SPONTANEITY WHAT IS IT? —– Why Is It Vital To Our Life?

For the “ego world at large” the word spontaneity has “only meaning” that deals “exclusively” with our dictionaries interpretations.

So basically speaking the word “has been degraded by our dictionaries” since our dictionaries are written by “egos”  –   and “egos” being ego’s are limited in their “deep understanding of what the “real world” is all about.
There are also two other words that must be “taken into consideration” they are: Synchronicity and Serendipity  –  the dictionary also has trouble with the true definition of these world.
In a sense  –  they are all “saying the same thing” and what is this “same thing”
they are all saying, indicating that the UNSEEN forces in our planet and Universe, are the “dominant energy force in our world, and in every other world in the Universe including the  “spiritual 4th and 5th dimensions.
Our world as you know is the physical time oriented, space oriented 3rd dimension  –
again starting with the word “spontaneity, what does it mean to you< and how do you  “work with” this “energy called spontaneity, what does it “imply”?
well, for me it implies an “action that happens “beyond our control”  – and “unseen energy force” that majestically and mystically “just happens” on its own without “us” knowing the hows and whys of it!
likewise for the word synchronicity and Serendipity  –  “being in sync, is a common expression when “thing just happen without us knowing the hows and whys of it  – but as said, magically and mystically,  synchronicity takes over  –   our ego is unable, and incapable of “knowing what’s happening”  likewise for the word “serendipity”  –  when something happens “on its own” which means no ego interference, none whatsoever  –   and what “is” ego interference?
reason, logic, intellect is “ego interference”   every this is left brained, organized, “LINEAR’, nothing is “left out of the equation”; all bases have been “covered” from top to the bottle but then  ——–   something “unusual” happens where our reason,logic,intellect, our EGO powers,
all “drop dead in their tracks  – as if they never existed, and these three forces/laws from the 4th and 5th dimensions “takes over”
and all of our “linear plans based on our reason, logic, intellect” go ASUNDER!  just disappear as if they never existed.
synchronicity also a Law of Nature emenaating from the higher spiritual dimensions, like the most powerful computer on the planet  – makes damn sure that it is CAPABLE of “tracking everything that has happened, and will happen  –  PERFECT in every respect  which we then
call Serendipity  –   which of course  –  allows the higher forces to continue “playing with our ego as if the ego was a “stuffed animal”
which has no volition of course.
Serendipity  according to our dictionaries, has no real definition, as
spontaneity has no definition; likewise for the term spontaneity.
These three Universal Laws  –  work hand-in-glove with the Metaphysical
world that people like myself, a right brained, non linear thinker – accepts as “normal”  –   because  the non linear mind, negating the ego system of “reason,logic,intellect, uses the “creative force in the Universe, for  Its GUIDANCE, direction in their lives.”
again –   what’s really cogent, vital, important in a persons’s life?
Money of course but then, I know a person who was wealthy for years; and somehow lost his money, what then?  what else is important in life?
work,  position,  professional and no professional status  –  a good example of course and I have used this example since, it deals exclusively with the woman I married.
She lacked nothing since I supported her “in style as they say” she lacked for nothing other than  the need for “prestige”  –   and I indirectly supported that need for her,  –   but that was not good enough since prestige is only a “cover-up for more serious psychological problems”
Her desire became “realized”!  – instead of making her happy, she went the other way completely  –   she started to attack me verbally; trying her best to set up a separation between me, a non educated person; and her a much educated person –  and had proof of it of course, but then who paid for her nine years!
I did of course  –   who never in twenty three years “ever put her down”?
it wasnt me for sure  –   this woman became “deranged” and for what reason?  I am surmising of course, but believe that once she got her wish, a PHd it was “not fulfilling”,  the dream fell apart, and guess what, “it was my fault”; not hers”
the end result, our marriage once she got the PHd was over!
as a metaphyscian, I say that the three laws spontaneity, serendipity, and synchronicity worked like a charm, they gave me my
FREEDOM! to pursue another career one that I actually loved since I was a good businessman and new how to handle my self in all respects.
Since I came in “as a psychic” and this aspect of my life has been proven over and over again  –   I was in several business when I knew absolutely nothing about any one of them, but then, I was an “innovator in all of my businesses, retail  –
started the first homeowners discount, sent out 8,000 discount cards to people that owned their own home; had a girl collect the name from the city halls assessors office  –
started the first self service hardware store, in the city of Cambridge that had 25 hardware stores.
started the first hardware store selling XMAS toys  –  in time others did also, they followed my lead.
got married did not want to work with my younger brother, and left the hardware business to him.
two years later opened up my own business that sold linoleum, rugs, baby furniture, and auto supplies. and toys Xmas time.
Knew nothing about them other than toys but then kept my contact with the company I bought my toys from when I ran the hardware business.
