Second Lesson

This lesson   emphasis  the fact that people wanting to improve their life, statuswise or otherwise  depend  on using “their mental faculties, overlooking the “real energy force called the Life Force which should be the “directing “force” in their lives, out of “ignorance of course”  By using “concentration correctly” this “pitfall” is obviated,controlled. Meditation prevents  this mental involvement in time of course from happening.  It must be understood that the purpose of meditating primiarly is to “connect with this “Life Force” –  that is why the frequency called “alpha/theta” is so important.  The difference between the mental acuity and  the higher level acuities deals “primarily with the fact that the memta; intellectual, reason,logic,intellect cant go beyond the lowest stage of development, the frequency called beta.  Once a person is capable of “raising their frequency which is the same as “raising their consciousness” “only then” are they able to deal “directly with the Life Force” and not before.  Its like two cities, one city for whatever reason has “low Life Force” the other his high “Life Force” One is Multi-dimensional, can go to anywhere in our Universe and into other Universes since the definition of multi-dimensional means that!  You might say that it is “truly Universe in its capabilities; while the other is “relative, the socalled part in contrast to the Whole” which is not relative –  unfortunately the world we live in basically speaking that is the people of course, are only “familiar with the part/ the relative notion of what reality is all about, in contrast to the whole which represent the Universal; multidimensional world.The difference is based on vibration which we call frequencies.  The alpha/theta frequencies are from 14 to 7 seconds per minute; the egocentrically inclined frequencies, the socalled relative/parts freqiemcu os frp, 21-14 which prevents egocentric people from gaining “inner knowledge” in contrast to what they depend on “outer knowledge” using egosystems of determing “what is”  Thus incapable of going “beyond” into the higher spheres of innate “learning” etc.  Innate “learning” is  “intuitive of course” outer knowledge is not needed to ascertain “truth” –  TRUTH of course understood thru the aegis of the word “consciousness” rather than knowledge per se.  In time we will get more understanding/discernment in regard to this word “consciousness”; a truly magical, mysterious “concept” of which I believe is the “foundation for all of ManKind”; unfortunately unheard of in this ego world of “confusion and misrepresentation” of the word “TRUTH”.

