What “is” creativity? and why is IT, the major theme in people’s lives?

Why is it that the “world in general/people of course, have little in regard to creativity  -other than using the word “artist” i.e. artists, musicians etc.
REAL CREATIVITY  which goes on “continually” deals “exclusively” with “MULTI DIMENSIONAL WORLDS, and the sad “fact” people in general, which of course is egominded, knows nothing about it!
When I use the word multi-dimensional of course what I “mean” is other worlds other than the world we “live in” today.
Multi obviously implies the word MUCH, MANY  –  How come we know nothing about them?  Why is it such a “secret”; what keeps IT a secret? and why is this socalled “secret” KEPT SECRET?
These questions should be addressed; and the “rreason” why they are ot addressed is because “we live in a time/space world; a world that DENIES the existence of everything OTHER THAN ITSELF.
and what is a time/space world?
A time/space world is a world that deals “exclusively with MATTER’ which of course is physical-NESS.  and what IS physicalness in plain english?
anything that cant be felt by our physical senses is called IMAGINATION and is UNACCEPTABLE by our educational systems since our equipment is unable to go beyond “its own borders”
This “other world” instead deals EXCLUSIVELY with SENSES that CAN BE REACHED, once a person is IMBEDDED  the necessary frequences such as ALPHA/THETA.
Again proof of that is what my blog has been writing about for a long time. Read my blogs and you will find personal proof of the existence of the authenticity of the multi-dimensional world.
As an example, why and how was it possible, me being the subject, was able to COME UP WITH THE EXACT FACE OF A PERSON LIVING IN A STATE, CALIFORNIA where at the time over 20 million people lived, back in 1972 when I worked Silva Mind “cases” at a cottage group  back then.
Our socalled time/space could never be able to accommodate me at that time.  I even got the name,  all I was “given” were two initials G J.  I got the first name right, George, I almost got the last name right, I said Josephson, the exact name was Jackson,  Joe-Jack pretty clost woiuldnt you say.
MY STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AT THE TIME WAS “not” in the time space world; it was in the multi-dimensional world, where there are NO BOUNDARY LINE, NO LIMITATIONS, PURE LIBERATION!
Our time/space world which of course our EGO RULES SUPREMELY, being bound, limited by time/space of course, abides in the BOON DOCKS, has no vision, no understanding, LIMITED BY ITS OWN STUPID
FALSE BELIEF SYSTEM, thus uneffectual!
again to recap, our creativity which is NOT of the time/space world, is the strongest force in our lives, and in the world, MUST BE ALLOWED TO DESTROY its nemises, THE EGO  – and get the LIBERATION IT DESERVES.
Keep in mind the most precious thing we have OUR HEALTH, is determined by “our creativity” – knowing this its about time we FACED THE MUSIC WHICH OF COURSE MEANS GETTING RID OF OUR FALSE BELIEF SYSTEM, which have been stifling this “great gift we got from god”
Although in my blogs I have said that the word god should not be put on a pedestal  the edict from the OLD TESTMENT, I am not being a hypocrite when I use that word because “IT IS BEING USED PROPERLY WITH GREAT RESPECT.!

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