“The possession of Knowledge, unless accompanied by a manifestation and expression in “Action, is like the “hoarding of precious metals–a vain and foolish thing.

A Vain and Foolish thing,      –        Knowledge, like Wealth, is intended for Use.
Nowadays that is not so since “paper money” especially when created without precious metals backing it, is a FOOLS PARADISE.   Civilizations who depreciated their currency proved this point dramatically.
I know why he Masters say this of course  –  “true knowledge like my blog must be open to all, free of charge, and that is what I am doing of course!
I tell people to buy precious metals as “an insurance” when paper money, inflation, etc. starts to erupt,  –  and that is of course a strong possibility nowadays.
The Law of Use is Universal, and he who violates it suffers by reason of his “conflict” with natural forces”
The Hermetic Teachings, while always having been kept “securely locked up” in the minds of the “fortunate possessors” thereof, for reasons which we have already stated, were never intended to be merely “stored away and secreted”
I AGREE WITH THIS OF COURSE  –  as mentioned above; I dont agree using precious metals stored “for a rainy day”, that for me is “common sense”
The LAW of USE, by the way Dr. Swedenborg advises the same thing.
The Law of Use is dwelt upon in the Teachings, as you may see by reference to the above quotation from the Kybalion, which states  it “forcibly”
KNOWLEDGE WITHOUT USE and EXPRESSION is a VAIN THING, bringing “no good to its possessor, or to the race.
BEWARE OF MENTAL MISERLINESS, and express into Action that which you have learned.
We give below some of the “more important Hermetic Axioms, from The Kybalion, with a few comments added to each.
Make these your own, and practice and use them, for they are NOT really your own UNTIL YOU HAVE USED THEM.
One may change his mental vibrations by an “effort of Will, in the direction of “deliberately fixing the Attention upon a “more desirable state>
Cultivate the Art of Attention, by means of the WILL, and you have  SOLVED the SECRET of the MASTERY of MOODS and MENTAL STATES.
:To destroy an undesirable rate of mental vibration, put into operation the PRINCIPLE of POLARITY and CONCENTRATE upon the OPPOSITE POLE to that which you desire to SUPPRESS.
This is one of the most important of the Hermetic Formulas.
It is based upon :true scientific principles.
We have shown you that a “mental state” and its opposite were merely the two poles of ONE THING, and that by Mental Transmutation the Polarity might be reversed.
This Principle is know to modern psychologists, who apply it to the breaking up of “undesirable habits” by bidding their students “concentrate” upon the “opposite quality>
If you are possessed of FEAR, do not wast time trying to “kill out” Fear, but instead cultivate the quality of “Courage”, and the Fear will disappear.
Some writers have expressed this idea most “forcibly” by using the illustration of the dark room.  You do not have to shovel out or sweep out the Darkness, but by merely “opening the shutters and letting  in the LIGHT the DARKNESS has disappeared.
To kill out a Negative quality, concentrate upon the Positive Pole of that same  quality, and the Vibrations will “gradually change from Negative to Positive, until finally you will become POLARIZED on the POSITIVE POLE instead of the NEGATIVE.
The reverse is also true, as many have found out to their “sorrow, when they have allowed themselves to Vibrate” too constantly on the Negative pole of things.
By CHANGING YOUR POLARITY, you may “master your moods”, change your “mental States, remake your Disposition, and Build up Character.
Much of the Mental Mastery of the advanced Hermetics is due to this application of Polarity, which is one of the “important aspects of Mental Transmutation.
Remember the Hermetic Axion (quoted previously), which says;:
“MIND (as well as metals and elements) MAY BE TRANSMUTED from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to vibration”
The mastery of Polarization is the mastery of the fundamental principles of Mental Transmutation or Mental Alchemy, for unless one acquires the art of changing his “own polarity, he will be “unable” to affect his “environment.
An understanding of this Principle” will enable one to CHANGE his own Polarity, as well as that of others, if he will but “devote the time, care, study and PRACTICE necessary to MASTER THE ART.
The Principle is true, but the results obtained depend upon the “Persistent” “patience and practice” of the student.
“RHYTHM may be “neutralized by an application of the ART OF POLARIZATION.
As we have explained by previous chapters, the Hermetists hold that the Principle of Rhythm manifests on the Mental Plane as well as on the Physical Plane, and that the bewildering succession of moods, feelings, emotions, and other mental states, are due to the backward and forward SWING of the MENTAL PENDULUM,  which carries us from “one extreme of felling to the other..
The Hermetists also teach that the LAW OF NEUTRALIZATION enables one, to a great extent to overcome the operation of Rhythm in consciousness.
As we explained there is a HIGHER PLANE OF CONSCIOUSNESS, as well as the “ordinary LOWER PLANE, and the MASTER by rising mentally to the HIGHER PLANE causes the “swing” of the mental pendulum to manifest on the Lower Plane, escapes the “consciousness of the SWING BACKWARD.
This is effected by “polarizing” on the Higher Self, and thus RAISING the “mental vibrations” of the person above those of the ordinary “plane of consciousness.
It is akin to “rising above a things”, and “allowing it to “pass beneath you.”
The Advanced Hermetist “polarizes himself  at the POSITIVE POLE of his BEING.
 The “I” AM” pole rather than the pole of personality, and by “refusing” and “denying” the operation of RHYTHM, raises himself above its plane of consciousness,  and “standing Firm” in his STATEMENT OF BEING, he allows the Pendulum to “swing back” on the Lower Plane without changing his  Polarity.
This is accomplished by all individuals who have “attain” “any degree of self-mastery”, whether they understand the LAW or NOT.
Such persons simply REFUSE to ALLOW THEMSELVES to be “swung back” by the pendulum of MOOD and EMOTION, and by “steadfastly “affirming” the “superiority, they remain” POLARIZED on the POSITIVE pole.
The Master of course, attains a far greater degree of proficiency, because he UNDERSTANDS the LAW which he is OVERCOMING by a “higher LAW, and by the use of his WILL he attains a degree of POISE, and MENTAL STEADFASTNESS almost impossible of belief on the part of those who allow themselves to be ‘SWUNG” backward and forward by the Mental pendulum of MOODS,and FEELINGS.
Remember, always, however, that you do NOT really DESTROY the Principle of Rhythm, for that is INDESTRUCTIBLE.
You simply “overcome” ONE LAW by counter-balancing it with another, and thus MAINTAIN AN EQUILIBRIUM.

The Laws of Balance and counter-balance are in operation on the            Mental as well as on the Physical planes, and an understanding of these Laws enables one to “seem” to “overthrow laws, ehreas he is merely exerting a COUNTERBALANCE.
will continue

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