I am not the one to discuss philosophers per se since I am “not” versed

in philosophies  –  my background as you know was “business, day and night”, had no time for “pleasures” or quests for “learning”

When I did give up   my  business, my health was in a dangerous state survival was the motive, purpose of my life, got me involved with many”alternative systems”  –  again “philosophies had nothing in common with “survival”

The “discovery of my psychic abilities, even though I used it all of my life “unknowingly of course”, became “very evident, as said, before than it was not self evident – it was a “normal occurrence for me.

I retired in 1974 closed shop once I got rid of my inventory; I did not go out of business where an auction was the usual system of doing so.  I avoided dealing with the crooked auctioneers, one way or another I got rid of my merchandise, lost money of course, but not as much if I had an auction.

from 1974 to 1977, I lived in Cambridge, got involved with the Theosophical Society and other groups propounding the same belief systems – studies handwriting graphology, palmistry, and gave reading on them.  Joined many groups of like minded people.

Left for Calif in 1977 , my itinerary was just one place located in Berkley , my channel told me that “it” will then guide me – I stayed one month in this place called LIVING LOVE, taught Buddhisst principles, did great work in decoding the “ego machinations primarily dealing with sexorientation”

Over one hundred people attended – it was a fantastic experience of course,

Out of the hundred young people ninety nine had SEX ISSUES  – I told them that I “did not” belong in this group since sex was not my problem -that I was too busy earning and supporting my family, then chasing women.

I realized at that time that people in general are victimized by their “glands”, and that of course deals with “overeating and perhaps a hundred other factors that prevent homeostatis in a person’s life.

Of course, sex is disguised in many forms  –  comes in many shapes/forms/iissues  –

I also realzied at that time using the “wisdom of Buddha of course” that

the Old Testament was right when it says:



which means of course we come in, in such poor shape that we in general

are “unable” to cope with the cruelty, ignorance  and all the other “GROSS inusticies that “welcome us into their bosoms”


WE COME INTO A WORLD OF INJUSTICES  -and who would be more informed about this than the Old Testament?


My health was in real bad shape, practically at “death’s door” – so my time/effort was meant to be utilized for this purpose.  I attended many different kinds of alternative systems in my process of self reclamation.


I am still on the path of course!  I got many certifications perhaps thirty or so in the process  – not for the purpose of “going into business”, the services I offered people were without charge! and this is!


My channel insisted that when and if I charge, it will no longer help me – I heard that  in a very strong voice!


My chance/opportunity of finding out what philosophers think belief had “no place” in my life, back then and today.  I pose questions to you since I am now awakening to  ideas dealing with philosophies of all kinds, and you being highly educated, help me seperated the chalf from the wheat in regard to how philosophers think,believe etc.


I may be wrong but I dont believe that any of the philosophers including Kant ever took into consideration the notion/idea that a word like “vibration” “frequency” has more “power” than reason,logic,intellect which I am sure they “must” use to get their determinations.


I also dont believe that philosophers ever took “into consideration” the notion/idea of “higher dimensions”, – mystics who were also philosophers perhaps Spinoza, may have incorporated  in their work, dimensionality.


The mystics, also philosophers in their own right, I am sure incorporated all of this and more with “metaphysics, the occullt, -extra ssensorial attributes that many people had knowingly and unknowingly, I being one of them of course!


It is amazing that even today, hardly anyone of consequence has “endorsed the higher dimentionality of the worlds within worlds that we live in, and the question that I ask is, IF IT EXISTS WHY ISNT IT UTILIZED FOR ITS HIGHER GOOD?


That is why I condemn our present worldwide educational system which prevents recognized people such as myself for introducing “their work”, something that I woiuld also do of course –



“to make a “difference, one must “know/See” the difference”


Naturally anyone with just “half a brain” would be just as “angry” as I am  in regard to the refusal of the worldwisde educational system to “allow the truth to emerge”


Instead like in the case of Uri Geller” – they considered him a fraud  – in my opinion he was “not” a fraud  – he came in with those “acumens”  like I came in with those “acumesn” also


I never studied anything in regard to my talents, abilities; its obvious “i came in with them”


My newfound skill of writing, is another perfect example  –  did I study writing? of course not,  – my musical talent also  – creating classical music without knowing “anything” about classical music and people liked it!


So why doesnt the educational system accept the “fact” that people such as myself “come in” with talents  – my merchandising talent in my business was also another thing I came in with –


I ran a hardware store, never was in a hardwared store; the same for toys, I was never in a toy store, had amailing order business; knew nothing about mailorder  –  everything I did I had no previous training none whatsoever, and did it “better” than the people in the business.


Ran a toy business, never was in a toy store  – many innovations, in regard to toys as Xmas I started the idea of a layaway plan where people selected toys two or three months before the season, picked them up a day or two before Xmas.  I had over 850 layaways in my cellar the last year I ran toys.


The big guys copied me  – for competitive reasons I started the idea of changing prices deaily using off pricing, something that retialers knew nothing about, i.e.  $2.22 , instead of the usual $2.00 $3.78 – before that everyone used  $1.99,  this was when competition was so grreat that

a once prospers toy store could be “out of business” in a very short time.

I came up with changing prices daily to confuse my competitiors and my customers.  I never lost a customer; I did lose some profit, but forme the customerr always came first.


I had to close shop when the TV come into the picture, it was taking up much of the profit, people were buying under cost TV toys which of course.

meant that I was losing business.  I ran the toy business for eight years and then used the same location to sell furniture, discount prices –

NO ONE COULD TOUCH ME WHEN IT CAME TO RETAILING  – I was offered a big job by a major corporation; my personal attorney had them as customers  – why? according to my attorny, “I had a good track record”. if I didnt have two kids I would have jumped at the chance to work for them.

There is no doubt that that was another INNATE skill I came in with  – public speaking never took a course,but I was on over 24 radion shows, gave lectures at colleges, and on nationwide TV,


all without notes! no notes, no preperation, where did that come from?

So, it would be real strange if I was like everyone else  – I am not like everyone else – those that know it, know it, those that dont, think I am a nut!


both are right of course coming from where they are starting from of course!


It takes “one to know “one” another clique that Sumner would condemn me for!

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