Hi Jose,

Since I am not” a student-my background “not” grounded in the socalled academics  –  which when growing up, running a business, businesses,meant
simple work, not the “work” of people like Jung etc.
                           SURVIVAL WAS THE MEAN THEME\
                           “NOT” WHAT CARL JUNG WAS IN-
                          VOLVED WITH OR FREUD ETC
fhe bottom line was “how to earn a living and support my family!
and later on “in years” its how “many more year do I have left?; another form of survival of course!
but then, who brought up he Anima, Animas?  ostensibly it was me , myself, my intentionality, and ultimate purpose!
you know the answer to these questions, the viewers of my blog “may infer, but really “dont know”
                                              IF TRUTH IS SIMPLE?
                                    WHY IS IT SO    –   COMPLICATED?
the answer is simple for people “in the know ss they say and who are people
                                                 IN  THE  KNOW?
                            of course our readers know the answer
                           ELITES     ERUDITES   SCHOLARS of course!
                                  THE   T  R  U  T  H   of    C O U R SE!
your friend, alwasy,
PS. the intention of our blog is what has been said ABOVE!
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Hi, Maurice

Jung believed anima development has four distinct levels, which he named EveHelenMary and Sophia
In broad terms, the entire process of anima development in a man is about the male subject opening up 
to emotionality, and in that way a broader spirituality, by creating a new conscious paradigm that includes 
intuitive processes, creativity and imagination, and psychic sensitivity towards himself and others where 
it might not have existed previously. Inversely, the animus also consists of four distinct male ‘levels’.
But the four roles are not identical with genders reversed. Jung believed that while the anima tended to appear 
as a relatively singular female personality, the animus may consist of a conjunction of multiple male personalities: 
“in this way the unconscious symbolizes the fact that the animus represents a collective rather than a personal element.
It’s impossible to divine Jung’s intuitive process in vetting the female animus, as he unconsciously applies ‘a collective
unconsciousness’ to women, which he explores rather briefly, obviously having more experience and feeling much more
comfortable exploring the male unconsciousness.
In reference to Carl Jung’s “anima”, it’s important to consider whether he formulated his thesis from ‘mere cultural observation’ 
or through channeling. Further, there is no doubt that in Carl’s time there were no Gays, Lesbian or Transgender social
paradigms for him to fully vet male v. female unconsciousness, thus limiting the scope of his intuitive process and his conclusions.
I’m sure this ‘reality’ would have given Jung a big headache.
Jose Luis
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From: Rothman, Maurice
To: Jose Luiz
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according to my “source” after the “final incarnations” all of the human characteristics, physical, sexual etc. is no  longer “in effect”.

along with  this, we human beings no longer reproduce our physical structure
that happens once a person male/female loses their “sex drive” especially thru the “ageing process”
for women, when they stop menstrating.
so to sum up. our male female characterisitics, physically speaking, changes as we age dramatically.
I will repeat – all “humans have both anima, and animus – one cannot work without the other!
Just as all humans must experience the “ego world and also the abstract spiritual world.
the dream world is of course part of the spiritual domain   –  being physical, humans experience the time/space world.
BOTH WORKING IN UNISON LIKE NIGHT AND DAY; complets the natural cycles of our Universal compedium.
keep in mind while all of this is going on, we are utilizing our natural diverse talents and abilities, desires etc.
I use my life experiences since I have “lived thru them”- not second hand knowledge.
as we all have some experience in the matter, there are many reasons
involved primarily how mankind “has chosen to evolve” and utilize as mentioned above –
in upcoming blogs more information will be added to this subject.
according to my source, Mr. Jung did much work in regard to this subject, my “source” will supply more information as we progress in this investigation than Dr. Jung.
both anima/animus supply an “unconscious stabilizing force in our time/space/ world and our metaphysical world.
here is some interesting information, my “source” says that “our personality cannot operate normally, understood normally,  without taking into consideration both the anima and the animus in perspective
this also takes into consideration our reincarnational patterns.
again it deals primarily with male/female attributes.
the sex we incarnate with is predetermined in the higher dimesnions.
and our SOUL is the determining factor.
here is a conundrum, the socalled “true unconscious is quite the opposite; it is  quite active; NOT UNCONSCIOUS.
it is fantastically “conscious”  –   the UNconscious can “travel” to the many Universes that exist in the higher dimensions.
our creativity and other “fantastic abilities, characteristics come from this source!
we get our outer/inner strength from this “source”
we are now entering the area of the “atoms” that deal strictly with the “fetus”  –  these atoms have their “own consciousness”
here is something to “ponder” ???????????????
all human beings have an “active awareness/consciousness, that have nothing “in common” with matter/form.
the “fetus, has its own consciusness, made up of course of “atoms”
this “exists” before the emergence of any reincarnating “personality” comes into the picture.
and this is accomplished as said, any  reincarnational personality.
here is another interesting from my “source”  it says that the matter of consciousness is always “present in matter” i.e. fetus, even a rock, or other natural life forms.
what drives the fetus?
ITS OWN desires, inclinations, desires, and characteristics.
all of the above of course have safe-guards already built in.
previous lives lived determines what the new incarnation will be.
so its the experiences in previous lives that determine what the new
incarnation will be all about.
Parents of the new babies, also have “some intake” in regard to the
new fetus.
there is a direct connection between the “new arrival” and the parents; in most cases its a continuation of the same energy patterns where
the main actors like in the movie business, actors play different roles.
its also a case where the same people come back as mentioned playing different roles.
will continue
PS. there is no other site in the internet, like our blog utilizing knowledge
       from non human sources  –  “its human to err”  thus we utilize non
       non human sources!


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