why? is “it” the foundation, the basic fact, of all consciousess/exist

that a person must have experienced!
what does this mean?
let’s take suicide as an example  –  my “source” says that people who kill themselves, have no “punishment” for their act!
and also, there is no special “condition” “punishment” given to those who commit suicide.
that is according of course to my non-human “source”!
however, there “is” a “catch” to this  –  what is “not faced up to” in this physical life, will “have to be faced” in another life time.
so it appears suicides “is ongoing” from one lifetime to another lifetime. why? as the title to this blog says:
above all else; the individual “creates” his/her experience!
that is why we are called “co-creators” one/us with the ONE, the real McCoy, the C R E A T O R!
and  those that say that they when in need communicate with their      “creator” one on ONE, unless they are in the “class that Dr. Swedenborg was in, they are “deluding themselves
who has the “frequency” the link to the Creator? certainly not the “ones that say that they do?
only people like Dr. Swedenbo rg over many “incarnations”; each incarnation painstakenly “raising their consciousness “vibration” in time “may be able to achieve this unbelievable feat”
PEOPLE ARE NOT MOSES  –  the only  “human being” on this planet and perhaps “beyond” –  living on the mountain called M r. Sinai fo
forty days/nights  –  returning with “five books written my Jehovah” books called the  TORAH  –
no other human being since has been able to duplicate this feat of accomplishment  –  NOONE,  not even the Jewish God called Jesus,
acclaimed by the Romans who ruled the known world at the time, as the socalled “son of God”  –  made a “idol out of him”  –  which if he lived at the time he would have “immediately” thrown into the garbage pail!
the biggest insult to an ultra religious rabbi including Jesus, was to make idols out of ordinary human beings;  no sin is stronger than that!
this is also valid for other religions that the Torah “predicted will come into the scene proclaiming that “their god is the socalled “real god”
they also made an “idol of their god”  –  bowing down to it five times a day!  idols do not always have to be in physical form  –  the “thought of the word idol on its own” works the same way!
both “demand obediancy  of t heir “faithful”   –
these so-called gods  –  unknown to man; have their “ways/means of
infiltrating the  “minds of those who “are ready” to fulfill “the wishes of these socalled gods!
people “blowing themselves up” is proof positive of the control/power of these “gods”
returning to the subject of this essay;
let’s look at this title with simple “common sense”
if it is true that we human beings “create our own experienes; breakign this all down, what does it mean?
we can always “mimic” the “fact” that we create what happens to us, but to know why?
most if not “all people” would NOT KNOW WHY?
well as we both engage this path of self discovery, we will continue on to find out why, and how  –   we as human beings, supposedly “one with the ONE, meaning of course that “the socalled GodHead, what ever it is, is watching out for us  – one way or another  –
as a mother would “watch over her newborn babe!
but then if that “is the case” why is there so much mayhem, killing, torture, throat cutting, etc. going on in this world especially if those who are doing this inhumanity act, thinks and believes that it is “condoned by his/her god that is supposed to “give life; not “take life”
something “stinks in Denmark” as they say  –
which means of course, that LIES ABOUND, not by some by BY ALL!
living in an ego infested world that condones all of the above using dictums and other socalled affidavites most especially their interpretation of their socalled “sacred bibles”
as their guide for their SATANIC ACTIONS!
so to return to “suicide” according to my source, people killing themselves, do not have “to pay” the price after their death!
all they have to do is to return to this physical dimension, and as the subject title says try again by creating their “own experience”
my source gives some explanation why the persons kills himself/herself,. It appears the person “rejects” whatever terms, behavior,experience that he/she “must face” by murdering himself/herself!
its like cutting your nose, to spite your face!
and many just are unable to cope with their earthly existence, unfortunately without “gun control” many of these “crazies”  –  want t o “take people with them, by mowing them all down with AK’s and other guns that our country allows these people to buy!
so our gun people “are in bed” with these misguided souls by giving them the ways/means of killing innocent people.
these gun promoters will go to hell when their body dies  –  they are the purveyors of death, unlike the person who is suicide bound.
and the politicians that support them also have “berths in hell” waiting for them, “as they should of course”!
YOU REAP AS YOU SOW    –    noone will get away with injustice of any sort  –  in the higher worlds, there is no “ay-off”; so these scoundrels have a “ready berth” waiting for them when their body falls apart!
and how and why of suicides also has a bearing on this phenomena!
there is a “symbiosis” going on between their physical and spiritual dimensions  – each case is different of course!
some suicides happen for “unknown reasons”  – prompted by “inner clashes in the subconscious and unconscious minds of these demented people!
its simple to know why people are willing to kill themselves, by blowing themselves up with bombs attached to their body  –
most believe that “heavens await them for doing their gods work!  that the other world, the one they expect to enter-  will be a world that gives them their “hearts desire”
i.e. men have untold virgins for their sex urge;  –  I am not sure how the women benefit, but they do benefit –  and perhaps sex for them is the same as for men, very desirable etc.
there are “bad results” attached to self killing  –  that depends on the soul records of the individual  –  every souls purpose is different.
the idea of “obsession” has a correlation with the obsession with self murder  –
every “case of course is different”




