WOW! CONSIDER THIS – We Are Not Our Emotions, Our Thought?

What’s going on here? yes, we have emotions, we have thoughts, but are they us?

we have Eggs for Breakfast, are we the eggs?  there is some kind of Anomaly going on here?  yes, we have bacon/eggs, again are we the bacon/eggs if not “what are we”?
unfortunately we think we are our emotions, thoughts, in a sense we think that the eggs, bacon are “us” the same way that we think of emotions etc.
so the bottom line is:  dont identify with your thoughts and emotions  –
when we set up these barriers, we set up false beliefs systems.
our ego is a “false belief  system since our ego dies when the body dies which means of course is a “false belief system”
does the Soul die when the body dies?  of course not  – its not a false belief system  – souls cannot die, simply done, simply said, but who knows that?
Certainly Egos Dont Know That and who in general in the pecking order follows the “tenets of the EGO World??
the elites  –  the erudites   – the scholars  –
these socalled “falsehood promoters” certified by other “falsehood promoters, their shills, our education collegiate system  –  who are aided and abetted by our crooked political structure
                T H I  S    A    S I M P L E   WAY OF KNOWING
                         W H O    R  U  N  S    ” T  H  E   SHOW”
and who can deny this FACT?  Noone of course, even the “criminals
                                     just   inunciated!
what can we do about it?  first we cant play the game of “I didnt know”
that game of “ignorance” work any longer  –  buy the book Excuses Begone by Wayne Dyer  –  he “lets the cat “out of the bag”
and continue reading our blogs  –   read all of them, not just a few until you “get the “realization you need to destroy your nemises , your ego!
The ego cant be totally destroyed since it “has a role in this time/space world  –  since this is” the representation of the world of materialization.
Just make sure that you “place the ego where it belongs; down in the bottom of the “pile”, not the top where is reigns today supremely!
the purpose of our messages is to ” raise the consciousness of people who believed “with all of their heart that their ego  WAS THEM  –  this people reading our blogs “in time of course” will one day come to the realization (epitomized_ that the real purpose within their being is their higher self which of course is their SOUL!
that day “will come for those who are ready to “receive”
our blog is “your teacher”  –  the myriad of messages already listed,
will in time,  “show the way”  of  Transformation  – from ego to soul
that process is already inbedded into the spirituality of our messages!  a method unknown by 98% of the worlds population.
all it needed is  –   the simple act of “opening the magic box which contains the necessary ingredients that “makes this transformation possible!
and what are these “ingredients”?
 1)  the frequency called Alpha/Theta
 2) the uncovering of false beliefs
 3) the willingness to “change”
 4) the recognition that the ego is a “false god”
 5) in time the “shedding” of the ego
 6)  the emergence of the higher spiritiual dimensions
 7)  No long dependence and “belief” in the elites,erudites/scholars
 8)  these eogistic “false gods” replaced with ingrained innate faculties”
 9)  listening to that “little voice” within that these false gods replaced.
and of course     –    keep reading our blogs   –   you can purchas an alph a tape from Silva Mind, on the internet  –  play that tape consistently until it become  YOU, the REAL you and “in time” will REPLACE your boss/ego with the REAL YOU, the Soul.
now who doesnt believe what my channel just “outlined”  of course the mighty powerful educational system owned lock stock barrel by the
ELITES  – who “buy the Erudites”  who buy the Scholars  – and that of course includes our historians, the crooked ones of course!
THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS IN EVERYTHING  – there are good elites people who do good with their money; there are good erudies and good scholars of course, as there are good politicians also.
but informationaly the ratio “is way out of line”
that is for sure!  – and of course  –  corruption can start at the bottom and go right up to the top  – meaning the guy in charge  – read the good historians on this subject  – which of course indicts our  presidents, big time!
and that goes for all of the political structures worldwise!

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