which mind?

From: Rothman, Maurice
Date: Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 3:32 PM
Subject: which mind?
To: Jose Luiz

Hi, Jose,

Just dawned on me; which mind do we use when “we talk
to ourselvs?
self discourse called “chit in Indian jargon  –  we all do it of courfse!
which mind is it?  is it our conscious mind? subconscious mind
ceretainly not our superconscious mind which no one can com-
municate with –
the healings “that I witnessed as written in my “book” was the
work of my superconscious mind.   It seems to me its the “ego
conscious mind  –  which I call “reason logic intellect”
ego- conscious mind  –   non ego – superconscious  –  tjhe
subconscious –  is “beyond our “grasp”
that leaves the actual “use” of just one mind demonstrablye;
the conscious ego mind.
so when I or anyone else discourses with itself;  the mind that
they use is the ego conscious mind.
which I find undependable, unreliable and in my particular
case  “way off base”
the amazing thing  to consider –  people dont “realize” that
their ego is “running, controlling their “thought processes”
thus our socalled “knowlege base” is TRUMPTIZED!
your friend, always,

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