There is No Doubt

There is no doubt that “thoughts” whatever they are, are the primary oduc operanti of the human family – understanding “thoughts/thinking” should be the “first order of business”  unfortunately hardly anyone “takes that into consideration””; the how’s and why’s of thought are completely “overlooked” UNDIGESTED.  wHY?

the first reply from my channel is:  OUR EGO prevents us people who are souls of course whether we “know it or not” – and only 2% or less know that believe it or not!; the 98% have “no notion of what “soul is all about” not the least!
Keep in mind that thoughts can and “do” simulate emotions, good,bad indifferent, and who hasnt experience that?  Everyone of course!
It is now a known fact that every thought, feeling is RECORDED IN OUR PSYCHE; and I related a story about a hypnotist and his subject.  At one time I belonged to a “hypnosis society” and one of our best hypnotists, selected a woman as his subject, and before she was “put under hypnosis” she was asked to go back to memory of what she did today,(body,mind emotions etc) “before the hypnotist put HER UNDER”. that she did, and once done the hypnotist “went to work putting “her under”
I was there of course, witnessed the whole thing amazed at the results, very hard to believe, but true!
That was one of my many “realizations”; the fact that nothing is LOSt, NOTHING, including the thousands of thoughts that enter our consciousness without us even “realizing it”; we naturally act on some of course.
What does that mean?  For me that means that our emphasis on our EGO, is a complete waste of time, for the simple reason, ego thoughts being of the “wrong frequency are NOT recorded”  – for the recording to be successful, ego information is completely DISCARDED, as meaninglesss! which of course it is!
I never forgot that experience since it was worth SAVING!
There are three levels of hypnosis, the first two deal with the ego, the last one deals with the soul since the ego totally dissappears when the person enters the alpha/tetha level frequencies.
It is vital to know that emotions, especially negative emotions cause “dis-ease” in our bodies, must be cancelled out!
Its also vital to know that the mental connections we have with many things which are of course “energy in motion” whether we realize it or not, can cause problems mentally,emotionally, physically and even spiritually. It is again important that they be ROOTED OUT!  Our faculties are all “sponges”especially when the emotions “come into play” also when our belief systems are FALSE!
Thouights thrive when they are associated,linked with other thoughts, a common appearance, and if linked with emotions, the socalled “power engine”- and also with “false beliefs” added to them.
wow! how to root all of them out!  the first thing that “must be done is to get into the alpha/theta state” -that is the first order of the day, for without the alpha/theta, its all HOKUS POKUS, it becomes a  “tool” of our ego whose state as mentioned is the “beta” state”.  The ego is our ENEMY, now and forever!
I mentioned this in other letters, and it has to be with people who have “split personalities, with the same body, same soul, same everything.
However “being split” the persons body which of course “does not change” undergoes different SICKNESSES, the mind set is totally different, the emotions are totally different,
everything is different ‘EXCEPT THAT THE BODY LOOKS THE SAME.

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