SuperConsciousness Perfection

SuperConsciousness Perfection: deals with Beingness that has fulfilled its highest degree of attainment usually refered to as Cosmic Consciusness. Perhaps never attained in only one lifetime but many many many llifetimes. Great Avatars of the past that religions stemmed from Jesus, Moses, Buddah etc. -religion per se is not needed to reach this state of cnsciousness since many of India’s gurus have – and some have returned to the material world like SaiBab as an example and he in particularly  is a perfect example of the truth of re-incarnation!  In his particular case, it was prophesize.  They are now awaiting for the new Sai Baba since the last one died perhaps ten years ago.  As mentioned in the introduction to proof that the metaphysical world exists; he pruposely manifest “out of thin air” and this is on video tape, it is not “just a story” physical articles.  A feat that “cannot” be duplicated by anyone on this planet before and after other than by Sai Baba.  People getting healed by another is a common occurrence, many people including myself have done that since my consciusness rating enables me to do that, again as mentioned in my introductory remarks.

On an individual basis (soul consciousness “perfection exists since souls are one with the ONE, each soul, individual is merged with the POWER that gives LIFE TO EVERYTHING MANIFESTED AND UNMANIFESTED.
#5  Thus TIME/SPACE cannot compare or even “influence” the principle and action of the SuperConscious World that I am depicting, never did, never will – One is the socalled lower dimension/world where duality, right wrong, yes/no good/bad, the linear way of “reality”; the other is the opposite there is no duality, its “non linear; the other is linear”; one is the right hemisphere/ the other the left; one is ruled “completely” by the “inimical ego; the other by the loving “soul”; one requires a low consciousness “one requires at least a 300 consciousness rating to exist/ the other only needs the lowly 100 consciousness reading, lower than 100 is the level of the animal kingdom.
THE AMAZING THING IS THAT OUR MATERIAL WORLD WHICH OPERATES STARTING AT THE ONE HUNDRED LEVEL – controls 98% of the population , not the other way around ! controlled by THE EGOCENTRIC POWERS not the SUPERCONSCIOUS powers; the reason for the mayhem, murder, chaos, depressions, climate changes and many other manifestations  that are ‘inimical to Mankind” mental, emotional, physical and spiritual of course!  AND VERY FEW PEOPLE KNOW THAT?
wHY?  monkey see, monkey do, birds of a feather flock together, low consciousness lacks what this blog is in the “process of dissemanting ; the “lack of consciousness, awareness; the power of the egocentric diseased
mind, emotions, spirituality, and certainly our diseased bodies which of course is the “result”!
Our educational institutions and even so called religious institutions what about them?  I cant and wont discuss that because  “it isnt necessary to get involved with that, what has to be faced up to and discussed, can be done without those factors.  That is left up to each individual; and as said, getting involved with that is totally unnecessary in the short and long of it because what a person needs to “get out of their “ego prison” is just to discover their ignorance, which egomentality does its best to hide, of course!
blog #4(a)
Although there is a proliferation of all kinds of advisor, teachers, socalled Masters/Adepts, they are not needed because after everything is “said/done” there is only one teacher/ the soul of the individual of course!
The reasons for these supposedly “enlightened souls” is to prove the “existence of the “superconscious”; that it is not a “fable” i.e. Sai Baba, and the miracles that  I was personally involved with which if not already revealed will be as we progress with this blog.  In time this blog will show “evidence” of others of course
How do we “interact with what we call Nature for want of a better word?
Nature for the “ordinary person” means the UNIVERSE of course, so how does the Universe work?  Without getting into the “deep science involved” which could “only” be theories, which “do not” have to be true – my intention is to make it as simple so that even “simple people” could grasp its significance – that is not their ego for egos are not “too smart” as they say, its their “soul”, their common sense SELF, their  “inner self/intuitive self”
What am I saying?  I am saying that Nature which functions on the principle of “vibrations since everything moves “constantly” not physically speaking by vibrationally speaking.  Yes we have storms, hurricanes and many physical activities constantly in motion; I am not talking about those vibrations/ frequencies I am talking about the vibrations that we “limited human beings” can see with our physical eyes,; hear with our physical ears, etc. etc.  I am talking about “hearing my intuition when it “talks to me”, which is not in an audible way; the reason why egos pay no attention at all to theirs!
Blog 4 (a)  atoms are at this point in understanding, that is their action, vibration the main substance to the world’s creation.  Without atoms there is no known physical world, and perhaps that is also true when it comes to the action/effect of the “subtle world” of atoms. Something that scientist know nothing about, that the mystics live and breath in!  We will in time investigate this when we continue with this blog i.e. “listening to the Sound Current” an Indian method used to  develop “superconsciousness”.  As one gets proficient with this “sound current” he/she the intutitive forces of the individual in time of course “senses” not with their outer senses as we do in our materialized form but as said with our “inner senses” the atoms that I am talking about.  Great psychics are great because they are always using their “inner senses”; being a psychic all of my life, I can attest to this fact. I did not develop this ability in this lifetime, I came in with it from previous lifetimes; reached a point back in the eighties that saved people’s lives from dying, all of this is documented of course!  Asked my channel why nothing happened after that period, the reply came immediately.  