Quandary?  Yes, humanity has a “real problem”  “to be, or not to be” that is the question -Shakespear did “not invent t he problem, humanity came in with it”

Once confronted, understood and “dealt with” much of what has “afflicted mankind, will be automatically “resolved”, so what “is” the problem?
Should “instinct RULE THE DAY, or should it be REASON”  -should the amygdala (survival mode) or the socalled “intellect/reason”  – unfortunately since “MANKIND’ is still living in the “boondocks due to the FACT, that Mankind “has not evolved enough to ascertain the difference, which of course is between the egomaterial world the higher dimensional world we refer to as abstract/spiritual (non material).  Unfortunately the egoworld IS THE BOSS, THE DECISION MAKER on our third dimensional world w call mother earth/reality.
So here we are, newborns with parents with “low consciousness which of course means, “lack of insight, lack of intuition, lack of understanding and certainly lack of DISCERNMENT.  And on top of that we must not overlook forget the power of the EGO which DOMINATES their life from “cradle to the grave” despite the best educational processes available.  It is “evident” that the philosophers of the present and the past, also had “low consciousness” covered up by the egocentric educational system that is unable to “break the ego power that makes all the decisions in a person’s life especially if the person was “raised” by egocentric parents.
So it appears that there are “contradictory energies” vying for “power”, setting up contradictory messaages.  One that deals with the “true instinctual forces, and the other power reason, enters into the fray, which should have the “last word”
In my personal life I found that neither had the first or the last word; both were “weak arguements”  Of course mother nature comes into the picture which exonerates the “instinctual forces” which previous blogs discussed; and now the intellect rears “its ugly head” claiming “dominance over not one thing but “everything” using of course its KING, the ego as the only power on earth, to LISTEN TO, AND TO OBEY.
As said my personal life discards both, the instinctual; and the reason,logic,intellectual prowess, NOT OF OUR INTUTIVE understanding, but of our INTELLECTUAL, understanding.
I eliminated both forms in making my personal decisions  –  of course doubters will always end up with the words  –  ” without “intellectual understanding noone can even attempt to reach a “conclusion”!  For most if not all people, I agree, but for me “its a definite NO”
Only one or two percent of a world with six or more billion people, would know what I am talking about.
The “bottom line” is called CONSCIOUSNESS  –  it appears that the average consciousness for people in general is between 100- and 200 on a scale that goes up to around 600.
According to Metaphysicians I “came in with the number of 361 and before I leave this planet should be “at least 400. This is the reason why I “channel, and do other things directly involved with the 400 characteristics.
My psychic faculties proves the accuracy of “their findings”
Thus, MY whole life’s experiences go “counter” to what the average 150-200 experiences.
What do I use instead of my “instinct” and “reason”: I use the higher dimensional portal called INTUITION.
Intuition is NOT of this 3rd dimensional world, thus not accepted, approved or even desired.  Its too speculative for egominded people, cannot be controlled like egos control –
My whole life’s direction thus to recap neither instinctive or intellectual; its without equivacation INTUITIVE.
Proof of that of course is the “fact that I channeled all of my life, and what is channeling?
The elimination of the ego allowing the HIGHER SELF to occupy the body of the person  – simply said.

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