What is a Miracle?

of course there “are” real miracles and I have experienced them, but then I see miracles other than “real miracles daily”; miracles that people pay “no attention to them because of their “mind-set” which is “set up” not to notice daily miracles,  just  passes  them  by as if nothing of consequence happened.

Her is an example of a “normal miracle” of which I said are “constant” but people “cant see them, understand them, cognize them” due to their “involvement with ego pursuits” that of course have nothing “in common” with miracles, in fact, do their best “not” to  “recognize them”
why is this so?
If there are miracles that people in time of course, not only recognize them, acknowledge them and finally understand and accept them, meaning of course, the FACT, that  they have “nothing in common” with our “usual ego pursuits” when the right time comes when the “middle eye” begins to open, allowing the higher dimensions to come into “our” consciousness, and this is a “fact” NOT a fiction.
a “thank you” will be a constant reminder to the “HIgher Beings” that we are now WITH THEM’; not with our fossiled life form that we call our EGO.
Ego is meant to “control”.  where there is “no” control; there is no ego, simply said and done and executed.
I will repeat, “where there is NO control; there CANNOT be any ego.  So if that is the case and it is of course, how do we “get rid of our ego when 98% of the known world deals EXClUSIVELY with ego?
Greater minds have tried to solve this problem, than mine, but my channel which is “not of this world of course” has the Knowhow in regard to “how we destroy our ego without destroying ourselves “in the process”
First of all ” to make a difference, one must “KNOW’ the difference,; that is the first thing that MUST be accomplished.
Seperating the “chalf from the wheat” without that nothing can be done!
So, start questioning ALL of your BELIEFS, all of them;  once that is done you will be amazed of how small a number of your beliefs ARE NOT FALSE, you will discover that most if not everything that you believed is NOT TRUE!
and why is that?
Its that because if your vibratory system was analyzed and it CAN BE ANALZYED, which means of course, – what frequency level you are involved with and the consensus of course is that only two (2) percent of the worlds people, have any connection whatsoever with the TRUE FORCES IN OUR UNIVERSE; they operate on a level that makes “it impossible” for them to have “any notion” of what I am saying, NONE WHATSOEVER.
Only two percent use their ALPHA/THETA MINDSET which is the “truth mindset”; the other 98% do not, they are married to their Beta Ego level of understanding, discerning right from wrong; the chalf from the wheat!
Thus have no “idea” that miracles, the kind I am mentioning, should b e a daily occurence in people’s lives.
For me its a constant; just experienced one today, the reason why I am writing this blog!
Miracles again deal “exclusively with the UNintended, UNexpected, Our of the usual experiences that no ego has the mentality of understanding.
I am constantly “attuned” to this frequency,vibration, thus OPEN, to the MAGIC of MOVEMENTS OF ‘ITS EXPRESSIONS”

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