The origin of our blog goes back over thirty years/ to 1990 when I started the:

N.E. Society of Psychic Researchers which later became accepted by our
Government of a 501-6 non profit   –   our trademark was also “registered” during that  period; and the state of Massachusetts also approved the society as a non profit organization.
When we changed the format to digital, the internet system, our society then became worldwide.
According to Google Results, over two million  “results” are registered  –
We have been doing blogging now for three years.
the email address for our “original e mail address which was “put into action” in the ninetees promoting “ideas” dealing exclusively with helping people “discover’ the importance of “keeping themselves healthy, body, mind, soul –
is still functioning   –  it is a small site that packs a “big punch” in respect  it introduced our blog to the world  –  with these famous three “R’s)  regeneration, rejuvenation, and  revitalization –
Shows that we are legitimate thru our trademark “R” and our non profit classification.
and most of all  –   the word blog is shown –  telling people where to go for the information that my blog has so far dispensed,  “over 300 essays”  dealing with the physical, mental, emotional and  “non denominational religious material’
however, the foremost religious text, the “original”, some of it is quoted for the purpose of “making it easy for the socalled “uneducated and perhaps even the
educated,  to “fathom the Unfathomable”
Its is impossible to continue eating the “chaff and not the wheat” without “knowing nothing”
the Torah/bible irrespective of the vast knowledge imparted by Jehovah thru the prophet Moses, especially the Ten Commandments  –  this wisdom trove must “not be hidden any longer”
The address of our original  society  that  is no  digital is”  althealth.org.
It is a small site that allows our blog to continue operating big time with hundreds of entrees.

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