The Secret

The “secret”    is  the “secret” that nothing is “seperate”  everything is connected, not DISconnected!

those that know, KNOW – those that dont know, DONT know!

What does it mean to be connected and DIS connected?

if our SOUL, is the “soul” of the ONE, which we for want of a better name we call GOD  –

this GOD is an amalgamation of trillions of souls – and since every-thing IS ONE PROVEN BY THE  ATOM, =13= 4 – four represents “materialization”


this GOD = 17=8 which equals the ellipitical which means of course, “ebb and flow  – nothing more, nothing less which means NATURE, which means

which means #7 which means  in the Taroh cards Victory, everything in our world operates on the number #7 something everyone should know of course.


So it appears “ignorance” of “what is” is the “secret”


get rid of “ignorance” and we found the secret

ignorance= 3rd dimensional  idea of “reality”

to recap  –  the hologram proves CONCLUSIVELY that the whole and the part are ONE AND THE SAME !  which means of course that the PART IS CAPABLE of utilizing the faculties of the WHOLE, and vice versa of course!

so ignorance, means that  ‘WE ARE NOT UTILIZING THE FACULTIES OF THE WHOLE/GOD, according to Rudolph Steiner, “man has fourteen or more faculties he only uses from four to six –

socalled geniuses, savants, who have no “interest” in living a life of ego for whatever reasons, utilize many of these “faculties” i.e. the great chess champion is a good example.

I am an example also using my amazing experiences –

living in many worlds is not an “easy task”; many of these people “are put away –  I was lucky I was “able” to overcome many of my obstacles, even without taking drugs – most of these people are put on drugs of course!

THEY ARE MISFITS, we call them bi-polar for want of a better word.

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