“Raise Ones Consciousness”

If you have kept up with our numbered blogs; other messages are essays particularly, not in any way connected at this point in time with our systematic blog that is dealing “primarily” with “how to “raise ones consciousness”  up to this point I dont see it on our blog but it will be of course once our blog is finished with what it has to do at the present; I keep however daily sending out numbered blogs.
As said they are numbered “for a reason” and that reason is too “construct out of the “abstract world” that my channel and I call the fourth and fifth dimensions – contrasted to “how we live today which is the 3rd materialisstic dimension.  How they interact with each other is the reason for the construct of our blogs  – a baby is born, came out of a world, not the body of course, but the soul, came out of the 4th/5th dimension, and became materialized which wwe call for want of a better word, a baby.
Once the baby takes their full breath, the soul then enters the body and not before – the soul of course is always with the person, in body or out of body, the soul is the only permanent feature of a human being – it cannot be eliminated by anything in the Universe; its a cell of the ALMIGHTY  –
The Chinese system of healing of which it has many – all of them use SPIRIT as the BASIS of its healing procedures; being perhaps one of the oldest if not the oldest people on this planet -have discovered what ENERGY IS ALL ABOUT – their “high souls iniiates like LaoTzu, Confucious, where abel to “enter the 4th and 5th consciousness levels, making it possible for them to access KNOWLEDGE, that CANNOT be accessed by EGOS living on this planet – i.e. I witnessed that mySELF, when thru my own body, this “energy, SAVE THE life of a person who had THE MAJOR ARTERY OF HIS BODY CUT, PROMPTING THE BLOOD TO ENTER BOTH HIS LUNGS, which meant he was dying  – within five minutes time, the AORTA was completely healed with no scar tissue, both his lungs were CLEARED OF BLOOD, and his life was saved, within 5 minutes.  PROOF IS ON A VIDEO  I WAS IN IT, HE WAS IN IT AND HIS GIRLFRIEND WHO CALLED ME, AND TRANSMITTED THE INFORMATION I GOT FROM MY CHANNEL, IS IT IT!
plus I have other witnesses of course!  One is Paul Laffoley, a world renound artist who gave the sick person’s girlfriend my telephone number.
the proof is on a video which we made.
SO, this LIFE FORCE THAT one or two of my previous blogs talks about, is the KEY to existence, its referred to as “energy”  Life Force + energy.  Not the energy we need for the 3rd dimension we live in; we are talking about the REAL THING  – people die when this energy stops flowing  – of course for medical reasons, we have other names for that since the medical profession in general “does not believe in this kind of energy”  and that is expected by all EGOS,  Once an ego deviates from their false believs, they are no longer classified as egos; a good example of the “shrink” as mentioned that practiced ego systems, and had an epitome or other kind of illunination that “forced him to give up his practice, once he knew the “truth”
He wrote a book on “truth” how to determine it – truth is NOT FACT: fact is not truth!  No ego under the Sun at this moment has any idea of what I am talking about, and for good reason.
Truth on this ego world system depends on the word “fact” for truth – no facts no truth
THAT IS A FALSE BELIEF SYSTEM.  I will not go into it at the moment but will in time, perhaps I did mention that anomaly here and there, but as we progress today, “all of it will come together”
we are now dealing with “what is energy”

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