We shall not enter into an extended discussion of, or description of, the varied phenomena of mental influence or psychic activity.

There are many books, many of hem “quite good,” which have been written and published on this subject of late years.
The main facts stated in these various books “are correct,” although the several writers have attempted to explain the phenomena by “various pet theories”  of their own.
The student may acquaint himself with these matters, and by using the theory of Mental Gender he will be able to bring order out of the “chaos” of conflicting theory and teachings, and may, moreover, readily make himself a master of the subject if he be so inclined. of this work is NOT to give an “extended account of psychic phenomena”, but rather to give to the student a “master key” whereby he may “UNLOCK, the many doors leading into the parts of the TEMPLE OF KNOWLEDGE which he may wish to explore.
We feel that in this consideration of the teachings of THE KYBALION, one may find an “explanation” which will serve to clear away many “perplexing difficulties”–a key that will unlock many doors.
What is the use of going into detail regarding  all of the many features of psychic phenomena and mental science, provided we place  in the hands of the student the means whereby he may “acquaint himself” fully regarding any phase of he subject which may interest him.
With the aid of THE KYBALION one may  go through any occult library “anew,, the old Light from Egypt illuminating many dark pages, and obscure subjects.
  —                        THAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS BOOK
We do “not” come expounding a New Philosophy, but rather furnishing the outlines of a “GREAT WORLD-old teachings of others—which will serve as a GREAT RECONCILER of  “differing” theories, and “opposing” doctrines.

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