according to my non human source, “we are all thought-forms!

of course very few people would understand that statement since its way beyond their “understanding mind”
however as we progress “little by little” in a “quest” of accessing the
“secrets” that “uphold the “integrity” of our solar system  –
secrets that scientists have devoted their lives of “ascertaining  –  so far “unsuccessful as the “atom smasher was unsuccessful, eight billion dollars “down the drain”
these “secrets” are little-by-little are being revealed by my non-human source who is “privy to them”; we human beings “are not privy to them” and for the right reasons of course!
that reason is of course “our ego, self glorification, love of self and all of he other “pitfalls” attached to our “ignorance”  –
by eliminating that “I did it; the Trump clarion call of “what success is all about”  –  what we are “left with” is a “simple soul” who wishes to be “
one with the ONE  –  nothing more; nothing less!
havent  seen this happen in our egocentric world  –  humblenes, contriteness has nothing “in common” with the “real source” of life!
the real source of “life” is the form/creator that “gives life”  –
what’s in the “sperm” that gives life!  and  what “is sperm”?
when you use numerology where letters are numbers, includes the letters of our alphabet and also the letters of the Hebrew alphabe, and perhaps the letters of other languages!
the system is called “numerology and its called Gematria in the Holy five books of Moses!; goes back to Mt Sinai; the mountain that Moses stayed in for forty days/nights  with Jehovah the God of Earth!
sperm  s=1  p= 7  e= 5 r= 9  m= 4  add 1+7+ 5+ r+9 ,m+4 =26= reduced to a single digit becomes 8  –   god  g=7   o=6   d= 4 + 17  = 8
now we know why sperm “creates life”  anything that ends up with the number eight which is elliptical  –  ying/yang   –   the elliptical is considered the god sign by people in the business of knowing what is!
how is it possible for thoughts becoming “forms”?  how is that possible?
what “is a thought” and where does it come from, and how is it utilized?
most people have used this expression for years  “thoughts are things”
without actually “knowing the hows and whys!
our blog is “dedicated in “exposing” knowledge from a “source beyond the reaches of man”s duplicity!
where self interest, ego is involved  –  NO information/knowledge should be dispensed since man has not “risen in conscious enough” to eliminate his/her “ego gratification process”
we need an ego to survive in this dog-eat-dog world  –  I came into this world without an ego and suffered for fifty years because  I lacked an ego to defend me!
only less than 2% of the worlds population has no, or very little ego  -their only defense is the ability to “go beyond the time/space world/ego world  –  again transcention is how they survived  –  i did that also, my source was with me from birth; took fifty years to find out “what it was””
as mentioned in my blog.
those without their source protection  –  are in real trouble  –  many do not survive the ego onslaught  –  “this to shall pass” saved my life!
just four simple words worked like magic for me.
the first fifty yrs of my life eas tortorous to say the least, but then I had saving graces, my innate abilities “came to the rescue, music, singing dancing, playing the piano; natural talent I inherited from past lives, and the innate abilities I had for business!
