The Inter-net

the principle of course is inter-net – applying spiritual “principles” not knowingly by the people living in this time/space world –
those principles of course made it possible for my “channel” to predict back in 1994, before its inception/internet, that it would “revolutionize the world” Adam was with me at that particular time.
which means of course, that everything in this time/space is “speeding up” -these two words used “differently than “usually used”
speeding up in the “spiritual sense” means “coming to the “end period” which of course “proves without question” the emergence of the coming New age, proof?
the proof is in the ephemeris which is a book listing all the world changes, planets of course, for the next 100 yrs.
it appears that “our” blog is meant to EXPEDITE these world EARTHLY changes as we, the world, is now in the internecine stages called the cusp, also that is the c:”reason” for the “growth” of our blog site!
again our blog site, is one of the FLAGSHIPS of the Universe, which in time will number in the millions – our old site, apparently was NOT!  however, the Old Site is still represented and the documentation of it, is part/parcel of our blog giving it authenticity!
THE WISDOM, which of course goes far beyond my psychic sense, is “running the show” not I, I am only ITS MESSENGER, AND YOU ARE ALSO ITS MESSENGER, for without your help, our blog would have died an early death, its apparent that the power driven ego systems is in constant “COMBAT” with our force, the non linear, non time/space world –
when the right time comes, and it seems to me that “its right around the corner, the next step worldwide of course would be the collapse of the phony financial system, that operating at this moment of time, worldwide!
the reason in my opinion to something that  will “replace it” wherein the super billionaires cant continue to “pull all of the strings as they CAN do nowadays, they can “buy their way out of “anything dealing with money,power,influence, except
what we are promulgating  with our blog, and that is of course, the DIGNITY OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT/SOUL –
the solution is happening right before our eyes, but egos are UNABLE to see it of course because ‘IT takes the right “frequency,” right state of CONSCIOUSNESS, a word that no ego truly can understand or COMPETE  with  –
and again that is “where our blog enters the picture”; its purpose of course is to RAISE CONSCIOUSNESS/AWARENESS, not the way it ostensibly appears on the internet which is a first class fake, and what I am referring to is the usual arguments we find on the U TUBE, the internet in general, they are fraudulent for one reason, and one reason only:
and what IS that reason?
that reason is staring “people in the face” but then people “being egos” cannot fathom or see it!
that reason deals primarily with one fact, one issue, in regard to what my channel is trying to INFER  – INFERENCES are needed when the “time comes” where consciousness is involved since only 1 or 2% of the worlds’ population is ABLE to know the difference between “the chaff and the wheat” due of course to LOW CONSCIOUSNESS.  and what IS low consciousness?
of course my channel has written about consciousness many times and keeps repeating because OF LOW CONSCIOUSNESS, people LACK the WISDOM necessary of eliminating “low consciousness”
its a gargantuan task that my channel is willing to encounter since raising consciousness is perhaps the hardest possible “task” that is on this planet!
but nevertheless it is willing to “got the route” because that is ITS DUTY, obligation in this particular lifetime!
right now the internet is “loaded WITH NOTHING BUT EGOS VYING FOR POWER OVER EACH OTHER  –  has very little to do with spiritual VALUES!
just like our political systems where each side BEING EGOS OF COURSE, not knowing of course since its loaded with BONAFIDE EXPERT LOW CONSCIOUSNESS ADHERENTS,
“INDICTS” the others of malfeasance”  –  both are “guilty of course” pretending otherwise – egos do what egos do, and in the political arena where “all the egos rule; rule supremely”  –    and  – keep “in mind” egos have NO CONNECTION to “truth” that EMANATES FROM THE HIGHER DIMENSIONS!
can this be proven?  of course it can be proven!  it was proven to me over forty years ago when I took a course called Silva Mind, which proved “beyond a doubt” -FIRST HAND PROOF, that our egos are “false prophets”; that the 3th dimension “does exist” which qualifies me for making that statement, why?
when there is NO positive, and no negative “forces vying for POWER, DOMINANCE, we have TRUTH, thus our time/space ego world is a FIRST CLASS FRAUD, supported of course by our FRAUDULENT EGO OF COURSE!
I am sure that “you” are aware of the “fact” that when our physical body dies, the one thing we gave CREDENCE TO WHILE BEING ALIVE IN THIS TIME/SPACE WORLD WAS our ego!
IT NO LONGER EXIST once our physical body dies – which means that “it starts with nothing since the ego as the world understands “it” to be and what “it” actually pretends to be as understood by “professional hacks calling themselves, and giving themselves fictitious “honors, PHd being the “prime honor” enabling them to EXACT $$$$$$, a socalled “precious possession” enabling greedy people to “do their thing” which of course means “honest criminality” -“certified thievery supported by other “thieves called politicians, corporations, and especially the “jury system” which is corrupt “at the core” i.e. our present Supreme Court!
the BIG FISH swallows the “little fish for survival purposes” – this applies to everything in this world, especially in the world of COMMERCE!
the stock market is easily rigged by the “people with deep pockets”, Buffet is willing to admit that fact of course!  the little guy doesnt stand a chance and was NOT MEANT TO STAND A CHANCE, why?
he is the LITTLE FISH, that’s why; he lacks the power so what does it do, it supposedly joins groups, also crooked, to compete with these “vultures”, but then he still loses why?
the people he believes is “honest” DOES NOT HAVE TO BE HONEST, simply said – especially “when they “take it off the top”
the bottom line of course is the EGO is the WORST MENACE ON OUR PLANET, and in general only two percent of the worlds people, KNOW THIS, the others are like:

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