Multi-Dimensional Realities

What is/are multi dimensionall realities? do the exist? Is our “reality” involved with mul tidimensional worlds?

And how can they be “similtaneous” – there “are” answers for these questions of course!
Have you seen how frequencies i.e.alpha, theta etc. and rays all kinds live “side by side” within our time/space world  – many of our appliance, many of anything that deals with “frequencies and there are literally thousands, mllions of them, ALL EXISTING IN PEACE RIGHT ON OUR PLANTE AT THIS VERY MOMENT!
WHO KNOWS that, hardly anyone  – how can the all be operating without impinging “on each other”  – new frequencies are discovered all of the time its called “technology; science and other names of course.
The “occultist” are familiar with all of this of course  –  the “primitives” kno w  it also using their “terms/understanding of course”  -animals abide by all of these rays/frequencies naturally of course.
The Tibetans and other cultures show all of this in there “special art”-depictingt “the many energy rings, layer on top of layer, dimensions on top of dimensions, all DEPICTED on a FLAT SERVICE CALLED A SHEET OF PAPER!.
Great artists know all of this of course  –  great minds know this of course – the esotericist know this of course  – who doesnt know this?
Egos of course!  they continue to say that the experiences we all “experience” is the CAUSE, and not the EFFECT, which means that there are no other “energies/powers” in our world other than what our “small minds cook up” – it called “being real”  –  called “reality” is it?
of course not!  We live not in the causual world we live in the world of effect and what does that mean?
Only the causal world can tell us the answers to those questions.
Can the causal world be entered? Of cause all a person has to do is to go INTO THE RIGHT FREQUENCY which is alpha/theta and the person is “one with the causual world”  Has this been done?  of course I did it forty years ago doing Silva Mind   – I did from the age of five when  “my channel” appeared –  my recollection at five was:  “THE FIRST FIFTY YEAS OF MY LIFE WILL NOT BE PLEASANT, in fact quite the opposite  -a suffered big time for fifty years.  Exactly at fifty, my life changed 100%  –
Yes, there are other worlds; there is a heaven and there IS  a Hell, and there is Karma –  and the socalled “esoterics”  are for real as I am proof of that – my life after the age of fifty proves that conclusively

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