I am now 90 yrs old, the family I grew up in were Russian immigrants, Jews, hated by the old world that they came from, and also hated by their new world. Asked my father why he went into business for himself, his reply?  No one would hire me being a Jew , had to feed my family, hired a horse/team, and went out into the streets “hawking” rags, metals, paper, anything that I can buy and sell –  it helped him and his kids to survive the biggest depression that the world had ever experienced.
My family the one I grew up in, had four boys, no girls – I never saw my father other than on Sundays when the family went visiting “other Jews, their cousins, etc” other than that my father did nt exist; he worked from sunup to sundown, practically out of twenty four hours, eighteen at the least.
During the depression, all of us kids found jobs, I sold newspapers, had a route, my oldest brother worked in a bakery, my younger brother worked in a haberdasjery, we all worked!.
The war broke out, I was not a well kid had physical and emotional problems, came in with them, so I ended up doing “military work” working in the most important job in the Charlestown Navy yard; I literally singlehandingly ran the Asst. Captain of the Yards office.  When people called the Navy yard, all the calls filtered thru my office, I handled most of them since I was trained to know every “detail” concerning the operation of the Navy Yard.  My bosses delegated, never did any work per se; and I found out that is how the military works –  Unfortunately the navy man that I took most if not all of my orders was transferred, and replaced by a 90 day wonder a manufactured system of putting political hacks in positions of authority –  I imeediately knew, discovered that this guy was a “fraudP which means knew nothing, nothing at all of how to run the position that he was put into – why?  I did all the work in the office; we had two other civil service people who did practically nothing – they delegated the same as the officer, and who did they select to do the work?  Me, being the newest member of the office.
Anti-semitizm flourished in the Charlestown Navy yard,; antisemitic literature all over the place –  Jews like myself somehow or other, in my case I took a typing test which meant that doing one hundred words on an old typewriter which I did, meant that I would be given a “permanent civil service job, after the war is over.  Most jobs were given on a temporary basis.  While workers, temp workers in the yard made hundreds of dollars a week, I was getting only $35 a week.
Even though I did all the work, the antisemitizm in my office, stopped me from getting raises as other did, and after I switched jobs when the Navy Dept. decided that we would have our own TUG BOAT OFFICE, instead of hiring tug boats, I was chosen to set up this new tug boat office, they naturally put an officer in charge who was totally “unequipped to run anything” I had to write his letters for him; totally uneducated,was never in his office since he had no prescribed duties, mostly gone “out drinking”
SO I WAS IN FULLY CHARGE – but since I was the low man on the totenpole, had “to play the game” of who is really in charge, so when I put out edicts, it was signed by this drunken officer who when I took a day off which I was entitled to, keep calling me asking “what he should do”
THE WHOLE SYSTEM OF PASSING THE BUCK, which means passing the work down to the lowest level, and I understand that that is how the military works; the guy on top passes the “buck” to the next in line.
WELL, despite the fact that I personally got an award for RUNNING THE BEST OPERATION IN FOUR STATES, my boss had my rating down to 61, which if it was one degree or so later, meant that I would “have to be fired”\\
why?  I am a Jew that is why?  Jews are hated by gentiles, why?  and now they are hated by other than gentiles/Christians of course, by other sects, religious sects, again why?
Just want to mention that the gentile that mistreated me in the Asst. Capt of Yard office tried to fire me when I left his office to open the new tug boat office, had the Capt. of Yard, not the asst. Capt of Yard who knew everything that I did since I was in his office,; the Capt. new absolutely nothing happening in the office I worked in, he was there because of protocal, nothing more nothing less, the worse person to know “what’s going on”
Well, the Capt. sent me a letter with a lot of lies in it; I saw him the next day, and instead of asking me “what’s going on” he did the antessemitic thing to do, he asked me why I was so INSUBORDINATED!
INSUBORDINATED?  what did that have to do with the charges?  nothing of course; but then he was a “dictator” the idea of the haves and have not of course, I replied:  Sir, if I cant prove my COUNTER CHARGES, then and only then can you call me “insubordinated” and walked out on him.
I not only answered the “lies” I put countercharges against the antisemitic officer which if prosecuted would have sent him, the Asst Capt and the Capt of yard,  the Commodant of the Yard, in prison; AND THEY KNEW THAT SINCE THEY WERE NOT DOING THEIR PRESCRIBED WORK, they did exactly what the military always does, PASS THE BUCK!
This officer was stealing money, goods doing all kinds of “theft” working closely with the local politicians of course – patriots? not a chance in hell, I was a true patriot, not them!  I did my work honestly, neither this antisemitic officer or the antisemitic Capt of the yard did any work for patriotic reasons.
I am not personally ennobled by “patriots in general”, true patriots are as scarce as “hens’ teeth as they say.  Again I was the patriot, not them, but then since our world is a world of EGOS, egos cannot be patriots since its against egos religion to allow others “to reap the socalled benefits” its motto of course.
I eventually got my reprieve for medical reasons.  The tug boat office I was working in was a smokers heaven; I never smoked, didnt need to, my lungs were loaded with it which hurt my health, so my doctor which said to quit my job, find a job that is more suitable for my health, did that after I went to work in a hotel in Maine, working washing dishes, eating good food, gettign sunshine, and salt water, in two or three months my health greatly improved.
I then went to work for my father who earned a living selling rebuilt black stoves; – being young and very smart, much smarter than my brothers and certainly more smarter than my father when it came to making money – I had him fix up our store split it into halfs, one side black,the other side white, sold new white stoves, took in other stuff to sell, started a mail order business selling primarily in the state f Maine that turned out very successful.
The end result, my father could retire before the age of fifty.  That ran out, and I knew when it would, so we gave up the stove busness, and opened a hardware store, neither I or my father knew anything about hardware, however being a smart kid, opened the first SELF SERVICE HARDWARE STORE in a city that had over 25 hardware storres!  Also set up the first discount hardware store, sent over 8000 official homeowners, discount cards, offering them a discount on their purchases! Was threatned by the other hardware stores if I didnt stop giving discounts,  Guess what? the biggest business IN THE WORLD IS WALMART  who did the same thing their way, way back in the early forties, I could have been another walmart of course!
My father died on me at the age of 49 which literally “broke my heart” I loved that guy because he was honest, sincere, in contrast to my mother, her brothers and people like that!  He did “not belong” in their egocentrific world of the shenanigans of deceit, lies, that is”commonplace” in our world today!  My brothers are not like me, they accept the “fact” that” that is the way it goes, or should be, I DO NOT OF COURSE

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