Our Physical Body

Now that we “realize” that our physical body “is an expression of our spiritual nature” and not the other way around; we then show “it” the respect that “it deserves”.  —-thus—- we “do not eat poisonous foods, drink dangerous drinks, think dngerous thoughts, allow our negative emotions to “destroy our body –  which is an eventuality where “negativity is involved”

Our entertainment industry makes a “living” depicting the “worst of the worst allowing the destructive impulses of mankind to “explode” on the “screen”, giving the impression that the “scene” is a true “picture” of what “life is really all about”.
A bad example for young impressionable minds – before they discovered that “smoking cigarettes destroys our lungs, the tobacco company paid millions to the movie industry showing prominent actors smoking, bot male and femaile of course.  That is not so today since smoking is not only a bad habit but “deadly”  Now we have to have the actors stop “drinking booze”, called “cocktails.  This word being sophisticated has the approval of  the FDA and other agencies in our government.  Alcohol destroys the liver, the cigarette destroys the lungs – McDonalds destroys both “in one fell swoop –
Getting back to this blog insertion , it is important that the person has some kind of “formula” where he/she has “some” advanced knowledge of who “they really are”.  They are not their body, nor their ego, who then are they?
What the person needs of course is something that “forces them to think DIFFERENTLY, than they do  –  once that is done, the next step is to allow the desire to surface, a “desire” that goes “contary” to their usual ego driven desires, as oiutlined above , what needs to be added of course is the word “sex”  –  the “power of sex”  –  animals “get the urge only once in a years time, or perhaps more I am not “up” on this subject; we humans with the help of Viagra, is ready and willing “all of the time” that is until the:”well begins to dry up” as evidenced in young men nowadays,- the reason why Viagra and other drugs are raking in billions, not millions but billions “erectile disfunction with men of course!
OUR BODY KNOWS ITSELF, ACTS AND REACTS APPROPRIATLY.  We socalled “humans” come in deaf, dumb, and bland, and go out “deaf dumb and blind, why?
That is an excellent question, the only answer is simply  –   ignorance!  and this “ignorance is enhanced, expanded by the “ignorance of the “masters” that we have “selected” to guide our life, our PHd educational system, which also came in “deaf,dumb,bland and will also leave “deaf dumb blind”
Simply said, simply done!
SO THE FIRST AGENDA IS TO RESPECT PROTECT DEFEND OUT BODY FROM the EGO influence and power out there  –  learn to know the difference between what is chalf and what is wheat!  without that your imprisonment for life “is assured”!!!!!!!!!!
What is conscious thought? and what is the desire that enhances “conscious thought”, I am sure the egos out there have no conception of what\ “conscious thought and desire” is from start to finish.
thus we are living in a world  of “confusion” instead of “fusion”  What is up, is actually down, and what is down is actually up  – what to do?
What this blog is telling you is to use the word RESPECT, the right way; up to now people have shown little or no respect to their body, non whatsoever, that is until “it breaks down of course” but then that is “not the respect I am talking about!
LOVE YOUR BODY AND IT WILL LOVE YOU!  how many people “know that” only one or two percent at the most!
We must learn to know, understand, and depend on just one word and that word is ENERGY.  Very few people have “any” idea of energy unless we apply this word to technology.
A good example of “energy”{ is a healing that my channel gave to a person who was literally paralyzed, could not walk  – I applied “energy” before doing so erased the “blocks in his energy circuit, and then within a few minutes told the paralyzed person to walk, and HE DID!
He stupidly went back to the same chiropractor who put him into this “state” and he again got paralyzed, I returned and within less than five minutes, he was walking again!
What healed this person?  energy of course – but as said, the old blockages, impurities had to be destroyed which I did of course, once done, new energies came in and saved this person from  being paralyzed.
This “energy” is unknown in our medical system – said its all phony, but the truth is, it worked two times!
Energy is unknown to our medical world, and the question is, why is it unknown?:
The answer is simple of course,  $$$$$$$$ is the “bottom line” when it comes to the medical profession  – no “tickee, no washee”,  no money, no treatment!
ITS BASICALLY MAN’S INHUMANITY TO MAN, plain and simple!  We live in a GodForSaken World whether we like it or not!
Keep in mind that the atoms and molecules that “make up what we call our body” are intelligent, more inteligent than we are!  In comparison “we are “not” intelligent in comparison, in fact, there is “NO” intelligence or comparisons.
The “bottom line” when all is said and done is simply one word and that word is SOUL.  We use that word with different spelling, SOLE, and for different purposes  – without realizing the the definition of the word is the SAME, one, the “sole” is used by the ego for the purpose of differentiation; the other word SOUL, is also used for differentiation in regard to two word, the word maaterializm and the word spiritualism.
Unfortunately our ego wants nothing to do with the word “spirit”, since it considers “spirit” its “arch enemy in all respect.  Materializm/ego vs non materialixm/ spiritual.

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