tells me. So I am not beating a “dead horse”; I am saying this in such a way as to give you as much understanding as you need, to overcome whatever “objection, negativity that your false belief systems can come up with”.} cont’d ” If  you are poor yhou may feel quite self-righteous in your financial condition, looking with scorn uppon those who are wealthy, telling yourself tht money is wrong and SO REINFORCING THE CONDITION OF POVERTY. (wow! poor people remain poor if they believe this statement, they are doing it to themselves (staying poor) and DONT KNOW IT! cont’d: If you are ill you may find yourself dwelling upon the misery of your condition, and bitteerly envying thosse who are healthy, bemaining your status, and therefore perpetuating it through your thoughts.” (how many people in this world, know this, would the phds doctors scientists etc. know it, some perhaps, but only some, and the ones that know it HAVE TO KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT, because they know that if they opened their mouth. the CRAZY HOUSE IS WAITING FOR THEM HUNGRILY!  If the authorities of our societies accepted Seths teachings, they would have to change practically everything that they have INCULCATED INTO THE INNOCENT MINDS of their CAPTIVE CUSTOMERS, AND THAT IS CERTAINLY A NO NO!!  as you are aware of by now, I intend, just little 84 yr old me, I intend to change this equation where at least “there is an equal playing field” that Seths and other teachings that I have studied in depth, HAVE A VOICE IN THIS WORLD AND NOT BE RELEGATED to die on library shelves waiting for a “desperate person looking for personal salvation, disgusted, disillusioned by the “ego experts”}
to pick them up.  That for me is passe, its now time for action, and we have the wherewithall, and we intend to use it; and what I am doing for you, I intend to do for others world wide and there is no ifs or buts about this>

next para: We are still on pg 37
“If you dwell upon limitations, then you will meet them” ( this is fantastic this is definite proof established by you negative ego that the experience is real, because it(your limitation objectified itself, now what more proof do you need now, isnt that proof enough?  Thats also proves Seths point, the law of attraction, “you attract whatever your thinking, you might say “thoughts are things” or “thinking is destiny”, now why dont people know this?  How would anyone asleep in a dream, with many illusions drifting around their thought processes, know that these illustions, dreams, are NOT REAL since they are actually “experiencing them” or rather “creating them” BUT THEY DONT KNOW IT BECAUSE THEY ARE ASLEEP, know the difference; they dont, and if a person doesnt, as mentioned at least 200t imes, know the difference, cant make a difference in their lives, and the purpose behind what I and you are doing is to awaken from this deep sleep. What must you do?  here is Seths advice} cont’d ” YOU MUST CREATE A NEW PICTURE IN YOUR MIND.  It WILL DIFFER, from the picture your physical ssenses may show you at any given time, precisely in those AREAS WHERE CHANGES ARE REQUIRED.”  ( to paraphrase what he said is this:  since your false belief systems are habitaully entrained and is accepted as TRUTH, you will notice that there is a VAST DIFFERENCE between what you would have staked your life on before as a ‘true experience” and now that YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, and have more understanding, and wisdom (discernment) know definitively that you created that experience and the result of that experience whether positive or negative was foreordained BY YOU, believe it or not, and not by anyone, or anything else, but by you, by your thoughts, feeling, attitudes, actions, that you are both the author, the reader and the commentator, your the whole shabange, meaning what?  Meaning there is noone else to BLAME,  but   YOURS
TRULY.  Now how does that fit with your ego?  Whatever thoughts, feeling arise] write them down right away why?  Because they are first class lies, they are false belief systems.  Now do you see how you can detect who and what your PERSONAL ENEMIES are?  They are NOT OUTSIDE YOU, they are within you, believe it or not?  And if you dont believe it; theres another false belief system you can put into the ashcan and say good riddance!}

