Letter – 2

Hi Richard,

Had a very long talk with Nicholas concerning his “future”; made him “realize” that no student likes the courses that are “forced” on them. I didnt of course both in grammar and high school, however I did it the best I could to graduate both of course!  Its unfortunate that the school system is so “decadent” that it does not prepare kids even right up to and beyond college for them “to make a living” why?
You got out of college, could you earn a living, of course you found “jobs” to support yourself,; but   for me you didnt need a college education for that, and the kids leaving college if not technical or professional, will find that out also.
So I made Nicholas “realize” that he must “prepare himself “on his own” not depend on his college degree, though he will need it of course – you have three degrees, and that is impressive of course to the point you did find a good position working for our government, and reach a prominent position like your mother of course  – I am sure that if antisemitizm did not force me out of the job I had as a civil servant I would have also reached the socalled peak position in our government.
But then if I did, who knows what my three brothers and their kids would be doing today for a living  – as you know, the hardware store that I founded, put George into a real estate business; the business bought aload of property from the landlord we had at the time; Bobie bought a business for Dave a hardware business in the North End where he and Kenny made a very good living – Milton of course worked with George until George left the business to expand his real estate business.
The guy who started it all  – just dissapeared from the business world at the age of 50 and you know who that is of course!
Anyway – your son now “knows the score”  – its up to him to architect his future which I outlined to him this morning  – which is , get the best marks in subjects you do not like –  put time into things that you “do like” – which I call journalizm/communication/public relations etc. plus the advances in the socalled tech world  –
Once he has completed the required crappo, he then will know very well, what courses he should pursue, not wait until the last moment! he must stay abrreast of all of the changes that happen while in college, will in graduate work, etc. etc.
The same reason why you left your job at this stage of the “game”; to pursue your passion.
I pursued my passion with the help of your mother of course; by divorcing me she gave me my freedom which I embraced with “all of my heart”
Before Sara; my mother your bobie called all of the shots”  I got married to get away from her of course but still “fell into the pit”  –   bobie was not subtle; your mother used “her power” in a very subtle manner – as long as she was “subtle” I could live with her; when she became”botie” that was the end of our marriage
So hopefully your son will in time find what he really enjoys learning, practicing and whatever; find his passion,things he likes to talk about, listen to, write about etc. once he does that “he is on his way”
A little anecdote, you know we opened another hardware store while my father was still alive; my intention of course was to have a “string of hardware stores, ambition I never lacked, – when my father died, I lost complete interest in the hardware business.  I never got over his sudden death; he was not sick at the time; he did have an agina problem with his heart circulation, but not bedridden etc.
I loved my father as much as a loathed my mother so when he died, I had to get out of his grasp/house  – Got attracted to Sara, got infatuated which resulted in a marriage of course!

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