What we “mortals” call memory is restricted to “everyday activities”- however “memory” is a “process” that goes back way beyond the physical world, and extends way beyond the socalled “present world”.  The word itself is even misunderstood by our “pundits” even our dictionary “pundits”

It embraces of course the word “reflection” and what “is” reflection, is it possible for this world TO EMBRACE THE BEFORE AND AFTER?
The answer of course is YES.  How do I know?  personally I have had that experience; I am using myself as proof of course and I am sure many Metaphyscians can say the same thing.
How is it possible for the I Ching to predict the future, or the Taroh cards and other methodologies?  How come people under “real deep hypnosis is capable of going backwards in time.  How come Mr Swyguard’s system enables people to “enter past lives, without hypnosis?  How do I know I studied with Mr/ Swygard and had first hand experiences to prove his system is accurate.
it all deals one way or another with this word MEMORY.
Now we enter another subject and that subject’s word is GRACE!.  what “is” grace?
my understanding of “grace” is probable a weak understanding however, Seth gives a good description of “grace”; his best is the word “effortless”,
When I “channel” I am in this state of “grace” since it is “effortless”  True joyfulness is also “grace”
According to Seth newborns come in in a “state of Grace”
We will all “die” in a state of grace”  It is a “blessing from God AlmightY”
Our animal kingdom also comes in and dies in a state of “grace”  Even if you are an  “atheist” you will “still die in a state of Grace”
True love, non sexual, sees this “state of Grace in another” Of course animals inherently live this “state of Grace”  – humans need for “aggrandizment (ego) denies this “state of grace” since it adds nothing “to their bottom line”
So we see the symbiosis of “grace -peace- natural guilt”  THE TRUE NATURAL MAN CAME IN THAT WAY –  got displaced by the EGO of course with its “Germany Uber Alles,” which allowed the ego to murder million of innocent people!  protected and excused by ego’s great liars, their philosophers, depraved people with depraved minds.  Hitler was a byproduct of  Satanic minds – as well as other dictators, Stalin etc.

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