my brother who took over was not a good retail merchandiser, he had to turn to “giving credit to people he should not be giving credit to  –  construction builders  –
he got his Xmas toys from a company who was willing to on the basis, that they get paid when he sells heir toys.
Being a lousy retailer  – they both failed since I did all of the business, in Central Sq, Cambridge.  I had a sound truck with my sign on it,  NOONE TOPS TOPPS FOR TOYS TOPPS TOPS THEM ALL.
the name of my store was TOPPS of course
i stared the first organized system of merchandising toys, and how that happened is a story in itself.
I ordered in 2000 toys, the wholesaler selected these toys since I was out of the toy business for two years which meant that I was “out of touch” with what sells  –  i  did not have the money to pay for them, so I got credit from the toy wholesaler who liked and trusted me 100%.
consignment is how I got all of my other merchandise since I had just enough money to pay for the fixtures, signs , nothing for stock/merchandise.
The Guy Upstairs was watching out for me, since I could have been wiped out in one year, I had no reserves to back me up.
I even got up six in the morning with my helper, and flooded the whole area with toy circulars  –  along with my sound truck,  p- along with my new merchandising techniques  – “how to sell toys”  I was never in a toy store; and my folks being poor never bought me or my brothers toys.
but then I knew how to sell toys, and the person working with me, had to follow me, as I wrote people up for lay-away purposes  –
the last year I sold toys I had over eight hundred and fifty layaways in my basement  –   and every toy people bought thru layaway was checked out by one of my helpers, and signed by the customer, stating that everything they paid for, they got.
and I made sure that the money they spent, and buy twenty or more toys, that they did not over pay  – I put in the amount of every toy attached to their invoice.  Many small retailers were crooks, especially if people bought many items; I made sure that noone would call me a crook!
After Xmas if people found that some of their toys were bad; we told them to return the toy and we will replace it  – no one got screwed.
that is not true for most retail businesses  – especially the big boys.
There cam a time when the “big boys” were determined to wipe out the small stores like myself, using price racketeering i.e. price racketeering is where the big boys, find “hot items” mark them lower than cost  – giving the impression that they have the lowest prices.
they were successful they  “knocked out all of the small stores in Greater Boston< except my store,  m sales grew, not the other way around.
So what did I do to save my business  –   it had to convince my customer that I can “undersell the big boys” which I did,  – regardless of my mark-up which is how much I make  –
I changed my retail prices every day, wherein neither the customer of the big boys who sent their people to check me out  –
My main consideration was not “how much money I will make, but can I Keep my customer?
I survived until the last year, where I lost customers to the big discount houses, so I closed shop!
I failed to relate how my psychic faculty dealing with toys  –  developed the whole knew system of merchandizing toys  –
here is another case of being a psychic innovator.
when I got 2000 toys to be displayed, I hired two fellas to help me in this task  – well,  for perhaps two hours or so  –  I went into a “trance” and these two guys watched me as I moved toys here and there.
after the “trance”  two weeks later, a fella came into the store to show me the “new merchandising system he was selling.
and what am I doing now at the age of 92, that is in a few weeks, I am still “innovating”  –   with the advent of my blog  – there is no other blog on the internet or non blog that is “doing what I am doing right this minute, and there will “not” be any in the future.
my blog as long as I live, and after I die, will always be a “reminder” that this world that we are living in today, yesterday and for thousands of years,
                        will be completely “overthrown” by the\
                        the AQUARIAN , Golden Age  – which is
                        now entering , its at the cusp, ; and our
                        blog will be one of the “flagships” suppor-
                        ing this Golden Age!
That is “my mission” of course; the other is my biography with snippets of this/that thrown in to show that I am a “human being” after all  – human in the aspect of “having feelings” that have been trampled on by
demented ego i.e. my mother/my wife  –  all part of the scenario and the play of course!
So little by little I am revealing the socalled “unusual in my life”  –  all-in all it was a very hard life until the age of 50 when I was told as a little child of five or so, that the first fifty years of my life will be LOUSY!
I was told at the age of fifty that my body was so wracked that I was practically on my death-bed  –
I can hear my channel when it speaks to me, and I can speak directly to my channel when the need arises, and I dont have to wait for the answer, since “IT’ answers my questions  “immediately” out of “respect for me of course”
my channel, what, who  is the channel?   my socalled channelers have voices coming it, are able to “leave their body to allow “these voices” to come in –  the spiritualist have many people “sitting” which in time, allows “voices to come in”
MY CHANNEL IS MY SOUL  –  bottom line!   I dont need other personalities coming into my life, other than my true “self”; my Soul.

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