since we constantly live in two worlds; the world of the socalled “unconcscious’ and the world of the socalled “conscious world”

two worlds that we are “constantly seperating as if there is “no connection to either”  –  a mistake of gigantic proportion  since  to be a “living being” which we “think we are”, both worlds must be “experienced to live a socalled “balanced life”
Unfortunately once we open our eyes in the morning, the dream state is gone from our life, not so in our memory bank.  If a peerson was hypnotized to the deepest level he/she would recall their dreams instantly since nothing is lost!
Our dream life can and will help heal people suffering from ailments since our body,mind,emotions and spiritual beingness, has the “tools necessary for all occasions including healing of course.
What a person must/should do before they go to sleep is to consciously state the problem, state it “clearly”, and then got to sleep.  The rest is up to our unconscious, subconscious faculties to do their bit.
What the UN and SUB do once they get their “order” since they have capabilities that our CON scious mind “does not”  -follow orders to their completion.
As Confucious said thousands of years ago  – GO TO BED WITH A PROBLEM AND WAKE UP WITH THE SOLUTION  –
Of course if their is any negativity involved i.e. guilt, doubt, fear etc. etc. its all a waste of good time –
Person must be positive when doing this, otherwise the person is not honest in his/her intentions.
Dreams DO HAVE A THERAPUDIC PURPOSE – again faith,trust, and belief must be the guiding factors!
as I said, dreams heal and also provide creative solutions to problems since they are “not restricted by the boundary lines of our egocventirc world; which we call of course, the physical dimension.
DREAMS ARE NOT CONFINED BY BOUNDARIES as mentioned above; we “mortals” here are “bound by boundaries of the physical dimension”
that is if we “buy into the false belief systems that dominatge our egocentric world; not so as mentioned with the spiritual world of coursse.
SO WHY WOULD PEOPLE in general disregard and even insult the messages of my blog?
the simply answer of course is IGNORANCE!
Once a person discovers that he/she made a mistake, the immediate reply would be I DIDNT KNOW, which of course means “I was ignorant”
Dreams since they are UNlimited by any scope of the imagination -can provide us with anything we need including helping us attain “higher consciousness”!
Again our Unconscious and SUBconscious faculties are OUR HUMBLE SERVANT; unfortunately they have been “captured” by our EGO, and now slave for our ego –  so it is vitally important that the person MUST KNOW what their ego is all about.  I suggest buy  EXCUSES BEGONE, book written by Dr Dyer – “he nails the ego to the cross, and that is where it belongs of course!
Our socalled natures, called personalities very defined, many systems one called Enneagram shows nine personalities , what they do, and how they “interact” with each other!
So the ego “has been identified”, also astrology using twelve sings also identifies the personality  – and I am sure other systems do also.
what is lacking of course is the influence of our SOUL which usually takes a back seat in the whole grand picture!
Our beginning and our destination in my opinion is the aegies of our soul; It, our soul knows what it wants. needs in its particular incarnation and then lets the person “find out for themselves” WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT.
its like a president setting “policy” allowing his underlings to carry it to fulfillment –  that is a repaly of the Garden of Eden of course”  Jehovah told Adam/Eve “what it is all about and even warned them not to listen to the false beliefs out there!  What did Adam/Eve do?? the did the opposite, why?
The rewards of doing it the Jehovah way, did not match up to the rewards that the “serpent” promised!
we are still doing it today, are we not?

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