Thought – what is it?

This is a “conundrum of course”; the most important aspect of our “being” is our “abiity” to think, however, that is only part of the story, that must be told.

What “is” thinking” who asks that question? not many, “if any”, we take thinking for granted without knowing, understanding the discerning “what thinking “is all about”
Thousands of thoughts STREAM THRU OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, without “us” knowing it of course; only selective ones are “acted upon”
that is, for people who “dont know who they are” once a person has an “iota” of who they really are, thinking becomes “selective!
and what “IS” selective thinking, usually referred as “critical thinking” the problem with the term “critical thinking” is tghe “fact” that that is the modus operanti of the “left hemispere “world”; the wowrld of the ego; in contrast to the right hemisphere, the world of the soul/spirit.
SO CRITICAL THINKING is truly “understood” MUST BE JUDGED by which hemisphere is “in charge”- is it the ego or the soul?
furthermore, since our world “cannot” be detached from the world of spirits, the astral world, hen it is “assumed” that much of our thinking, emotional, responses are faulty, EGOIZED TO THE HIGHEST EXTENT,
truth?  as mentioned many times does not and cannot exist on our physical dimension since as mentioned many times, the frequency of the physical dimension where duality, is the BASIS of its EXISTENCE, proves CONCLUSIVELY that what we call truth, CANNOT EXIST in this EGOCENTRIC WORLD WE CALL PLANET EARTH.
TRUTH CAN  ONLY EXIST IN THE ALPHA FREQUENCY STATE; our physical world is NOT THE ALPHA FREQUENCY STATE, ITS THE BETA STATE, frequencies of only 21-14 caN OPERATE SUCCESSFULLY on this “level of accomplishment”
In rare cases, with “rare people”; people who have the “capabiity” to go beyond the ego beta state, such as myself as crucial times of course, – called crucial times since the word “crucial” comes into play when the “right time” astrologically speaking COMES TO THE FORE!
My personal life has proven that numeral times –  as they say “go with the flow”  I am no exception to this “fact”; many others have experienced this particular “change happening”
Repetition is constantly in “progress” because the word comPREHENSION, gogency, is constantly in transition – cogency is a word totally MISunderstood by people of the left brain world  – they are like horses, the old milk horses with blindrs on their face –
Since change is he ONLY CONSTANT IN OUR UNIVERSE, constant  repetition is “in progress”  – to “fit” the channges that’s “constantly changing” what we call “truth” –  WITHOUT CHANGING THE POWER SOURCES, that make the changes.
Only on this dimension the physical dimension which I call “imprisonment, do we NOT KNOW, what changes are  –  we solidify change, try to won change by setting up “theories”that “stop change from happening”,
Phony laws of course – ego laws of course – the “curse of humanity”
overlooking “completely” the LAWS OF NATURE which when known, understood and abided,  guieds us to what we need “guided” – where our physical body, mind, emotions and spiritual nature, MELD into one FORCE that we call our SOUL.
Our socalled experts – ego experts have USURPED , every vistage of this
“power” – setting up “theories, laws etc” result?  wars, killings, poverty, you name it! its CONTAGIOUS!  – effects every little bit of life/energy in this world-  “i.e. climate change is just one of its results!  wars are another result, disease, poverty is another, mass murder cremation by the Germans, are another!
The soalled great thinkers during the Hitler time; philosophers that endorsed what Hitler did using of course, Germany Uber Alles, -the lie, the falsehood of the supremacy of the German people over all peoples, gave Hitler the “ammunition” along with The Kennedys, the Fords, the Lindberg and other oligarks -at that time, supporting Hitlers war machine -where Hitler got his money, also from rich German industries –
MANS INHUMANITY TO MAN  –  CAIN KILLING ABEL   –    abrahams two sons – ishmael and Isaac   – Isaacs two sons,  Jacob and Esau
and it goes on and on and on and on  –  THE RIGHT AND LEFT HEMISPHERES OF OUR BRAIN IN CONSSTANT BATTLE  – the world of duality; the world of ego and the world of Soul   -THE WORLD OF DUALITY,
what’s the solution?  as long as 98% of the worlds people “love their world of “duality”; there is NO solution  – compromise is their only solution, and compromise, historically speaking NEVER WORKED, and still dont!
can TRUTH be COMPROMISED?  can the beta frequency of 21 to 14 cycce per second be reconciles with the alpha/theta frequencies of 14- to 7 cycles per sec.
OF COURSE NOT, ANYONE WORKING WITH FREQUENCIES, nowadays its common of course, knows that there “cannot” be any comprise when “thought processes DONT JIVE”
so if compromise does not work, what will?
TRANSMUTATION   WILL   OF   COURSE, and how does “trans MUTATION” work?
What is the definition of “trans-mutation”?
IT DEALS STRICTLY WITH THE WORD ‘CHANGE” unfortunately people have “no conception” of the word “change” none whatsoever, this is the first obstacle to be overcome.
as we continue in “our quest” of the discerning of the DISCERNMENT, we will “come upon” the “secrets” of trans-mutation”  – that is a “certainty of course!
“if people “knew” what change was, IT WOULD CHANGE THEIR LIVES”
yes, of course –  uncovering the “essence of change” will, once the person is OPEN, will change the persons’s life!
So the first step of course, is to dismantel the power of the ego which prevents change  to KEEP ITS POWER.  Change is an anethema to the ego of course.
All of this was done when I signed with Silva Min  back in 1971  –
The same forces that forced Silva Mind to eliminate “case work”(psychic work) which in time “put it out of business – almost) over six million people took the Silva Mind course, still RUN THE SHOW TODAY AND EVEN MORESO!
Our media along with our world educational racketeers, “RUN THE SHOW”
SILVA MIND DOES “NOT TO MY KNOWLEDGE, do “case work/psychic work” that has been discontinued due to pressure, ego pressure of course!
Unfortunately we must die and come back when the Aquarian Age becones us to return to Mother Earth another time to see if this time, we wont fail!

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