Last paragraph in the pg. ” Hatred of war will not bring peace–another example. Only l ove of peace will bring about those conditions.” ( My take on this sentence is this: ( if people understood peace, lived peacefully, loved peaceful people, admired peaceful people, and actually felt and KNEW WHAT PEACE IS they could make changes which would embrace the Principles of Peace.  Ignorance breeds war; awareness embraces peace.  In order to love peace, a person must be peaceful within.  Negativity of any sort harbors poisons whereby a person CANT EMBRACE PEACE BECAUSE THEY ARE FILED WITH THE POISONOUS SUBSTANCE CALLED HATRED.  Again I will repeat: “to make a change (peace one must KNOW WHAT CHANGE (love) IS?  otherwise its hokus pokus, fake FIRST CLASS PHONINESS.  Seths purpose aligned with my channels purpose want to first help a person achieve ONENESS (cons/sub/supercons) which means LOVE in the truest highest aspirational sense, where hatred CANNOT RESIDE> eliminate hatred, you embrace peace; a person cant be hateful, full of hate, and peaceful, full of peace at the same time, unless they are crazy, by polar personalites, which in their cases neither hate or love makes any real difference, since they are in a sense LOST SOULS sad but true.  They have in a sense left this dimensional portal and are living in their on confused world of imaginings.
page. 38  I assume that you have aligned your books’ pages along with mine

1st paragraph:

(Seth is still on how the conscious mind operates which is good, the more knowledge and understanding we get on this subject, the more RIGHT BELIEF SYSTEM EMERGE.; the opposite is also true, THE LESS KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING, DEEP SHIT, DEEP TROUBLE, BIG TIME, and we are all familiar with that arn’t we?  And in top of all that we DEFEND OUR FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS WITH A VENGEANCE, how can you beat that!} My comments of course.
“I quite realize that many of my  statements will CONTRADICT THE BELIEFS OF THOSE OF YOU WHO accept the idea that the conscious mind is RELAtIVELY powerless, and that the answers to problems LIE HIDDEN BENEATH.( I concur with Seth because, WHATS HIDDEN BENEATH deals primarily with our subconscious minds job not the conscious mind job since the conscious mind, using the term conscious meaning BEING CONSCIOUS IN CHOOSING THE RIGHT BELIEF SYSTEM; the hidden beneath as described by Seth means the subconscious;’ duty to fulfil the COMMANDS OF THE CONSCIOUS, thats my channels explaining which is more thorough at this point than Seths, until we read on.

Next paragraph: Obviously the conscious mind is a phenomenon, not a thing it is ever changing (dictionary definition of phenomenon, we might as well know what Seth is alluding to, dont you agree? i.e exceptional extraordinary, fantastic, marvellous, MIRACULOUS, notaable, OUTSTANDING, PRODIGIOUS, remarkable, sensational, singular, ujncommon, ujnique, unparallelled, unusual, wonderous) cont’d” It is EVER CHANGING ( if it wasnt capable of ever changing common sense says that we are wasting our time, trying to “get rid of the false, phony belief systems that we now THINK ARE TRUE, true enough believe it not, where people are willing to kill themselve or get killed, (suicide bombers etc.) and sending our young men in harms way believing what we think is going to happen if we dont react according ot our beliefs which time and events proof to be wrong ( both Vietnam war and Iraq war for example} stupidity reigns galore, more power to mass mind mentality halleluya glory to the Lords of Negativity, we bow down to your eminence!!!!  and why not?

