————————– THE MODUS OPERANTI ————————

Even though I have written with the help of my “channel of course” the whys and hows of the socalled Metaphysical world  –  my channel deems it important that this  “sacred information” be constantly brought to the fore  –  for egos who wish to be EGOS NO LONGER  – and seek understanding, comprehensive, wisdom   –   that only can emanate from the higher dimensions   – proof?

magic healings; healing that could never happen on the ego level of understanding     –     strange events i.e. my channels prediction “that the internet which did NOT exist in 1994 would “revolutionize the world!
and other “facets that have no connection whatsoever with what is considered “truth” in our third dimension of time/space.  Later on I will give “evidence” of  things that will not only astound the world but change the perception that will “change the world”
as change is the hardest thing “to change”  –  it must be “spoofed” otherwise, its a “waste of good time for me/and my channel, and the person supposedly seeking “wisdom”
so spoon fed continues unabated!
this has to be considered    –  a person seeking “enlightenment” which of course is “the nature of reality”  must “learn” who they are, in truth” since they are basically “not egos” since egos have “nothing in common” with the “inner nature of Mankind” – the Soul within”
Unless this is directly approached, there is no need for “piling up knowledge which can NOT be accepted or utilized by the tenets of our SOUL!
and that is what’ happening to people, false prophets, selling knowledge
these people when they die have a ready berth in Hell, and I am for one dont mind saying and exposing this terrible “deed”
and unfortunate;u we are “loaded with these fakirs”  they are selling out their soul for  $$$$$$’s  –  and  – will pay the price when their time comes.
so it appears that when we dream, and we all dream, we are preparing  ourselves when the death of our body happens;  –  it will NOT be new experiences for us, it will not be new experiences for us.
and that is also true when we “prepare ourselves to come back” when we reincarnate into this ego dimension again.
why the ego is so powerful?  in our world of duality, there has to be a Pro and a Con; a good and a bad, a right and a wrong, its called the Law of polarity.
Read the seven laws of Hermes if you want to Know what this world is all about; wish to disengage yourself from your nemesis , the ego, and latch on to the truth of what truth is all about, since it has nothing in common with what the ego is selling to the world  thru the aegis of the:
                          ELITES       ERUDITES     SCHOLARS
all of them are egos one way or another     –     parading otherwise of course                         HOLIER  THAN  THOU
                                         hypocrites    —–    galore/
Swedenborg’s   writings consider “hypocrites” the scourge of humanity
who isnt a hypocrite in this world?  Dr. Dyers book “excuses begone”
list the torrent of hypocritical beliefs that infiltrate the consciousness of all the egos on this planet, baring none
he of course does dare use the word “ego” since most if not all of his “customers despite their disguises are connected to our egosystem, primarily our educational system.
the person down in the totem pole is not his audience,customers, his customers are generally college trained people who have been mightily propagandized, but for some “strange reason” are drawn into
the web of  – “perhaps there is something to “it” meaning of course, the spiritual domain.
many have given up on their inbred religion finding flaws in them, or rather considered them to be “a blind faith process”  etc.
the socalled professional class to live up to their idea of what reality is all about  – join groups like his since it gives them the impression that blind faith is not the way to go, and that the bible per se, has no basis in fact, thus does not exist
they of course throw the baby out with the bathwater since they dont know any betters.
they are unable to wrest away from their ego because, whether they realize it or not, their ego is their foundation, not what they seek in life, their spiritual UPliftment which for them “should be a conjunct with their ego reality” and not discarded for being lies, deceit etc.
instead of separating the “chaff from the wheat”  they keep both the chaff/their ego, and the wheat, knowledge that they want to inculcate into their way of life!
in my opinion they have no intention of building a “new foundation in their lives; since the ego is their “comfort zone” which under no conditions should be “discarded”
they are called DILETTANTES, followers  –  who when they brush up against their “leader” believe that they have been transformed, body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
they are phonies of course, and I for one, saw all of this happening when the gurus from India and elsewhere “invaded our country back in the late seventies, eighties, died out after that.
why?  the young folk found a new source to believe in   –    the computer took over!  the egoworld at this point in time, grew by leaps and bounds, the young people deserted their quest for a new god
the advent of the internet, and  the growth of the computer industry.
PS. I will be 92 yrs old in a month; everything I right about was experienced, I do not deal with 2nd hand knowledge; to me it means nothing  – false belief systems are 2nd hand knowledge, called blind faith!

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