there is “no denying that life is “loaded” with “paradox”s” : experiences

that “defy explanation” –
Seth describes life this way pertaining to “experiences” of course – dealing with the time/space that we live in and on, this planet we call Mother
i.e. Seth speaking of course paraphrased of course –
in many cases, older people try “desperately to prolong their aging process, a billion dollar industry
of course having the “right genes” should be the main consideration; heredity is a factor without any doubt!
Seth says that as we “age” which is a “natural process” of course, undeniably so, and if course its “time sensitive”  our “mental and psychic faculties begin to accelerate, a similar “event as the adolescent goes thru, as puberty “comes to the fore”; with the burst of immense charge/creativity.
now who in their right mind would believe that, but then I am proof of that
here it is!  about eight years ago I started composing classical music, even though I never listened to classical music; I was a jazz, self taught piano player for many many years, somehow or other I became a classical piano player and people where I lived, loved it!
On the same thread of thought – only little over a year, I started writing for my blog, a talent I never had, never “ever” did any writing of any sort.
Before that time in my “midlife time around the age of sixty; I started a organization called NE Society of Psychic Science Researchers Inc\
and previous to that, “discovered that I was a “reader” giving psychic readings, something previously I knew nothing about!
what’s going on here?\\
and right this very moment, this letter is the example, I am writing for my blog, ALTHEALTH.ORG/BLOG and according to
Google close to 300,000 people visited my blog site! now who “in their right mind would believe that?
Seth, calls these experiences – mind and psychic changes moving fast,
to serve a purpose unbeknown to the person experiencing them, which in this particular is is Maurice(me of course)
so it appears that there are deep seated “belief systems IMBEDDED, IN OUR PSYCHE we know nothing about waiting for the right time to SPROUT!
and as I said, I am the perfect example of it.!
and here is something to ponder on:  what we call the “expansion of consciousness”which of course is as mentioned above, (psychic, mental)
is “considered and interpreted  as the “aging process”
I am now 91 going on 92 in six months time – which for most if not all people is OLD, which for most people if not all, means INCAPACITATION  in all respects, again
“what is life all about”?
Of course, I am not the so called “ordinary old person since other than my aging body which goes “by its own rules”, my mind being “one with the ONE, is not “thrown in with the “chalf”, rather “knowing itself” retains the
“wheat”, (the one with the ONE0 right up to the time it decides its time for a change) going back of course to ITS SOURCE, THE GOD-HEAD, awaiting the next incarnation etc.
so, AGING should be considered a process of “mystery” –  in respect of course to the psychic/mental/spiritual faculties, and not the physical body per se!
again, I am proof of that and I am sure other aged folks who have “raised their consciousness in this incarnation,     would if they could, say the same thing!
unfortunately our medical professionals, especially the “allopathic system” uses DRUGS, called pharmaceuticals, which instead of “helping” hinders the evolutionary process that “ageing is meant to “ASCERTAIN” -their “approach to aging health is detrimental to the “over-all health” of their patients, works the “opposite” of what this letter is all about!
if this “is” the case – then everything written up to now, would be a “waste of time”  –   proof of this “fact” – is right on everyone’s TV, when a drug is promoted on sixty minutes, what do people see and hear:
if the “public” did NOT have LOW CONSCIOUSNESS, the DRUG COMPANIES, would NOT sell “one drug” and no allopathic medical doctor, would NOT PRESCRIBE DEADLY DRUGS!
again, what’s going on here?
ITS APPARENT PEOPLE REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT SENILITY AND LIFE IS ALL ABOUT, OTHER THAN “what they think they know, which of course, when “everything is added up,
NOT MUCH!  they go to school to “learn and absorb” that is after they learn the alphabets etc. that is to be expected of course!
after that, they study to learn things that they “thought” they NEVER knew before  – they go up from grade to grade – until they finish with their cherished Masters and PHd degrees, then what do they do?
they seek work that fits what they study, and go to work –  to perpetuate “their teachings of course” and:-
WHAT IF THEIR TEACHINGS WERE WRONG? what if the whole teaching systems are wrong, what then?
TOt get back to our title WHAT IS LIFE ALL ABOUT?
That of course is a “very” broad statement, but then everyone is UNIQUE, no two people in a world with perhaps six or seven or more billion people,
need something “broad” for them to get “some notion” of what and who they really are.
as an example:  – every thumb print is unique, every palm is unique, talking about the lines, etc.; all writing is unique etc.
you see I am also a palmist, certified, I am also a graphologist, certified, and I am also a “channel uncertified since there is no certification system for “readers” that I know of other than the society I set up back in the early 80’s! called the NEW ENGLAND SOCIETY OF PSYCHIC SCIENCE RESEARCHES, BOTH THE STATE AND OUR GOVERNMENT CERTIFIED  OUR SOCIETY AS NON PROFIT!
the greatest healer on this planet, my opinion of course is an Israeli called Zeev Kolman – Kirlian photography proved CONCLUSIVELY that the energies oozing from his fingers proves without a doubt, that he is not only a healer, but the best healer “known” on this planet.
the average energy oozing out of people’s fingers is between 1/16 and 1/8; his energy is from my recollection since I saw it, was between 1/2 and one inch.

3 thoughts on “WHAT ‘IS’ LIFE ALL ABOUT?

  1. Remember me? I was a member of the Psychic Society (1982) and attended
    meetings you held on Beacon St. Are you related to Rita Roffman Riman, originally
    from Dorchester MA. currently located in Delray Beach, Florida and N.J.

  2. Remember me? I was a member of the Psychic Society (1982) and attended
    meetings you held on Beacon St. Are you related to Rita Roffman Riman, originally
    from Dorchester MA. currently located in Delray Beach, Florida and N.J.

    • Hi Cynthia,

      If you are married what was your maiden name? I dont remember Rita – I was so busy dealing with my agenda
      that I did not have time to socialize with the members at the meetings in my home.

      What is the name of the book you wrote? congratulations for doing so.

      My blog “is my book” since I am using it as my autobiography, since my socalled accomplishmenats
      are intertwined with “who I am”; they cannot be seperated nowhow!

      thanks letting me know that some of the members of my “still alive” society is still around, to
      that its was the “real thing” – my blog is part/parcel of my society – still registered
      with our state, and government agencies as a non profit. its mightedly credited and so is my
      blog of course since “they are the same” just a different format. Instead of having 300 members,
      we now reach out to millions, last count “results by Google” two million. and grorwing!


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