theories are “needed for our 3rd dimensional “understanding” of “what’s happening” on the higher dimensions –
not so, for people “in tune (attuned to the higher dimension) which I “just happen” to be “one of them”  – from birth of course! which of course means “karma” etc. etc. etc. etc.  which of course is “unacceptable” by our scientist who believe that the word –  “in-sight  – in-tuition  – revelation etc. has no “place  in their world which of course is the manifested, physical world”  thus
and what IS the baby?
the baby IS THE UNIVERSE of course,; its socalled “origins” which they “think” that they can dicypher!
some can of course but then only “to the degree of their “consciousness” which  they in general cannot recognize as “their inutitional “mind”.
There is no doubt that the “secret” of how the Universe works will BE GIVEN to us when the Golden Age of Aquarius comes “into being”
why?  because “advanced souls” will be “running the world, not the dummies of today”!
what’s missing in todays’ equation  MIND is missing – not the mind of the present architects of “what’s it all about”?  – Einstein got one little “piece of it”; the others also got a “piece of it”,
I even got a little piece of it when “my consciousness when given two initials GJ  ccalifornia almost came up with the full name,  –  HIT THE MARK ONE HUNDRED PERCENT WITH THE EXACT FACE OF THE PERSON, CAME UP ONE HUNDRED PERCENT WITH THE DETAILS OF HIS LIFE ETC.
how was this possible?  that should be what the scientists should find out; forget their theories!  take the PROOF that is staring them right in their faces!
If anyone asked me, not my ego of course since my ego is as “stupid” as all of the others – but asked me, my soul, my channel what would it say, since IT IS THE SOURCE, not the “theoretical minds” out there who are “grasping for anything that “would make sense”
This is what my soul/channel says:
there is nothing , NOTHING in this world that is DISCONNECTED, nothing, and what does that mean>
everything started with ONE, which cannot be destroyed in any way shape of form; for if it was, NO WORLDS COULD MANIFEST!!
all of the other numbers from 1 to 9 can be destroyed – not the number one, thus this is the key to the idea of a god!  and  it is “amazing to also discover, that the numerology number for the word god, and by the way the word god is a human construction, that word is forbidden to be used in the original bible/testament replaced with another word called HASHEM.
the key to the conundrum that our scientists are “confused with” is that they in my opinion of course, “do not” have the “right grasp”” on the “workings of the MIND, not “mind but MIND”
despite the socalled great advances of the mind on the time/space world; they are personally “not equipped” mindwise of course to go “beyond this point of understanding” to the point where there is
so the key is a conundrum dealing exclusively with the word MIND  – in numerology is adds up to 20 which means that “mind on its own is split since #2  –  is split containing two (1’s)  the outer mind, and the inner mind, meaning not the unconscious or the subconscious but the real MIND which is the SOUL of course!
Scientists abhor anything that smacks of “the stuff I have been involved with for years” because “it is not scientific”! and what does it mean to be scientific?  it means that “everything must be “proven according to the methodologies “of their choice”, otherwise is meaningless.
if that is the case, how would they explain the many “fantastic proof” of the socalled miracles that “my mind capabilities were able to accomplish”
thus they are “birds without wings”  –  their methodologies are thus phoney; the recent fiasco with the atom smasher proves this point “conclusively” of course they found another reason for its failure.
ONCE A SCIENTIST GOES BEYOND TIME/SPACE he/she is able to come up with the “meat instead of the potatoes”
no scientist would be “brave enough to do this” NONE!  they are like the “ivory tower mavins”  who of course are first class phonies LORDING IT OVER, the fools that buy into their lies.
so MIND is the KEY  –  EINSTEIN admitted that of course, was “honest enough” to say that HE DID NOT COME UP WITH THE EQUATION THAT MADE HIM FAMOUS.
He admitted that the equation was “given to him”
who game him the equation?  scientists “dare not” to investigate this question?  why?
IT WOULD BLOW THEIR COVER OF COURSE – if “knowledge is given to people” –  then what must be done is to find INGRESS  into this knowledge, and scientists do not want this to happen of course!
Proof of course of what Emmanuel Swedenborg said in the book that I am reading  –  that “there is no “truth” in the third dimensional world that we live in  – that reason,logic,intellect –  is meant to endorse, enlarge, and control the MINDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE,  that truth can only exist on the higher dimensions!
and what is truth?  truth deals with NON DUALITY, not DUALITY  –  the Old Testament showed “conclusive proof” of this on the first page – when it depicted two trees,  THE TREE OF GOOD, and the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL,
which tree that Adam and Eve select?  the tree of good and evil which of course depicts DUALITY
the ego of course was the serpent!


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