even with these talents, my life was hardly bearable!
why?  I was lliving in a world where “I did not belong”; i was living ina world I had nothing in common with  – lving with people that I had nothing in common with  –  never found a “friend” that I could share my thoughts with  –  the mate I chose like all the other women I went out with over the years, –  did not come from my world, we had nothing in common other than we managed to live together without upheavels; that happened big time when she became “holier than thou” with a status called PHd – which reduced me to a simple storekeeper who is expected to “know nothing” other than how to manage his store.
and my exwife said that!  she became my mentor – her newly found status PHd allowed her to “demean me in everyway possible and she did of course! to the point, that she thru my “out of her life forever”
which of course game my my freedom!  she was a “friend in disguisse” of course!
despite the fact that she did “me a favor” her despicable ways of doing so, were “not human” more bestial than human!
it was a double cross and a triple cross at the same time!
and UNhuman Act considering the fact that I supported her quest for a PHd status, paid for her education, and did everything for nine yrs to assist her in her efforts!
justice as we know cannot exist on our physical planet since as I have written many times, this planet is a planet of duality which means, NO RESOLUTIONS; only COMPROMISES
truth cnnot be bargained in any “sense of the word” and again compromises means that neither side is involved “with the truth”
in a world of singularity there is no duality, thus truth can exist and does exist  –  to prove that all one has to do is read the books of the great psychic Edgar Cayce who obtained his information from the higher dimensions, fortelling the future; giving remedies to doctors for healing purposes etc.
there is not past present future in the higher dimensions since everthing happens “at once” – each system working on the system of frequencies, “wheels within wheels with none interfering with each other
the most fantastic system imaginable  –  our scientists are not able to fathom the intricadies of this majestic interactions between “all worlds
working simultaneously, synchronicitioyus and seredipitous.
they lack the necessary equipment to fathom this  magnificient operaton.
My good friend, Paul Laffoley, a fantastic artist with a phenominal mind/ability  – his artistry depicts how all of these ‘energies” blend together, mesh together in a state of ONENESS!
He is coming out with a book where I will get his permission to show the work that he has done, with his comments of course what this blog is talking about this very moment.
hE CALLS IT A singularity   ANOTHER NAME FOR GOD OF COURSE since we call god, the ONE;  singuilarities, do NOT have positive and negative poles to contend with!
the world single means ONE  –  singularities means ONE!
the Hebrew prayer  “hear Oh Israel, the Lord our God, faithful King, the Lord is ONE  says the same thing!
as we continue with our blog, little -by-little  –  knowledge needed to “fill in the gaps will “be filled”






for a person living on our time/space planet, the title of this blog “defies explanation of “any sort”

