” What in Common Do We Humans “have in common” with this World”?

For me that is a forthright, honest question that should have a forthright, honest answer,    –     and when I say, hones, forthright, I mean words that people can

“understand”, and not the gobbledygook of the phonies ( elites,erudites/scholars”
Giving up torrent of words that the ordinary guy,gal, can never in their life, know what “they are talking about”!
Their is a special word for “words like these, that people like themselves use as “codes”  –    especially for the purpose to “confound their not as yet, literate
suckers  –  there is a special word for this “special language” meant to “keep the socalled “uneducated” still “uneducated” –   and “literally “forced” to play the “same game that these socalled “professionals” play  –  to keep the “masses” as the Old Testament  said “thousands and thousands of years ago.
Of course the “trappings of the religions, all of them draped in the socalled “holiness of their socalled “position”; meant of course to “force people, to humble themselves  –   in front of this high and mighty  world of “kings, queens, presidents, senators, great corporate executives  –   all connected one way or another to:
the Elite world     –      the socalled Erudite world   – and of course the Scholarworld.
Done for the purpose of ”  making people “bow down to their socalled “holiness” instead  of  “being humble in front of  the Source of their Life Essence”
These phonies have nothing “in common” with people’s Essence.  They have been successful in using these “humbled people” to enrich themselves thru thievery  corruption, fighting wars, you name it  – just as the chessboard need the “sacrifice of their pawns; these “forces approved by all the governments in the world”
are the arch enemies of the “common folk”  –  they spend a fortune to elect their puppet congressmen  –   as said; own the “airways” also “own the government agencies” thru corrupt practices  –   in the process.
Who said so?  the people in “the inside” said so, just read the books, they are available, I am not the only source, of course.
So to answer the title question:
Humans, people who are not egos per say, but upright, virtuous people who wish to live their lives within the justice system needed for them to live their lives, peacefully speaking.
What they want out of life    –  what’s in common?
What’s in common is the “innocents which they came into this ego world”
I fortunately never “lost this innocence”  –   and never will   –   not only in this particular lifetime, or future lifetimes,  why?
“to make a difference, one must “know” the difference”
I came into this world very “knowing”; in contrast to people who come basically “unknowing”.
Knowing what?   the difference what is “challf and what is “wheat” Which means that “my inner self being the knowingness “self”; makes the decisions in my life, not my outer being, my ego, doing so!
Only two percent of our world’s population, “know the difference” most live day by day believing in the egoistic world we live in; a world of decay, disease, corruption, you name it  –
Our blog is meant to change this “inequality”; a reason why “democracy cannot work”  –   if only 2% know the difference , what is “truth” and what “isnt” truth, then democracy is a failed institution.
Proof of that?  just read the history books;  –  nowadays the bad guys “literally buy elections, which of course, makes “a mockery out of democracy” and guess who supports them.
The Highest Court in the land the Supreme Court who any dumbbell knows is owned lock,stock,barrel by the money people.
There are honest Supreme Court Justices of course; I am talking about the ones who “are not honest, without naming names of course!
We have had bad Supreme Courts in the past also   –  this is nothing new!
Blame it all on “human nature” in regard to the word “power” and what is power?
I will let you decide that.

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