To continue:
Many “sages” humans with “high consciousness” and by the way there are proven ways of determining the “level of consciousness” of human beings; I personally got involved with this “way” over forty years ago when I went to California after retiring from my ego life of business.  My “channel” gave me the insight to do so of course; as a matter of fact my channel ran the three business I was in before I retired.
At the age of fifty, and as a child of four or five was told that my life would change at the age of fifty for the better of course – which proves to me that me and my channel whatever that is, and it tells me that it is my “soul” which I accept with “honor’.  Karma is a living fact and as we all know there karma cannot exist without believing in “past lives”.  And past lives cannot exist unless we believe in the concept of incarnation and re-incarnation which recently has been proven by a well know doctor of psychiatry, unmistakenly so!  So where does that leave the disbelievers?  Out into the “outhouse” where they belong  of course – that is until they awaken to the “fact” that life cannot be destroyed, for to destroy life you would be destroying the one thing that gives life, as mentioned above, the LIFE FORCE, can never be destroyed despite the foolishness of estranged scientists whose ego is larger than the Empire State Bldg, puffed up baboons of course!
It appears that us humans think that everything deals exclusively with us, with the me we call ourselves – is that the truth?  Of course not!  That is the reason why over 98% or so percent of the people that live on this planet are hidebound egos!  Know nothing about the Life Force despite their socalled religious beliefs that customs,traditions “forced them into at birth”, thus keeping them into a state of servitude and loving it at the same time; its called a state of “ignorance”  True freedom is when an individual has complete control over himself/herself and that is not so of course; even the socalled disbelievers are “locked into the same vise” but dont know it of course they are no more “enlightened” than the others, just using different belief systems to uphold their views!  They point the finger at the “ignorant” while at the same time other fingers in their hand point to them; they just happen to be “educated fools” rather than uneducated fools!  Both have a lot to learn of course! Its possible that the socalled educated fool could have the same “low consciousness rating, as the uneducated person” and also possible that the socalled “ignorant person based “on appearances of course, has a much higher consciousness as the “educated fool” Common Sense is the “highest form of  perception that exist on this planet; and education and common sense has “nothing in common” – an anomaly of course – because “intution which is the foundation of “common sense” goes far beyond the scope of the egocentric mentality, the beta 21-14 cycle per second, thus relegating ego mentality into the lowest level possible for human beings on this planet!  This “fact” is naturally disputed by recognized authorities on EGOS!
This is a strange “anomaly” – when a person “get an idea” he/she thinks that the idea is “theirs” when it is “not theirs at all”.  Where did the idea come from, it had to come from some where, and how does “ideas” happen on their own.  Did anyone ever try to investigate, understand, perceive “what ideas are all about”  Of course not!  why not!  simply said the person who got the idea, and there could be many who just happend to “tune in” like tuning into a radio station etc., and history proves that when it happens people on the right frequency band, also get the idea at the same time, – SAYS THAT THE IDEA IS THEIRS AND THEIRS ALONE, even though that “in the first place had nothing to do in creating the “idea”;there ego takes “full credit” for it!  The ego since it controls the mind set of all egocentirc people, people who know nothing about “who they really are which is more than a physical body of course, makes sure it gets “full credit/cash for their ideas.  Ideas they tuned into, just happen to be at the right frequency, its understood as “simple as that”! So who should get the credit?  That will be discussed in time of course!\
So it appears that things are happening all around us and we do not know it!  There is an Energy called the LIFE FORCE that seems to be “calling all of the shots”, and allows us, our ego, to take the credit/cash for it!  Its is called by the people who have reached amazing heights of consciousness as: OmniPresent, Omniscient, and OmniPotent –  Powers that perhaps created everything manifest and unmanifest, and there are many systems out there devised by high souls that have written books, systems about that: The most famous perhaps is the Cabalistic System, the Tree of Life – and there are others of course, the Theosophists, Madam Balavsky etc.
In time we will get involved with these systems – that is if we have members who are interested of course –
There appears to be a “war” between two worlds  – the materialist world that we live in; and the socalled non materialisstic world, we call the socalled “spiritual world”  –  many wars over thousands and thousands of years, were fought over “who is the right heir between different belief systems for the purpose of who will control the “masses” out there!  Who will rule the world, whose god is the real god etc. etc. etc. Alexander the Great with Aristotle – used atheizm as its model, pure power – all of the empires that followed had their own gods of course, then for some reason a person called Jesus which was not his name of course since he was not connected with  theheathen, gentile  world, he was an ultraorthodox Hebrew, that Paul believed was the Messiah.  Paul’s mission if I am not mistaken was to convert heathens to the Hebrew Torah; a chore that the Torah, the Hebrew Bible said “not to do”; he changed the Torah, why? to gain followers.  Once the Romans killed him in time Constadine converted the whole Roman Empire to this new religion called Christianity.
Why am I reviewing this known information?  That is a good question of course; I am doing that to show why and how “minds work”  –  how “ideas” work and using Paul as an example of how our mind, ideas literally “change the world”  IT DID AT THAT TIME INDISIPUTABLY of course  – why did Constandine convert his kingdom under a new god?  Who knows most likely to save it from destruction – since Rome was on the way out at the time! And it worked of course, but then since then wars erupted between the different believers of Christianity, as it happened also with the Muslim faith; and that is “current” as you know!
All of this is brought up because it deals all with the EGOMIND; not the spiritual mind of course where the precepts, beliefs, etc. have no connection whatsoever with the materialistic world which is a world of “duality” which means that wars between peoples, and everything that must happen in a “materialistic world” “must have a winner and must have a loser”
On the higher worlds there is NO DUALITY, which means only love, beauty, and all of the goodness that “can” exist in the world amongst people “can and must happen; there is no NEGATIVITY ON THIS PLANE OF EXISTENCE.
The purpose of this thesis is to in a simple way without getting “involved” with the usual “wordfest” of scholars who do more harm than good  unknowingly of course, simplicity is the key to truth; not scholarly methodologies which do the opposite of “simplicity”  Its an ego way of settling differences  – where there is “truth” there is no differences,\
For scholars that is a ridiculous statement and should be of course; not so for the “enlightened; pithy statements are more powerful than a book of a thousand pages!
The case of “cause and effect”  –  here in the egoinfested  world of materialization – egos consider “effect” as the “cause” since they know nothing about the world that goes beyond the physical dimension. They call the effect, the cause since they have no choice in the matter!  Accepting that “fact” thus means that ego people are living in a world of “false belief systems”  –  in time I will discuss this “fact” thoroughly of course – right now we are just getting started, clearing the debris that still “hangs out” in our psyche – notions not valid, never were valid, never were contested in the real sense; they all need “airing of course”  Airing means allowing “fresh air” to come in; allowing the inner eyes, and ears to hear “beyond” the physical dimension.
Consider this for a moment, if we believe that the “effect  IS, the cause then conclusions are “false premises”  –  its called inner lying, lying to oneself, and unfortunately this egoworld supports this view!  A view that says, the effect, the experience not the reason for the experience, but the experience itself is the cause  A FANTASTIC FALSE BELIEF SYSTEM.

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