how is it possible that what is and whatever will “be an is”  – MUST abide by the spiritual principles that state:
in our time/space world that is an impossibility!  – since everthing is based on time/space?
what it says of course  is that the laws “governing our physical dimension” are not the “same laws” that govern our “non-physical worlds”
that this blog for years now has been propounding using of course the “direct perception” of a “non human being”  – not attached “in any way with the”limitations that “confront us human beings”
human beings are meant to be “fallible” since what determines “truth for them/us” is our reason,logic,intellect –  which of course, depends on the “ego faculty” for assessment of the matter.
the result?  read the history books going back thousands of years and the result/answers to that question, proves without a doubt that:
our physical egocentric world is CORRUPT TO THE CORE!
why “hold on” to information ” corrupt to the core”?
answer?  Stupidity of the highest order,;  very law consciousness  – the ineptness of our educational systems  – the neglect and disapproval of the “world of cause; the non physical dimension where time/space is “dead in their tracks”
the reason for our blogs   –
we are all discovering the amazing worlds that exist beyond our 3rd dimension of time/space!
worlds that “shape our lives” and not the other way around where our egos determine “what is and what isnt”
of course our body must die, there is no way around this fact”!  but it doesnt mean that the spirit that made it possible for this body to   act,  the energy/spirit needs also to “die”  –
energy in truth, has no beginning and no end, it JUST IS  –  and it cannot be destroyed; it transmutes of course, but as said cannot be destroyed  –  why?
it in truth has “nothing in common with us ego people who base everything happening in our life on the basis of OUR EGO PERCEPTIONS, certainly not on our DEEP INNER PERCEPTIONS, that 98% of the people do not know EXIST!
as vast as our physical dimension appears to be; our spiritual dimension is probably a million times or more “more vast in every detail”
in order to investigate this we cannot use the opinions of us human beings; we must go “far beyond the human family” to find the ansers.
my blog’s purpose is set up on this basis/foundation”
THIS FOUNDATION IS SET UP IN SUCH A WAY WHERE OPINIONS IN GENERAL mean nothing since they are based on physical experiences that are limited “in all respects”
HUMAN BEINGS ARE ‘FALLIBLE PEOPLE” thus unequipped to handle  questions that go “far beyond their capacity of understanding”
my source goes far beyond our physical dimension since “it” has the capability to do so!
WE HUMANS STUCK IN THE PHYSICAL DIMENSION, DO NOT, despite the “lies of our ego”
EXCUSES BEGONE, a book written by Dr.Wayne Dyer spells it all out!
in the higher dimensions once the body is “dead”  –  teachers are there ready to invite you into their domain   –  you will not be alone!
depending on the “level of consciousness a person is when he/she dies, the right teacher will appear to guide the person in their new life!
according t my source this is a time not of confusion, bu quite the opposite, where “illumination comes “into the picture”  – time for growth, and expansion of consciousness!
of course big egos, people with great physical wealth, and  others with that “kind of mind”  – will still “cling” to their “old life, a life of power, wealth, distinction, eminence etc.–  the things that made them feel = better than the other person –  people they “pushed around”
its a time for revelation  –  the emergence of who they truly are which of course is a SOUL; and certainly not an “elite,erudite/scholar baskign in their “glory of emminence!
they are “reduced to the level of the chinese coollie driving their carriage.
will continue

THE PURPOSE OF OUR EARTHLY EXISTENCE, its our training period!

we are here to “learn how to be “better human beings”

 and that of course necessitates us to “know the difference”
we are learning how to “as complete a human being as possible!
in a sense we “are creating ourselves”
and by “focusing on our physical development, we can do that!
using our talents helps us to do this of course.
unfortunately  our  “concepts of good, and progression, are extremely distorted.
it is good t know that our extraordinary abilities, and I personally came in with many –  keep “showing up from incarnation to incarnation”
this of course “enhances our “individuality and  uniqueness”
there is no doubt that our past lives continue to be effective in our present life  –  nothing is lost when the body dies  – its always  “used
over and over each lifetime!
a good explaination of the many “talents” that I had/have!
I am sure that Einstein was in past lives, also a “great man” in all
respects    –    perhaps one of the greatest!
so there “is” continuity  – our body dies of course, but not so for our soul which cannot die!
many more “issues” are involved than the simple “fact” of our rebirth factor!
everyone does “not” re-incarnate  –  there are those who wish not to re-incarnate!
we also have “choice” when we wish to blend with the idea of “probabilities”  –   for those “souls” ready to expand their wings!
this of course means that the person is “expanding their  awareness as I said “expand their wings”
Our whole concept that our time/space deals with; no longer has any “validity”  –
its a whole new ballgame as they say  –   the old rules no longer apply.
will continue


deterimines what our next physical incarnation will be all about!

