We must “stop listening to the outer voice, our ego”  !!!!!

how to tell the difference?
that is something each individual must “find out for themselves”s
“the proof is “always in the pudding”  as they say.
the ego will always without fail deal “exclusively with arrogance, pride, socalled accomplishments, and all of the other socalled “benefits: that it, your ego will convince you, one way or another, you will “gain” if you “listen to its advice, like Adam/Eve did in the “garden of Eden”
so its “no secret in regard to what the ego will “promise you” with a written guarantee “thrown in”
the best word that I can think of is “self aggrandizement”  –  self importance,  i.e.  “I did this; I did that, and a host of other “great socalled “ego perks”   –     how an ego acts, responds should not be a “secret” to anyone!  perhaps to the “person themselves; its call “being in denial”
all of our great movies, great novels, great GREATS, are loaded with example of “what an ego is all about”  – guys chasing gals; gals chasing guys , is of course just one example  –  both are putting on “their great face”  to  “catch their prey!
so its a game of course, a game played by all egos with no exception.
the rich play it, the poor play it, everyone plays this game depending on the “level on which they allow their ego to be on “while in action”
again the best stories, the best movies,  –   are all “loaded” with great examples of the “foolishness of how egos behave  –   the more treacherous the ego, the better the novel, the better the movie.
Bette Davis would have lost “her job, if the ego was “eliminated from the story line of the movie she’s playing in!
so what the hell is this all about when you get down to “brass tacks” as they say?
ITS ALL ABOUT SHEER NONSENSE  –   from st art to finish  – its a perfect HOAX set up by the  world of the time/space world  –
this “hoax” does NOT exist on the other dimensions where “nonsense” “cannot exist”
Only on the Beta frequency world, the world we call the physical dimension can this “charade” exist.
so what does it mean:  it means that our “overlords, the “elites, the “erudites, and certainly our “esteemed” scholars
ALL OF THEM FIRST CLASS, CERTIFIED EGOS, despite the appearance otherwise   – they certainly “are not” evolved “human beings, with exceptions of course i.e. LaTZu, Hermes, Swedenborg, etc.
they are the socalled epitome of  “what a true ego is all about” and for just one reason  –  and that reason is inviolable  –
If their consciousness is ruled by the BETA frequency  –   without exception they are certified, bonafied, EGOS, if not, they are not! so there can be exceptions i.e. like Newto, who played both ends of the fields as they say in sports, since he was a closeted MetaPhyscian, dared not to tell anyone of course!
Einstein came out into the open  –  but then  –  he was also “on the fence” at the same time, a bit torn between “what appears to be, and what does not appear to be  –
however, if he came back into incarnation, that in between problem most likely could be solved, this time around.
I am lucky in that I am “nothing literally speaking, so I “own myself” People like Einstein being “something” have a problem of “knowing it all, when he didnt of course!
so what is our “inner voice” and how can we access it with the ego taken over all of our “thought processes”?
the easiest way to handle this is to “know the difference”
“to make a difference, one must “know” the difference”
and what “is” this difference?
the difference between the ego and the Soul  –  the Beta ego frequency from the Soul frequency which is Alpha.
so its not secretive, hidden, esoteric at all  – its wide open –  who screws it all up?
the socalled spiritual advisers, who gum it all up with all of their screwy methods, that support their need to charge money   –  which automatically in the eyes of the Spiritual hierarchy in the higher dimension, –  they are immediately discredited.
religion per se   –    the cause for “all the wars for thousands of years,  man killing man  – also discredits them also   –
what remains?  You remain  –  the beta , the alpha, the theta frequencies remain!
its up to you, not to anything else in the world.
truth begins with you, and ends with you  –  false beliefs == untruths
discover your false beliefs, what do you end up with  – truth of course!
this blog has given people the wherewithal to eliminate their egos  –
egos work strictly on the Beta Frequency  – cant go beyond into the higher frequencies of Alpha/Theta.
which means, egos must go  !!!!!!   who thrives with the ego?  Satan

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