Are not most people UNCONSCIOUS, and thats has to be since most if not practically all people use only one faculty, being the conscious mind, and when used INCORRECTLY which in most cases has to been since 95% of people assess truth with the “ordinary mind, well educated of course, the the “wisdom of the low frequency beta world” leave them NO CHOICE.  Squitch the “FREQUENCY CHANNEL TO ALPHA/theta, AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS.  Most will not do this, wont do this, abhor the thought of doing this and the question keeps coming up why?  My channel lays it “right on the line, tells it as it is”: they DO NOT WANT TO GO INTO ALPHA/THETA BECAUSE, #l its an effort  #2 if done right, honestly the information contained WILL CONTRADICT THEIR EGO, as you discovered, #3 they fear change, even GOOD CHANGE, the question still arises?  why would that fear even good change?  They fear even good change because ANY ASPECT OF CHANGE MEANS NOT ONLY CHANGING BELIEF SYSTEMS, BUT FEARING WHAT WILL COME UP NEXT in others word where they are right now, even though they are not really happy they for some reason in their misery hav a certain modium of CONTROL, even though they may deny it, BUT NEVERTHESS IT IS TRUE, and their ego wont KNOW THAT ITS TRUE.  When they go into this l00% switch from negative to positive, they (their egos lose ALL CONTROL) and since being in beta their identification is with the ego.

They can’t be in the frequency of beta without being in ego since the ego cannot OPERATE IN THE ALPHA/THETA FREQUENCY it cannot resonant on that spiritual level similarly like any electronic device which resonants on the same frequency level, i.e. radio, TV, computer etc. etc.  Now even a logical reasonable practical person WOULD AGREE WITH THAT STATEMENT, BUT would their EGO agree?  My channel says adamatly NO no no a thousand nos; it certaiinly doesnt want to capitulate its power, now or ever and will do its utmost, as you experience dramatically after your phenomenal experience called epiphany.  Now that you KNOW THE TRUTH, WILL THAT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE? I know the saying and keeps saying that the Truth Hurts, but does it hurt that much? and the last questions remains if it does, why?  In time, you will find that answer, and if unsccessful my channel will DIRECT YOU TO THE RIGHT SOURCE FOR IT!
cont”d” “It can be concentrated or TURNED BY THE EGO IN LITERALLY ENDLESS DIRECTIONS.  It can view outward reality or turn INWARD, observing its OWN CONTENTS. (now what did Seth mean?}( my comments( it means that the power of the conscious mind is literally INTENSE, FANTASTIC, UNBELIEVABLE IN THE SCOPE OF POWER WOW! as mentioned in the first sentence PHENOMENAL TO THE HIGHEST EXTENT.  and if used INCORRECTLY BY LISTENING TO THE EGO, instead of listening to the Soul, Higher Self, intution, Superconscious, listens to the lies of the ego, lies, deceit, falsehoods then without doubt the person is in DEEP SHIT WITHOUT ANY CHANCE OF REDEMTION because the UNIVERSE does not deal with lies, deceit of any sort; people do Universe/universes DO NOT HAVE TO!  and whether we have the understanding and wisdom of knowing that NATURE AND THE HUMAN BEING being one and the same (every mineral on our planet resides in our body; we any what we call “our environment ARE ONE, regardless of all the stupid rhetoric saying otherwise  So the last sentence Seth is saying that the “power given to our conscious mind is so powerful that it can control both the outward reality and the INWARD, “observing it own contents” which Seth is going to go into in detail in the next paragraph.

Next paragraph:” There are gradations and fluctuations within its activity.  It is far MORE FLEXIBLE THAN YOU GIVE CREDIT FOR. The ego can use the conscious mind almost ENTIRELY as a way of perceiving external or internal realities that coiinicide with its own beliefs.’  What is Seth saying?  Another wow! “(the ego can USE THE CONSCIOUS almost entirely,” anyone reading this would have to agree and admit WHO THE REAL BOSS IS, hands down its our ego! cont’d ” It is not that certain answers do not lie openly accessible, therefore, but that often you have set yourself on a course of action in which you believe, and you do not want to open yourself to any material that may contradict your current beliefs” (Where does the egos get their beliefs?  that a valid question; and how would you answer that?

