Lao Tzu #10-12

Stanza 10

Can you hold the door of your tent
Wide to the firmament?
Can you, with the simple stature
Of a child, breaathing nature,
Become, not withstanding,
A man?

Can you continue befriending
With no prejudice,no ban?
Can you, mating with heaven,
Serve as the female part?
Can you learned head take heaven
From the wisdom of your heart?
If youcan bear issue and nourish its growing,
If you can guide without claim or strife,
If you can stay in the lead of men without
You are at the core of life.
Again, Lao Tzu is stressing the importance of humility, oneness with
all humanity, oneness with the heavens, oneness with “everything meaningful where the “heart rules the head” a truly egoless non linear approach to “what its all about”
Thirty spokes are made one by holes, in a huib
By vacancies joining them for a wheel’s use,
The use of clay in moulding pitchers
Comes from the hollow of its absence;
Doors, windows, in a house,
Are used for their emptiness:
Thus we are helped by what is not
To use what is.
What is isnt?  its a supposed contradiction but then contradictions in general have a purpose of course as another saying; to make a positive,a negative is needed –  every three(3) needs a two, posiitive/negative
The five colors can blind,
The five tones deafen,
The five tastes cloyh,
The race, the hunt, can drive men mad’
And their booty leave them no peace.
Therefore a sensible man
Prefers the inner to the outer eyes
He has his yes,—he has his nos.
Beware of what your intellect, reason,logic, physical eyes, ears tell you; they are the illusory systems, the maya system that rules your external life.

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