its apparent to me that the world we call “our world” is a a totally “artifical world” in comparison to the world “within worlds” – the spiritual dimensions.
the periods in between  incarnations are very fruitful.
my source says that “he soul” has an important part to play at this period wherein the person’ growth in spirituality is “up front” for consideration!
it is “not a simple process” according to my Source~
this is a time in the “life of the Soul to plan in regard their expected  incarnation, the whys and wherefores –  nothing is random as our scientists try to make us believe!
as an example; each incarnation “can be specialized”  –  i.e. the intellect may be prominent, or the innate faculties may be prominent  –
there is an established “blueprint” established before the Soul decides to return to the “dog-eat-dog world” we mistakenly call “the real world!
unfortunately “living a so called “balanced life” is “not in the cards” despite teachings etc.
of course, –  there are big disparities of what we think,beliieve “is the right way” –  goes counter to our so called “teachings”
its apparent to me that the major block, or “fly in the ointment as they say, is –
the SOUL TAKES FRONT/CENTER, and very little is known about SOULS!
another thing to consider, the relationships needed for the next physical life, takes into consideration how “telepathy  works”, and is much involved –
these “projections” – bypassing time and space  –  as said  – play a big part in “going back for another try”!
with “telepathy” –  enables – resolutions to past life problems  i.e. in my personal life it would be my mother; the part she played in my life, especially in my earlier years.
and perhaps later after I am gone,, and my exwife is also gone  – the hows and whys of our relationship together  –
information  that would make “some sense” to a marriage that avoided communication “at all costs”, on her part of course!
her refusal to “reveal her innermost thoughts, feelings, two of themost important ingredients in “all marriages”  –
caused our split of course  – a one sided marriage is a person with only one leg!
something also to consider  – according to source, our reincarnational selves operate on the principles of cycles –  astrology is one form of a cycle, there are of course others –
in these cycles, families due to re-incarnation –  find each other  –  to work out problems of course that needed “working out previously”
and why not?  the world, the real world is Plastic” unlike our egocentric physical dimension which of course is NOT PLASTIC, although it might appear to me, that is a mirage of course!
so we all live sometime or other in “historical times”   –   also “return in historical times” etc  etc.
again the idea of “random-ness, the “”elites/erudites/scholars”
negating the “fact” not supposition, that our physical dimension is NOT the world of CAUSE, but the world of EFFECT,
which means that “its origins” in not within their grasp; that what they are dealing with DEPENDS on a world foreign to their world; the world
wherein there is no “physical structure”   –
our soalled world, the world called the “real world” cannot operate in a world without structures!
our source which is     “non physical”    knows the difference   – is capable of  –   transcending what it needs to transcend, unlike our socalled physical –  bess –
what came first in building a building was it the “blueprint or the actual physical work?\\\
the BLUEPRINT OF COURSE!  the thought/idea always come first, what follows is the socalled physical “execution of the thought/idea.
why cant our scientists see this  –  Einstein of course saw it when “IT’ gave him what he needed to know   –
he was honest enough to admit that it “wasnt him per se” it was NOT his ego, his “expertize”
IT WAS SOMETHING WAY WAY BEYOND WHERE EINSTEIN CAME FROM   –  and again he was honest to say that!
from my “source”  – the physical dimension is meant to be a “training period”  It also says that in “trith” there is “no sense of progression which we call time and space!
EVERYTHING WORKS TOGETHER ALL AT THE SAME TIME!how would the scientists figure that one out?  not a chance in hell!
everything working all “at the same time” an impossibility say the savants of our society  –
the time/space world we call the physical dimension  –  cant work other than from “moment – to – moment  –  to fit into the the socalled science set up by Newton, who later admitted that he was totally wrong in his socalled “deductions”
he turned to Meta-physics –  which he could not expose since it could have meant his death!
remember the world was flat not round  –  Isaac Newton had to “pretend that he was one of them to stay alive.
other renounced scientists had to do likewise  –  not reveal the truth  –
Einstein of course was an exception  – as other scientists were also!
according to”my source”  the “idea” of reincarnation goes far beyond just “getting into a “physical body”


how did this person squeeze into this project?