Also what does the ego represent?  When we know WHAT THE EGO REPRESENTS WE THEN KNOW, where the ego gets it belief systems right?  answer (since the ego has no choice at all coming STRICTLY FROM THE LOWER LEVELS called beta, and beta represents WITHOUT DOUBT, our physical material plane, then the EGOS BELIEFS, having no choice at all, GETS ITS BELIEFS form there.  And since the material beta eartly plane that we occupy, every living creature on this planet, IS UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE EGO, whether they like it or not!  And would anyone wanting to RELEASE THEMSELVES FROM THE EGOS clutches go about doing it, ask SETH, right?  This puts 2 and 2 together where even a blind person using their inner senses would see where TRUTH COMES FROM, certainly it doesnt comes from our logical, reasonable, practical mind; the truth we are talking about is the truth of BEING, not products.  And wht is the Truth of Being?  The Truth of Being deals exclusively with KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE between cause/effect; cause is truth, effect is not truth; it is the result of truth, something that most if not all people “are not aware of.  “separating the chaff from the wheat” effect is the chaff NOT THE WHEAT.
Knowing right from wrong/ good from bad/ showing how both is needed, the effect needs a cause and the cause need an effect but most people dont know that do they? and the question is why not?  To answer that question all you must do is to remember what my channel has been saying for months. “its the blind leading the blind” and what does that mean?  It means that WE ARE LISTENING TO THE WRONG PEOPLE, people we think know what they are saying, WHEN THEY DONT, its as simple as that, it not complicated, its simple.  STOP LISTENING TO THE WRONG PEOPLE, start listening to your soul (intuition). Once you KNOW that your belief systems are faulty wrong lies imposed on you by “false prophets” and “tell your ego which upholds these beliefs “to go to hell and the quicker the better”; the sooner your intuition since it has “your permission” will come in since it wont come in and be “poisoned by DISEASED FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS. You have heard this saying, “one rotten apple contaminates the whole barrel” which also means YOU CAN’T MIX THE PURE WITH THE IMPURE, its not the way it works and my channel tells me that is one of the major pitfalls of people trying to hold on to the past “junk” and still make the positive changes in their lives, not a chance, its an impossibility.  You want a clean home, you just can’t put all the trash in the closet, and still call your house clean, can you?
Well, this is the same it’s a oxymoron view of what my channel and Seth is teaching.  I realize that what represents your ego now, won’t like anything said.  But that gives you another false belief system to DESTROY.  Dont try to justify your false belief systems; if you do your only UPHOLDING not destroying them!} cont’d” It is not that certain answers do not lie openly accessible, therefore, but that often you have set a course of action that MAY CONTRADICT YOUR CURRENT BELIEFS.” (now we get a very good picture why and how contradictions arise not just for you but for everyone}. That another reason why people HATE CHANGES, which means changing what they (ego) decided upon and since as Seth says starting off this session, that the conscious mind is ever changing, and if this is the case, the individual DOESNT WANT TO CHANGE CAUSING CONTRADICTIONS, then whats the result?  Get it? See all MEAT, without the potatoes  in what Seth is teaching;? and by seeing the truth, little by little whether you know about it or not, your ego quietly slowly slips away into the ethers where it should infect the environment not you or others; it shouldnt even have the ability to INFECT our environment since NATURE  which is our environment  IN TRUTH,  is ONE WITH ONENESS, and being on a HIGHER pLANE, PUTS EGO WHERE IT BELONGS, in the ashcan! cont’d ”

