IS THERE PREDESTINATION? YES or NO? or “otherwise”?????

Who and “what do we believe?

unfortunately people coming  into a “new incarnation” have selected who their parents will be, and by doing that, has set everything in motion dealing with the subject title  “is there pre-destination”
according to metaphysical teachings and the teachings of “entities considered “not to be humans but  “more than humans”  – able to transcend our time/space world, the world of the ego; the world of the physical dimension with all of “its limitations”
thus the answers to the title question would be according to these non human “entities” that “if there was predestination, we “unconscious, low consciousness beings, would have no way of knowing either way; because of our Beta Mind Consciousness, ego driven consciousness, which hasnt the intelligence, an intelligence that has nothing “in common” with what our egomind considers –  the socalled IQ significant., which has “no bearing”  on the subject of “consciousness”  none whatsoever, its a basic ego method of measurement which as said, is “meaningless” in regard to “the truth of “what is”
Contrary  to  our socalled “esteemed scientists” who are basically ego driven  –  there might be exceptions of course, but at least 90% of the scientists mind sets are “the same”  –   all “cloned according to the prevailing belief system out there.
I understand that 90% of total disbelievers in anything “that is out of the box”  –   they are mightily “cloned to say the least”
Yung, Dr. Yung broke the mold, broke with Freud when he discovered that Freud “was literally “off the wall”
He was a true pioneer in the world of the “inner minds” in complete opposition to Freud’s false theories.
of course “meta-physics” is a dirty word for all of the scientists living on this planet,; ego planet of course!
my personal life/experiences  – proves without question that the principles of metaphysical/psych ism  is a “true science”
the evidential proof is there contrary to the false “theories of our socalled “esteemed brain washed scientists”  The real scientist of the past condemned by the authorities at the time i.e. Galileo is a perfect example      was  forced to recant.  Most were just killed, hung etc. because they “dis-proved the false theories of the current egotist liars.
Again, according to many non-human entities, Jane Roberts’ Seth, there is “no predestination because;  we, the human being “create ouir own reality, whether or not we are living in the physical time/space world or otherwise.
we are co-creators with the CREATOR, and, there are many other non human entities that have the same opinion.
the bottom line?  we are the “bottom line” from the top to the bottom, we as said are co-creators, and again what proves that is the HOLOGRAM.
totally disregarded by our scientists, and all of their “ancillary” buddies, our present educational formulators of the “truth”   that is   EGO proof, which is “unacceptable” in the eyes of the true “creator”, Jehovah, the author of the five books of Moses/Torah, and the Ten Commandments.
of course,  the false prophets, the scholars/scribes/low mind mentality, misconstrued Jehovah’s words thus causing a “rift” “crusades”  murder, killings etc. historically chronicled  –  all because of the inadequacy of the scholars/scribes  –  stupidity of the scholars/scribes
as mentioned the scribes are always supported by “erudition/false knowledge” and of course the elites that make all of this ego lies possible.
so again is there predestination  -??????
it can still be a yes and a no  – it all depends again on “where the person is  –   in consciousness  – if  the person is in the range of between 100 and 200, that person’s  soul , and there are three levels of soul that people in general do not know exist.  as an example:
NEFESH    –  is the first level       –    the 100-150 level   –  ten there are two other levels which at the moment I cant recall but will mention in future letters  –
as these levels “grow, the soul expands with it”   –   all of this “knowledge” not known by people living and abiding IN EGO, is not known, its kept hidden from the people, keeping them in the “clutches of the ego pundits as mentioned above  –
who are if  understood correctly      –      is supported by only one force
                                       THE SATANIC  FORCE!
its time a “spade is called a spade” ; a time when hypocrisy must be put up where everyone on this planet  can  see  it  and  destroy it.
I give credit to Dr. Dyer who confronted this ego menace  when he wrote his book     “EXCUSES BEGONE”  hypocrites always use excuses.  Its their stock and trade.
Swedenborg  Divine Providence also slams “hypocrites” the Torah also.

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