Letter – 1

Hi Richard,

He is not an old decrepid man – even when I couldnt see, walk, etc. I was “not an old decrepit man” – sounds like somethings missing doesnt it?  Of course, cant see, cant hear, cant walk very well, sounds like an “old decrepit man” to me doesnt it?
True! as a rule “it is an old decrepit man if I believed that “i was an old decrepit man” which I never did despite the “evidence”  How is that possible?
If the “evidence is there right in front of me and others why shouldnt I believe it”?
Well the truth is I didnt believe it; I knew being psychically oriented that what I was experiencing was the result of punishing my body,mind,emotions, and not my spirituality – my spirituality stayed “constant” “my psychic self stayed constant”
So what is the “moral of the story”?
The moral of the story is simply:  “who I really am is “not determined by my physical body and physical senses”; that is true for the people “who dont know the difference, I do of course and what has transpired in my life of which you personally was heavily involved with as a witness and helper of course –
IS PROOF POSITIVE  of  the “forces” that made this transformation possible. He of course was also  –  he saw all of the ups and downs of course; watched me all of the time, took me where I had to go etc. etc.
I had you, I had him – and fortunately found two fellas who showed up mysteriously helping me move, and one of them assisting me in my new home at times of course!
So epitome’s do happen in different ways of course  –  the problem of course with epitome’s is that  they do not happen wherein they can be “recognized” thus the person gains very little “understanding” which the epitomes were “meant to convey”
As a person “grows in consciousness, epitome’s and other magical means of communication”  the reliance on the egoworld slowly dies out until he/she “knowing the differences” has complete control of their lives.
The reason I was able to overcome “all of the odds” –  not get involved with egocentric professionals who mean well of course, but are unsuitable to go beyond their own limited understanding of “what is, just is” which is a “false belief system because, “what is, just is” according to the egoworld is based on “false premises”; another reason I want a blog –
My blog hopefully will be my channels  blog of course, not mine.  Its purpose of course is to make “people aware” that there is a SUBTLE force in this world that prompts the changes that happens in this world constantly and that “no ego” since it is very “limited in knowledge, understanding and discernment” is capable of coping with this “fact”  Our educational systems are 100% invested in the world of egocentricity!


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