next paragraph:  ” if you are sick for example, there is a reason. To recover thoroughly without taking on new symptoms, you MUST DISCOVER the reason. You may dislike your illness, but it is a course you HAVE DECIDED UPON.  WHILE YOU ARE CONVINCED THAT THE COURSE IS NECESSARY YOU will keep the symptoms. (I know this would be hard to take for most if not all people who are suffering pain etc. but if we do believe in what Seth is teachings, and do believe that we “create our own reality, then we cannot seperate this information from everything else that we accept that Seth is teaching, can we?  And since illness is NOT THE CAUSE BUT THE EFFECT, then what Seth is saying is true in this regard also, isnt it?  Whatever rhetoric, reasons, logic, intellectual manipulations of the mindset is, one thing is a fact that can’t be changed and that one thing is THAT EVERYTHING NEEDS A BELIEF FOR ITS EXISTENCE, for believe and will are bedfellows; without will; and without the belief that enforces will, NOTHING HAPPENS. believe it or not?} next para: Now these may be the result of one specific belief, or caused by a complex of beliefs held together.
next para: “The beliefs of course willbe accepted by you NOT AS BELIEFS, BUT AS REALITY (unfortunate but true since whatever you believe, through the Law of Attraction, you attract, resonate with similar beliefs, and then gives you the RESULT OF THAT BELIEF/BELIEFS. and the result is what you call REALITY.  Beliefs are not physical; they are the opposite of physical, unseen referred to as the “abstract dimensional world, also referred to as the Causal world; in contrast to our physical dense, materialized world which we refer to as our EFFECT world and our world of reality. And the amazing thing is very few humans are aware of this FACT even the most pristigious intellectuals.  Is there proof of this?  Yes, there is prove of this if a person/persons are NOT CLOSEMINDED; the causal abstract world CAN BE ACCESSED and there are “actual proof of how both worlds interact with each other”this is not theory based, not one bit, even though “closed minded” people think otherwise!  In plain english if anyone asked prove it; IT CAN BE DONE SINCE IT HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE MANY TIMES!!!!!!!!!
Still on pg 38 , last paragraph: Once you understand that YOU FORM YOUR REALITY, then you must begin to examine these beliefs by letting the conscious mind FREELY EXAMINE ITS OWN CONTENTS.” {What Seth is saying is that IF THE EGO BOWS OUT BY ALLOWING the conscious mind to do what IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO, then and only then will the person be “on the right path” and not before!}
Next page 391st paragraph:
” We will speak about health and illness more specifically later in the book. I would like to make one point here, however, that often psychoanalysis is simply a game of hide-and-seek, in which you continue to relinquish responsibility for your actions and reality and assign the basic cause to some are of the psyche, hidden in a dark forest of the past. Then you give yhourself the task of finding this SECRET.  Inso doing you Never think of looking for it IN THE CONSCIOUS MIND, since you are CONVINCED that all deep answers lie far BENEATH  and, moreover, that your consciousness is not only UNABLE to help yhou but will often send camouflages insted. So you PLAY THAT GAME.” (i.e Freud’s teachings found false which he admitted to later in life, but for some reason still promulgated; false belief system abound!!!!!

next para. “When and if you manage to change your beliefs in that SELF-DECEPTIVE FRAMEWORK, THEN any SUITABLE “FORGOTTEN” EVENT FROMTHE PAST WILL BE USED AS A catlyst. oNE WOULD DO AS WELL AS ANOTHER.”  (sad but true again false belief systems abound”

next para:  ” The basic beliefs however were always in your conscious mind, and the reasons for your behavior.  You simply had NOT EXAMINED ITS CONTENTS withthe realization that your beliefs were NOT NECESSARILY REALITY, but often your conceptions of it” ( now we are coming to pay dirt finally! Seth says BASIC BELIEFS, so there are basic beliefs residing in everyones conscious—-ness-essss that appaarently they are UNAWARE OF and the question again is asked ” why and how are they unconscious of their CONSCIOUSNESS, are they so unaware? are they so UNconscious?  the answer must be yes for both! The last sentence of what Seth said and I repeat ” Yoou simply had NOT EXAMINED its (conscious minds) contents with the realization (understanding, wisdom, discernment) that your beliefs (ego oriented information ) were NOT NECESSARILY reality, but often your (ego) conception of it.

