Natural vs. Artificial Guilt

Why am I stressing the importance of guilt?

One of the main reason of course, killing that is “conscious killing” beyond the “natural way as in primitve days, which all of the animal kingdom utilizes for need, food, sustenance of all sorts, is a spiritual VIOLATION!.
Wars between socalled “human beings” without question is a violation OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!
Man”s inhumanity to man, must stop!
Its obvious to me and to any comtemplative person that “humans so called security” has caused more “killings” than any other “species on this planet”.
Germany Uber Alles-  Huns used by the English to defeat the Colonials during the founding of our country, proves without a doubt that the German people’s  understanding, ethics, etc. followed by two world wars, – was
“out of wack, their misguided leadrs and their misguided philosphers instead of being “human” were the “opposite”  – they beieved that the “strong should dominate the week”  –  a philosophy that unfortunately many countries today believe in  – ours the USA is no different of course, i.e. the many UNJUST wars we were responsible for – thru lies of course  –
Of course the “natural guilt as the artifical guilt all of it is RECORDED, and used from lifetime to lifetime – the sins of the father, are heaped on to their children!  WE REAP WHAT WE SOW
There is “no escape”; death of the body is “not an escape”  – Hitler who landed in Hell – by now his SOUL DOES NOT EXIST  – along with Stalin and all of the perpetrators going back , way back from “the beginning of time as we know it
NO ONE ESCAPES THE ‘REAPER’, NO ONE! from the “little guy to the socalled big guy”  –  they all “suffer the consequencies!
So here it is is  –  there is good guilt needed for survival purposes, which “does not” break any Universal Laws of Nature, and artificial guilt, that breaks “all of the laws of Nature  – only GOOD GUILT has purpose  – the artifical guilt being “artificial” has no purpose – just like the egos we have on this dimension also “has no purpose other than to CONTROL, their host which is US OF COURSE.
Again artifical “guilt” and its repressed energy along with the assistance of the clever “insidious ego” with the ensuing “hatred”as witnessed by the religions over the centuries and prevelant today in the world, IS THE CULPRIT.
Noone has the right to violate nature in any way, none, and the human species is part/parcel of NATURE.  Even viruses infiltrating human bodies, cohabitate with artificial guilt.  Mind/body are one, not two –  viruses in general are on thee same frquency as “artificial guilt”  – its referred to as correspondence; read Emmanuel Swedenborgs’ book on correspondence.


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