What is a “tail” and what is a “Head”/ , on the surface that appears as if someone is playing with simple words, words that imply that anyone would of course know the difference between a head and a tail, but unfortunately “egos in my opinion and the opinion of my “channel” differ one hundred percent. THATS THE WAY THE COOKIE CRUMBLES, “TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT”, AND other socalled “pitty sayings” that deal with stupidity of the highest order. As an example, if the above “saying have meanings” and I sayng IF, then there is NO RECOURSE, NO FREE WILL, NO NEED TO EXERCISE JUDGEMENT, and a host of other socalled ways/means of dealing with what besets the “human race” So it is obvious to me why, only one or two percent of the worlds people’s are steeped “deeply” into the “that’s the way it is” take it or leave it, – “thats the way the cookie crumbles” and other stupid, ignorant “sayings” that only a certified dumbbell would accept “as reality” But then, they have very low consciousness 100-200, which DISENABLES THEM from knowing otherwise – within the REALM OF THE EGO CONSENSUS FREQUENCEY of the 21-14 cycles per second, wherein EGOS CAN LIVE STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE. No more can be expected of them – Ignorance deals exclusively within the 100-200 consciousness realm – As the person “grows in consciousness, there rating number increases along with the increase of their INNATE COMPREHENSION of DISCERNMENT/wisdom. I am sure hundreds perhaps thousands of books have been written concerning what I and my channel just elucidated – the problem of course, is that most of these books, as far as I know of course, perhaps, made it just too complicated for egos that wish to get a reprieve, and want to experience what it is to be “really free/liberated” from what? Their captors, their egos of course! A good example is my son Richard, who meditates every day – and one day years ago, he hit the jackpot as they say, and got a “message” from his soul which said that his ego is a total fraud, and that he should “divorce himself from it, not to abide by “its wishes” Right after receiving this EPITAMY, he was put into a very deep depression for about three months by what? His ego of course! to teach him a lesson, that it, his ego is the boss not him! I will never forget that story since it proves without a doubt that there IS A WAR CONTINUALLY GOING ON, between the evil forces/ego and the higher forces SOUL! So, the tail is our boss, the ego, telling the head, the brain/soul that IT IS THE RULER of the physical dimension that we live in today and proving it conclusively by telling the “victim” all of us to watch the daily news, just simply watch the daily news which is constantly LOADED UP WITH THE WORST KIND OF BEHAVIOR THAT CAN EXIST on this planet!!!! Now who doesnt know this? EVERYONE KNOWS THIS! so how do people handle this problem? They do a very good job handling this problem but saying “that’s the way it is” -take it or leave it! If one crook gets away with it, why shouldnt the other crook get away with it – and “eye for an eye” – that biblical saying was NOT meant for the crazy ego world that we live in; that saying was meant for the fourth and fifth dimensions where THERE IS NO EVIL INTENT; where there is no duality’ where there is NO hate, lies, where only truth resides. In other words and “eye for an eye at the higher dimensions simply means that “love is Supreme ” the “loving aspect of what an eye represents” extends itself beyond the simple egocentric notion of what an eye is all about- using numerology, the ancient SCIENCE of NUMBERS adding up the two e’s, each “e” representing the number 5 5+5+10 and then adding the number for the y which is number 7 10=7=17 bringing it down to one digit, we have 1+7=8 – EIGHT REPRESENTS THE GOD HEAD! In astrology represent Scorpio, the most powerful sign in the zodiac where the most powerful planet resides, PLUTO. Ignorance and ego are the same word – egos are stupid for the simple reason IT HAS NO CONNECTION TO THE UNIVERSE NOT AT ALL, and the UNIVERSE, is what RUNS THE SHOW, IF IT CLOSES SHOP, all the egos, the 99% of them worldwide, DIE A SUDDEN DEATH! How would the buffets, gates and all of the money hungry egos out there deal with this catastrophe, and of course that includes the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Obamas, and of course the Trumps, how can we forget them.

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