next paragraph: ”  At the same time, in psychoanalysis you are often programmed to believe that the “unconscious” being the source of such DARK SECRETS, CANNOT BE COUNTED UPON AS ANY BED OF CREATIVITY OR INSPIRATION, AND SO YOU are denied the help tht the inner portions of the self COULD give your consciousness.” ( experts, experts insidiously impregnating peoples mind to such an extend that the true expert (the natural forces in our Universe, supporting Nature and Its Inhabitants) should prosper in all respect, is twarted, insulted, abused, controlled and THEY ARE GETTING AWAY WITH IT until now; they will be exposed, deposed, and depossessed of all their nefarious schemes especially this one:  Freud as mentioned above has been deflocked and thats for many years now; he is definitely passe and should be!.  I am sure he was sincere, but sincerety under the guise of FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS ARE STILL LIES AND DECEIT, nevertheless.

next para: ” Usually when you DO Examine your conscious mind you do so looking through, or with, your OWN STRUCTURED BELIEFS.  The knowledge that your beliefs are not necessarily reality will allow you TO BE AWARE of all the data that is consciously available to you.” ( So, what Seth is saying is that whatever thoughts, ideas, feeling, sensations etc. coming through your CONSCIOUS-ness(conscious mind; its the same thing whether we know it or not!) when a person is NOT CONSCIOUS, he/she accepts everything entering from wherever it comes from either from the material plane or the other non material plane as truth, is NOT EXAMINING content is literally UNCONSCIOUS even the the physicalness of the body is moving, eating, sleeping reacting etc.; thats the reference, and as a result is INFLUENCED by everything physical or abstract around them; they are dead but dont know it!  The result is they in time with the assistance of their ego of course, will “have their own structured belief systems firmly entrenched shutting out others that dont resonate with them.} cont’d ” I am telling you to examine your thoughts SO FREQUENTLY and with SUCH VIGOR that you get in your own way, but you ARE NOT FULLY CONSCIOUS UNLESS you are AWARE OF THE CONTENTS OF YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND. I am also emphasizing the fact tht the conscious mind is equipped to receive information from the inner self as well as the exterior universe” (after reading this sentence it seems to me that the conscious mind, the true conscious mind, the real conscious mind, not the false conscious mind, not the egocentricity which attaches itself to the conscious minds purposes, has BEEN HIGHJACKED, for me thats certain, without question, without doubt otherwise. why would there be FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS, not a chance at all; its JUST PLAIN COMMON SENSE.  Our conscious minds have been highjacked, usurped by our egos unquestionably; and people with superior egos and the world as we know aboud with them attest to this fact.  The world in general GLORIFIES EGOS, AND ANYONE THAT CAN SEE THAT IS DEAF DUMB AND STUPID!!!!