that is how “exceptions happen”  –   ordinarily   –   exceptions are not
used as an excuse/barrier to the “truth of the situation”
however for debating reason, exceptions make mince-meat out of the
true meaning of principles, laws  since  that is the “weapon of choice” for the Satanic Forces in our Universe!
I see it operating when I go on the U Tube  – ego’s pro and con debating who is right, who is wrong when being egos and using ego tactics,
BOTH ARE WRONG,  from the start to the finish  –  since they are “debating egocentric principles, rules and not principles, laws laid out like Hermes, LaoTzu and other spiritual forces, “non religious” –  that
are the “real source” for all socalled debates  –   its called “transcension” a world unheard, unknown of in this egocentric time/space world we call “reality”
its as fraudulent as a $3.00 dollar bill.  its all a “farce of course”  two con-artists trying to outdo each other!
the U Tube is loaded with this hypocracy!
idiots watch it all of the time  – endorse what they hear, see and then propaganize the contents to others, who do likewise.
THEY ARE ALL LIES OF COURSE SINCE THE METAPHYSICAL DIMENSION is where “it all happens”, not on our physical dimenskion.
read my other blogs, it give more  “insights” in regard to this “nonsense”
Science is beginning to “realze” that they have been “barking up the wrong tree”   –
so while being in the spiritual world, you have the option of “coming back, or you may want to focus on your past life experiences  – I have been doing that while still in my physical body  –
you may focus on “new experiences both in the physical, spiritual domains,
you may review past lives, and make corrections where corrections were needed,  –   as I said, I am doing that while still in my body
you may perhaps change rewrite your present/past life experiences,
these are all worthwhile things to do while still living in  your physical body!
our “shrinks” tell us not to do that of course, but then they “know nothing” about what I and my channel , write about!
they are pure neophytes  – most of them disbelieve any of the eight hundred essays, that I have written  –
to them its all nonsense   –
here is another form for “change” you can use the system referred to as “probabilities”  – now keep in mind  –   something strange for most physically oriented people; that our mind is “plastic while our body is quite the opposite
this causes consternation for the individual, what should he/she believe in; their body or their “mind”  – not their ego mind  ,  but the opposite, their innate mind  –  the mind that makes a “monkey out of our egos!
some people come back to live a “structured llogical egocentric life  – since they love anything that has a structure to it!
some are only interest in allowing “their innate “intuition”to guide them in their life; that is who I am of course!
we humans are “more complex” than we can imagine  –   the reason we really “dont know who we are”  other than statistics  –  work, family, etc etc.
what follows are only indidentals, whether we like it or not!
we apparently love being “superficial”  – those reading my blogs know by now that my blogs are “not superficial”  – and is meant to attrack people with a likewise approach in their lives.


never forget that the information that my computer prints out daily is “not made up by me”!

