The Center of the Head

The “cervical center of the head” does fantastic things way beyond its physical “confines”/  knowledge not known by physical science; a science that the Masters have used and known for centuries.

This centre controls many functions such as “hunger,-since “it controls the “life force”; others hungers other than physical,  compulsive desires also.It is vitally important that this “centre” be “utilized correctly” using mental and emotional directives of course!

FLOOD HIM WITH WHITE LIFE, saved a person’s life as he lay dying!  The story behind that “command” I wrote about in one of my blogs.   LIGHT if properly understood – can save anyone’s life, if again, “UNDERSTOOD

Being “conscious” of the LIGHT, makes it possible for the “seeker” to commune with Adepts and Masters – not at “this point in time” of course,

The ego must be destroyed completely before this can happen!

Once the ego is destroyed, the SOUL emerges out of “its darkness” and LIGHT EMERGES, in grandeur!

There are “infinite number of dimensions, right here with us”  The psychic facullty when developed can “tune into these dimensions of course! -Religions all of them FORBID their parishiners from “getting involved” and for many reasons of course, primarily for the reason once they do, they will Lose them!  All religions do this of course – some like the Hebrew religion, especially the ultra ultra Orthodox called the Cabalistics, endorse the Higher Dimensions; I am not familiar with the other religions, but if I am not mistaken, both the other two majors, outlawed the followers of the search for “higher dimensions”, both have similar seekers.

Keep in mind that there are very bad “spirits” out there at the Astral dimension pretending to be “holier than thou angels”  – the best LIARS in all worlds are these “astral entities” that I mentioned in one of my blogs, both my birth mother and ex wife were PRIME EXAMPLES of how they operate!

Most of the crime, killing, mayhem, lies, corruption STEM FROM THIS ASTRAL LEVEL – unfortunately ego people “in charge” our professionals, Freud etc. paid very little attention to them, if any, why?  There was no money in it, plus he did NOT know how to “get rid of them”

Freud along with the others “experimenters” avoided many tried and true methods since as mentioned, there “was no money into it – Psychoanalysis took years; people “with money” paid “thru their nose” for years and years.

Professors made a good living promoting Freud; it was a very lucrative steady clientelle business; couldnt be beat!  Hypnosis could have done all of it in three sessions  – getting right “into the root of the problem”

Again the root of all evil, whether the love of it or not is GREED, greed needs $$$$$$ and money needs SUCKERS!  and this is going on amongst our medical people today when they say, “once on the drug, always on the drug,  GREAT REPEAT BUSINESS!  PEOPLE ARE IMPRISONED AND DONT KNOW IT!

Just another reason for this blog of course!  Its unfortunate of course that egos in general would find this blog “unacceptable” since it does not deal with what they consider important in their life, which is:





Now if we asked these people, what’s worth living?  They will without hesitation rattle off “all of the above”  – cant overlook being LAUDED for suspected great achievements, can we?

So, these people the 98% out there, will consider this blog as a waste of their precious time, and go back watching the football game which of course means more to them that what my channel is offering!

So who is the KOOK?  them with their particular “lifestyle” or my blog?

of course its my blog; who said that?  THEIR EGO OF COURSE; THEIR SOUL HAS LEFT THEM YEARS AGO, why?  BROKEN HEART!

People who have raised their consciousness ( some time in the very near future I will give my readers and idea of how consciousness “is rated” and what technique is used to DETERMINE consciousness.

Master, adepts have reached the highest levels perhaps starting at around 700 – 1000 is the highest –

The methodology of adepts and Masters is simple – they usually work with individuals where they can TUNE IN TO THEIR VIBRATION – I am sure that is the way I channel, however, my personal channel I believe to be my soul; not a link with adepts and masters, I may be mistaken of course.

I came in that way because at the age of around five, I was already channeling, not knowingly of course!.  At that age I was told that the first fifty yrs of my life would be “terrible”; after fifty my life will improve tremendously, and that happened EXACTLY AT THE AGE OF FIFTY 1973, born 1923


To my knowledge adepts and masters do NOT get involved with the life of the person in regard to emotional etc. matters, – does not deal with imbalanced people.  This is “not so” with other forms of spiritiual communication, i.e. all kinds of systems dealing with the “dead” etc. that is a low level since it deals exclusively with the astral dimension and perhaps other dimensions also.

Something to consider, the best method of “going within”, the safest, would be to go “into the Silence” and become “aware” of COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS.  That is mentioned under concentration the first lesson or so when we first started, one pointedness – when a person becomes “focused/aware of cosmic consciousness, the INTENTION MAKES IT HAPPEN, and to understand this “magic word”, I will ask my channel to give me his/her/its idea of what the “intent” is all about.

The word motivation and intent and if I am not mistaken did talk about it in my earlier blogs, but as you know the “idea” behind getting the “right understanding depends on that magic word CONTEXT – one word can perhaps be used for over a hundred “uses” and if this is the case, then I select the word to fill that bill, CONTEXT –

Understanding + Context = WISDOM

Unfortunately most if not all writers, knowing their readers, overlook this “fact”  They have to put what they want to convey – right on the table so that even the dummy will know what is all about,  That is indeed unfortunate but then we cant expect any more; only two percent would be “astute to know what context is all about”

So its beholden on you folks who are “SINCERE WITH THEMSELVES” not with me of course, but with themselves/souls and “stay with it” continue meditating, contemplating, become aware of COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS which means of course, “BEING ONE WITH THE ONE’ that is the way my channel explains that phrase.

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