We saved the lives of these people just to proof to you and others, that first of all, “we exist” secondly, that we can do that anytime we want to, we do not have to duplicate for the sake of the present medical system in your world that says: unless it can be duplicated its meaningLESS.  On the higher dimensions is this sheer NONSENSE!  Once a person crosses a river swimming, provided he is not sick, and well, he can do it again – the present medical system being in my opinion and in the opinion of medical doctors that is “enlightened medical doctors,  who do not believe in drugs per se, constantly disprove this theory – why other than what I said?  Every human being is unlike every other human being and to put them in a “stall like an animal, and treat them like an animal, from that using the animal results is an INSULT to everyone soul!  We have an animal body that is true, but animals do not have souls, only human beings have souls.  Souls are unique to the point that each has their own “journey” –  and should not allow themselves to succumb to the false belief systems of only only their doctors per se, but from all ideologies that contemn them unknowingly which I call “ignorance/self imprisonment” –  and they do unfortunately!
The “right person, the right teacher as the saying goes, “when the student is “ready” the teacher will appear”  That goes counter to how our educational system works – for some reason they feel that their qualifications gives them “the right” to make decisions for people because of these qualifications: which of course is pure nonsense the reason why professionals in general put these certificates of achievement on their walls to impress future clients.
How does superconscious mentality deal with situations concerning  “how help comes to people without them “managing everything socalled “in advance”, the LINEAR WAY, the EGOWAY, which of course prevents the “natural way” FROM HAPPENING!  taking all present eventuality into consideration!  They are taught all this of course by our egocentric system of teaching, again its the left brain, linear system controlling the right brain non linear system.
I have been doing the non linear system all of my life because as I said, I cm e in that way, and I have been successful in everything that I did where I was responsible; where I depended on others, it did not work out at all since where their at and I am at was not the same place.  Growing up, and even u to todays date, I never found anyone like me  that is completely. Found people with different “aspects as me” but not like me, I had to take second best –  they are very good friends nevertheless.  I am talking about the kids, and later friends that I had – as said, I had to be satisfied with “what I had” Married a girl that I fell in love with and for reasons discovered later on, found why, and I may have mentioned this in the itnroductories, the marriage, and the divorce was instituted by my “channel” to save my life, she and her psychologist were cogs in the wheel as they say!
Once divorced, I left the ego cage I was in for over fifty years; put my wings on and took off for California almost forty years ago, found Shangrila, was finally free from the shakes of the  egocentric dualistic linear world persecutors, knowingly or unknowingly it doesnt matter, blind or not blind, their crucifying work must go on, – ignorance is endemic, an epidemic, the reason for this blog of course –  people reading this blog do it for a reason, what is it other than looking for their own shangrila, their own freedom, I am writing it because of the word “altruism” a word that has for perhaps hundreds or thousands of years been “laid to rest in some outlandish cemetary somewhere,where it will never ever see the Light of Day!  My blog is to reincarnate this word, put it back to work where it belongs, why? Someone must do it, it might as well be me before I die!
I see life as you know by now, differently that 98% of the people on this planet, I see the “undercurrent which are responsible ” for what is on top” 98% of the people only see the top, know nothing about the how’s, dont know that they even exist, in fact call “EFFECT”, cause! now who in their right mind would do that?  EGO DO, why? because of not only low consciousness but because they want to “believe”  it!  They cant imagine that the recent socalled accident or event was “not” cause” – he/she it caused the problem; they cannot even start to “imagine” that there could be another “reason”!  But as they grow into consciousness they will in time discover that their cause was caused by other forces impinging on their consciousness. thus I will discuss the next point in this blog #4.
# 4 (a)
What we call life has a LIFE  of its own.  Now what does that mean?  I just mentioned that what people believe to be “cause”; any cause it doesnt matter what cause but “cause itself” is NOT CAUSE, its EFFECT.  They do so because they dont “know any better”well this segment of the bog is meant so that they willl “know better”  Every ocean, every thought, every idea, in fact everthing that materialized either physically mentally emotionally and spiritually has a belief attached to it that I would call “cause”, the beginning, – knowing this it would be impossible to “believe” that a materialized fact, anything happening physically, mentally emotionally on this material plane of existence CAN BE A CAUSE ITS AN IMPOSSIBILITY – before anything can be produced physically, it first must start from the idea stage, the socalled formative stage, which especially egos would know nothing about – that alone disqualifies egos from insisting that what happened to them per se, was not the effect which it was of course, but the cause.  i.e. “you caused me to do this, is just one example of course”  Unfortunately  psychologist etc. know nothing about  the socalled “unseen world”
Now getting back to “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” Now what does that mean?  It means that in this rarified world, the higher dimensions that do exist for the enlightened of course, and even for the unenlightened since all cause whether we like it or not emenates from that dimension –  it says, “we are in charge, we represent the Universe and its Laws, we are one with the ONE, every soul on this planet is one with US.
As the aspirant grows in consciousness, this “realization grows and grows” likewise.
next blog will be BLOG #5

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