THE OUTSIDE; THE INSIDE,conscious,/ UNconscious faculties???????

Its “common knowledge” that very few people know “anything” concerning the outside and inside “connection” which of course is our conscious and unconscious faculties?  the question is “why dont they”?

The simple answer of course is that “our educational system  “doesnt know either”; its again the “BLIND leading the BLIND!
What enables the animal/instinct to function, we human beings LACK BIG TIME!  again why?
My constant reply is the same –  “reason,logic,intellect” prevents the instinctual and intuitive “powers” of the human being to  do “what it is suppose to do.
We are told by our “betters” which of course is our “lousy educational system, that “we know nothing, unless taught” which is a lie “as big as  “the world is flat, not round that  “our socalled betters, foisted on us “peasants”
The wise did not fall for that “crap” and were punished for it i.e. Galileo is a perfect example of course!
This natural “feedback” system was  ignored by the “powers to be” thousands of years ago and perpetuated today by the same “demonic rascals” of yesteryear.
Whatever disguise satan uses; satan does what satans does which is of course EVIL, any way you look at it.
If this “is the case” then people have no choice but to get involved with spiritual factors that encourage the “state of Grace”/illumination”- the person “must” recorgnize his/her “spiritual recognition” including the various levels of pyschizm that many spiritual teaching EMBRACE wholeheartedly.  Especially Yoga with it “intensives”.
Reason,logic,intellect endorsed by the illumination of the spiritual world, enables the person to avoid many “traps” led by Satan and “its satanic angels” of the demonic levels of existence.-located of course both in the physical and spiritual worlds of course!
The reason why “my channel” keeps “blasting” reason,logic,intellect, is “because” the demons “use these systems” to entangle  “innocent suckers
to follow their commands”- and it is a known fact that only 1 or 2 % are high enough in the “totem pole” to distinguish between “the wheat and the chaff”
thus – “reason,logic,intellect becomes a “handmaiden for SATAN, big time!
So what our “conscious mind puts “its mind” to IT BECOMES; plus the fact its also infiltrating our inner minds, both the subconscious and  the socalled UNconscious minds.
The conscious mind has the power; the others take orders from the consciousmind are unable to make any decisions at all since their function is to FOLLOW ORDERS, NOT MAKE THEM!
so, a person must be “very careful what he/she accepts as truth which of course the “conscious mind uses to send to its “workers to fulfill; the UNconscious and SUB conscious minds.
Unfortunately where only one or two percent have the “wisdom” of “knowing the difference” most if not all decisions GO AGAINST TRUTH!
who said that?  THE OLD TESTAMENT OF COURSE  –
people come in “deaf,dumb,blind” which means STUPID;  again who said that? THE OLD TESTAMENT!
and what is the other name for SATAN/DEVIL  -?????? THE EGO OF COURSE!
and where is the proof of that?  IN THE OLD TESTAMENT OF COURSE, using its “own words, descriptions of course”  Yester Horah are the Hebrew names of the “devil etc”
King David succumb to that when he was overcome with sexual desire, as a good example  – he later of course RECOUNTED, asked for forgiveness by Jehovah.

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