what is “thought”; is thought a form of thinking, or it something else?

that is an excellent question since  “thought is something most if not all people, “dont think about”
that is a “conundrum” of course  –  a bit of an oxymoron idea of “what reality is all about”
who is playing games with who?
energy follows thought wow!  what then is “energy and what then is thought”????????????
the only energy the “average Joe” can think of is –  coal, oil, and who  knows what else  –  but then electricity needs oil or coal to become viable since it is not intrinsic  –  (has its own power, depends on fossil fuels, agriculture etc)  yes, the Sun is ow utilized, water power, wind power are also energy producers.
now we are going beyond the physical dimension as mentioned above; going into the METAphysical dimension, into the world that precedes our physical dimension.
Our physical dimension CANNOT EXIST without the Meta”physical dimension, which of course is the 4th and 5th dimensions referred to as the Spiritual World…
The word “resonance” comes into view  –  and what is resonance?
when things “resonate that means that they are on the same “wavelength”  on  the  same  frequency, and our fantastic electronic world, discovered this “secret”, it was a secret for years thousands of years of course, until the word resonance was “understood.
Imagine a room with 100 violins , just violins, no musicians  – and only one violin was “flicked”  guess what at the same time the one violin was flicked, the other 99 was also flicked not by a musician or person, by NO ONE, on its own!
that is called resonance!  and  other than the example of violins, how can this phenomena be understood for “plain common sense”?
lets take a simple thought  –   a very SIMPLE THOUGHT  –   lets say we add a bit of a feeling/emotion to it/ and also add other sensory aspects to it –  besides having six physical sense i.e. yes, ears, nose, void, mouth, etc.  –    we also have perhaps six or more  –   heightened senses, like clairvoyance,(inner seeing) Clair audio ( inner hearing and Clair sensory/ inner sensing.
When I did Silva Mind course; we worked on developing these inner senses which enabled us to do “remote viewing which is telepathy” even though Jose Silva was careful not to say that!  In fact, he was very careful in NOT giving all of the knowledge surrounding what he taught, because the Satanic Forces, exactly like the college kids that took his course did,  and   what did they do?
THEY CALLED JOSE SILVA   A   THIEF   AND    A    FRAUD  FOR THREE DAYS  – they did not leave, continued to practice what he told them to do and what happened next
on the fourth day , judgement day, for Jose Silva  –  was he a fraud  or not!
everyone taking the course was successful, even people like my wife, a  brand new PHd  -who  also continued for three days calling Jose a fraud, ended up as being the best psychic in the place.
later recanted by calling what she did  NOTHING of CONSEQUENCE, simply nothing but “free association”  – she dared not to go into it any further, her ego did not allow her to discuss this any further.
the fraud was the college kids and my exwife  –  they were the frauds, not Jose Silva!
so how do we created are own reality?  Knowing now that “energy/thoughts, follow energy/thoughts.
and know what resonance is  – how come this is not “taught in our colleges?  all of this information has been around for thousands and thousands of years without people know of its existence.
why were they keeping this secret, SECRET?
and they are still keeping this secret  –  why?
the only answer is just one thing, and that thing is called POWER!
my blog is dedicated “to letting the “cat OUT of the bag” as they say,
I am not in the “money business” as everyone is, and never ever want
to be in the “money business” dealing with “truth”
TRUTH AND MONEY DO ‘NOT’ GO TOGETHER   –  money has no connections at all to this word called MONEY!
money is a satanic system for control, one way or another  –  our Supreme Court decision to allow corporate money to “buy elections”
will eventually –  corrupt  what at the moment  is  “ripe for corruption”
keep honest people “out of politics” because the advertisers are not good natured people, wont give them the exposure they need, to let people know “the truth”
the five judges that made that possible, will “Pay the price” when their day comes  – as – sure as the Sun rises and sets”

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