next para: we are now on page 40
“I am NOT telling you to INHIBIT THOUGHTS OR FEELINGS.  i AM ASKING THAT YOU BECOME aware of those you have!!!!!!! Realize that they form YOUR REALITY!!!!!! Concentrate upon those that GIVE YOU THE RESULTS THAT YOU WANT.”  Richard you have been asking for exercises, did you overlook this paragraph?  You are looking for false belief systems, here is a great way to find out what they are?  Are you asking me now for “how do I do it?”; its rather simple, believe it or not, whatever negative unsavory, disturbing, contradicting, upsetting thought which engenders feeling, negative of course, sadness, anger, fury, whatever, at that moment STOP EVERYTHING YOUR DOING AT THAT MOMENT, and do a very simple thing, and I mean simple.  Just like you’re always asking me, well do a switch why not try ASKING YOURSELF, whats wrong with your self, and have you any idea of what I mean when I say, “asking yourself”?  The question would be “which self am I asking” and what IS MYSELF, and who am I in truth?  Or would the self that I am asking to have the answers?  And if I got an answer would it be the correct answer?  And I am sure you would come up with more questions. Your reply wait a minute you said that this is going to be simple but it doesnt sound as if its going to be simple, what are you talking about? My channels reply is this: example:  a GREAT Negative thought enters my consciousness, I hear, I respond to it with all kinds of negative emotions, my mind is trying desperately to find answers for this doubt, contradiction etc. and the outgrowth of negative emotions, feeling that these disturbing thoughts cause, what do I do?  Well, I have to KNOW THAT there is a purpose for these negative emotions arising and try to identify that that purpose is that’s what whys are all about; but somehow or other a lot of stuff comes it and says it can be this, can be that and it becomes circular, goes around in circles with no definitive conclusions; just observe without attaching yourself to all these thoughts, observe the feelings that emenate from negative thoughts.  THATS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO AT THAT PARTICULAR MOMENT, you don’t need any resolution then; just OBSERVATION.  You are studying yourself; you are doing what Seth wants you to do to KNOW WHAT CONTENTS YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND GRAPPLING WITH.  You are now playing the part of a scientiest and the experiment is YOU, and you alone.  That is all you do you do not allow yourself to identify or attach to anything negative coming into your consciousness; you are only observing, learning, in a detached manner whats IN YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND.  Your usual retort would be from experience historically speaking would be:  “how would that help me solve my problem, just give me the simple answers. without realilzing that the problem is NOT THE PROBLEM, the problem is YOU; YOU ARE the problem, it’s not outside; its inside.  And your next reply would be “I still dont SEE HOW THAT SOLVES, gives me the answers I want”!  The answers you want when you have become ONE WITH YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND, and if you ask me what is it to become one with my conscious mind, it means CONNECTED, it means in harmony, you might say “in love with”; with full faith and trust, in time knowing the difference between truth and falsehoods thereby allowing the CONSCIOUS MIND TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES (focusing on the right things in your life) then your on your path.  Your ego mind will easily retort to everything my channel said by then saying, what president Reagen said to Bush Sr. “there you go again”.  Your ego keeps telling you that It has a Simple way for you to get out of your fixes just listen to it (beta, logic world in which it exists) and pay NO ATTENTION to what Seth or my channel is telling you (truth).  And what again is the truth, even though I have repeated it dozens of times, here I go again.  The truth is whatever you believe you materialize; so why not believe the Truth and whatever negativity stirrs up in your being no damn well there is NO TRUTH TO IT WHATSOEVER.

next para:” If you find all of this difficult, you can also examine your physical reality in ALL of its aspects. Realize that your physical experience and environment is the materialization of your beliefs. (as said above} If you find great exubeerance, health, effective work, abundance, smiles on the faces of those you meet, then take it FOR GRANTED tht your beliefs are BENEFICIAL (if that isnt proof enough that truth previals, then what is?}” If you see a world that is good, people that like you, take it for granted, again that your beliefs are beneficial.  But if you find poor health, a lack of meaningful work, a lack of abundance, a world of sorrow and evil, then assume that your beliefs are faulty and begin examining them.” (what MORE PRACTICAL THAN THAT, WHAT CAN TOP THAT, THATS LAYING IT RIGHT ON THE LINE, AND at the same time telling your false selves, egos, that what they are offering you is absolutely nothing, no happiness, or joy, only grief unhappiness. would you eat food that makes you sick? Why would anyone be willing to lose their self respect by allowing negativity todestroy their wellbeingness and INNER INTEGRITY?  I realize that people worldwide do, but do it unknowingly, but “to make a difference, one must KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.  And you know what that difference is and thank goodness your taking and MAKING IT} cont ”

next para last on the page;

” We will later discuss the nature of mass reality, but for now we are dwelling upon the personal aspect. The main point I wanted to make in this chapter was that your conscious beliefs are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, and that you are NOT AT THE MERCY OF EVENTS OR CAUSES, that dwell far beneath your awarenss

Congratulations:  You have successfully completed two vital chapters; the most important chapters in the book.  The next chapter will deal with a very intriguing subject  “suggestion, telepathy, and the GROUPING OF BELIEFS.”  which will tie a lot of things together doing its best to WIPE OUT YOUR EGO REBUTTALS IN TIME OF COURSE.  Everything important takes time since we do live in TIME/SPACE WORLD dont

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