“Purpose” is as important, for without either, experiencing “success” is  an “impossibility” Despite being “loaded down” with responsibilities, keeping “eyes on the prize” must always be “on top of the ledger”
# 2
  Success will depend thus ; how long it takes to become “superconscious” as mentioned above depends on how much “energy” teh person puts into this “quest”.
So the person who has more enthusiasm, drive, dedication, energy of course time expended, makes all the difference.  So being “intense in the practice” is the thing to do; this should not be confused with “being compulsive etc. which has nothing to do with this particular practice  Compulsivity is the opposite of what should be done, one has a mental emotional problem compulsivity of course, the other has quite the opposite, the motive, purpose is the opposite trying to be one with the ONE
#3  Other ways of attaining Superconsciousness
The “here and now principle” also works!  This is my person method, I have an unshakeable belief in all of my “outcomes”; both physical mental emotional and spiritual.  Do not allow negativity  to “take over my consciousness”, if and when it does happen, this “unshakeable belief in the outcome” comes to the “fore”  How this all works for me personally, its kind of a realization which  includes concepts, my beliefs and also my thinking mechanizm – they work in harmony to wipe out all negative forces.
However for people who dont do this, many are self-deluded because they may have “low consciousness” which prevents them from doing so. I had a reading over thirty five or so yrs ago by MetaPhyscians that had a system of determining what “level of consciousness a person came int and it appears my level was around 360; in contrast to levels that start at  100 and over. At the 300 or more level, the metaphysical level, my ability to control the negative forces are stronger than the lower levels of consciousness. According to my reading I should increase my level to about 400 before I leave this planet.  The reason why only one or two percent of the worlds population lives “and dies ” in an ego state which deals with the lowest state of consciousness one hundred and up. Beyond 200 the ego has been discovered to be an enemy, not a friend; the person then begins to find ways to eliminate their ego.  Over 400, magical things happen that go far beyond the confines of our material world propensities.  Personally I have had magical things happen which proves that point!
#3  Level of Awareness,(SuperConsciousness)
means that this “attainment” makes it possible for the person to Identify with the top energy; the Absolute, which means that the individual deals with life the opposite than the ego person; they have “nothing in common” in regard to “what is”  – they see the word “unhappiness, see the words Cause and Effect differently than ego people etc. The worlds have “nothing in common” Its exactly as mentioned in my introductories: One deals exclusively with their right hemisphere determinations; the other using the left hemisphere determinations –  ego=left   soul=right
Just a thought something to “ponder”.  the intuitive right brain hemisphere person, whose consciousness “rating” goes beyond 250 and higher, their view of the world, is 100% different than those with lower readings.  No ego would “believe” in anything that smacks of what we call the “infinite”; wont have anything to do with the word psychic , metaphysics, readings, astrology etc. etc. for them “these methodologies are nonsense, fake etc.; their belief system follows on the path of their strong  EGOCENTIRC  beliefs, their “left hemisphere where their amygdala resides”. the Amygdala if you look up the word, is a small organ of sorts in back of the  left side of the brain, it deals exclusively with the word “survival”; does not recognize anything that smacks of love, of anykind; just wants to survive any which way. There is no jurisprudence involved with the amygdala; everything goes survival is all thats important.!  Ego people, even the ones who pray constantly etc. their skulls have an amygdala there which means, that their need for survival will be the “boss” when the “chips” ar down  Prayers then? wont mean a thing, high falooting beliefs, wont mean a things; the person “turns mean, ugly etc” for survival purposes.  In contrast high consciousness people KNOW whats going on “all of the time” since they are not listening to their amygdala, they are listening to their higher superconscious self, their SOUL!  They are liberated people of course, liberated from what?  their ignoble ego of course; from their misguided belief systems of course etc.

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