I am “not the source”; as I said many times and keep repeating,  – my source has no connection whatsover with our physical egocentric world we call Planet Earth, but then  –  “my source” does not need to have any connection with our egocentric planet since it is TOTALLY UNBOUNDED!
what does that mean UNBOUNDED?
for the ordinary person it means absolutely nothing since their “idea of reality” is “so limited” that it insures the “fact” that their mass-min-mentality consciousness “limitations”  prevents them from leaving “their cage” just the animals in the zoo and in the circuses!
the purpose of my blog is to “free them from their “self imposed cages”  Self imposed?  yes self imposed!
why is it self imposed?
that is a very good question  –  it is self imposed because being “mass-mind-mentality these people “see no other options” but to Join the crowd; the other prisoners of the MASS MIND MENTALITY WORLD!
nowadays with Facebook and the other social organizations, masmindmentality has grown by “leaps and bounds”  – propagandizing is no a very “big business”
all of the social media besides TV Radio – newspapers, magazines , movies “all propaganda tools – all meant to “enslave, in fact “more enslave the massmindmentality “idiots”  –  idiots?  yes they are “idiots” for one main reason  –
they take everything given to them, in all forms  –  as  – given from god himself  – they lack the “wisdom of discernment” in fact I would say that less than one percent know what this word “discernment” is all about!
oh yes, they go to college, cram for exams so that they can “pass their course” and then “forget it all”
is that what college is all about?  of course, dont you know that.  Of course we still have our two percent “who know the difference”
and as I said, the difference is less than two percent of the worlds population!
is there any “future” if only two percent know “right from wrong”  a kid of five yrs old can answer that question   –  correctly  – perhaps not the fifty yr older since he has been “brainwashed big time” by the elites, erudites and their henchmen the socalled scholars, who rig the history books, bigtime!
would the thieving president, Johnson, and possible a killer also in regard to who killed president Kennedy; there is a lot of evidence that points in his direction, along with the CIA boss, guess who was boss of the CIa at that time, you got it, the senior George Bush, the father of the idiot son who couldnt put two words together as president  –  and who helped him two times, to win the presidency, his younger brother who “cooked the books” as governor of Florida  –
something stinks in Denmark, wouldnt you say!
of course our crooked Supreme Court had a hand in it  – one day when these guys are dead, some “brave soul” will tell the truth of the Justicies that George Bush appointed to do his “dirty work”!
now to return to our “after death choices  –   and   –  how transiting from the physical to the non physical dimension applies once our body decides to call it quits!
of course massmindmentality has no interest in what I am about to convey since as said many times  – what’s important in their lives?
six cans of brew  –   a sports event   –    a need to satisfy their sex demands for both male/female  –  a good paying job   –   plenty of good fried food  –  other “sick foods” that satisfy their pallet  –  plenty of alcohol,  for social occasions and for their relaxing pleasures.
and plenty of moola  –  enough to make them as proud of themselves as Donald Trump is proud of himself!
not knocking Donald Trump since he doesnt need me or anyone to boos his self image,; his billions do that for him of course!
he may exaggerate to get the attention he thrives on  – but then all politicians that know their craft, should know how to do that also!
some do, some do not!  that is his method of operation, its called blustery!
he does if on purpose since that makes him a lot of money –  he is money savvy  – doesnt miss a “trick/money opportunity”
honest?  I doubt it?  he is among thieves so its hard to be honest amongst thieves and who are these thieves?
they are same as he is EGOMANIACS, whose persona like Donald Trumps fits perfectly into our egocentric world made up of “low consciousness mentality” that knows how to “make money”
you wont find a LaoTzu living amongst Donald Trumps friends, until they “saw the light” which I doubt very much”
they would have to “suffer internally, not physically” to even “imagine” that the life that they are living is “worthwhile”
there are three main areas, with exceptions of course!
I have said this many times  –   when stating “principles” there will always be “exceptions to these principles, which means  –
that all rules to be rules, have areas in their “laws” for the emergence of exceptions to this principles/laws and if cogent for you to ask, why?
why are there exceptions?  that is a valid question and I am now asking my channel.

this is what my channel just said:
principles,laws covering every branch of learning – whatever  – deals with the socalled status quo, and what does that mean?
for instance?  take one hundred people, or ten hundred it doesnt matter, –  ask them a question   –    knowing in advance that these one hundred people’s consciousness rating is around 150  – the animal range is around 100  –
the question asked cannot be answered with a rating of 150, needs a higher rating possibly 200 or higher
the results?  will be all the same!  however mixed in with these people was person with a rating of consciousness of 300!  wow! how did this person s