What Is The Spontaneous Workings OF THE INNER SELF?

and the “nervous system of which “our Intellect knows little about!”

that is quite a statement to say the least.!
How is it possible that our  noble, powerful, all powerful intellect, knows NOTHING about?
and guess what the “force behind” this “action”?
its a “simple word” called Spontaneous” and what “is” Spontaneity?
where does it comes from and how does it work for us?
No ego “under the Sun” would even “attempt to answer this question”
because once a person “knows what spontaneity is all about, the ego is “dead in its own tracks”
the ego cannot operate without its friend, its ally and who and what is its friend and ally?
the INTELLECT which is another name for EGO  –  the intellect cannot act without an ego and vice verse  –
both are supported by the satanic forces in our egocentric world we call Mother Earth, whether we like it or not!
that is why only two  percent of the worlds population, KNOWS what’s really going on; the other 98% are the bibles, “deaf, dumb and blind coherence.
the word spontaneity and the word “inner go together  – the inner mind, works hand-in-glove with spontaneity!
the words synchronicity and serendipity also work hand-in-glove with the word spontaneity  –
Our egocentric world of time/space knows NOTHING about any of these LAWS of NATURE; nothing at all!
Our socalled distinguished scientists that work and depend on the research of “egocentric experiments” to determine  what is and what isn’t  – truth wise.
and they do this without knowing a damn thing about Spontaneity etc.
how can that be?
Our scientists depend on the egocentric frequency of Beta  – instead of Alpha/Theta   –   Beta’s low frequency PROHIBITS it from -breaking  out of the prison of “ignorance” in respect to the “truths” needed to ascertain “what is”
Its simple but still beyond the scope of the intuitive knowledge of our scientists, with exceptions of course!
Practically none of the “real scientists” were accepted – by our socalled distinguished scientists –  since their source of “knowledge” was just too “far out” for the ego scientists of their time.
and that has not change, not one iota, because  – the mind set of our present scientists are EGO BENT; the same as their predecessors!
nothing has changed, hard to believe, but true nevertheless!

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